October 15th Very Large Update

Whenever I update the game, I usually categorize the update as either a “Bug-Fixing Build” or a “Minor Improvement Build” – but occasionally, a build will defy either of those categories, and I’ll feel compelled to give it a special name. This is one of those occasions!

This new build contains 60 differences from the previous build, which means that it’s six times the size of a normal update! The previous record for “highest number of changes in a single build” was 42 differences – which, by sheer coincidence, was also released on October 15th. In short, I’m telling you that this new build is officially the largest Yandere Simulator update ever! (Excluding the Osana update, of course.)

To read a list of all the fixes, changes, additions, and improvements in the latest build, scroll down past this chilling artwork by nxxxhni!

Changes, Additions, and Quality-Of-Life Improvements

Previously, the water in the school pool was using a standard Unity water shader:

It was terribly inappropriate for Yandere Simulator, because photorealistic water clashed with Yandere Sim’s anime art style. To resolve this, the water now looks more cartoony:

Much more appropriate for an anime game, right? I would like to gradually update many graphical aspects of the game one at a time, until Yandere Sim eventually reaches the same level of quality as other recently-released anime games.

The water in the school pool isn’t the only liquid that got an update; blood looks different now, too. Here’s the old blood:

It was just one texture, rotated at a random angle to create the fake impression of unique blood pools. Acceptable for a prototype, but we’re past that stage now. Here’s the new blood:

Each individual pool of blood now has a unique shape! This is a massive improvement over one blood texture being duplicated infinitely. (The way that it looks when it spawns is really cool, too!)

For years, I’ve been saying that “the appeal of a stealth game is having a bunch of fun options for getting from Point A to Point B”. However, the stalker house stealth mission was linear, with only one path to the objective! I decided to change this and add another way to enter the house:

This isn’t the only improvement that I want to make to the stalker house experience, but it’s a start.

Previously, in the game’s intro cutscene, we could see a very clear shot of Yandere-chan’s father, and could clearly see his hair color, skin color, etc. I’ve decided that this was a bad idea. I would like to allow the player to customize Yandere-chan’s appearance (including hair color and skin color). Because Ryoba’s appearance is set in stone, this means that, when the player chooses Yandere-chan’s appearance, they are basically deciding what her father looked like. As a result, I’ve decided that Yandere-chan’s father should appear as a mysterious silhouette in the intro cutscene:

From now on, during the text message cutscene where Yandere-chan first meets Info-chan, Osana will now appear onscreen during the portion of the conversation where Info-chan talks about Osana:

You might be thinking, “Huh? Why?” It’s hard to explain, but in short, it’s a psychological thing. If Osana is absent from the screen while characters are talking about her, then she’s just a vague, abstract concept that isn’t leaving a strong impression in the player’s mind. However, if she has a visible presence onscreen while the characters are talking about her, then the mental connection between the character and Info-chan’s words becomes stronger.

As you probably know by now, Info-chan appears in the cutscene where Senpai meets Amai. However, there was a problem! In that cutscene, Info-chan was wearing her school uniform, which didn’t make any logical sense, because the cutscene took place outside of school on the weekend. To rectify this, Info-chan now wears a different outfit in that cutscene:

I’m still reconsidering many aspects of the game’s graphical user interface. The Calendar screen was blindingly bright and unpleasant to look at, so I’ve toned down the intensity and brightness of the colors in an attempt to find a more aesthetically pleasing color palette:

Feels…soft and creamy! Or something like that. Doesn’t it? I’m still working on it, but if it gets a positive reception, this might be the direction that the rest of the UI moves in.

The “Kaobook” feature broke when I put Osana into the game. I’m pleased to say that, as of the latest update, the functionality has returned! You’ll have to purchase Osana’s “Embarrassing Secret” from Info-chan in order to use it:

I know that there are people who won’t care about this at all, but I’ll mention it anyway: there is now an easier way to take panty shots. While walking around (not aiming your phone), if you activate Yandere Vision, you’ll see that there is now a “Sneak Panty Shot” button. Pressing this button will cause Yandere-chan to hold her phone out in front of her at thigh height, and automatically take a photo of whatever is directly above her phone.

Crawling around on your stomach in order to take panty shots was sometimes awkward and frustrating. This is supposed to be an easier, faster alternative. If the feature turns out to be really finicky and difficult to use, then I’ll tweak it further in future updates.

The rest of the changes/additions don’t come with accompanying screenshots, but are objective improvements nonetheless:

  • Previously, it was impossible to poison a Photography Club member during Mission Mode, since they would be busy performing the “Sleuth” routine during lunchtime. In order to make it possible to poison them, Photography Club members will now stop their Sleuth routine at lunchtime, but only during Mission Mode.
  • After sabotaging all 5 of Osana’s Senpai events, it’s a guarantee that Senpai will reject her, so it is no longer necessary to stay at school and watch the “Rejection” cutscene play out. You can now just go straight home, and Osana will be eliminated.
  • If the player kills someone, they will see a Memorial event at school the next day. From now on, if the player uses the Calendar screen to skip ahead in the week, the game will bypass the memorial event.
  • From now on, after “Tagging” a student from the Student Info screen, the pink trail (spawned by pressing the “T” key) will lead to that student, instead of leading to class.
  • The glowing outline that appears around things in Yandere Vision is now thicker, so that it’s easier to see with the new post-processing effects active.
  • It is now possible for the player to use the Settings menu to choose whether the camera goes over Yandere-chan’s right shoulder or left shoulder.
  • The falling sakura blossoms present throughout the game now drift left and right as they float down from trees, like real falling leaves do!
  • From now on, during Mission Mode, your target will have a red highlight around them. (Not applicable during multi-target missions.)
  • Adjusted the shape of Amai’s eyes in the “Senpai Meets Amai” cutscene; her eyes now reflect her official character artwork.
  • From now on, the game will not reset your Censorship settings whenever you start a new save file.
  • Adjusted Mai Waifu’s appearance (I didn’t like her previous face texture or accessory).
  • Added simple animation to the Puzzle Cube during the “solving puzzle cub” animation.
  • It is now possible to use the Audio menu to change the current background track.
  • Yandere-chan’s footsteps now make a different sound if she is barefoot.
  • The “TASK COMPLETE” animation now goes by MUCH faster.

That covers the changes; now, on to the literally dozens of bug fixes!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to perform a kidnapping, but only if the player was using a mod that translated the game into Russian. (Even though it’s not an officially-supported mod, I want to help out the Russian fan community if I can!)
  • Fixed bug that would make Raibaru slide across the ground without performing any sort of walking animation if the player laughed nearby her while she was spying on Osana at the beginning of the school day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a sunbathing student to manifest their phone in their hand and lose the ability to perform their “lying down” animation if they were alarmed by something while sunbathing.
  • Fixed bug that would cause police to identify a school uniform splattered with red paint as bloody clothing, only if the clothing was inside of the incinerator, and not burning.
  • Adjusted the collision box for students’ faces so that the game should no longer have difficulty recognizing when the player is trying to take a photograph of a student’s face.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to instantly be alarmed by Yandere-chan if the player advanced the day to Cleaning Time before Osana’s Monday rooftop event had ended.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana to get permanently stuck in a weird state if she consumed Emetic poison simultaneously as Raibaru consumed lethal poison.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Yandere-chan’s gloves from being rendered onscreen while she was in the first-person (aiming her smartphone camera) mode.
  • Fixed bug that turned some of Info-chan’s services into one-time purchases, even though it should be possible to purchase them multiple times.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from resetting a character’s “Friend” status if the player befriended that student and then reset the day.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from being able to accurately determine whether or not there were any clean uniforms present at school.
  • It’s no longer possible to splash your clothing with red paint if there are no spare clean uniforms for you to change into afterwards.
  • Fixed bug that would make Osana freeze in place during her Thursday rooftop event if the player sabotaged her phone and then laughed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Osana from confessing to her suitor if the player had completed her Befriend sidequest earlier in the week.
  • Male Social Butterflies will no longer see female bathrooms as valid places to hide in while reporting a murder. (And vice-versa.)
  • Fixed bug that was preventing teachers from putting their hands on their podium during their “wait for class to begin” animation.
  • The text in the Settings menu that reports whether or not the game is in windowed mode or not should now be updating accurately.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan’s “removing gloves” animation from resetting if the player released the button.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Osana from appearing in the “Killed by Mind-Broken Slave” state at the title screen.
  • Fixed bug that permitted the player to bypass Friday on the Calendar screen without eliminating Osana first.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana to lose her suitor’s previous gift whenever the suitor gave her a new gift.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the Task List from functioning properly while inside of Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Fixed bug that made Budo stand in the wrong spot during the Martial Arts Club’s 5:00 PM activity.
  • Attempted to fix bug that was preventing the tape player from working properly for some players.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to select Osana/Raibaru during a Mission Mode “Multi Mission”.
  • Fixed bug that prevented glowing outlines from appearing the right color in Yandere Vision.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Puzzle Cube to shrink when placed in the hands of a student.
  • It is no longer possible for Senpai to die from the Cirno or Flame Demon easter eggs.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to pick up the Mysterious Keys.
  • Teachers can no longer be alarmed by laughter while Yandere-chan is being chased.
  • Fixed bug that made the “Osana confesses to suitor” cutscene play at super-speed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented any store music track in the street scene from looping.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Life Note easter egg from being able to kill Osana.
  • Attempted to fix the “Sometimes the Extras menu won’t unlock” bug.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Puzzle Cube to float in midair.
  • Fixed some typos and spelling errors.

Phew! After resolving all of those issues, I feel like it’s finally time to shift my attention away from bug-fixes, and focus exclusively on improving the demo based on the feedback that I received over the past month-and-a-half, as outlined here in this blog post.

I hope that this build will improve your experience with the demo! As always, thank you very, very much for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

136 thoughts on “October 15th Very Large Update

  1. hello yandere dev I have a question for you if you change completely to ayano you will also change all the models or only her and if there will be more modifications as a body because they are all the same only change in some the tone the face the hair and the breasts should be more great to have chubby students and if we wanted yandere chan bone ayano could be either fat or skinny

    • I think that all the character models will be replaced, but about the last thing you said… It’s really weird to see fat people in Animes based on schools and love, at least not as main characters.

    • Not that it couldn’t be the case, but it’s highly unlikely to have a fat option. There are 2 main reasons for this

      1. The game is set in Japan, the country with the lowest obesity rate in the developed world, being only 3.7% of people over the age of 15 (roughly 4.5 million people out of 126 million people (not exact numbers))

      2. The main character is able to perform feats of strength that a fat person likely would not be able to do (not that it matters given that it’s a videogame so the rules of reality don’t apply, but still) for example she is able to lift a bucket of weights over a guard rail in order to drop it on someone’s head (enough weight that it kills them on impact) and is able to swing a pipe wrench at their head with enough force to kill them without windup and within less than a second from a resting position (a pipe wrench around that size would be about 7 to 9 pounds, mostly concentrated at the far end of the wrench, while she holds it around the middle lower part of the handle, even with 2 hands such a feat isn’t easy)

      sorry to burst your bubble, and I apologize if I come off as a prick. I’m just trying to keep you from getting your hopes up.

    • I really like the idea of cubbier characters so not all characters look the same but i feel like it wouldnt fit in, not because of being a larger size in general, its because it would make the game way more unique and different instead of aestheticly pleasing, if you change the body model you should change all the charaters models, but i dont know i like the body types rn, or maybe it could be a setting where you can turn on “Different body styles” or “Similar body styles” for those who want to keep it the same, the default setting should be how the body models are right now tho, btu if someone wants to change it, they can. ive been playing since 2017-2018 ad i LOVE the improvements, its like watching a child grow, its so pleasing and amazing, great work Yandere dev. – mama mia#0425 on discord

  2. But I want to thank you for giving us the game, I will help you collect money for the game and for those of us who like the new mode of photos of pantyhose I think that if we like it, use the traditional way because if you don’t like it, don’t think that people who do like it, just that I say it is more difficult because when you use it and someone sees you from my experience trying the so they don’t care why they should be alerted

  3. Yandere Dev! I found another bug in the stealth mission. When I was going to the stalker’s room there was a prompt that said climb and when I pressed e i was climbing air. Btw lovin these updates 🙂

  4. Thank you for some of these changes! The image of Osana seems like a good addition for new players who don’t know who Osana is. Maybe more additions or short scenes can be played during phone conversations to help the player out? Also, the calendar screen definitely was hard to look at(and this is coming from someone who loves pink), thanks so much for this change!! Maybe the phone menu should be changed to? I also find it’s blinding pink is hard to look at, and the player has to look at it often.

    I think if you’re adamant about panty shots, this change is a HUGE help. Panty shots were essentially impossible before, and their points felt unachievable. I’d still love other ways to get points too!

  5. I have a question. If Osana appears in the text message cutscene at the begginin of the game, why doesn’t Amai appear on the text message cutscene at the final of the game when Info-Chan talks about her ???

  6. Yandere dev, problems with Windows, as well as with the pool, it sometimes loses its texture and turns white

  7. I’m still unable to hear the tapes without the screen freezing, but now I can’t purchase Osana’s pool elimination scheme before Thursday. Also, when I look through the transparent windows from outside or inside the school, I can’t see the floor on the other side of the window. At least I can use specific services multiple times again. By the way, I was watching an old video where you stated that conversations will be updated to be particular to each student. For example, if you tell someone that you like cats, their effect on your reputation will depend on how they feel about cats. Is this something that you’re still considering?

  8. something that I do want to fight is that yandere dev when it is his turn to do his for saying magisterial entrance to the game I want his routines and scripts to be as good as those of osana because I do not think that a bitch has better routines than mine Favorite dark and shy girl if I don’t kill you and here I come to midori hahahahaha xd

  9. I really want to get the game but unfortunately I do not have a PC or whatever I only have xbox.. anyways I love the game! I watch youtubers play and it looks really nice and fun!! I don’t know if you’ve added this already but I think you should add something more fun to the game!! Like I was thinking of a diary that has the names of students inside! Sort of like a cursed japanese diary that you write someone’s name in and they die the next day or week without having to kill them… It shouldn’t have any of the top rivals names or staff the book should have you be forced to give you the option of cooperation with the devil in exchange for your prize.. the book can be found buried,hidden, or in the ocult club… I believe this book is a weapon so I think that if anyone catches you with it you could get arrested.. Thank you so much Yandere Dev! We appreciate your hard work and computer skills! I’ll make sure to donate one day!

  10. Yet again, I have another idea to make the school seem more lively.

    (Note: On my previous comment, the one about making characters run around the schools asking favors like Yan Chan, you could make even more students who aren’t part of a club who can do that).

    One way you can make the school feel more lively is placement of students during lunch time. I’ve looked up a lot of information and have a friend who lived in Japan who both say that not all students, in fact, most students, don’t stay on dedicated seats outside of their club room to eat lunch.

    I think that putting at least some students in different places could make the school seem more alive.

    Example: Student (A) has a crush on student (B), who also has a crush on student (A). Let’s say that they are friends, and hang out with each other a lot. These students could sit at one of the tables in the cafeteria together to talk and eat. They could even be blushing a bit to make it actually seem like they have a crush on each other.

    Students could sit in the cafeteria, or that cafeteria like place outside. Some students could get drinks and snacks at the vending machines at the beginning of lunchtime. Some machines might not work, and the student could look frustrated. Other students who use the machines could be very poor, and realize that they don’t have any spare change to get something.

    Speaking of this, if a students seems sad that they don’t have any money to get something at the vending machine, the player could use this moment as a quick way to do a task for them.

    Example: If student (A) goes to the vending machine, does an animation that shows them picking through their pockets, and for them not to find anything, they could perform some sort of voices line that says something like:
    “Aw man, seriously? I thought I brought that quarter this morning…”
    The player could come up to student (A) and give them a quarter, and the student would take this as a favor and consider Ayano as a friend. Not only does this seem pretty realistic, but also makes the students seem more life like, as if they have their own lives and their own money amounts.

    This could also add a bit of challenge to the player. If Kizana for example was sitting at the outdoor eating area and not by the drama club, Ayano would have to try to find her.

    Also, with more people in many more places in the school, the player can’t just lead a character to the cafeteria anymore because there would be people there. Osana could still be on the roof though; seems like somewhere Taro would want to be. Although, some students could eat in the area that Taro is usually in, since there are benches there. If you really wanted, you could change Taro to being in the area he is in in the morning instead of the roof because that’s his favorite place to be. Although I doubt that would happen, since that would probably interfere with Osanas schedule and all of that.

    That’s it for this suggestion. I think it would be really nice to add, so I really hope you consider it!

    • It is a very good idea we could see at the end of the days people confessing in the cemetery except the winters obviously because there is our rival would confess although if we kill her and on Friday there is no confession of rivals they could be substituted by other students so that more couples can go there confessing in the cereso and not only the rivals

  11. Due to the new water in the pool, it’s quite obvious Osana’s body just turns into ragdoll once she goes under during her Pool elimination. Maybe you could mask that with some water-splash effects while she’s down there, and after a while, she just lays dead on the pool floor?

  12. YandereDev, I don’t know if this is a bug but when I initiate a fight with a delinquent in front of a faculty member, they consider it as a murder and apprehend me.

  13. I love the bug fixes and the updates!…..hey yandev…..do you think it would be nice if yan chan can kill the stalker instead of just getting the cat?

  14. It’s not sneak and steal for your BFF sim….it’s yanderesim! It would be cool if we could bring a weapon from home and kill him……(;

  15. Yandere dev Ive been experiencing a bug where if I wear anything besides the school uniform Ayano turns invisible and all I can see is her hair floating.

  16. Fixed bug that caused students to instantly be alarmed by Yandere-chan if the player advanced the day to Cleaning Time before Osana’s Monday rooftop event had ended.

    “Ayano is so eager to start cleaning…it’s creepy!”

    Fixed bug that would make Osana freeze in place during her Thursday rooftop event if the player sabotaged her phone and then laughed.

    Ayano: “Mwahaha! I have sabotaged your phone!”
    Osana: “…”
    Raibaru: “Osana, are you okay?” waves hand in front of Osana’s face

    Male Social Butterflies will no longer see female bathrooms as valid places to hide in while reporting a murder. (And vice-versa.)

    Kokona: “What are you doing in here?!?”
    Kenko: “Hiding from a murderer!”
    Konona: “The guy’s bathroom is one door down!”
    Kenko: “I went in the wrong door by mistake and now I’m afraid to go out in case—”
    Ayano: “Excuse me, you’re in the way.”

    Fixed bug that permitted the player to bypass Friday on the Calendar screen without eliminating Osana first.

    “Osana can’t confess her love to Senpai on Friday if there is no Friday…”

    Fixed bug that made the “Osana confesses to suitor” cutscene play at super-speed.

    Senpai: “I have no idea what you just said.”
    Osana: “Sorry! I’m just really nervous.”

  17. It would be cool if you can steal phone and PLACE IT to Osana’s back and then FRAME her.

    Btw i love your game and videos.

  18. You like to talk about how Yandere Chan should be customizable, but where can you even customize her? There should be a customize feature like senpai has.

  19. This may sound weird, but does anyone know where to find the puzzle cube? I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the school.

  20. hey yandere dev the new models that i saw in the end of the demo their face dont look anime at all try making them more anime face
    i must say my opinion i like the these models from the unity asset store it is just my opinion they have anime faces but the new ones dont .will these new models be the final models or are you gonna change them

  21. The updated blood reminds me of a character I created whom the idea is he’s an undead wolf covered in blood, I created him using Wolf Maker and Wolf Maker Unleashed and the color and texture of the blood he’s covered in I made looks like the texture of the updated blood puddles here.

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