December 26th Bug-Fixing Build

Hi again! We’re planning to upgrade the game engine from Unity 2017 to Unity 2018, which will probably take a few days. If you have to wait a few days until the next update, I want you to have the most stable and bug-free build possible, so I’m releasing a new build with some miscellaneous bug fixes.

To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous Christmas illustration by Mulberry!

Click here for a bigger version, and if you enjoy it, check out the dark version, too!

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Merry Christmas + New Build + Progress Report

Merry Christmas! Let’s celebrate with a yandere Christmas carol!

Speaking of Christmas carols, Sakura Media re-created “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Murder” in 3D! I think she did an absolutely amazing job, so check it out!

And if you’re looking for something comical, check out this Christmas Special by Victoria Walton:

In addition to Christmas cheer, I also have a new build and a progress report! Click “Continue Reading” to see the details!

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RahXephon – Did You Know Anime?

Hey! It’s only been a week since my last post, but for some reason, I feel like it’s been way longer. I’d like to write a blog post describing what I’ve been working on, since I think it might be interesting to read about. I’m almost ready to release a new build, so that blog post should be coming pretty soon!

In the meantime, I’d like to share a video with you. The anime trivia channel “Did You Know Anime?” released a new video today, and they picked a narrator with a really weird voice. He’s just so goofy-sounding that I can’t resist sharing the video with you. Check it out:

December 14th Bug-Fixing Build

It’s the same story as before; bug fixes and improvements have been piling up, so here’s a new build.

Before I show you a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, I’d like to share something with you. A Japanese fan of the game created artwork on the corkboard in Yandere-chan’s room! He made a portrait of Yandere-chan using the pins and red strings:

This is exactly what I was hoping people would do when I added the pins-and-strings feature to the game, so it makes me so happy to see this! I just had to share it!

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December 6th Bug-Fixing Build

Oops! Yesterday’s build had a bug that prevented the game from spawning characters with the correct appearances. I wanted to upload a new build without that issue, but it would be weird to upload a build that only contains one fix, so I fixed a bunch of other bugs too.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by Paskiz!

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December 5th Bug-Fixing Build

If you’ve been following the development of Yandere Simulator for a while, then you’ve probably noticed that all female characters share the same “base model”; as a result, they all have the same face:

I’ve tried to make each character as distinct as possible using different hair styles, hair colors, eye colors, accessories, makeup, bust size, skirt length, stockings, etc. However, being stuck with one face is kinda lame; being able to give each character a different face would be a giant improvement…

…which is why I’m incredibly grateful to AMZE, who has upgraded the character models to make it possible for me to tweak their faces! Here are some before-and-after shots:

In the latest build, I’ve given new eye shapes to the female students! Some of them share the same general shape as other students, but now there is waaaaay more variety than there was before, and characters’ personalities are more accurately reflected in their faces.

If you don’t like some of these faces, don’t worry about it; these are merely the “first drafts” for new faces. They can always be improved in the future. (I might even add a face-tweaking menu to Pose Mode!)

The latest build also contains numerous other bug fixes and minor cosmetic changes. To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this festive illustration of Yandere-chan, drawn by IceAngel0203!

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