Answering 25 Questions for Victorialand5

Hello! I’ve uploaded a 17-minute-long video to my secondary channel where I answer 25 questions that were asked by a YouTuber named Victorialand5! She’s been making really cool Yandere Simulator videos for more than 6 years now, so I felt like she deserved to be acknowledged and have her questions answered in thorough detail!

Check it out below:

Also, you can see her reaction to my answers – and a Spanish translation of my answers – here:

28 thoughts on “Answering 25 Questions for Victorialand5

  1. I have a question. What was the third game of Yandere simulator inspired by? You never made a video about the third game that yandere similar was inspired by.

    • If I recall, it was Tokimeki Memorial on SNES. Yoshio was the inspo behind Info-Chan, the school it took place in was prestigious like Akademi, there was a childhood crush character, there was a tree that was rumored to have people get into relationships, ect. There was recently an English patch mod that Dev played back in March, so that might give him more inspirations for YanSim. We just have to wait and see.

  2. I don’t blame you in not knowing how to speak spanish. I’m Peruvian so spanish is my native language but I do know how to speak english. That cannot be said about my father, he cannot speak english at all. Him trying to speak english is like (no offense, but) you trying to speak spanish.

  3. To be honest, I believe that having crushes or friends following the protagonist around would actually be a good thing since having friends + a good reputation is way too overpowered , especially in week 10 (not even mention if you have increased the seduction stat)
    My opinion though, not pressuring or anything=))

  4. Good day Yandere Dev!
    I have a question. Will it be possible to join the Student Council BEFORE or AFTER Megami appears in the game?

    Thank you very much in advance! 😉😎

    • I probably won’t add the “join the student council” feature until I am putting Megami in the game.

      With that said, once the feature is in the game, it’ll be possible to join the student council starting from week 1.

      • Alright. I am really waiting for you to finish the game to:

        1. Finally know all the secrets only you know and see if what I’m thinking it’s true. (When SNAP mode was revealed it was exactly the way I imagined it)
        2. You finally continue developing Lunar Scythe. Even if I don’t know much about that game it looks interesting and I’d like to know how is going to be like.

      • This is my opinion, but I think it would be better to add the ability to join the student council before the crowdfunding campaign, as this can bring back old fans of your game who have been waiting for this feature for a long time and they can increase the success of the crowdfunding campaign accordingly.

    • Are you talking about a raincoat? It is based on gloves from the drama club. And also Dev probably just doesn’t have a more appropriate animation.

  5. that was funny when he showed that his avatar wore a sombrero and a desert that looks like its either in mexico(idk if there’s deserts in mexico i never actually been there so sorry if im wrong lol) or somewhere that’s with a lot of spanish ppl and deserts(or maybe just deserts) lol)

    • I am super confused, could you please clarify? I feel he was being very professional and respectful throughout the entire video.

      The ending was for satire and comedy. No one is expected to take it seriously. That’s why he went over the top and talked in a super exaggerated voice at the end. I saw a bunch of people from Hispanic, Mexican, and if you look a couple comments above you will see a Peruvian person. I think that should speak for itself! Isn’t that amazing?

      So I hope that helps. Hope I am not coming off as rude or abrasive. Genuinely do not intend to come off that way. Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are!

      • Minstrel shows were considered comedy. Those were horribly offensive. That argument doesn’t work.

      • But neither does getting offended on behalf of people who aren’t even mad. I have showed this clip to people I know from Mexican, Hispanic, and even a Columbian friend of mine. They all watched the video throughout and none of them found it offensive.

        I am not trying to come at you. Really I am not and I feel that we may not agree on this but I honestly think it’s amazing one game has touched so many people. Separated by nations and language barriers yet we all fell in love with this game. We can all talk and bond over it.

        We have enough access to the creator that we know nothing here was done with malicious intent. It was all comedy and everyone could tell. My friends burst out laughing when I showed it to them. I have seen several people from similar backgrounds giving this a thumbs up.

        Just because something has a sombrero or mariachi music doesn’t mean it’s offensive. I know plenty of Spanish, Hispanic, Filipino, and Colombian people who responded positively in the comments of the video. I know plenty of people who love mariachi music. I have been to some bomb ass concerts where they where those sombreros and dance all day and night. Music lighting up the streets. People sharing food off their front porches. It’s sad most people won’t get to experience it the way I did because of Covid. I am lucky to have been blessed with a wide array of friends.

        I understand we may never agree on this subject and I will respect that. We’re all our own people and that’s valid. It’s okay not to agree.

        Even if we’re not of the same opinion I genuinely wish you a good day/night wherever you are! Stay safe! Wash your hands! … Especially since Monkepox is going around. Really, be careful.

  6. It’s probably common knowledge, but I’m still going to tell you guys one thing. I wanted to ask “why does Yandere use bleach instead of hydrogen peroxide to remove blood, as it was shown in the video Childhood Lesson?” The answer is that bleach contains hydrogen peroxide. Was I the only one who didn’t know that?

    • The ending was probably meant as a joke. There’s a few people in the comments that seems to live in a spanish-speaking country, and none if them seemed offended. Maybe we should ask them if they found it racist, don’t you think ?
      Also, I guess the lack if diversity could be explained by the fact it’s a japanese school, but I don’t enough about Japan to really state things. Plus, one of the student council member in 80s mode is litterally from Bresil if I recall correctly.

  7. How do you plan to introduce new features with each week? (People like Raibaru, New buildings, or New features)

    • Also, how will you know if you got the canon ending because Ayano doesn’t talk to herself like Ryoba does.

  8. Despite being Peruvian, I don’t need spanish subtitles to understand you. I still look forward for the full game, you left me intrigue. (Who knows, maybe what I have in mind ends up being true)

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