April 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Darn! There was one bug in the previous build that was so embarrassing, I felt an urgent need to release a new bug-fixing build immediately. So, here it is!

To read a list of everything that is new in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous and emotional artwork of Osana by Mari Pris!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that caused weird behavior from the weapon bag if the player dropped it in the gardening area and then took a weapon out of the bag.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to freeze permanently if she alarmed a teacher moments before that teacher was struck with a stink bomb.
  • Fixed bug that caused the dead Osana on the title screen to not reflect the way that the player actually eliminated her.
  • Updated the hair texture of Shoku, the young man who operates the Cooking Club in Amai’s absence.
  • Fixed bug that prevented blood from appearing on Yandere-chan’s hands in the intro cutscene.
  • Updated the gym teacher’s portrait, since it didn’t reflect her appearance at school.
  • Fixed bug that made Osana appear bald in her student portrait.
  • Added two new dolls to the plushie table in the Sewing Room.
  • The Stink Bomb box now has an actual texture.
  • Adjusted the duration of a stink bomb cloud.
  • Added textures to the bullies’ nails.
  • Updated Shiromi’s hair model.

123 thoughts on “April 17th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hi, is it normal for Yandere chan to slide back when she kills someone from behind or kidnaps a student? In addition, it sometimes happens that Senpai reacts differently to Osana’s body than normal and I can’t do the task of the art club leader because you can’t vote and Raibaru plays “ You spin me right round baby right round ” when Osana kidnaps and then you joined the class

    • It is deliberate. It happens if there is something directly in front of you that would result in the corpse clipping into a wall if you didn’t slide back.

  2. hello yandere dev i just wanna tell you , sometimes when you dispose body in a science club. there is a sound as if you are throwing a body into a furnace. This bug isn’t very annoying or anything. I just want telling you that. Ps i live in poland and i don’t know English very much, but i hope you understand what i try to say

    • Actually you can. Move everything out of the way from the fan, and be holding a mop dipped in bleached water. There should be a prompt at the ground saying clean up.

  3. idea for animal crossing easter egg
    Play as isabelle or the default pink girl character (i think thats the default girl character)
    weapon is a net since you can hit the npcs with nets in animal crossing new horizons

  4. Hey Yan Dev! Noticed an issue with one of the games elimination methods. So, kidnapping and mindbreaking someone without the gaming club (excluding debug commands obviously) is actually impossible. Let me explain. In order to mindbreak a student, you need to torture them for 18 hours three times (you obviously know this since you made the feature, but I figured I should have it here to start the comment). Without immediate access from the lingerie shop to the panties that give you extra study points, you can’t, on Monday, bring your biology up enough to kidnap a student, since you can’t switch your panties at school. So therefore without using the gaming club buff, it’s completely impossible to have enough time to fully mindbreak someone and use them to eliminate a student, as far as I know. I have two simple suggestions to fix this (one being far easier than the other). 1) Make it possible to buy the study point panties from the get-go for $9.99, just like the others, and remove the pair from the school. 2) Make it possible to change panties in the locker room if Yandere Chan has an extra pair on her (Since it would make sense for her to keep the study point panties with her after picking them up). Maybe she should carry the panties like she would a uniform or something, and it could be viewed as suspicious or weird for her to be carrying them, and she can take it to the locker room and change into them.

  5. theres a bug its when you talk to osana for the befriend method i chose 3:30 behind the fan and when its done i lose rep from rival chan saying “um… this is a privet conversation” so if u could pls fix it.

  6. yandere Dev if you’re looking at this I have a request for you to put in the game can you put it to where yandere-chan has a limit of how many you spell Guam she can eat before she gets sick

  7. Hey I want to report a bug that I am very upset by. I went through the processes of completing the demo, and I went to the extras menu, typed in “Debug” and then went to new game/load game. I did a quick start. And I was very disappointed to see that the commands were not working, please fix this in the next build!

  8. Hmm, suggestion, why not make the stink bombs make people stink as well? It could work similar to a water bucket and they’d have to wash themselves and change their clothes.

    Because I don’t know a teacher who would allow you to enter a classroom reeking that bad. And the whole reason the students leave is because they’re stink bombs and not smoke bombs. It could be a different way to steal people’s phones and add a new level of gameplay to the game.

    But I understand that you’re incredibly busy and what you do is really hard. So, I understand if my suggestion isn’t taken, considering how much you already do. Keep up the good work Yandere Dev! We support you!!

  9. If you let Shiromi discover a corpse, she will appear bald;

    If a student council witness you murder someone, but you were using a weapon that you’re allowed to carry it on school grounds, they will push you instead of pepper sprayingyou, and then, but you will still get a gameover though.

  10. I think it’s weird how in Mission Mode, when it’s cleaning time and you have a body in a bag (security cameras are on) it still thinks carrying the bag is suspicious, and you fail the mission.

  11. theres a bug when you kill a people or many peoples and you didn’t pick or dispose the body you cant kill peoples or pick the body and pick any item and the people dont react to you

    • Many people have reported this bug to me, but so far, nobody has been able to show me a video of the bug occurring, starting from the beginning of the day up until the point when the bug occurs.

  12. A suggestión. When you take some photos and restart the day You can keep the photos. But if You become a member of club, You have to become a member again after restarting the day. What if You could continúe to be a member even after restart the day?

    • The fact that your photos remain in the photo gallery after you restart the day is a bug, and it wouldn’t make sense either. If you join a club one day and time rewinds to the morning you joined the club, you wouldn’t be in the club.

  13. Ii think it’s pretty odd how, when the Photography Club is in their Sleuth persona mode and follow you around school, when you go to the girl’s shower buiding, the male members even follow you in there… It could be fixed by gaving just the girl members follow you in..? Or do the Photography club just think they should follow you, no matter where you are?

  14. An mistake. Even I have popularity level at maximun, Budo don’t trust me and I can’t make a favor yo him. So I can’t distract to Raibaru

  15. With Osana I can’t get enough week’s days to increase Biology lever to bring about elimination kidnag

  16. Hello YandereDev !
    I discovered a bug.
    When I do the music club mini-game to increase my reputation, then when I go home to see Osana’s stalker the next day my reputation will not have changed, as if I never had had an increase in reputation.

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