September 16th Minor Improvement Build

As part of the process of rolling out the red carpet for Osana, I’m sweeping through the game and improving everything that looks janky / fixing every bug I can find. The latest version of the game is already an improvement over yesterday’s build, so I’ve prepared an update!

But first, I’d like to share some artwork from Kodoku-Hana, who has treated us with three illustrations of Ayano: sweet, bloody, and “beach”!

To see a few other images that I’d like to share, along with a list of everything that was added/changed/fixed in the latest version, click Continue Reading!

Recently, a fan of Yandere Simulator celebrated a birthday – and their birthday party involved a pinata shaped like Osana!

It makes me incredibly happy to know that somewhere in the world, somebody was having a great time whacking Osana in the head to celebrate their birthday!

The next thing I’d like to share is an illustration by MaxusFox23; we’re at the tail-end of summer, so it’s the last opportunity for this beach-themed artwork to be posted while it’s relevant. Enjoy it!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that caused students with unique faces (such as the Student Council) to lose their unique expressions after the player was sent to the Guidance Counselor.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a security camera from noticing a murder if the murder animation started outside of the camera’s cone of vision.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to stop storing information properly after the player chose “Reset Week” at the game over screen.
  • The game will now remember your preferences (such as having Tutorials disabled) when resetting the day / resetting the week.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to get stuck when attempting to pathfind to a weapon that was placed on a stairway.
  • It’s no longer possible to speak to a student who is investigating a weapon/blood pool/limb on the ground.
  • Cooking Club students should no longer an attempt to give food to a student who has walked out of school.
  • The “Invert Y Axis” setting will now also invert the Y axis when aiming the camera in first-person mode.
  • Updated teachers’ clothing textures and adjusted their models slightly.
  • For gameplay reasons, expanded the size of students’ vision cones.
  • Updated the text in Horuda Puresu’s profile.

44 thoughts on “September 16th Minor Improvement Build

  1. I dunno if you will notice this YanDev but theres something i wanna say
    for me Raibaru seemed very unatural and more like a stalker instead of a friend
    she keeps on following osana on her back awkwardly and like a creep
    what about if she
    -Walks with her side by side
    -Have them talk to each other even when walking
    -And when osana is distracted/splashed with a liquid she will instantly look into her with confusion.

    • I agree with you. I think there is a lack of animation for Raibaru to look more like a friend spending time with Osana and not like a robot who is programmed to follow her around. I suppose Yandev will add that in the future ! Let’s not forget he is still working on it and maybe he thought about this 😉

    • I think it’s also because Raibaru is also supposed to be helping Osana with Taro so that’s why she’d follow her. I’m sure with more animations and backstory, the game will look much better!

      • Raibaru is not even fully implemented yet.. we don’t know what her routine is going to be until yandev finishes making it.

      • True, when watching the video where yan dev introduced Raibaru, (Revealing the identity of the mysterious rival.) I noticed that when Osana went to talk to Raibaru after lecturing Taro by the sakura tree, Raibaru said “Wasn’t that a bit harsh?”

  2. Oh since there is a change about Horuda, I wanted to mention that her current portrait displays her old hairstyle, but still, good job !

  3. This has nothing to do with the article but can you build in the option of maybe ending up dating megami instead of senpai as a plot twist and add some extra difficulty where you can’t end up killing ALL of your enemys? so that for example if you do you can’t each a certain level or the suspition of the student council get higher etc… or you cant expel all of your rivals? but still add some weak points so that its more realistic UwU

    Thank you so much,

    • I’m pretty sure something like that already exists. If you were to kill all your rivals, Senpai would loose too much of his sanity, feel like he is cursed, or both. I’m pretty sure Yandere Dev talks about this in some February progress report, but I can’t remember which year… I don’t know if that was what you were looking for but I hope I answered some questions. 👌

    • Mindslaves commit suicide immediately after killing someone, so that wouldn’t be an issue. If you mean a cooking club member offering food to a mindslave during their murder animation, I believe that a cooking club student will be shocked and scared while witnessing a murder and will run away (I haven’t checked personally). Any rivals who become subject to the “Drive to Murder” elimination method will be sent to jail.

  4. It was funny seeing The cooking club leader leave school to give away food. He’s quite devoted to make sure everyone gets his snacks even if they aren’t at school anymore lol

  5. hey, for some reason my game only saves for the last builds so I never get the newest update, can someone tell me if there’s something I need to do to fix this?

    • If you are talking about the launcher updating the game the day after an update, the launcher has always been like that. I suggest that you use one of the links in the ‘Download’ tab (i use MediaFire)

  6. Hello! One mistake: when yandere is blond, at home the hair is still black( it should be blond at the following morning when you buy through nozama the night before)

      • It actually is a mistake, she’s dying her hair blonde so she’s supposed to have blonde hair both at home and at school. I’m pretty sure that YandereDev will fix that

  7. Um I don’t know if this matters that much but when Yan~chan is in a towel and is part of the drama club she has the red flowers pinned to her boobs.

  8. Why I can’t play befriend and betray now? I increased level language and I did listen the conversation of Kokona and her friend. But I can’t put “domestic abuse” in the letter that I let in the Kokona’s locker. “Domestic abuse” dors not appear in the letter. Why?

  9. does anyone else have every other student photo in the 4th column have that clipping texture in the same spot? I use the debug for max seduction and student profiles but it in the same pot on ever photo no matter the students pose…

  10. “For gameplay reasons, expanded the size of students’ vision cone.”
    Wait so now how far do the students look? I still find it weird students with contacts/glasses don’t have a boost in their vision. Unless I’m being dumb and haven’t actually notice.

    • Glasses help people with bad vision have the same vision as people who don’t need glasses. It wouldn’t make their vision better than the vision of somebody who doesn’t need them. If anything their vision should be slightly worse than other students.

  11. este va ser el mejor juego que jugado Yandere dev eres un crack muchos éxitos yandre dev no te rindas como dices lo que tenga que tardar pero valdrá la espera para el juego

  12. Hey yandere-dev. So of course dont think of this as something that’s required in the game it was just a thought I had after rewatching an old video when you added the phone breaking mechanic when you kill a phone addict. Well I was thinking, if a body is burned in the incinerator, it would give off a strong smell. People who have smelled bodies burning say they didnt know it was a body but knew the smell was funny. What if after using the incinerator and the person is presumed missing, people DO start the rumor that they were burned in the incinerator but of course nobody actually finds evidence of it. Its s that just adds to the consequences if your actions that I considered. Of course if its actually added or not is whatever it was just an idea! I’m very excited about this game and have been for years now! I’m glad you’re so close to finishing!!! I know if this idea is ever a factor it will be added MUCH later! Either way. This game will be amazing when it comes out, I know it!

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