September 26th Bug-Fixing Build

Sep 28th Edit: I beat the game! Vacation’s over. Two days…short vacation, huh?

The last time I took a vacation was in November of 2016, to play Pokemon Sun. Over the past few months, a lot of people have been urging me to take a vacation. I told them all the same thing: “Now’s not a good time. I need to focus on Osana and Raibaru. Maybe I’ll take a short vacation at the end of September.”

The reason why I was willing to consider taking a short vacation in September is because, this month, a very special game is coming out – a game I’ve been waiting years to play: Code Vein.

This game actually has an very unique development history; it was supposed to be released in September of 2018…but one month before the release date, the game was delayed without explanation. The developers went completely silent, and we didn’t hear anything from them except one tweet on Christmas of 2018. After that, the next time they spoke was May of this year!

Isn’t that weird?! That’s like if I said “Osana will be released in September 2019” and then I completely disappeared from the Internet, made one tweet on Christmas, and didn’t re-appear until May of 2020. You’d be completely confused, right?! Well, that’s exactly what happened with Code Vein!

During those 8 months when we had almost no proof that Code Vein was still in development, many people gave up hope and assumed that Code Vein was cancelled. But today, Code Vein is finally released! This is a big deal to me; this is like Half-Life 3 being released! A game that everyone had given up hope on, actually seeing the light of day; it’s a legendary moment in gaming history! That’s why I’m willing to take a short vacation to simply experience Code Vein.

Want to see a a demonstration of how hyped I am for Code Vein? Here’s an illustration of Ayano dressed as Code Vein character, drawn by Mulberry!

You can find a wallpaper-sized version here!

Because Code Vein is similar to Dark Souls, I’m presuming that it will have the same length as a Dark Souls game; I’m predicting somewhere between 32~46 hours, so I’ll probably be playing it for 3~4 days. (Not a very long vacation, when you think about it.) I’m uploading a new build right now with a bunch of bug fixes, so that you’re not stuck with a buggy version of the game while I’m away.

I feel guilty taking a vacation at a point in time when Osana is at the brink of completion and everyone’s already been waiting so long for her…but I can’t help it; Code Vein’s release is as important to me as a religious event. In case you’re curious about the status of Osana/Raibaru stuff, I’ll give you some details:

I’ve made progress on some of the new content required for Osana to be complete (suitor, Raibaru, new events necessary for getting her expelled from school) but I’ve mostly been focusing on “de-janking”; making her events feel polished, fixing anything that looks buggy or weird, etc. I know it’s not super exciting to hear about, but trust me, it’s going to improve the overall experience a whole lot.

Click “Continue Reading” to hear about everything that is new or different in the new build!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If you are playing the game with a controller, the controller will now rumble in certain situations! (Currently, the controller will only rumble during attack animations, when you alarm a student, when the counselor slams her desk, during the game over sequence, and during a few key moments in the intro animation. It’ll probably be added to other situations in the future.)
  • The player now has the option of going into the Settings menu and enabling “Toggle” for running. This means that in order to run, you only have to tap the Shift key once, instead of permanently holding down the Shift key. (To stop running, just tap the Shift key again.)
  • Changed the nature of the cello case so that it can no longer be used for weird exploits (like blocking students’ paths, or climbing on top of it). As a result, it is possible to clip into the cello case, but this is necessary to fix exploits.
  • Added a new feature to the mech easter egg. Press the “X” button (or “F” key) to power up the mech’s weapons. This will cause your attacks to destroy parts of the environment.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to slide across the ground if they were alerted by an alarming noise while returning a dropped item to its original location.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Geiju’s subtitles to be incorrect if you spoke to him in his clubroom after he had seen you commit murder on a previous day.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to slide backwards when attempting to ask a delinquent or student council member to remove a box cutter from a box.
  • Phone addicts will no longer use their smartphones while walking through the girls’ locker room wearing a towel.
  • Fixed bug that caused the gymnasium’s doors to push the player when opening/closing.
  • Adjusted bathroom stalls that were clipping into walls in the girls’ locker room.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes prevent the Miyuki easter egg from triggering.
  • Yandere-chan’s ears will no longer become dark when she loses her sanity.
  • Added collision to some objects that previously lacked collision.
  • Adjusted the texture for Yandere-chan’s “lost sanity” eyes.
  • Fixed some typos.

40 thoughts on “September 26th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. You deserve the vacation. Have fun yanderedev ! Lovely artwork and controller rumble sounds cool. Good job with tightening up the graphics!

  2. I guess I’m Second then.
    Hey Yandere Dev, I guess the Vein is in a similar to Yansim. Because they both are great games that are taking too long to finish. Just joking around. I’m looking forward to what You’ll be showing us on October. And you’re welcome because I’ll always continue to follow the development of Yandere Simulator

  3. Hey, we’re all human. You’ve been working hard on YS and it shows, so if this will finally give you a means to take a vacation, then do it. As gamers, we will understand. Have Fun! ^,^

    • If you are using the launcher you’ll have to wait around a day for it to know that there’s a new build, i suggest that you download the new build from the tab Download

  4. We take breaks from our jobs to play newly released games. This is no different. More so if it’s a fellow weeb like yourself.

    Enjoy every second Code Vein Yandere-Dev. you more than deserve it at this point.

  5. Imagine taking a vacation that is less than a week and still feeling a little guilty
    Seriously man, take your vacations and enjoy your damn life 😂

  6. Enjoy your vacation Yandere Dev! I’m glad that the boxcutter bug I reported has been fixed! Also, you should take a longer vacation! You deserve it!

  7. Nah yandev it’s okay to take a vacation. Plus the overall quality would decrease of you were tired, because game quality comes with a well rested game dev. Have a nice vacation..

  8. yandere dev it wasn’t just council I did it with itachi (sports leader) and slid back i did it with the art boi infront occult club and i still slid back so i think it was a bug in general

  9. Yandere Dev when you finish Osana and Raibaru are you then gonna give the lust demon some powers cuz If she doesn’t have any powers its pointless to have her in the demon realm

  10. Hello Yandere Dev: I love your Yandere simulator game and I can not wait for the rivals to be ready. If I may, I have some ideas for improving your game. Do you want me to tell you? Thank you

  11. Great fanart as always!
    You deserve a vacation, Yandere Dev! Go out, have fun, and thanks for informing us. See you soon!

  12. After playing code vein for an entire day I come to this blog and see you are a man of culture as well. Have fun with the game cause I know I will.

  13. Yanderedev you talked years ago you said that if we killed toi much student he’ll leave the school when IS it gonna bé in the game

  14. Sorry it’s the corrector
    I said that years ago you said that if we kill too much students Senpai will leave the school and it would lead to a game over

  15. I don’t can stop thinking in the new actualitation! it’s so cool the game, good jooob Yandere Dev, please, submit the mod of Osana Najimi

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