May 15th Bug-Fixing Build

This is mostly just a bug-fixing build. There’s a small amount of new content, but the purpose of this build was mainly just to take care of everything I wanted fixed before I commit to implementing the game’s next big feature.

To read a list of everything that I fixed/changed/added in the latest build, scroll down beneath this adorable artwork from sexyunicornking!

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May 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

While recording footage for my next video, I couldn’t resist making a few more tweaks and bug fixes. Because the game has accumulated enough differences to justify an update, I’ve decided to upload a new build.

To see a list of everything that is new/different in the latest build, check out this fan-made Yandere Simulator animation! It’s actually just a preview, and it’s uncertain whether or not it’ll be finished, but it’s sooooo cool that I can’t resist sharing it with you!

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April 30th Sanity Update

A long time ago, I wrote a list of ways that I wanted to improve the “Sanity” feature. In this build, I decided to finally implement those improvements. It’s a simple build with a small number of changes, but it’s something that I wanted to take care of before focusing on my next task: creating a progress report video.

To see a list of everything that was added, changed, or fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this awesome illustration by mcfle!

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April 25th Bug-Fixing Build

This is a relatively minor update, compared to yesterday’s build, but it contains some fixes that I’d like to release sooner rather than later. It does contains a couple of significant adjustments to game design / general gameplay, though, so it’s a good idea to read the changelog and see how things are going to be different from here on out.

To read a list of everything that is changed in this build, scroll down past this super-pretty illustration of Ayano by AlpakaArt!

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