Video? New build?

EDIT: I’m sorry! It’s been over 48 hours, and the video still isn’t ready yet. Please forgive me! At this point in the video’s production, I can estimate how long it’s going to be: about 12 minutes and 35 seconds. I’ve currently completed 8 minutes and 27 seconds of the video, so it’s about 2/3rds done right now. It’ll definitely be released sometime on October 17th. I hope to have it out as soon as possible! I’m sorry it’s taking so long, and once again, thank you for your patience!

I’ve finished preparing a new build – and it contains something I’ve been discussing for a very long time! I’m currently making a video about it, and I hope to be able to post that video soon – within 48 hours, if possible.

I’d like to keep the details a surprise until the video is released…but, as is tradition, I’ll share some filtered screenshots with you! Here’s the first one:

Yep, I’m keeping it pretty vague. What could this be about? Click “Continue reading” for 6 more screenshots!

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September 26th Bug-Fixing Build

Sep 28th Edit: I beat the game! Vacation’s over. Two days…short vacation, huh?

The last time I took a vacation was in November of 2016, to play Pokemon Sun. Over the past few months, a lot of people have been urging me to take a vacation. I told them all the same thing: “Now’s not a good time. I need to focus on Osana and Raibaru. Maybe I’ll take a short vacation at the end of September.”

The reason why I was willing to consider taking a short vacation in September is because, this month, a very special game is coming out – a game I’ve been waiting years to play: Code Vein.

This game actually has an very unique development history; it was supposed to be released in September of 2018…but one month before the release date, the game was delayed without explanation. The developers went completely silent, and we didn’t hear anything from them except one tweet on Christmas of 2018. After that, the next time they spoke was May of this year!

Isn’t that weird?! That’s like if I said “Osana will be released in September 2019” and then I completely disappeared from the Internet, made one tweet on Christmas, and didn’t re-appear until May of 2020. You’d be completely confused, right?! Well, that’s exactly what happened with Code Vein!

During those 8 months when we had almost no proof that Code Vein was still in development, many people gave up hope and assumed that Code Vein was cancelled. But today, Code Vein is finally released! This is a big deal to me; this is like Half-Life 3 being released! A game that everyone had given up hope on, actually seeing the light of day; it’s a legendary moment in gaming history! That’s why I’m willing to take a short vacation to simply experience Code Vein.

Want to see a a demonstration of how hyped I am for Code Vein? Here’s an illustration of Ayano dressed as Code Vein character, drawn by Mulberry!

You can find a wallpaper-sized version here!

Because Code Vein is similar to Dark Souls, I’m presuming that it will have the same length as a Dark Souls game; I’m predicting somewhere between 32~46 hours, so I’ll probably be playing it for 3~4 days. (Not a very long vacation, when you think about it.) I’m uploading a new build right now with a bunch of bug fixes, so that you’re not stuck with a buggy version of the game while I’m away.

I feel guilty taking a vacation at a point in time when Osana is at the brink of completion and everyone’s already been waiting so long for her…but I can’t help it; Code Vein’s release is as important to me as a religious event. In case you’re curious about the status of Osana/Raibaru stuff, I’ll give you some details:

I’ve made progress on some of the new content required for Osana to be complete (suitor, Raibaru, new events necessary for getting her expelled from school) but I’ve mostly been focusing on “de-janking”; making her events feel polished, fixing anything that looks buggy or weird, etc. I know it’s not super exciting to hear about, but trust me, it’s going to improve the overall experience a whole lot.

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September 21st Bug-Fixing Build

Yesterday, somebody played Yandere Simulator for 7 hours straight, and streamed every minute of it. I dropped by to watch their broadcast for a little while, and unexpectedly gained a huge amount of valuable insight. I heard a lot of useful feedback, learned what parts of the game are currently too tedious, and witnessed bugs I’ve never seen before. I wish I could catch a stream of Yandere Simulator on a daily basis so that I could always have access to this kind of helpful information – but, since Yandere Sim is still banned from Twitch, and because all other streaming platforms are relatively inactive, it’s a very rare luxury for me to get this kind of insight and feedback. After Osana is released, it should become a priority to appeal to Twitch and ask them to reconsider the game’s ban.

While watching that broadcast, I fixed every bug I witnessed (as long as the steps for replicating the bug were clear) and also made miscellaneous small improvements. As a result, a new build is now available! To read a list of everything that is new in the latest update, scroll down past this super-cool artwork by Baka Mikito!

This is a illustration of the “Bad Romance” easter egg – one of my favorites! Speaking of easter eggs, this new build has something hidden for you to discover…click “Continue Reading” for a couple of hints!

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