Yakuza in Yandere Simulator

Over 3 years ago, a really cool-sounding idea was suggested for Yandere Simulator. I’ve always wanted to make a video about the concept! At this point in time, I am very, very hesitant to plan or announce any new features for the game, so I can’t actually guarantee that this idea will make it into the game…but I still wanted to talk about it, since I think it’s a really badass concept!

The illustrations of the Yakuza were drawn by Mioki-Kanta!

The illustration of Yandere-chan holding a katana was drawn by Hikari-NJ!

So, what do you think? How do you feel about the idea? Vote here: http://poal.me/8ak6hf

205 thoughts on “Yakuza in Yandere Simulator

  1. I love when he gets all this artwork done for these videos and conveniently forgets to give credit to the artists in question at all. I’d like to see and follow these artists works, but sadly cant as he rarely ever links to them :/

  2. This was a comment from a fan on youtube with the username “Baka,”
    I Quote:

    “Man I’m hype for this feature!
    And may I sugggest an idea whilst I rant about me loving this method?

    After a while (maybe during the last few weeks) yandere chan will get a proposal of a job from the yakuza because of how well she’d provide services to him in exchange for favors, therefore she’d be trained to professionally assassinate, kidnap, stalk, blackmail or threat a rival. She would use this training for her own selfish will, and therefore have to do side missions to keep her job. For example killing, kidnapping or doing something to a certain person from the school/street/town, or the yakuza would threat her to kill senpai. Without a choice, yandere chan would have to do those crimes unrelated to senpai, and gain more of this skill as she progresses through her career.


    After receiving the proposal of the job, yandere chan would be trained to become a killing machine, (kinda like widowmaker from overwatch.) but from that route, she’d eventually somehow kill her senpai in cold blood by being told to by a customer or the yakuza. She’d feel no remorse, and end up living her life in the yakuza organization.”

  3. I’m going to copy/paste some comments I think important here:
    “It’s really disturbing to me. Even somebody as bad as – insert least favorite rival here – doesn’t deserve to be part of that. The picture of Osana made me quite sick, looking like she was going to be deprived of organs or a sex slave. I know I can choose not to use this method. But what really disturbs me more than just the concept, is how people seem to defend the method, saying “Yandere-Chan has no remorse, she’s evil”.”

    “Let’s not talk about the money problem because I’m possitive the game will sell well with or without the Yakuza because YandereDev is boss and yeah that is not the important thing =_=
    I LOVE the idea of the Yakuza, but what I mean is that it’s too soon to implement him because if you don’t plan this guy carefully he could have a bad influence to the young players. People should not be excited about human trafficking in the first place.
    Even if the game says it’s not for young players, young players WILL find every way possible to play and share it around and with their young mental state it’s just not good. The bigger girls will cry and stuff but the youngers, like the very young kids will not understand at all and will think it’s a cool thing. THEY are the problem I’m concerned about. It’s not good if they Don’t get scared and instead think it’s a cool thing.
    What I’m suggesting is that there is a Yandere Simulator 2, the sequel of our original YanSim which focus on the “acceptable” elimination methods, and Yandere Simulator 2 will have “hardly acceptable” elimination method with the Yakuza as the “level 2 Info-chan”, the more professional dealer of the game.
    I’m sorry if that’s hard to understand.”

    “Idk, some of these ideas are a bit dark, even for an obsessed teenage homicidal psychopath simulator lol.
    Like, a lot of this sounds really cool… but human trafficking and selling underage girls abroad is kind of… Fucked. Like extra fucked. Like, it would detract from the game for me.” and replied with “Naw, you need to gtfo. This shit happens in real life, so why not a video game? You might as well not be on board with real life.”

    “Yes everyone should definitely rethink about their lives because if they think human trafficking is fun, sending innocent girls like Amai to whorehouses and the idea of raping girls and being killed to be scavenged for their organs are fun, THEY REALLY SHOULD RETHINK THEIR LIVES.
    Like… how could you even THINK that it’s OKAY to make innocent girls subjected to those horrible things even if it’s just a game? It’s really close to real life and the THOUGHT of all that stuffs being okay in your head is a dangerous thinking enough!”

    “This is a ryona game, it’s normal” <= what the fuck???

    "I’m beginning to question the age range of yandere sim fans… I was expecting comment about this possibly new elimination method, but no, all I found was “the yakuza is so cute and hot”. You realize this a very dark subject manner and your concern is how hot he is? Wtf"
    "Im a 13 years old girl. but I like watching dark contents. my friends like to watch it too anyway"

    "I play this game for the fucking gore, blood and all the worst possibilities of torture and death towards those bitches..!
    Man I'm hype for this feature!
    And may I sugggest an idea whilst I rant about me loving this method?
    After a while (maybe during the last few weeks) yandere chan will get a proposal of a job from the yakuza because of how well she'd provide services to him in exchange for favors, therefore she'd be trained to professionally assassinate, kidnap, stalk, blackmail or threat a rival. She would use this training for her own selfish will, and therefore have to do side missions to keep her job. For example killing, kidnapping or doing something to a certain person from the school/street/town, or the yakuza would threat her to kill senpai. Without a choice, yandere chan would have to do those crimes unrelated to senpai, and gain more of this skill as she progresses through her career.
    After receiving the proposal of the job, yandere chan would be trained to become a killing machine, (kinda like widowmaker from overwatch.) but from that route, she'd eventually somehow kill her senpai in cold blood by being told to by a customer or the yakuza. She'd feel no remorse, and end up living her life in the yakuza organization."

    "Just a thought: I've seen a lot of comments talking about how this character goes too far by being apart of human trafficking, and I can understand. It's like making a game in nazi Germany and your able to befriend someone that works at auschwitz. That's not why I'm commenting though, my suggestion is to make sure the player knows just what yakuza is into so they know what they're getting into. Even though you don't have to say it outright, make it sound like if you start getting yakuza to help you, you might not be able to go back to a normal life. Since yandere chan already doesn't have a normal life, and is seeking one by going after senpai, I believe it could be good that the ending with yakuza is one of the worst in the game. After all crime doesn't pay
    in the video about yanderes childhood I got the impression that her mom was happy, saying that there would be someone to fill that hole for yandere. That was my whole point, I think that doing work for yakuza would cross the line, while even if you (the player) decided to kill people, murderers have been re-conditioned to have a productive life in society (granted it took many years, but was still possible). Remember also that senpai has a sanity meter too, and killing too many people would also cause yandere chan to lose him. All in all murdering is bad, working for the mafia is bad, and if you do too much of either in the game, you will get a bad ending. (Bad for yandere chan at least) if you want that ending for her it's your choice, that's why the dev is making all of this optional, and trying to put as many elimination options out there as possible, including ones that don't involve dropping a single drop of blood."

    That's it for now, I couldn't find the other important comments I saw before.

    • I can understand your concerns about this subject, but no matter if little children play this game, this is still a game NOT for children, of course that I’m concern if kids are stupid enough to play game like this, but I think ins unfair and unnecessary for Dev and all his hard work holding himself and all his ideas just because parents these days are idiots who don’t take care properly of their kids and expect others to care when they don’t (at least not enough). So If YandereDev want to put this “Yakuza” and all the fucked up stuff he has, Dev have the right since is his game, and he has the right to create an extremely dark story no matter in character designs are “kawaii”. Sorry if I’m agree with the “Yandere is a Monster so is logic she acts this way”, because that’s the vision of Dev, and we shouldn’t expect he changing it just for the kids, not all stories have to be “kids friendly”. Of course I feel very uncomfortable when “human traffic” was mentioned, the “Yakuza” surely is a very cruel and monstrous man o matter if he’s “super-hot”, but again let’s have in mind this is a very dark game and if dev wants to put the darkest theme, is his story and he should be able to put it in the direction he wants… I hope I didn’t sound so insensitive, but that’s my opinion.

      • Ayano’s not really a monster. Just driven by jealousy and rage to the point of it overriding any sense of remorse she might never have even had. Most of us have almost been driven to that point.
        Even more to the point: there exists a method to befriend the rivals out of the way, or had you forgotten?
        It’s one of the things Kokona was used to test the possibility of.

      • My own opinion aside from the above opinions is that there should be a “safe” version of the game and the “unsafe” version of the game in which the “safe” version looks brighter than the “unsafe” version, and the “unsafe” version has the most fucked up elimination methods Dev loves so much. Both versions are cool so I’m sure both would bring YanDev LOTS OF CASH.

    • Well, he did mention that they wouldn’t explain what would happen… Probably to avoid making the game too gruesome. They already have a kidnapping option, so… From what it sounds like, the player will be aware the rival is kidnapped, but won’t know anything else. Also, I agree that these comments are pretty important. Hopefully Alex does check out these comments so that he can find a decent balance were he to implement Yakuza.

    • My comment was the one where I said it felt too dark “even for an obsessed teenage homicidal psychopath simulator.” I can actually clarify with an example. So, Game of Thrones has been a wildly successful tv show, and I think for a lot of good reasons. And few things, if any, could ever really take away from that.
      It’s a tv show that is, at it’s core, about war. That means a LOT of brutal killing. And people are cool with that. Yet, if you ask a lot of people, I think you’ll find they feel it is “a little rapey” for their taste. It’s not that the violence or the brutality is bad. In many cases it’s what draws them to the show. But sex crimes are often a bit more unsettling, often to the point of nausea.
      My point is, it’s next level fucked up. Plain and simple. It’s a level Idk that Yandere-chan should/would really go to. Not unless they posed a direct threat to her being with Sempai.

      And honestly, the whole Yakuza idea is amazing. I love it. The idea of getting black market items for snuff videos? Genius. It’s really just that one aspect I have real problems with even being a thing. And while I seem to be in the minority here, I know I wouldnt be the only one to feel the same. It will, as I’ve said, take away from the game play experience for me if there is a kidnapping/selling girls option.

  4. Not a fan of it to be honest. At the very core of it Ayano is still a high school girl whose efforts should rely on what she could get in a high school setting. The amount of damage one would have to do in order to use the favor that would take out Megumi would basically be too much for too little. Ayano should use her own abilities and intelligence to defeat her rivals. This is just an excuse for mindless murder to occur while making the game needlessly more difficult for something that could be easily taken care of on your own. Let me break it down for why I believe this so I don’t seem like I hate the idea for no reason, no matter how amazing and awesome I know it is.

    Now about the services you get, you don’t need any weapons or drugs since info-chan can give other means to get girls in trouble in addition to Ayano using her own means. There is also the means of weapons that could be found LITERALLY ALL OVER THE SCHOOL! Seriously, why would you need a contact that could give weapons if you can get them everywhere? It makes the game more challenging and fun to get weapons on the fly and improvise. Use things that would already be in a high school and use those since the setting is in a high school. Weapons a Yakuza would give would be nunchuks, sai’s, switchblade, brass knuckles, and garrot wire since they are the only weapons a Yakuza could use and Ayano could hide. All of which can be replaced with another weapon that is a lot more convenient to find or item that will need to be picked up.

    Take note to the amount of effort you have to do to get these. You have to waste time befriending a person, stealing tranquilizer from the nurse, leading them to an abandon room with a box, knocking them out, staying after dark and therefore make you late for the next day (which can get you expelled if done too much), selling them to the brother of a Yakuza who would probably know Osoro since she is the leader of the delinquents and therefor the person the brother of the Yakuza would follow, just to get something that could be replaced and used with things found all around the school or bought from info-chan. You see how much you’d have to do and how many things could conflict? So much time wasted on getting weapons or drugs that could be used to ruin dates or “actually execute a rival” just to get something from a more violent and complicated info-chan mechanic. It’s way too similar to make a true impact without making the other redundant. If you want the Yakuza you need to severely limit info-chan abilities in order for the player to not rely on her exclusively. So basically dumb down info-chan just to get something of the same.

    Drugs can be replaced with cigarettes, test answers, and various other blackmail that a high school girl could get her hands on and get a more believable effect. The point being is that these ARE somethings that a high school girl can get her hands on which is why it’s more believable for her to commit these atrocities at school. That is what makes the game so interesting. You have to rely on what’s there and be creative with the means you have to get what you want.

    Really the only thing that would make this be worth it is the elimination of Megumi. Now let’s look at this. Not only are you bypassing the final boss in such a boring way (yes it would be because it takes away the satisfaction of killing her yourself) but you have to jump through an insane amount of hoops to get that option, of which you won’t know unless you beat or restart the game. After that you get an ending. Now that’s more of a reason to do this then the actual benefits. Us as players want to see all of it so we’d do the Yakuza simply for that but not much else. Not only that but you’d have to make the police a significant presence in order to counteract this. You’d need another outside influence unless you of course believe that the police have no interest in trying to beat the Yakuza. That’s up to you.

    Here’s a thought though, how about we remove the entire passive means to complete this game. I mean since we have YET to give Ayano a reason or even a tutorial to do so there shouldn’t be a big problem. Literally there is nothing tying Ayano and the player to act like a normal high school girl even though Ayano has been trying to act like so ever since she was small. Just throw it out the window because the thought of actually winning senpai over is too much of a hurdle to make sense. Seriously just remove any sort of ending or thought about it and give us another, albeit meaner, info-chan.

    You see where I’m going with this people?

    Now I like this idea, I really do, in fact I think it’d be totally badass but it’s so much to do for so little that it seems more of a gimmick then anything. Might as well be a separate game mode. Wouldn’t that be cool? A mode that requires Ayano to do jobs for the Yakuza without actually being a part of the original story. At least then it would be a means to give the fans what they want while at the sane time keeping things realistic right?

    There you go, all my reasoning. The idea of this is amazing and badass and would be something I would love in thought but in the end this seems like doing a continuous side mission for the entirety of the game just so that you get an achievement for just for doing it. To those of you who want an example, check out Halo ODST and see what it takes to get the recon helmet. Or Left 4 Dead 2 and that gnome. (God I hated that gnome) But what do you all think? Do you love the idea but don’t see the needed impact like me? Or do you love the idea and see what I’m saying is wrong? First reply gets a cookie.

    • Maybe add like police presence to the school or the Media, like reporters hanging around the entrance or walking the halls interviewing people. If something happens, the media will be a huge problem, they can broadcast it live (But if you think about the school wouldnt want the bad rep, so they would have to stay outside the school, but you know how reporters be, sneaky little fucks, they will find a way for a big scoop, just like the Photo Club.) And i think the idea would be cool for both options, in the main game and in a side quest type game mode, like Mission mode. But i do agree, maybe if you use the Yakuza that there is a chance they fail, or refuse the request. For example, There could be many variables that could mess up the plan, like a idiot new comer to the yukaza messing up, or the target noticing whats going on, and they would increase the difficulty of being killed like getting a body guard, or police protection, or the rival catches on to Yan chan and telling senpai about it making him more suspicious of you and less likely to trust or love you. idk maybe my idea’s could be polished up a bit.

  5. 1. Yes to yakuza character and a place or town outside the school to interact with him (he is just too colorful a character for text only)
    2. Make the cost of each (category) of his services increase each time (it) is used. Explain this as: to cover his fee + the ongoing costs of doing his business in town (e.g., paying off the local police, etc.) otherwise players might start farming bodies as easy currency.
    3. And I don’t know if you have this mechanic in the game, but each disappearance or death (no matter how they occur) should cause awareness in all NPCs to tick upward a tiny amount. Until at full, whereupon any visible shenanigans by Yandere-chan causes an instant end game loss.

  6. Fix me if I’m wrong about the kind of game YandereDev is aiming to but I read general comments like these:
    “This is a game purely about murder and harming people at school”
    “Yandere-chan is evil”
    “If murder is in the game then selling organs and prostitution are cool”
    “It’s fine if we don’t see it happens”
    “It’s just a game”
    They are the most seen comments but let me voice my thoughts about the Yandere Simulator I know and love:
    1. This isn’t a game about murder, it’s a game about preventing love rivals from getting your love one and murder is just an option to do it. I repeat IT’S NOT A GAME ABOUT MURDER eventhough there are so many fucked up ways of murdering highschool girls.
    2. Yandere-chan IS NOT EVIL. She can’t feel some emotions and that helps her with doing things others can’t bring themselves to do. She wants to be a normal person and to do that she has to stop people from getting her Senpai.
    3. This game is very realistic. People are already okay with killing, they should not be okay with human trafficking too, or even think that it’s cool.
    4. Even if you can’t see what happens when people are captured in human trafficking, it still happens in real life so you shouldn’t be Okay with it because it might happen to someone close and you should always be aware. Kids these days arent aware of what fucked up shit they are asking for. Imagine one day your sister is bagged and sold to whorehouses or killed for organs like a livestock. It’s horrible.
    5. Even if this is a game, it’s very realistic and stuffs in there can happen any time anywhere. You just can’t Not take a realistic game seriously.

    And this is my personal opinion but just to be fair, why don’t you implement more ways to eliminate guys if they get in Yandere-chan’s way too much? There are also male prostitution and they are able to commit suicide, having their minds broken… That way YandereSimulator won’t seem like a pure Ryona game isn’t it?

    • I got to agree with you. Yandere-chan (Ayano) is being pulled too far away from a neutral character that can be used by the player to an already evil persona. There is no reason to do the right thing yet so people automatically assume she is bad. As for the Yakuza himself?


      We’re told that he gives things info-chan can not but if you think about it, it would only be things of different variety. Weapons can be found anywhere or bought from info-chan and drugs can easily be replaced with test sheets and cigarettes as both require the player to place incriminating items on their victims and both get their victim expelled. In terms of realism though, Yandere-chan getting to know a random delinquent who has a brother with ties to organized crime?

      In terms of realism? She’s a high school girl… A grown man with ties to the Yakuza is doing business with a high school girl because she was nice to his little brother. A little brother that follows the lead of Osoro, who you’d assume would also would have some knowledge and therefor ties to the same man right? Also regardless of morality it still leaves info-chan redundant. There is no further use of a high school infomation broker when you have the more expensive resources of organized crime. But what do you think? Am I being too biased?

      • The fact is he’s optional, and so is the task set to Ayano by the brother.
        It’s not mandatory so please stop acting like it is.
        It mightn’t even make it in, regardless of the poll results.

    • I mean, YandereDev said that the original plot of the game was to have a girl killing people in a high school setting and only 2 out of, like, 15 methods exclude killing but, sure, the game is not about murder.

  7. Nice suggestion… but do we still need info chan with yakuza added
    Yes I know Yakuza can provide services info chan cannot, but they operate with identical mechanisms. Why bother keeping info chan, if the yakuza is a more bad ass version? That can just streamlines the whole game
    I like the idea, but I think both of them need more uniqueness in character design to show us how do they differ

    • Yakuza is going to be used for extreme methods. Info-chan can be used for less extreme ways. in the video it says something like how much damage was dealt to senpai’s sanity, If you kill someone in a horrible way, senpai has a chance of going, crazy. So the yakuza could also be a major flaw if you use them too much. (Of course its going to be something terrible, its yakuza its not sugar and gum drops.) So using them could cause senpai to go insane. But on the other hand Info chan you can use her to exspell students, find their love match, get small time items from her. Info chan maybe be more of a hands dirty way, but its less severe. But on the other hand the Yakuza, may be clean hands on your part, but that would cause senpai to take more damage. You gotta strategize it. Magami dosent have a crush on senpai, she is just obligated to protect him cause she is the student council president, I would save the 1 free favor from the yakuza for her. Since she will be the toughest to get rid of. And i think so too, i think we that Yan-chan should have to meet the Yakuza in person, instead of through text messages (those can be tracked), plus this give a reason for the town to be put back in.

      • I agree with you 100% but since you would have no idea of how much the favor would be unless you replayed the game then it’s a difficult means to use. Also when Yandere-dev said Yakuza provides things info-chan does not I think it’s more of variety of different things rather then new products. Drugs can be replaced with cigarettes or exam sheets and weapons are found all over the school, making both services pointless. Really adding the Yakuza makes info-chan redundant and makes it harder for the player. At least this is what I think? Feel free to disagree.

      • i see your point, but if you looking at it in the means of difficulty Info chan is easy or normal mode, Yakuza will be like expert or professional mode. If you want to play on casual mode info chan is your girl, want the challenge go for the yakuza. You’ll have to do more things for the yakuza then what you have to do for info chan, and the yazua can open up new story lines or alternate endings for the game, for me i like to re play games to get different endings its like beating the entire game. It can also make the game more difficult and harder to win, so i like that challenge.

      • “Info-chan is used for less extreme ways” To be fair, she is also used for lighting the victims on fire.

      • She dosent do that, you do that, she just provides less extreme things. Now, she offers matches, not that bad. Now imagine the Yakuza offering Acid >:3 Now that seems fun.

  8. Sorry for spinning off, but dev pai, you should definitely see “All about Lily Chou-chou” in your free time.
    An awesome Japanese movie about teenage bullying and crime in junior high, the most depressing, suffocating, and poetic one I have ever seen. If you want to see a darker side of Japanese school (contrary to persona series), this should be a good clue.
    This is my favorite film that gives me loads of insight, it might give you some inspirations on the game

  9. I really love this idea! I’ve seen many comments like “You shouldn’t be okay with human trafficking” or “Even if this game is not suggestet for younger players, they will find a way to play it. That’s why you shouldn’t add this feature”. First: This game is not recommended for younger Players! If they still play it, it’s their own fault when they are harmed in any way. THIS IS NOT A GAME FOR CHILDREN! It’s the same problem like with GTA. “It’s to brutal/etc/etc” Yes, because it is not for children!
    Also, the Yakuza would be (as far as I understood) a total OPTIONAL thing. You don’t need to use it if you don’t want to.
    I wonder why so many people are okay with murdering a Highschool-Girl in a game by theirself, but not with just sending a text message and get rid of a rival in a game without murdering them.
    Also: IT’S A GAME! No real girl would be harmed because of that! I think that’s something most of the people who comment forget. There is no girl which is going to be kidnapped!

    • I’m with you here. I wouldn’t object to it being there, personally wouldn’t use the Yakuza option, but it’s always there for a hardmode-ish function for those who enjoy that sort of thing. Plus it might be the thing that finally scares the underage kids off this game.
      My only concern is avoiding that AO rating that Devpai can’t get – the idea might be dropped or heavily modified.

  10. I don’t see why there’s so much hate for an optional feature. People have literally said it’s ok to kill but not to traffic. WTF? Both are wrong and both happen in real life so why is one ok in the game, but the other isn’t? It’s not like people who play this rout will then accept trafficing, and even if they somehow did because they’re stupid, it’s not as if they could support it and killing would be easy compared to it so in reality, the option to murder is more dangerous. So yes, human trafficing is wrong and f***ed up, but not really anyore so than serial murdering and torturing highschool girls.
    Damn, those 2% who have no rational thinking are petulant.

  11. Wow, people are complaining about how this is too dark? It doesn’t seem as bad as the mindbreaking to me.

    And Yanderedev, I feel that you should propose ideas to the fanbase more often. Don’t promise them; propose them. See how the fanbase reacts. If it’s not a good enough respose for the amount of effort, but still a good respose, hold it for the DLC or sequel!

    Also, if you impliment the Yakuza, I think you should intigrate him into mission mode somehow. Not nessicarily as a mechanic, but maybe replace the splash screen of Infochan with him

  12. Okey, I’m posting this again sicne the first time it was a reply:
    I can understand your concerns about this subject, but no matter if little children play this game, this is still a game NOT for children, of course that I’m concern if kids are stupid enough to play game like this, but I think ins unfair and unnecessary for Dev and all his hard work holding himself and all his ideas just because parents these days are idiots who don’t take care properly of their kids and expect others to care when they don’t (at least not enough). So If YandereDev want to put this “Yakuza” and all the fucked up stuff he has, Dev have the right since is his game, and he has the right to create an extremely dark story no matter in character designs are “kawaii”. Sorry if I’m agree with the “Yandere is a Monster so is logic she acts this way”, because that’s the vision of Dev, and we shouldn’t expect he changing it just for the kids, not all stories have to be “kids friendly”. Of course I feel very uncomfortable when “human traffic” was mentioned, the “Yakuza” surely is a very cruel and monstrous man o matter if he’s “super-hot”, but again let’s have in mind this is a very dark game and if dev wants to put the darkest theme, is his story and he should be able to put it in the direction he wants… I hope I didn’t sound so insensitive, but that’s my opinion.

    • I totally agree. moreover, you don’t have to talk to that guy. you can but you don’t have to.
      It’s like in Undertale, you can kill monsters but you don’t have to. I played the genocide run and I felt bad after it.

      however I plan to play several runs with differents strategy.
      -the test run where I just play by discovering the game for the first time.
      -the discreet run where I plan to kill all rivals by faking them with accidents or fram murder
      -the no blood run where I don’t kill any body and the friendly run where I don’t even play with bullying, reject and exclusion methods
      -the killing spray where I kill most of the people I can and make in sort every rival dies in front of Senpai’s eyes

      that’s the main runs I plan but I also plan to play a delinquent run and if yakuza is added, probably I’ll talk a lot with him during this run (and I’ll feel bad during this run but I’ll do it)

  13. I love this idea of Yakuza, i know he’s unnecessary and wouldn’t change the game at all if he wasn’t in it but i think that’s why he so good. Someone would have to go out of their way to get his ending and do some horrible things to get there as well, he’s optional so there is no way of mistaking that you didn’t know what you were doing when you sought his help. The ending for him should be morbid and sad, you don’t feel happy knowing you choose this route. I think that would add depth to the game, you wanna go after the ending just to get the feels and get the experience.

  14. I could get behind the idea IF there was a way to assure the kidnapped rival would have her organs harvested instead of being sold as human traffic. Otherwise it’s just… I wouldn’t use that mechanic and honestly I won’t feel good about it even existing. Human trafficking is just way too awful, even in a game about murder. I’d be already happy if it was a player option (like your actions or a choice in dialog would change the rival’s fate), although in my heart I hope human trafficking won’t be an option in the game at all.

    • that’s why his optionnal. if you really don’t feel confortable with him, your absolutely not going to see him for sure.
      In my case, if yakuza is added to the game, I’ll try to get his ending during my delinquent run. but I’ll do it with the same spirit I played my genocide run in undertale and like I’ll play my killing spray run in this game. by regreting each action but keeping in mind it’s just a game.

      ps: I also plan to play a no blood run where I don’t kill any and so reject the letale elliminations body and even a friendly run where which is like the no blood run but where I also reject the nasty methods (like bullying, reject, expelled, ect. so yes I’m going to use befriend, match making or a friendly specific methode for each rival during this game) and where I plan to resolve all the problems linked to the lore of the game (and have one of the best endings). so I’m not 100% psychopath.

      • My point is that it’s not optional enough. I’m cool with the Yakuza, what I’m not cool with is that going down that path can end in a girl being sold. If there’s a way for the player to change the outcome from human trafficking to organ trafficking, I may not be happy that such an awful thing is even an option but I’m cool with it. After all, that makes the human trafficking part 100% optional, not “you can only get a different ending and a whole new game mechanic if you do it”

      • maybe if yanderedev add the yakuza, he could add a way to fight against him with one of the rivals (like we fight against Ronshaku Loan with Kokona). if that men is so involved in the crime, there must be a way to stop him. but that’s only a theory.

      • It would be nice, although fighting him wouldn’t really accomplish anything. When fighting Ronshaku Loan, we take down the leader… But the Yakuza guy isn’t a leader, so taking him down would at most be a minor inconvenience for the Yakuza.

    • Yeah, but he also said it could be left to the imagination… I don’t want the rival to “maybe” be killed, I want to be absolutely 100% sure I’m not leaving a girl in the jaws of human trafficking. I really hope using the Yakuza doesn’t involve human trafficking…

  15. A lot of the people saying that having the protagonist get involved in human trafficking is okay “cuz yandere chan murders pplz!”

    Yandere Sim is not Postal, the objective isn’t the kill everything you see as brutally as possible, it’s a social stealth game. This is why Yandev rejected the presence of guns and bombs in the game.

  16. Alright here’s to every single person crying about the Yakuza: It is optional. If it makes you uncomfortable, just stay away from it. No one’s forcing you to use the Yakuza, it’s not mandatory. Many people clearly love the idea and seem to enjoy the concept, including me. I don’t think YandereDev should scrap it just because some people feel uncomfortable when the idea of human trafficking is proposed. And I repeat, IT IS NOT MANDATORY. If it was, I would understand. Not to mention, is breaking one’s mind to a point where their whole life is going to be broken and ruined not “too dark”? How about bullying someone into committing suicide? Is burning them alive and hearing their pained, agonizing screams not “too dark”? You lot seem to be weirdly obsessed with this idea of human trafficking to a point where you freak out at the mention of it. There are many things in this game that are just as dark if not worse, and I’m sure there will be more. There is a reason why Yandere-chan is an empty character for the most part. It is the player’s decision how they want to play their game, how dark and fucked up they want their character to be and what kind of messed up ending they want to get. The option of the Yakuza being in the game makes for a seemingly very interesting ending and way of going about the game, plus shaping Yandere-chan into a very interesting character as well. This game is meant to be dark, it’s meant to make one’s skin crawl, make them feel as uncomfortable as possible while playing the game. Yandere-dev has said countless times that Yandere-chan is a monster and with each fucked up thing she’s capable of doing you’re reminded of it constantly. No matter how much you deny it, this game WANTS to fulfill everyone’s hidden psychopathic fantasies, all of which they most likely condone in real life and would never support or accept it, but that’s what makes this type of game fun. It’s dark, it makes the worst come out of you and that is why it so enjoyable to play for most people. If you want, just be a pacifist. Make each rival fall in love. No need to shed anyone’s blood. It’s a game meant for all kinds of players. No single messed up option is mandatory. How dark the game will get depends solely on the player. And if “the children” are your concern, they shouldn’t be. The game isn’t meant for children. If they still get their hands on it and get damaged, that is the problem of their irresponsible parents. YandereDev has no obligation to cater to 5 year olds that aren’t even meant to be part of the audience this game is directed at. And, at the end of the day, it is still just a game. A fictional world with no real consequence in the real world. Whenever you get your heart racing over the hot looking human trafficker or the thought of Osana’s organs being harvested or her even being smuggled somewhere to be a prostitute, just remember that none of it is real. Granted EVERYTHING that happens in this game happens the exact same way or even worse in real life. It’s not just human trafficking. There are way way WAY worse things that happen out there. All of which we should condemn and fight against. But that’s a different world that we speak of, and one that is real. Yandere Simulator is not real. Yandere-chan isn’t real. Osana isn’t real. It’s all just a game. So stop crying about it. That’s it. Long ass rant over. See you on the other side, folks.

    • @csissa: No, buddy… The only thing worse than human trafficking is pedophilia. Meaning the worst that can happen to a person who isn’t a child is human trafficking. The only way something could be worse is if it was a fucked up combo of human trafficking plus other awful things. But as a single thing? Human trafficking is as bad as it gets.

      That being said, if Yandev wants it as an option, that’s his decision, BUT there should be a way to use the Yakuza without having your rival experience the single worst thing there is to experience. If there’s an option between selling organs and selling the girl, I won’t complain, even if I still think it’s fucked up.

      • that’s true, human trafficking is horrible. and yandere-dev wants to put this guy like a really dangerous man. he want us to be shocked by playing this way.

        let’s compare 2 games: undertale (genocide route) and god of war 3 (with kratos)

        when you play the genocide route in undertale, you kill every monster in the game and I think toby fox wanted us to play it. but when you play this way, monsters are sad, monster are angry and even the less violents try to stop you so they can save the others. some other try to put you on the right side and at the end, you have a really bad time. but what’s intresting is that I didn’t want to kill them because I helped them in the pacifist run. and in the end, I cryed in front of screen. I think it’s somthing yandere dev want to reproduce

        by looking on the picture of Osana crying to the death because the mafia took her in our orders… I think yanderedev want us to regret that kind of actions. and don’t forget, even if we become a mafiosie by using the yakuza for most of the rivals, there still some problems. what would Ayano’s parents think of her if they see her like a yakuza? what would Senpay think about it? how would Ayano react if she can’t hide to Senpai the monster she is? Perhaps the yakuza gets a crush for Ayano and then kills Senpai to have Ayano for him alone … what an irony. that’s what could happen if you see the yakuza too often.

        so do you think yanderedev want us to have a good experience with the Yakuza or have regrets to ask help from a bastard like him?
        if he allow us to join the mafia, it’s not to let us say “hi I’m a mafiozy”. it’s to show how horrible it’s in the mafia.

      • I’m not so sure that’s what Yandev wants… Still, organ harvesting is already pretty awful, no need to add rape for shock value. If he wants us to regret it, an ending should be enough, especially since breaking someone’s mind to make them murder someone doesn’t change anything in the game other than the ending and school atmosphere. It’s actually pretty rewarding, because there’s no evidence to dispose of and Yandere-chan isn’t even a suspect in the murder.

  17. okay, so this is a bug i need help with.. or i atleast think it is a bug.. So when I go to play yandere simulator, and it shows me the resolution.. there are only two, tiny options?? i have a big computer screen and I have to have it windowed, because if i dont the graphics are worse. i am forcing redownload now….

  18. i actually found a bug, but i don’t want yandere dev to spend days fixing it. If you open yandere simulator. ( the sign that says welcome to yandere simulator characters are 18 or older if otherwise, specified.) if you press y to continue, it will take you to the final level of yanvania.

    Also not trying to rush yanderedev but that feeling you get when you thought the next build comes out in just 8 hours, but he changed it to 1 more day

    • It might just have been a debug feature he forgot to remove. Either way, please always report bugs… feedback and bug reporting are the whole reasons we can play YanSim. Plus sometimes bugs are symptoms to a bigger issue, and the faster Yandev fixes it the better. Better to spend a day fixing a bug as soon as it’s reported than spend weeks fixing it because a lot of the bugged code is being used on other parts of the game.

      • oh yeah I just realized that the yanvania bug was suppose to be part of the game.if you don’t want to do pippi’s task. just ioen the game and press y. Yeah bugs should be reported but I hope it doesn’t take away yandere dev’s free time

  19. Hi Yandev-sama.
    I am Ice Gillespie in Youtube, the one who stated that the Yakuza idea is interesting but with the numbers of people who commented on the video, mine could’ve drowned already x) Anyway, I just want to let you know again that the idea of putting him in the game is really a good twist. I was put off by a Youtuber who stated that this idea was ridiculous and your fans are ‘twelvies, etc’ which is highly offending for me. I know you can just brush it off since you have more things to do on your platter but no matter I am truly supporting this idea of yours. It’s not ridiculous, firstly, because I think Ayano being the yandere that she was whose soul herself yearns for senpai would really do anything and go far by asking assistance from a yakuza.

    I know you will find a way to make things come to fruition and turn things around so I am hoping with cross fingers that you will contemplate this idea.

  20. Please, for the love of all that’s holy, Yandev, think this through carefully.
    This doesn’t really add anything valuable to the game, and what it does add would violate the spirit of your earlier statement that you wouldn’t add extreme violence like guns and bombs to the game.

    And by even alluding to human trafficking, you are practically asking to media to take it and run with it, creating a shitstorm that would damage all you and tinybuild’s hard work.

  21. im sorry we are playing a game about a student kidnapping torturing brutally murdering bullying betraying and after all that mention of human trafficking is what ticks you off i mean you can torture a girl to where she has no soul but god forbid she gets involve with human trafficking. i know its awfull but this game isnt about some wholsome student and half of you just kill the entire school for fun

  22. just by looking at this guys character i can tell there is about to be a whole lot of fanfiction i got a idea where if you use yakuza for every rival he will develop feelings for yan chan and convince her to join the organization and that will be his last request for megamis assasination or kiddnapping and as the game progressed from the beginning yandere chans aura whould change just a little when around this guy unless hes only used a few times but whatever i dont know

  23. I think a Yakuza character would be better for mission mode, more specifically if Ayano was already part of the Yakuza.

    Think about it.

    If Ayano already had ties to the Yakuza then she would know how to kill and how to do it in a way that makes the client happy. No hesitation, no mercy, and no senpai to get in the way. You can even make a fanfiction about it. Use Ryoba in being with a Yakuza husband instead of her senpai or have her senpai try to run to the Yakuza for safety but having it go wrong and end up being part of the Yakuza instead along with Ryoba. You can add whatever explanation you want but having the Yakuza in mission mode seems more fitting then the actual main story. Hell you can even make Nemesis-chan a rival hitman in another Yakuza group if you want and it would still make more sense.

    The Yakuza in the main story is basically another info-chan but meaner and more violent. Another layer for something that is already there and a bit more expensive to be honest.

    This makes far more sense to me then the original idea. What do you all think? First response gets a cookie.

  24. IMO, even if the body cost is absurd, as you said, the Yakuza elimination of Megami would be too easy – you could bypass all of that “school president” and “ties to Saikou company” stuff, which would be a bit anticlimactic.

    Story/character-wise, I can’t also think of a reason why, if the Yakuza required many bodies to be delivered in order to kill a rival, would Yandere-chan even want to do that – it would be pointlessly risky and complicated, compared to just setting up the poisoning or electrifying one person. She is emotionless, but she isn’t stupid – she knows that many murders would make everyone incredibly suspicious, investigations (by police, photography club, school staff…) would probably take place. She would be very likely to get caught for one of those murders.

  25. I’m bit late…
    Oh well!
    I was wondering If I could use Yakuza in a Yandere story?
    Just checking, since it isn’t properly in the game yet.

  26. I like the mechanic, but feel that Megumi, as the final boss, should be able to avoid being taken down in this way. Either her family is too powerful for the Yakuza to go after or that they make the attempt and fail. Your contact dies in the attempt, or possibly gets captured and reveals that Yan-chan is the one that hired him, resulting in a game over.

  27. I like this idea, but am leery of making Megami defeatable by the Yakuza. Megami is supposed to be powerful, well-connected, and incredibly perceptive and intelligent – the kind of person who is, frankly, untouchable by the Yakuza, no matter how much you paid them. On the other hand, it might be pretty amusing to give the OPTION of hiring them to take her down – and after you’ve paid them a mountain of warm bodies only to learn shortly afterwards that a gang of Yakuza was arrested in the attempted kidnapping. Perhaps just to rub some salt in, Megumi could personally hand Yanchan the guy’s sunglasses in school the next day…

  28. I like the concept of the Yakuza selling people into human trafficking. Horror elements like that REALLY drive home what a bad person Yandere chan is, especially when you feature something that messed up in what is otherwise a slice of life highschool anime.

    Not that I condone this in real life, but its important to make a difference between a fantasy and real life.

  29. I support your idea of a Yakuza, because I like him as a character and I have another method to eliminate my rivals. Also, if you’re free and bored, can you please add a ‘Tap Dat Ass’ animation? Ayano would be able to tap anyone’s ass, including Sepai’s and Yakuza’s ’cause I want sum of them booties. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  30. Holy SHIP that’s dark! I LOVE IT!

    That kidnapping part is seriously dark though, no lie. That’s just horrible. I love it, please implement it if you have the chance lol.

    Imagine if the rival was a govenor’s daughter, though. no WAY Yakuza would touch that. Ever.

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