Yandere Simulator’s 3-Year Anniversary

Today is the three-year anniversary of Yandere Simulator! As of today, March 31st, the game has now been in development for three full years!

To celebrate, I’d like to share this illustration created by the wonderful Mulberry!

I love this image so much! It accurately conveys the way that it feels to work on Yandere Simulator! (On the positive days, at least!) If you’d like to see a larger version of this gorgeous artwork, click here!

Over the past three years, I’ve established a lot of traditions; on Halloween, I release a horror-themed minigame. On Christmas, I release a parody of a famous holiday song. On the final day of the year, I post statistics about the game and the blog. However, I don’t actually have a tradition for the game’s anniversary! It’s just another workday.

In the absence of a special tradition, I’ve decided to make a list of the coolest, most memorable yandere-related things that happened in the last year. Click “Continue Reading” to see everything that I enjoyed the most about 2016!

It might be a little self-congratulatory to include my own videos in this list, but I really enjoyed creating all of the following videos:

A bunch of other great things happened, as well:

Wow – I haveb’t actually thought about it until now, but, looking back, I realize that 2016 was full of wonderful experiences! I know that a lot of people think 2016 was an awful year, but it may have actually been the best year of my life – and absolutely none of the above things wouldn’t have happened without you, the fans!

Thank you very much for coming with me on this three-year journey. We are almost certainly past the halfway point of the game’s development. I hope that you’ll stick with me until the end!

Now seems like a very appropriate time to say: Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

49 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator’s 3-Year Anniversary

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      • Hey, he’s a human. You guys have made mistakes in your comments too. MeLMeL, you should have put a comma behind ‘DEV’. God, people like you must love to get attention. Even though we’re only talking about spelling, it’s good to grow up and learn about grammar too.

      • @Molly Moen: Holy shit are you actually a fucking autist or what? Are you that retarded and socially awkward than you cannot even think of the possibility that it was all a joke? In every fucking post by this yandereFAG, there is like 1 negative comment, and you still feel obliged to sperg out like a 12yo autist and start defending this overgrown manchild? You should get some friends in real life bro and start working on those social skills, unless you really are just a 12yo kid, which is very likely thanks to the demographics of this retarded fanbase, in which case you still have some time. But until then, please refrain from writing anything on the internet, you will just embarass yourself. Thanks, faggot.

  1. You ship Ayando??? That’s an Ayando comic right there! That’s awesome! But… Budo is in love with someone from the past right?

  2. Yan Dev, thank you for making this game. Because you made this game, I made the blog Posedere (which I’ve seen you liking some of my posts, thanks for that!). I’ve never felt happier in my life than when I see someone happy that I did their request using Pose Mode. I was suffering with depression and going through hard times, and thanks to this game and the blog, I finally feel that I have a reason to go on with life, and that is to create things for people and, in that way, help them. Also, I’ve never really been able to follow the development of a game this closely until now, which is great because video games have been a huge part of my life since I was really little, and I’ve always loved seeing the creative process behind something! Once again, thank you Yan Dev, for creating something so beautiful. I can’t wait to see how the game turns out!

  3. i was looking through the old yandere simulator blog post then I felt like going back here AND SAW YANDERE SIMULATORS 3 YEAR ANIVERSERY!!! [I spelled anniversary wrong] aww and the illustration is adorable I’m ganna cry!!

  4. well for the three years od yan sim, I’ll give my impression about the game for each years

    the first year. well, it looked like a funny game but like goat simulator and some other game I thaught the be like yandere simulator, I saw it like a little game just made for fun (how wrong was I)

    the secound year, clubs have come, the school grew up, personalities and delinquents came and more over, I learn that the game is not made to be a “serious” game. I started to become a fan of the game during this perriod.

    for this year … wow … just WOW … yan chan doesn’t have to kill her rival, lot of characters shown up, the lore is becoming more and more developped and so much things iin gameplay mechanics. really, that promise to be a really good game

    that’s crazy to see how more and more intresting the game becomes. really, what will the 4th year repport be if the third one is alreaddy as good as this?

    I’m 100% with you yan dev.

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  6. Congratulations Yandere Dev and Yandere Simulator! ❤ I heard and began to love this game since November 2015!I'm very proud to be a part of the community of Yandere Simulator!I love the artwork!I really hope the placeholder club leader will become a own character in the future!I really like her!This is my favourite game I'm waiting for!There are some other games that are in development right now….but Yandere Simulator is the best game!Thank you very much for making this game,Yandere Dev! ❤

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  8. Well, I do love Yandere-chan, i absolutely Congratulate you, YandereDev, for 3rd Anniversary.
    Normally, I’m not sure about Senpai.

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  10. Wow, three years already? I must say it’s been a delight and I can’t wait for all the new wonderful things next!
    Also I’m SOOO glad you saw the Ayando doujinshi “Tsubaki” It’s my FAVORITE art ever for the game! I so hope Budo has a crush on Ayano, even if it leads to nothing

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