Nemesis Contest Results

I’m very sorry that it has taken me so long to announce the results of the contest! I sorely underestimated how long it would take to review all of the entries, and a lot of unexpected events popped up over the past 5 days, taking a lot of my time away.

The Nemesis Contest was very popular! In total, there were 396 entries – over 100 more than the Pokemon Contest!

Deciding the winner of this contest is even more difficult than it was for the Quiet Contest or Pokemon Contest; the top 10 entries were all extremely impressive. Choosing just one to declare the “winner” is almost physically painful, because they’re all so great! Just like with the Pokemon contest, I consider all of the “runners-up” to be tied for first place; however, a contest must have a “winner”, so I’ve got to name a victor, no matter how difficult it might be. I choose… ALBALB1234!

I love the dynamic poses, the setting, Nemesis-chan’s boots, and everything else about this image! Congratulations, ALBALB, for an outstanding illustration! (Technically, there are 6 characters in this image! 4 characters are making cameo appearances in the background. Can you identify them all?)

Click the “Continue reading” text to see the runners-up and the honorable mentions!

  • Runners-Up

This duel is just as epic as the one featured above. I totally dig the art style! I also enjoy seeing Yandere-chan characterized as being an underdog, for once. I also like Nemesis-chan’s expression, and the idea of her as a dual-wielder!

This illustration seems to take place after Yandere-chan withdrew from combat to nurse her wounds – but she can’t hide from Nemesis-chan! The artist of this illustration was also a runner-up in the Quiet contest last year!

This artwork depicts a victorious Nemesis crouching over the corpse of her defeated prey. Nemesis definitely looks like a cold, dispassionate killer here! And the floating “Game Over” is a very nice touch!

This image is one of the coolest, most badass illustrations of them all. The sight of all the dead rivals scattered around the tree truly makes Nemesis feel like she is the most formidable opponent out of everyone that Yandere-chan has faced!

This submission doesn’t involve direct combat, but both girls look outstanding, nonetheless!

This entry was one of my absolute favorites. I feel like her calm expression and pose speak volumes about her determination. This kind of perfectly attitude is exactly how I envisioned her; relaxed, yet cold. Menacing because she is in complete control of the situation, rather than because she looks sinister. This one is a masterpiece!

This one stands out among all of the other submissions for obvious reasons; out of 400 entries, none of them depicted Nemesis as an holy, almost angelic figure, posed like the subject of a painting from the 1400s, backed by light, clouds, and curtains. And, along with the elements of beauty, there are also elements of ugliness; the mess of wires, circuitry, and other electronics, the garbage bag which presumably carries a corpse, and, of course, Yandere-chan’s eerily peaceful-looking decapitated head. This is a work of art!

Two entries were very different from the rest; they were animated sequences! First up, we have this one from Zero-Q:

To be entirely honest, I wasn’t imagining Nemesis as being so badass that she’s capable of supernatural feats – but damn, this looks coooool! It’s not the first time Zero-Q has created a Yandere Simulator-themed animation, either; be sure to check out the rest of his work!

The talented Hikari-NJ has created an animation with a different tone:

Ooh, it gives me chills! This is closer to the “look and feel” that I’d imagine for a Yandere Simulator anime. So cool! Hikari-NJ’s artwork is very beautiful, and I hope to see more in the future!

A handful of entries came in the form of comics. Out of all of them, my absolute favorite was this one from Al Buffalo. Info-chan’s warnings are quite ominous and add a lot of tension to the comic, and Nemesis’ true identity is quite a fascinating plot twist!

  • Honorable Mentions

My last post contained a total of 50 honorable mentions! It took a very long time to compile. I’m sure that you’d rather see me using my time to write code, rather than write blog posts, so this time around, I’m going to limit myself to just 25 honorable mentions. With that said, please don’t feel hurt if your illustration isn’t featured here; if I featured ALL of my favorite entries here, the blog post would be ridiculously long!

This image portrays the two girls as something other than enemies. It would be a very unlikely relationship, but the artwork itself is absolutely gorgeous!

I like how acrobatic Nemesis-chan looks here. It doesn’t quite look like a fight scene – more like they are excising together – but the artwork itself is very nice!

I can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into this entry. The coloring and shading is very nice! Info-chan’s visage in the background is quite ominous, as well!

Do my eyes deceive me, or is this a photograph of paper cutouts? This entry caught my eye because it has a much different “look and feel” compared to all other entries. It almost appears as though Yandere-chan and Nemesis were cut out from a separate piece of paper. And, also, Nemesis’ trenchcoat looks COOL!

This is a very artistic and stylish entry! I like the idea of Nemesis as a junior detective/vigilante tracking down a serial killer.

This image almost looks like a screenshot from an anime. I want to press “play” and watch her come to life!

Those eyelashes give me a clue as to the identity of the artist. Could it be the same talented person who drew this illustration of Oka Ruto?

This submission probably should have won the contest. The sheer amount of detail is just breathtaking.

I’m fond of this one because of the ominous text. Quite chilling! This is exactly how Nemesis should make you feel in the game!

This is one of my favorites because of how blissfully unaware Yandere-chan is. She thinks she is the hunter, but in truth, she is the hunted!

There’s almost too much going on in this artwork, but I still think it looks gorgeous, anyway! Is that “MISS” from the Yanderetale minigame? Nice touch!

I like the dynamic poses used in this illustration, as well as Nemesis’ stockings, ribbon, and crazed expression!

This artwork does a good job of capturing my mental image of Nemesis. Serious, professional, and all business, all the time.

This one right here is REALLY cool, because it plays with the idea of Nemesis’ appearance changing every time you play the game. I love it!

This illustration had a much more “grim and dark” vibe than most other submissions, so it stood out a lot. I totally dig it!

This one’s creative, and has a very unique art style! No other entry had a similar look or feel!

This gorgeous illustration explored the idea of Ayano and Nemesis as “puppets”. After all, they are simply obeying the wishes of their employers. The end result is very pretty!

This one just puts a big old smile on my face. Too cute!

This one has a really beautiful color scheme. I’m a big fan!

This one is quite chilling because of the expression on Nemesis’ face. She might be even more demented than Yandere-chan, if she can kill with such a happy expression!

This one is especially gorgeous to me, because it depicts Nemesis exactly as I imagine her; calmly walking toward you with complete focus, putting you into a dangerous and desperate situation. She is not anxious, she is not eager. She has enough patience to approach you at the pace of a calm walk, and she has no fear whatsoever. This image is Nemesis in a nutshell!

This one here is just plain pretty! And it’s also quite chilling to see Yandere-chan in such a vulnerable position for once.

This illustration has a very beautiful look-and-feel. Was it created using watercolor? It really stands out from all the rest!

This one made me smile because it’s from ZakuraRain, who has drawn some of my favorite fan-made artwork!

I was very happy to see this one, because I instantly recognized the artwork of Meeps-chan, who has drawn numerous beautiful Yandere Sim-inspired illustrations in the past!

  • Back to Pokemon for a moment

I had an e-mail filter set up to sort Nemesis and Pokemon contest entries into two different folders – but one of the Pokemon entries accidentally made it into the Nemesis pile. That’s a shame, because it was a really cool entry! So, I’ll take a moment to share it!

It’s a short comic! You can download it here. Please give it a look, it’s pretty good! Info-chan guest stars as a Haunter; what more could you ask for?

  • In Closing

I’m really happy that so many people wished to participate in the Nemesis Contest! I really hope that everyone who entered the contest had lots of fun! This blog post only contains less than 10% of the total number of entries; if you’d like to see all of them, you can download this file:

But, just to let you know – it’s 746 MB! That’s about the size of a Yandere Simulator build!

  • Yeah, yeah, okay, whatever, enough about contests, where’s the next build?!

I originally planned to have a new build uploaded by now – but a bunch of real-life obligations have been getting in my way and sucking up my time lately, and reviewing 300 Pokemon illustrations and 400 Nemesis illustrations took way more time than anticipated.

At this point, I think it would be a better idea to simply spend the next 10 days working on a good update for the 15th, rather than rushing to squeeze out a build ASAP and then rushing to squeeze out another build by the 15th. It feels really bad to go for so long without uploading a YouTube video or a cool new feature, but I don’t want to rush out a build/video just to say “Look look, I made a build/video!” so, I won’t do that. In short: the next update will be on the 15th.

On the plus side, I can say that, while I was on vacation, the volunteers were hard at work getting me the assets I need to put Osana in the game, and now I almost have everything I need to completely implement her! This is exciting! I’m very eager to finally put her together!

(P.S. – For elaboration on what I mean by that final paragraph, click here.)

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    • I agree multiplayer is a good idea

      On Sat, Dec 17, 2016 at 2:11 PM, Yandere Simulator Development Blog wrote:

      > Pauline Eilander commented: “it would be awesome if there was a > multiplayer option where one is nemsis and one is yandere chan and they > both have missions/tasks how they should kill the target” >

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