Yandere Simulator Art Contest with MediBang!

From 2015 to 2017, I held 5 art contests on my blog: the Quiet Cosplay contest, Pokemon contest, Nemesis contest, Easter Egg contest, and Student Council contest. These contests are some of my happiest memories from the past few years, because the sheer amount of beautiful artwork created was absolutely jaw-dropping (especially for the Student Council contest – WOW! It still blows my mind, 4 years later!)

Operating those art contests actually ate up a massive amount of time, and slowed development down significantly around December / January for a few years. Recognizing that the contests took too much time away from development, I decided to stop hosting them…until today!

Please watch this video to hear the good news!

I’m extremely grateful to MediBang for this opportunity! Please check out the contest here:


I’m actually a little bit nervous that the prizes I’m offering might be underwhelming…but I’m not sure what other kind of content I could offer to add to the game as a reward for the contest winners. MediBang told me that it’s okay to add more goodies to the prize pool while the contest is still going, so if anyone can suggest some good ideas for better prizes, maybe I’ll raise the stakes with even cooler rewards. Let me know if you have any ideas in the comments below!

61 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator Art Contest with MediBang!

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  1. This is actually a really cool idea, I might not be the best at art but I might decide to join in on this just for the fun of it

  2. He Yandere Dev, do you have an archive of all the artwork you’ve gotten throughout the years and if so how do you keep it? My large downloads folder is literally half Yandere Sim fanart and I’m starting to run out of space. Thank you for allowing me to find so much artwork throughout the years by the way and now I can have more Talk about an early Christmas.

    Oh and do you plan to add all or choice artworks to the game as a sort of extra content? I think that would be a nice way to preserve these works

  3. Yanderedev, there si something That I don’t understand. After I play músic in the Músic club… After I play músic suddenly appeared sewer’s imagen. The Game gets stuck un the sewer’s image and won’t let me ver out of there

  4. Update yandere simulator ideas

    -Make students react to screaming
    – instead of the same voice lines like “ I need to tell a teacher “ maybe instead of that how about….
    “ AAAHHHHH!!!”(scared) (runs to a teacher) “ms… ms …. I SAW A DEAD BODY!”
    “Ah! No this can’t be happening! I ugh! “ (shock and fearful) (runs away) “sensai I SAW A DEAD BODY IN THE HALL WAY!”
    “No this MUST BE A NIGHTMARE!” (Trembling & crying) (Runs away to safety)
    “ I need to inform the police about this immediately!”

    IF you stole there phone and kill there friend
    “Some BODY CALL THE POLICE PLEASE!!! MY FRIEND is- is- IS DEAD!!!” (Crying)
    “No! This can’t be..! Please wake up! Someone ANYONE GET HELP PLEASE!!!”

    If you kill a delinquent without them seeing you
    “No… no!no! No! This isn’t supposed to happen! Why? Why? Why? This had to end this way!” (Crying)
    “ no THIS IS — A NIGHTMARE…NO PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME! LIKE THIS!” (There bullied students so there soft in the inside… and like each other…)

    IF you kill there friend
    (Crying) “no this is… no! no! no! NO! WHY?! DO YOU HAVE TO END LIKE THIS?! T^T” (called police) “PLEASE SEND HELP NOW! MY- MY- FRIEND IS DEAD!!!”

    If you kill a teacher
    “Sensai NO why??!” (Crying)
    “ Ms (teacher name) ?! No! This can’t be! WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE?!”

    more realistic and more likely… for a rl student
    You will feel more empathy to them…

    • Ok, I found a few bug so far. 1. Homu Kurusu didn’t change back into her school uniform from her lab clothes until 8:08am or 8:09am. 2. Otohiko Meichi didn’t sit at his lunch spot in the afternoon, he just sat there frozen. I even laugh/giggle in front of him, but nothing but the alert where they saw you laughing in front of them stays there. & when it comes to cleaning time after i went to class, he’s still stuck in his desk & the alert of it is still there.

  5. Maybe coupled with that should come a game.
    If you win 3rd place the game must cost less than $ 15
    If you win 2nd place it should cost less than $ 30
    If you win 1st place the game should cost less than $ 45

      • * I misunderstood your suggestion, thought this would be a price reduction on Yan Sim xD
        Idk about gifting games… feels like random Steam games.

  6. I am really excited to participate! I never knew there were art competitions. And yandere dev, I can’t update the game. It says that I should download from another link but how?

  7. 50 or 100$ usually isn’t much for a grown up (like you), but it definitively is for a young one (artistic ones ;), maybe still in school).
    I’d suggest you add a small price pool with maybe 100$ first price, 50$ second price, 25$ third price
    It should fit in the budget, and just suggesting, because that I once took part in a Game competition, where even slightly higher prices were the reward, and it isn’t outlandish (Gynvael Coldwind summer/winter game competitions).

  8. You asked about ideas for prizes. This isn’t really a huge idea, but I’ve been talking to some people who said that they would prefer it if the first place prize gave you the same thing the second place prize gave you (the doll) along with having your OC in the game. That way you could have something in the game that represents you that everyone could see without having to put in a cheat code. I thought this sounded like a very good idea, so I wanted to suggest it to you.

    Someone else just suggested having a painting of your OC in the art clubroom, and I thought that was a pretty good idea too!

  9. More Yandere simulator ideas
    -Make Yandere Chan House actually free to move around in. So we as players ,instead of pressing a button to go to locations in yan Chan’s house, we can explore there to grab weapons ….
    (knifes ,[tool box] that have hammer, screwdriver, and retch but we need something to unlock it…)
    and chemicals….
    (hydrogen dioxide and rat poison)
    Also get your own garbage bag box. Since everyone has garbage bags at home.

  10. You can used them you GOT my PERMISSION 100% POSITIVE and please if anyone say that “Yandere dev can’t used them”… sigh— if I say it’s fine for Yandere dev to used these ideas I given him… he can! If he don’t used them… it’s fine by me! I don’t mind for Yandere dev to not use them or him adding these ideas latter on it. can be about years or months… I can wait patiently. If that doesn’t happen it’s fine to me.

    Take your time NO PRESSURE.

  11. This contest does sound very interesting, and quite open with it’s theme (which does allow anyone, who wants to participate, to illustrate whatever they want, as long it’s related to the game).
    Perhaps for the 1st place OC character could be in the game without cheats. Like two characters speak of the OC, or the OC can be seen in the town on a specific day, or even on a manga cover or poster. Examples like: an OC that’s a famous, young artist that is talked about on a talk show, while Ayano is sneaking in someone’s home; a cat that can be found outside or in the background of a scene outside of school, and it’s the cat version of an OC of a neko; or even a famous role-model OC that gets mentioned by an NPC, because they are inspired by the OC; or an OC that appears on the cover of the latest magazine.
    Point of summary, the OC could possibly be in the game, without inputting a cheat code, when they could be seen or heard of outside of the school map. And maybe there’s one, or few, chances to come across them. You could still use the cheat code to make them appear at school, but also have them outside of the school without cheats.
    I don’t know if I’ll join the contest, since my own artwork isn’t that great. Plus, I’ve got a Valentines fanart planned to get ready, and if I got the time, there’s something I already sketched out that may also be ready for that same holiday (and it has to do with Ayano-Chan).

  12. An Improvement for the game I believe is to make some changes to the school subjects such as the Chemistry Stat. I believe that Improving the stat should allow the player to construct different kinds of poisons in the schools chemistry Lab
    Such as
    Level 1 – Construct A Sedative or Tranquilizer In The Chemistry Lab
    Level 2 – Construct A Benzene In The Chemistry Lab
    Level 3 – Construct An Emetic Poison In The Chemistry Lab
    Level 4 – Construct A Lethal Poison In The Chemistry Lab
    Level 5 – Allowing the place to construct multiple poisons throughout the week
    To keep the feature balanced, I think the player should only be allowed to construct the poison only one time or once a week to create opportunities for themselves.
    And for the Psychology Stat would offer more for the social interactions at school.
    Such as
    Level 1 – You will Now Gain Bonus Points For Positive Social Interactions
    Level 2 – You will Now Lose Less Reputation During Gossip
    Level 3 – Your Gossip will now have Stronger Effects.
    Level 4 – You will now lose less reputation if students catch you doing something suspicious
    Level 5 – You will now Lose No Reputation While Gossiping.
    And finally for the Language Stat
    Level 1 – You can now construct a suicide note for your current rival, you will have to provide a valid reason she would want to take her own life….
    Level 2 – You can now construct a “Love Letter” to assist with matchmaking your current rival
    Level 3 – You will now be able to construct a much more convincing suicide note for your rival.
    Level 4 – You will now be able to construct a “Love Letter” for Senpai to restore some of his sanity after it has been damaged.
    Level 5 – You will now be allowed to construct a “Send Home Letter” This will cause a student to leave the school,
    As for student conversations, some eliminations aren’t very visible. Maybe students could have conversations to expose an elimination.
    Heres an idea for a script
    Poisons – “Hey, in the Nurses office I saw a bottle of emetic poison, why the heck would we need something like that”
    “I’m not quite sure, its not like someone’s gonna put an Emetic in someone’s food and force them to go throw up in a bathroom.”
    “Could you imagine that? It sounds like it would damage someone’s friendship and make them think they were trying to poison them”
    “Crazy right, I couldn’t imagine that…”
    Just a couple thoughts. What do y’all think?

    • It’s a really amazing idea! I just want to say for the last part i feel like the emetic poison is supposed to intentionally make a student vomit out something dangerous that they ingested but still it would make sense in yan sim logic

  13. I feel like the winner of the contest should be allowed to have their character in the game vs them just having it as a debug command or whatever. I have a few ideas that would be smart to do with this character. They should have a big role in the such as being friends with the final rival. The character would be so close friends with Megami that she would trust this character to look over the student council while she is gone. This person doesn’t want to be in the council due to all the stress or whatever. The person would text Megami every day after school and update her on what’s been happening. The things that this person reports to Megami could change the way the game is throughout the weeks to make it harder to eliminate your rivals. Killing this person should not be an option but still possible. It’s not going to be hard like killing Raibaru. Killing this person would have a big and I mean the big downfall to it. For example, killing a student council member Megami brings in security equipment throughout the school, Imagine that but 100% worse. Not to mention this person knows who you are like Megami dose. One last thing, you can use this student and learn stuff about Megami through stealing her phone and reading text or scripted phone calls throughout weeks. This was just something I thought about, but it’s whatever. Keep up the good work YanereDev.

  14. Hey Dev! I posted my art but when I win don’t give me the prices because my parents don’t allow me to get anything from outside:’)

  15. Hey yo, Yandere Dev! I entered into your art contest! It was Kokona Haruka that I drew, I hope that we all have fun while we draw and enter!

    • Just a suggestion: Maybe you could make the school more lively?
      -Some students would already be in a relationship
      -Not every student is going to get along, so maybe fights would occur, to distract a mass number of students?
      -Lunch seems, empty, maybe put friends near each other, instead of clubs, like students who like each other? Also, the cafeteria is really empty! Some days students could study other days eat
      -Sidequests would be fun, If you just wanna mess around or something (Maybe Student A is talking bad about Student B, so Ayano initiates A fight or something)
      -Would be Fun if Ayano could eat lunch, which would come with benefits
      -After School Help, in which students stay in the classrooms, possibly run by the Student Council
      -More people having crushes on each other
      -With a high enough stat maybe we could hypnotize people, or magic tricks or something
      -More Variation during Events like Lunch, Cleaning Time etc
      -Lunch groups
      -Twins are common in Most school, Maybe even Triplets
      – I just wanted to say that I love you and your game Yandere Dev!!!!!!!!!!! Especially everyone involved in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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