Pokemon Contest Results

I’m sorry it took so long! So many things took time away from me today – but I’m finally here with the results of the Pokemon contest!

There were 288 entries in total! (I previously reported “over 300”, but some of the e-mails were duplicates.) I’m so happy that so many people were interested in participating!

It was extremely difficult to decide on the winner of the contest. The top 3 entries are all tied for first place, in my mind – but if a yandere girl put a knife against my throat and forced me to pick a winner, it would have to be…this gorgeous illustration by Valeera!

She managed to cram more Pokemon into one illustration than any other artist, her “painterly” art style is absolutely beautiful, and Oka’s witch costume is completely appropriate for her. I love everything about this entry! I have to give it the win!

To see 50 more illustrations, click the “Read More” button!

  • Runners-Up

This entry from Eisjon was one of the most awe-inspiring submissions from the entire contest. Every character is either cute, beautiful, badass, or a combination of the above. Every character’s costume is totally appropriate for them. And the tiny Senpai trapped in the egg is just too adorable! And, this isn’t the first time that Eisjon has created a gorgeous Yandere Simulator-themed illustration; her entire gallery is full of beautiful Yandere Sim artwork. Please go check out her gallery!

This entry has more going on than almost any other entry, and is also one of the only entries with a fully-illustrated background environment. It’s hilarious to see Driftbloom carrying Kokona into the sky (I honestly expected to see more people illustrating Driftbloom, since it’s the perfect Pokemon for a kidnapping) and it’s just too darn funny to see Yandere-chan disgusing herself as a Magikarp so she can spy on Senpai in secret. I love that! Every Pokemon is doing something amusing in this image! It’s a great illustration, all-around!

  • Honorable mentions

This entry has a special place in my heart for many reasons: every character looks super cute, every character’s pose is completely appropriate for their personality, and every character has a Pokemon that is perfectly suited for them. It’s a masterpiece!

I’m proud of every artist who drew every single rival in one illustration, because that requires an incredible amount of time and effort. I can’t feature every single artist who did this, because then this list would be way too long, but I’d like to applaud every artist who achieved such a feat!

This illustration of Megami and Ayano engaging in an epic duel is breathtaking! Ayano’s choice of Pokemon – Umbreon – is very appropriate. And Megami totally would use a Garchomp.

This artwork of Yandere-chan holding a bloody Pokemon raises so many questions. Whose blood is that?! Did she actually chop up Senpai and stuff him into that ball?! That poor boy!

This image was one of the only submissions that came in the form of a comic, and also one of the only submissions that was created using 3D models. Very unique!

By the way, the gentleman who submitted the above comic has also modeled Shauna’s hair for Yandere Simulator! You should see this hairstyle – and several other hairstyles that he’s produced – in the game soon!

This drawing of Yandere-chan dressed as the female protagonist of Pokemon Sun/Moon is just tooooo cute! And there’s a dark version, too!

This entry is sooooo adorable! I can picture Yandere-chan throwing Pokeballs at Senpai for hours at a time…

This one gains an honorable mention because I think it’s very clever that the demonic hands are holding Pokeballs!

I think that all of these designs look fantastic! Especially Oka, Osoro, and Megami – their outfits are so cool!

This illustration of Osoro and Ayano about to engage in an epic duel is very badass!

This masterpiece nearly won the contest; the sheer amount of detail is absolutely breathtaking.

I love this artwork, because it depicts many different ways that Yandere-chan could use Pokemon to eliminate her rivals!

This drawing deserves a special mention, because I have a soft spot for epic showdowns on rooftops! It’s so badass!

I feel like this entry deserves an honorable mention because of all the detail that was put into it. Not only does every rival have an appropriate pose and Pokemon, but they each have a battle quote next to them, as well. This image must have taken a lot of time to put together!

I like this one a lot because Megami looks so elegant, and because Lugia seems to suit her very well!

This illustration has a very simple art style, but I still like it a lot, because of Megami’s “I’m too good to even look in your direction” attitude, and because her clothing design and Pokemon choice feel so appropriate for her.

Mimikyu showed up a few times! Here’s one piece of artwork that contains that cute little Pokemon – and Yandere-chan looks adorable, too!

Here’s another Mimikyu sighting – this time with a text description of how it might be used in-game!

This drawing was my favorite one to involve Mimikyu, because I love the art style, and because Yandere-chan looks so satisfied and sinister at the same time!

This entry was one of the only submissions that came in the form of an animated gif. It’s a very creative concept; depicting a mind-broken slave as a Pokemon that has been sent out into battle…

…which was a concept shared by this illustration, too!

There’s no way I couldn’t mention this one, which reminds me of pleasant memories in Alola, and depicts Yandere-chan causing some dangerous mischief.

I know what you’re thinking; this image might look like the artist gave up and just made a random scribble, but I think there is something deeper going on here; perhaps a ghost trapped inside a haunted cartridge, perhaps an unexpected glitch, perhaps a bit of leftover data that the developers forgot to erase from the game…it gives me chills!

Nurse Muja looks very cute in this drawing; and the wordplay is clever, too!

This picture of Yandere-chan gushing over a tiny Senpai trapped in a Pokeball is just too cute!

This entry receives very high marks for doing such a great job of emulating the Pokemon art style, and finding appropriate equivalents for each one of the rivals!

This illustration of Megami and Ayano preparing for battle is one of the most beautiful submissions of them all! I really love the lighting and shading that was used for this artwork. It’s also totally appropriate that Megami is using a shiny Pokemon; she would have a team of all shinies…

This submission is one of my favorites, because I love how Yandere-chan is using one Pokemon to constrict her victim, while preparing to use another Pokemon as a living weapon. So sinister!

This artwork of the Basu Sisters dressed as Team Rocket is a brilliant idea! I love it!

There were a few entries that involved Yandere-chan and Info-chan dressed up as Team Rocket; I think it’s a very appropriate concept!

And here’s an entry that features Yandere-chan and her male counterpart, Yandere-kun, singing a clever twist on the Team Rocket motto!

This drawing was one of my favorites; I love the choice of Pokemon, Yandere-chan’s cocky attitude, and also just the overall art style!

Here’s another beautiful picture featuring Yandere-chan posing with her whole team. It’s lovely!

Here’s one more image about Yandere-chan with her team. Those two Pokemon suit her quite well!

This one gets to be an honorable mention because I think it’s clever that Rival-chan has been placed in front of a Sudowoodo. It’s because she’s always standing in front of a tree! Eh? Eh? Get it? Eh?

This illustration of Mai Waifu wearing the clothing of a certain gym leader is absolutely gorgeous!

This entry is included in the list of honorable mentions purely because it reminds me of something that I saw a very long time ago. “Go! Pikachu! Go out and zap to the extreme!” “I will! Thank you, father!”

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, we have this simple-yet-beautiful illustration of a Placeholder Club Leader with her Shedinja. Do you know what they have in common? They are both “empty husks”! It’s the perfect Pokemon choice for her; very clever thinking! If you’d like to see more artwork of Placeholder-chan, I recommend heading over to the blog of the artist who drew this entry. His artwork ranges from cute, to funny, to emotional. I definitely think you’d enjoy it!

  • Oka Ruto

Oka Ruto was, by far, the most popular character in the contest. People sent in many illustrations of her, such as…

A very cute Oka surrounded by adorable Litwicks…

An adorable, tearful Oka trying desperately to summon the dead with her Ghastly…

A demure, beautiful Oka with gorgeous eyelashes, posing beside a team of Pokemon that suit her quite well…

A slightly nervous Oka who seems a bit uncomfortable with her Chandelure…

A gravity-defying Oka who seems comfortable in Hex Maniac’s clothing…

A confident, determined Oka who gives off the impression of an ace trainer…

And an absolutely precious Oka who is just too cute cute cute cute CUTE!

  • In Closing

There were many other impressive works of art that I wanted to showcase here, but I decided to limit this blog post to only 50 entries, because this post was getting way too long! If your work wasn’t included above, please don’t feel bad! It’s not that I didn’t like your artwork; it’s just that I wanted to hurry up and make the post already!

In case you’d like to see every single illustration that was submitted for the contest, here’s a link to a file containing every single submission:


But, be warned: It’s a whopping 450 megabytes!

I hope that everyone who submitted an entry to the contest enjoyed it!

  • Hey! What about the Nemesis contest?!

I’m sorry; reviewing 288 entries and writing this blog post took waaaaay longer than expected, so I ran out of time to review the Nemesis entries today! I hope to take care of it within the next 24 hours. Reviewing over 400 entries will take a long time, so the next blog post will drop very late at night on Dec 4th, or in the early morning of Dec 5th!

98 thoughts on “Pokemon Contest Results

  1. Not even a honorable mention… nothing for me… I was stupid to think i could win. Or maybe i’m just blind and i don’t see it there. No one cares about traditional art anymore. Just digital. Digital, digital, digital, the rest of us are forgotten. I wantes to make my friends proud… i have failed.

    • I like traditional art so much 🙂 I sent him a funny ps lazy edit, I wonder if the laughts at it, since it wasn’t mentioned. So… I sad too =/

      • I take contests really seriously. I also take art very seriously. I am also a hot head. I am also always turned down by my “friends” and pretty much (almost) everyone else. This isn’t really good for me. Maybe i shoudn’t have participated? Yeah, it might be my fault.

    • Hey, do you really feel that way? May I see the drawing? I only do traditional art, and I do take art seriously as well…but please don’t feel bad. Be proud that you take art seriously, because that is a special thing to have. Heck, many of these mentions backgrounds are traces from the game. But please don’t say such bad things about yourself…but can I see the drawing? I would really love to! You sound like a real artist!

      • Ok, but, how do u show u the drawing? I don’t think i can put photos in the comments… maybe u can give me ur facebook or something so i can show u the drawing. Or maybe just check my deviant art page: Voorhees Yandere. It should be there.

  2. My goodness, some of these entries are absolutely stunning! Well done everyone!
    Just finished going through the master zip-folder of entries; some of my favorites that weren’t mentioned are:
    1) the screenshot of taking a photo of a pokemon battle– a bit blurry, but it’s really got that Pokemon Go vibe for me!
    2) Both submissions of “Fun Girl” with what I think are the perfect selection of Glitched, fossil and unknown pokemon ❤ (I also really like the bathroom "ghost girl" too– marowak was a nice touch.)
    3) That one entry that used the absolutely terrifying thought of turning your rival into a paras/ parasect… because of mind controlling, nutrient draining fungi… That is certainly an alternative for a mind slave (that you can fit into a pocket ball later).

    Um… if I had one concern…
    None of my entries made it into the master zip folder with everyone's submissions…
    I'm under the impression that I must have messed up the e-mail somewhere and he just never saw them… soooo I hope no one will mind if I share what I (tried to) submit???
    Entry 0 – Yandere Ash: http://i.imgur.com/sUkcyxB.png
    Entry 1 – Team (Yandere) Rocket: http://i.imgur.com/Ecv5Crq.jpg
    Bonus/Doodle: http://i.imgur.com/fCtwxaW.png
    I had a Nemesis submission too but I'll wait for the results to come in… unless I shouldn't. Is it rude to do this? Oh god, I hope I'm not being rude. Can I delete/edit my comment if I try to stop my own rudeness? Well, here's to going for the risk!

    • Wow! I didn’t see your submission at all. Are you sure you sent it to the right e-mail address? Did you make sure to put “Pokemon Contest” in the title of your e-mail?

      I really like your artwork, too! It definitely would have gotten an honorable mention, if I’d seen it in my e-mails…

      Uh-oh, I hope I didn’t miss any other good submissions, too…

      • Oh, thank you, I’m glad you liked them. 🙂

        I sent the e-mail to “yanderedev@mail.com” from my hotmail account on Novemember 30th (1:44PM my time– maybe around 10:44AM for you?) and titled the e-mail: “Pokemon/ Nemesis Contest Entries” since it had both my Pokemon and Nemesis entry. (I’ll admit, it was a wordy e-mail explaining my thoughts on my entries -._.-;; )
        I think maybe where I messed up was around the sending part, because I did send it to myself first to see if the e-mail looked alright, then I sent it to that e-mail. I didn’t see any error messages, and it’s definitely the “yanderedev@mail.com” in the “To:” box…

        Or maybe I titled it wrong?

        Should I maybe try to send you an e-mail again?

        (Sorry for the trouble)

      • I’m sorry to bother you again, but I forgot to say that one of your Honorable Mentions’ link isn’t working. It’s the one with this description:
        “This illustration of Megami and Ayano preparing for battle is one of the most beautiful submissions of them all! I really love the lighting and shading that was used for this artwork. It’s also totally appropriate that Megami is using a shiny Pokemon; she would have a team of all shinies…”

        I think in the master zip-folder you’re referring to the one titled: “yansim pokemon”.

      • My entry is not in the folder either. I submitted one to the Pokemon contest and two to the Nemesis contest, I am wondering if none of them sent? I have emails proving that I sent them to the right email and everything, as well as the dates I sent them.

        The one Pokemon entry was simply titled “pokemon.jpg” and while there are three images in that mediafire download titled “pokemon” none of them are mine. So unless the name was changed by you after I sent them, then you didn’t receive them…?

        Here’s the image proving I sent them to you:

        and these are the images I sent to you for both the pokemon contest and the nemesis contest:

        I really hope you see this comment…I would be extremely disappointed if I couldn’t show you what I can do

      • Sorry to reply again, I just wanted to confirm that my entry is definitely not in that folder. I went through each and every drawing many times, triple checking to make sure I wasn’t at fault, and sure enough, my entry is not there.

        I now fear that while you are hard at work reviewing all of the Nemesis contest drawings, mine will not be included yet again.

    • I’m sure devpai didn’t miss it. I see your entry in the master zip-folder (from the mediafire link) titled: “sisters sakyu and inkyu”. I’m sure he loved it! But I gotta say, I can’t get over how cute that Clefable is– it’s SO CUTE!! Clefable and Gangar really stole the show for me. I think they’re great pokemon for the two Basu sisters.

  3. I once again must say that I hope Oka does not die in canon (If some form of canon is established when the game is complete). It sad for her to be dead, and I get the feeling that each rival would have an elimination that would be considered canon (again if there is established canon upon completion).

  4. Me: OMG all these entries are so great! sometimes I wish I can draw like that… oh look I can see all the entries! I wonder if my entry is in there and how many more amazing artwork I can see? //scrolls down a bit
    “But, be warned: It’s a whopping 450 megabytes!”
    //…..clickes anyways Good bye laptop.
    Hope everyone else had fun with this contest like I did! Although, I have become a bit sleep deprived for 2 art contests in a row… And to those part of the Nemesis contest? Good luck!!!

  5. This illustration of Megami and Ayano preparing for battle is one of the most beautiful submissions of them all! I really love the lighting and shading that was used for this artwork. It’s also totally appropriate that Megami is using a shiny Pokemon; she would have a team of all shinies…what picture was this???

  6. I strongly advise anyone who didn’t see their art on the honorable mentions list to check the main mediafire file with all of the entries in it to see if yours is even there. I just found out that my drawings didn’t actually send when I emailed them, so just double check to make sure that didn’t happen to you too! Just make sure you have proof that you actually sent them before the contest ended, like I did in an earlier comment.

    • Hey Kyo, I’m surprised to hear you can’t find your entry.
      If this is your pokemon submission: http://i.imgur.com/fRhmVHZ.jpg I’ve definitely seen it in the folder titled “pokemon” as a JPEG file ((Sorted by: Name/ Ascending)sandwiched between “Pokemon Yandere1” and a PNG file also titled “Pokemon” with all the rivals).
      Here’s a screenshot from my end: http://i.imgur.com/Y5IaLtR.png
      I *think* you may be OK, but these are still excellent precautions to take overall (especially since you submitted your entries through individual e-mails). I hope you can find it.

      PS: Love the energy your submission gave. I could just picture a narrator in my head going like: “With strong winds from the elements surrounding them, it’s Ayano vs Nemesis for a ‘legendary’ battle!”

      • Wow that is so weird! It didn’t show up in my download…maybe my computer did something weird to it? Because I am 100% sure it’s not there!

        Now that I look more closely as well, it seems that a LOT of the images that are in your folder aren’t in mine too. Maybe something happened? I’m not sure, but regardless, I know that my gmail is known for not sending emails, especially when there is text attached. So I just wanted to make extra sure!

        But thanks so much for replying ^^ I was worried! I just hope my other submissions went through

  7. GUYS
    ((amazing artwork btw i absolutely love it, yanderedev just doesnt know his pokemans))

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