Update Coming Soon

I always aim to update the game on the 1st and 15th day of every month. I don’t have a new update prepared for you right at this very moment, but I feel very confident that a new update will be available within the next 27 hours.

Normally, in “Update Coming Soon” posts, I post an exciting preview of upcoming content – but today I’d like to show you something else. Recently, a fan of the game from Russia sent me some of their artwork. I was really impressed by the illustrations that they drew, and I’d love to share them with you!

I find this series of images so fascinating! It’s hard to find the right words to explain why I love these illustrations so much. For one thing, I think it’s really impressive that the artist created all of these drawings using pen and paper, in a world where digital artwork is so much more common. Black and white artwork always has a certain charm to it, too. The cross-hatched shadows really show how much time and effort was put into these illustrations, as well.

But, I think what I like the most about this artwork is how it shows the characters in their every-day lives, doing the things we don’t see them doing in the game itself. Info-chan using her computer at home, Ryuto and Pippi riding a bike together, Yandere-chan looking at a map of the school while she plans her next kill…it’s so nice to see these characters outside of normal gameplay situations! Each illustration also has a title written in one of the corners of the page; each title is a single word, but some of them are quite poetic!

Back to the original point of this post: I’m sorry that the next update will be a little bit late. Thank you very much for your patience, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

86 thoughts on “Update Coming Soon

  1. No offense, but i’d prefer previews of the next update. Sorry if I sound rude, but it’s a little disappointing to get a late update and all we can hold onto while waiting is some fan art.

  2. You know what? I think you should not bully yandere dev! First of all he tries his best to make this game cool and awesome. And also delaying the upd8 is not such a bad thing because he always gives us some beautiful artworks.
    All these impatient comments sounds really rude 😡
    Don’t be like that.

  3. I just want to put this out there for those who want to/are going to complain: making a new build, developing a game, it’s all really hard, especially when you rely on volunteer work. Have you guys ever taken the time to make a game like YandereSimulator? Well, if you haven’t, stop complaining about delays. He works hard and non-stop. Learn to respect and appreciate what you are given.

    On a side note, the artwork is fascinating! I love all the cross-hatches and such, really shows how much work they put into it!

    • People who complain don’t disrespect Yanderedev and his work, they just aren’t happy with the constant delays of the game. He’s been asked numerous times by volunteers to help with programming features, which would heavily speed of game development, but he’s refused. I think the complaints are with reason and shouldn’t be ignored. Dev needs to make adjustments to his scheduling or his priorities.

      • It is his game, and every programmer has his own way of doing things. Getting others to do coding would be extremely confusing and could end up making everything more complicated. And you do realize there are games you do not get frequent updates or even news on it. He is doing much more than others.

      • Gold, i’d rather have quality over quantity. If yandere-dev just threw out builds without any break or checking over if there isn’t any bugs, the game would be shit. You can wait a day, get off your laptop or do something else if you can’t.

  4. If somebody wants translation, here you go:
    pic5 yan-chan: I know you are here
    pic7 kokona: I hope he will answer to my feelings
    pic19 yan-chan: Sleep well, Miyu.
    pic22 yan-chan: Mom, Day… thanks!
    pic24 photo: April 2017
    pic26 Being dispel in space and time isn’t the worst. The worst is to be forgotten.

  5. So, are these delays just going to be a normal thing? I mean, we haven’t gotten a update right in schedule in, well, a long time. I think you should either make adjustments to your priorities or just adjust the update schedule.

  6. Please hear me out and I speak for others as well, we understand YandereDev is trying his best, but waiting 27 hours of delay is concerning for some. We wanted a preview but got fan art and it’s up to us what we want. You can’t say everyone has to want a pony so you can’t say we all have to want fan art and not a preview. Yes YandereDev please can we have previews in future though because the updates are for previews so can’t you just post the art later for a bug fixing update like usual? I’m just concerned that he made a mistake or that something went wrong which is why it’s delayed.

    • Also, if you want people to stop complaining then don’t shout and offend those who wanted the update out by now. If your against me then please don’t reply in a bitchy way, for example “stop bullying him” or “leave him alone he works from volunteers have you tried making Yan Sim? No? THEN DONT COMPLAIN!”

      • I really think no one has the right to complain about delayed Updates. Because there is so much we do not know or understand, so everyone complaining about that is bitchy themselves. For the preview, maybe there isn’t that much to be shown that looks new or so. Maybe he wants to make a surprise. And he is clearly really happy about the fanart. And it does look amazing. Of course it is up to you to say what you want, but it is still HIS game. If he wants to share previews or fanart, he can do that. It is not like he asked for our opinion or we have the right to say something about it. Because he is creating the game because HE wants it. And there are other games in development out there where do do not get that many updates.

  7. You’re all acting like spoiled children. Yandere dev does not need to made this game on his own time, or crank out updates every 15 days when all he has is himself for coding and volunteers for animating, audio and art. Even companies with full hired professional teams of game developers can’t or won’t give updates that often. You are not entitled to his time or talent, he is doing this only because he wants to make something people will enjoy.

  8. I understand all these delays, he just want to make a better build…
    I just think he should say in advance that the update won’t be ready in 15 days, but in 17 days.
    It’s not a big deal, the real bad thing is when you are all excited for a new build and a new video, and then you see another “UPDATE COMING SOON”…
    It would be better to posticipate every update of one or two days, and THEN, if it is ready in advance, who would ever complain?!
    Just my opinion.

  9. I like the pictures of Oka communing this the demons. Kinda made me think, what if the spirits protected her? Yandere chan can’t harm her but Oka can harm her like in the game Yanderetale. They need Oka for a certain reason that is why they are protecting her. Yandere Chan would have to join the occult club to learn everything she can to break that protection! e.g she does things for the spirits to get power to break that protection, studies the days when the moon is in the perfect position like the planets aligning or special and rare plants that will enhance her powers1 Then the final day comes where they both fight to the death! Kinda sounds like a wrestling match, but it’s a very cool idea! 😉

  10. To the people complaining about complaints: The fact that you are taking these comments so personally is kind of…childish. I’m not saying that I am completely fine and not annoyed at all with these comments, I really kind of am. But I am even more annoyed with all this “he can do whatever he wants):<" and " be patient!" comments. There are probably even more of the comments than the ones complaining about the delayed build! Just think about this. If there is a my little pony video, one of the character makes a really bad move, and then you see lots of comments complaining about, then you start seeing "hey she can do whatever she wants" and "BOOOOOO to you111" replies, don't you think that that would be a little bit annoying? I'm not trying to start some argument here or be some kind of hypocrite, I'm just sharing my opinion on these comments, and so are these other people. Just, please, don't try to start some kind of argument talking about how i'm a hater and bully and all this stuff, believe me. I would NEVER try to hate on the developer of the game, as I love the game. Again, just sharing my opinion. Don't take it super personally, please. And don't try to start some kind of argument.

  11. Knowing how sensitive YandereDev is when it comes to reading the comments that people write to him, I hope he does not take seriously those ungrateful people who complains about the delay.
    He’s implementing Osana, this is not going to be a build like all the others.
    Let him take the necessary time, and for my part, thank you YandereDev for having warned us about the delay and share those beautiful drawings with us.
    Please be more considerate of him, the game he is creating is wonderful, and thanks to his generosity we are playing it for free.
    He is human and has is own life.
    What an ungrateful and selfiish people -_-

  12. People on both sides, complaining and complaining about the people that complain, need to chill and go watch tv until the updates happen…when they happen. If you’re donating to his Patreon, feel free to stop doing so if you don’t think this is worth your money. Otherwise, either you man up and deal with the way Yanderedev is, or you go on with your life.

    Srsly, sometimes I wish comments would be age-restricted, and then I remember kids can lie about their age anyway.

  13. If you look at most of the builds of the game there is a “delayed” post before every one
    I’m not saying yandere dev is slow/lazy but I do think 15- ish days is not long enough to update the game with major features

    I think he should consider ( at the end of any build ) putting what sort of update to expect next and to give an proximate time on how long it may take

    ( these are just examples )
    Rival 1 – 3 months
    elimination method 1 – 4 weeks
    Changes to students, more students, deeper social etc: 1 – 2 months
    cosmetic changes to school 2 – 5 weeks

    For some of the thing he tries to do I think he just simply dose not have enough time

  14. You guys must not know how hard it is to develop a game. How much time and effort are put into code, how much thought. It isn’t as easy as it looks. I tried it before, and it’s difficult. You complain about delays,, but yandev can only do so much, in so much time. He is trying, he is letting you know atleast if it will be delayed. You are complaining about that, yet you don’t see the amazing artwork that was made as well. That also took time and effort. Everything good that comes, is through hard work and effort. Being an artist or a game developer takes time. It isn’t easy, coming from another artist, but in a different form.

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