Update still coming soon, but probably slightly less soon than previously expected

2:00 AM (PST) UPDATE: Video’s done! I’m encoding it now. Now I just need to upload the build and the video, which takes about 1 hour.

I’m sorry, I don’t think that the next update will be ready in less than 3 hours! I’ll try to calculate how long it might take:

I’ve recorded 10 minutes of narration for the next video. Creating a video usually takes me about 1 hour for every minute of audio. I predicted that it would only take me 10 hours to prepare this next video, but the first half of the video involved a lot of motion graphics, so it took me a lot longer than usual. It took about 8 hours for the first 4 minutes of the video. That’s 2 hours per minute, is twice as long as it usually takes.

I currently have 5 minutes of the video completed. In a best-case scenario, the video will be ready within 5 hours, but I’d also have to create and upload a new build, which takes about 1 hour. In a worst-case scenario, it’ll take me 10 hours to complete the video. 10 more hours would be too long to stay awake, so I’d have to finish the video after getting some sleep. In summary…

Best-case scenario: 6 more hours

Worst-case scenario: Sometime tomorrow

Sorry again for the delay! …it seems a bit strange to call it a “delay”, though. My completely arbitrary, self-imposed “1st and 15th of every month” deadlines are really stupid, since it is almost never possible to accomplish something meaningful within only 2 weeks. Those deadlines really only exist because of tradition, not because they are a reasonable/realistic timeframe to create a good update, so it’s honestly a stupid schedule that shouldn’t exist in the first place. Maybe I’ll be able to come up with a better schedule in 2017…

Once again: Thanks for your patience!

43 thoughts on “Update still coming soon, but probably slightly less soon than previously expected

  1. All good to hear it’s coming along!
    Take as long as you need, I’m sure we can all wait for you to be ready. Best of luck with the video!!

  2. Si ,hemos esperado más de un mes ,un día más no hara nada malo ,usted no se preocupe ,sabemos que usted hace lo mejor que puede ,ademas quien subiria un juego a las 3 de la madrugada ,asi que no hay problema …oigan sabian que salio un juego llamado bullied simulator o algo asi ,busquenlo en el canal de youtube de degoboom ¿okey ,entonces esperamos asta mañana. Bien.

  3. It’s ok we all understand! 🙂 I do kind of wonder though.. like.. why is there so much work put in to the videos? We appreciate them of course but like its not something anyone expects to be high quality and animated you know? We don’t mind getting general updates 🙂

  4. Yes, we have waited more than a month, one more day will not do anything wrong, you do not worry, we know you do the best you can, plus who would raise a game at 3 in the morning, so no problem … listen Knew that a game called bullied simulator or something like that, look it up on the youtube channel of degoboom Ok, so we wait until tomorrow. All right.

  5. Take your time, don’t stress yourself too much. An Update is nice, right, but we don’t want an exhausted YandereDev. So, please take good care of yourself. We can wait.

  6. *rolling eyes intensifies*

    Yup, Yandere Dev….take your..time..take..your sweet…time….I’ll be waiting….waiting……waiting………….AW COME ON REALLY,

    yes yes I get it, you still need time. Forget about the 1st and 15th every month! MAKE IT WHENEVER! I AM SORRY IF I AM RUDE BUT YOU SHOULD JUST GET OVER THAT SCHEDULE AND CUSTOMIZE IT, I’ve heard from many people “ugh omg he didn’t post anything its already the 16th.” People get mad. Because you tell everyone the estimated time which you still need time! Just make it official that you can’t update perfectly on the exact days because you still need to edit, and all this stuff!

    • calm down man. Like he said, this schedule is not really a schedule but a time around which the update will come.
      I agree it’s a little sad that updates don’t come the exact day yandev said. However, this “schedule” has been used since the begining of the day when only adding a new student was possibly an update. Now it’s a little harder because we are always expecting bigger and bigger.
      So yes it takes more time than before. But only 1 or 2 days more in this case.
      how could you predict how much time you need if you’re always so close to the schedule? if you have a better schedule, just give it to him.

  7. hey yandere dev take as much time as you want and get rid of the schedule first and15th then you can relax and we would have nice surprises plus i think you should relax not work on christmas time your choice though

  8. How about significant update on the 1st, and a minor, small addition on the 15th? Like you did when you added Senpai Customization.

    • That’s a good idea, that way he has more time to work on the big things, and the 15th could be a bug fix or new hairstyles for Yan Chan or something.

  9. It’s perfectly fine if you do not hold to your schedule. The only reason it seems to be there is so that you can have some sort of structure; it’s a loose schedule. It’s okay if something is 6-24 hours late. Your schedule is not meant to be something perfectly adhered to, and I don’t think anyone expects you to.

  10. I think you should really follow suit what you said like 3 times now in the videos, and update the game once a month. It doesn’t have to be on a specific date for example: this month you update the game on the 16th, on January you update the game on the 21th on February on the 18th and so on… And through the month you update the fans with some post here and there.

  11. YandereDev, we look for quality and great new features, which you provide every update, not schedules. Don’t stress yourself out, work at your own pace, don’t try to keep an unrealistic schedule!

  12. I’m pretty sure we are not going to get Osana in this upcoming build. If anything, Yanderedev will say “Osana is 99.99999999999999% complete. All i need to do is fix everything in the game before implementing her…” lol. I am so juiced! The tutorial is almost here guys! Once Osana is implemented, this game will have an official demo and will then be in kickstarter (Or whatever yanderedev decides to do). You know what that means? no more builds! just news updates about the game 🙂

  13. Im fine with waiting for YanDev, if anything i would be perfectly okay if he only updated once a month. More time to work on updates, the bigger the updates. Plus its still a lot more than other Pre-Released or Beta games out there.
    Keep up the work, and i will wait for as along as i need for your updates 🙂

  14. Don’t worry, we can wait! Take all the time you need.

    I do have a question though, but mostly aimed at other players as I don’t want to bother Yandere-Dev.

    I got the update today and every time I go to school the game crashes. I can go to my basement or go ride my bike but the minute I get to school the screen goes white and the game crashes. Is anyone else getting this problem?

    I have a nextbook laptop so it could just be my computer.

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