Kuudere Simulator 3

Two years ago, a game was released that changed the world. One year ago, the sequel was released, and raised the bar for video games everywhere. And now, today, the long-awaited third game in the series has finally been released. Sell Breath of the Wild. Cancel your pre-order for Persona 5. You don’t need any game other than this one.

Yes, that’s right, you guessed it – it’s Kuudere Simulator 3. Words cannot express the immense amount of new content you’ll find in this game, so I’ll let the video speak for itself:

You can download this outstanding work of art here:


Now that Kuudere Simulator 3 has been released, we can cancel all future gaming award shows. We already know who the winner is going to be. Huh? What? You want to hear about progress on Yandere Simulator? Who even cares about that game anymore? Kuudere Sim 3 is a far superior game. I’ve already forgotten what Yandere Simulator was about. Was it about some ponytail girl or something? I’m changing my username to KuudereDev from now on.

Kuudere Simulator 2 had so much content that, to this day, nobody has managed to achieve 100% completion or obtain all trophies. Kuudere Simulator 3 has more content than you can possibly experience in a human lifespan. I hope you have fun with it!

My next video will be uploaded on April 2nd or April 3rd!

(If you haven’t already seen it, please check out the Male Rival Introduction Video and my Three Year Anniversary blog post!)

71 thoughts on “Kuudere Simulator 3

  1. Wow,it’s best game ever!*totaly not sarcasm*Screw yandere simulator!This is the REAL masterpiece yanderedev was working on all along!

    • I don’t think he would do that cause it doesn’t fit the game, the gun in this is fine cause the game is a joke. He wouldn’t add a gun to yandere sim because even though you can kill students, i dont think people would be happy with you playing as a student who can go into a school and shoot a bunch of people. Due to events like Columbine.

      • Also guns are illegal in Japan. Even police officers don’t have guns. They’re trained in martial arts, but not guns. There can only be 4 gun shops per prefecture.
        This information has been brought to you by my stupid English teacher who made us write a test about this.

  2. Oh if only we had a gun. Obvious it should be the hardest item to aquire at it’s soley overpowered somelike like you need 7 weeks of the game to get it and do multiple challenges. Or finish mission mode on all difficultys 5 times to unlock it.

  3. i’m so glad that you make this kind of game every April Fools. i actually liked the first version, i missed the second, but i’m sure i’ll like the third version.

  4. 11/10!! Omg this game is so much better than YS, I can’t believe it! Why did I waste my time with playing other games while this gorgeous game FINALLY got released?!? OMG I could speak of it infinitely, just like the content in this game! I actually lack of words to describe this masterpiece omgg

    (Don’t take this seriously xP)

  5. It’s so annoying because I live in Britain so while YanDev is asleep it’s 10:00 am over here .-. I’m waiting for a post. 😥

  6. Kuudere Simulator 3…

    One of the most enjoyable games that I am most satisfied with! I mean… when I saw Kuudere shoot Osana, I was shocked because the scream was just… terrifying! …But it was fun ti just spawn millions of Osana corpses. I’m very happy with this game and if you shoot Osana with Himedere or Tsundere-chan, it looks so bad ass!

  7. It’s 7.12 pm here, but for yanderedev it is only 9.12 am. I have to wait and this is sad. At least i’m not in asia

  8. there is a bug if u put on a custom hair texture in game and change yan chans hair to her side ponytails or her pigtails she will have her originel hair texture

    • oh yeah me too she looks very filled with emotions because i mean that’s what kuuderes are right?

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  11. When I try to open it just says “There should be ‘Kuudere Simulator 3_Data’ folder next to the executable. Help what do I do?! @>@

  12. ah yes,,, the thrilling sequel to the most important, complex, well made, carefully thought of game, kuudere simulator.
    forget about the others.
    yes i downloaded this game and wow, yandere fans got it real tough. while us kuudere fans already have osana and we can even kill her.
    well played, KuudereDev.

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