Male Rival Introduction Video

I plan to upload two videos today. Here’s the first one!

The artwork for this video was illustrated by Koumi-Senpai! She has drawn a LOT of gender-swapped Yandere Simulator artwork, so please check out her work if you’d like to see more!

The second video will be uploaded in 12 hours! I hope you will look forward to it!

(If you haven’t already seen it, please check out my Three Year Anniversary blog post!)

92 thoughts on “Male Rival Introduction Video

  1. They all looks so cool *—*! It would be so cooooool if they were in the Game…!
    I totally loooooove Osano and Mido *o*

  2. this could be like, a good opportunity, like, those men try to ruin your chances with senpai, so they become an obstacle or something, and like, they can also be of use, like with getting you things that info-chan cant they could also help teach you the skill and stuff, just a rough idea i made on the spot

    • that’s a really great idea but wont it be complex since they’ll all have the same role? (except some of them having clubs and leading them)

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  4. yandere dev i have some personality’s that i think you should add into yandere sim:

    1) Dandere. Quiet, shy, and harmless. Dandere characters typically wear glasses and are always buried in books. However, they can become talkative when around their love interest. 2) Deredere.The most cheeful, hyper, and loving of the “-dere” archetypes. Deredere characters are constantly smothering their love interests with affection.

    3) Himedere. This archetype is restricted to female characters. They want to be treated like a princess by everyone, even if they are not actual royalty. Himedere characters may act stuck up as a mask to hide insecurities. The classic “ohoho” laugh is their favorite weapon.

    4) Oujidere. The male version of himedere. They want to be treated like a prince, even if they are not royalty. Usually they have sharp eyes and crazy awesome fashion.

    5) Kamidere. Arrogant, proud, and sporting a god complex. They believe everyone should treat them as divine beings, and will force their views on everyone.

    6) Undere. A relatively obscure character type. The undere combines the deredere, dandere, and a sprinkle of yandere. These character always say “yes” (un) to their loved ones as a way to stay close to them.

    7) Mayadere. They are characters who begin the series as an antagonist. Mayadere will fall in love with the main character, but that does not mean they will switch sides and are willing the kill their love interest if they feel betrayed.

    8) Bodere. A relatively new type of character. The bodere combines the violent nature of the tsundere with the shyness of the dandere. Bodere characters are usually shy around the opposite sex and lash out to hide their embarrassment.

    9) Hinedere. Takes the icy nature of the kuudere and combines it with the arrogant attitude of the kamidere. Hinedere characters are very cynical and sarcastic, but will show their soft side when a character breaks through their shell.

    10) Sadodere. Sadistic characters that get off on toying with characters on an emotional and physical level. If they find a love interest, they better be a masochist who can take a beating.

    11) Yandere ( i know this one is practically already in the game as yandere chan but it would be so cool if you could make a student with this persona.) Yandere characters are really sweet on the outside. They range from being cheerful and friends with others, or can be really shy. A bond with the main character will form quickly.However, their friendly nature masks a dark side. Yandere characters are very possessive and controlling. Most will kill the people around their love interest or will isolate them from society. They do not take rejection well (which has a 90% chance of happening).

    so thats all i would love it if you put some of these i know its alot. it would be so cool if you responded. thank you!

  5. I have a feeling that in the end, Info-chan will reveal that you are the one murdering and get with Senpai because of a photo of development I saw. It had Yandere in her pijamas texting with Info-chan.

  6. can i ask something who is the girl there crushing on is it yandere-chan if it is that well be super duper cool

  7. How come the Female Senpai was in the video Yandere Dev When I say this I don’t have a problem with you using Yandere-chan in the video i’m just asking why wasn’t the Female Version of Senpai Furtured in this video?.

  8. Thank you so much Very interesting and applicable. The one point I really like is the one about infographics. You produce one infographic and get plenty links from it but also traffic. I am yet to find some example of highly successful infographics, but I used this method a number of times for my blog– I hope you’ll continue with providing us with great posts like this. Thanks again Neil.

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