May Preview #10

Wow, I didn’t expect the update to be delayed for this long! I can confirm that tremendous progress has been made with the cut-scene that is delaying the build; at this point, only animation tweaks and bug-testing are remaining.

However, I strongly believe that I should officially postpone the build until June 1st so that I can have as much time as possible to polish things. I wouldn’t want to submit a buggy build that requires me to spend seven consecutive days submitting bug fixes…especially after making you wait so long for it!

In the meantime, I’ll give you another preview of upcoming content.

Are you familiar with a manga called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? I became quite a fan of it after watching the 2012 anime adaptation. One of the most iconic elements from JBA are Stands – you can think of them as “guardian spirits” who fight alongside their masters. (It’s a lot more complicated than that, but I’m trying to keep this brief.) Every Stand is unique, but many of them are humanoid and float behind their masters.

During the peak of my “Jojo Fanboy” phase, I imagined a Stand for Yandere-chan and asked a talented artist by the name of Aea to illustrate my idea. He did a magnificent job! I decided to ask a modeller to model the Stand so I could add it to the game as an easter egg. This was the result:

It’s a fine model, but I didn’t feel 100% satisfied with it. Recently, another modeller has given the Stand a visual upgrade:

I’m absolutely thrilled with the new Stand model! Soon it will be rigged and animated, and then it can be added to the game at long last.

Easter eggs are extremely low on my priority list, but every now and then, I gotta take a short break and create something silly, just for the fun of it. I hope you’ll enjoy using the Stand once it becomes available!

131 thoughts on “May Preview #10

  1. Suddenly I felt the urge to listen to Stardust Crusaders theme. When I opened Yandere dev site this news pops up. That’s probably the work of an enemy stand!

  2. this is in the game! bad romance mode in the easter egg menu I think you press j in it or is that long skirt mode hmm I forgot witch button but hopefully its gona becomplete because it dosent do anything and it dosent appear in the may 7th build it just plays the music so maybe he was already planning to add a new model?

  3. Something creepy happened while I was playing Yandere Simulator… I raised and lowered some people’s reputations by max +150 or min -150 (ex. I lowered all the teachers’ reputations and Senpai’s too,I raised Mai Waifu’s, Midori Gurin’s and Yui Rio’s). When I raised Yuna Hina’s reputation to +160, her image disappeared, and when I lowered it back to +150, there was a red question mark over a white background. Creepy… o.O

  4. Personally, I think you should stop with these “easter eggs”. I know that you don’t use a lot of your time implementing them but that contradicts the fact that you don’t want your game to be seen as a “silly meme”, as you have called it. Not to mention that your game has an already considerable amount of easter eggs.

  5. I’m super excited about this build! And after seeing how much you got done, you should try doing something like this again in the future! Dedicate an entire month to one build release, with the occasional teaser post to get us pumped for it! Because after awhile you’re going to run out of things to add to a build that can be made in two weeks!

  6. Sorprendente!! Es un gran juego, y todas esos detalles que nos has dado significa que vendrán excelentes actualizaciones! Espero con ansias todo lo que tienes para este grandioso juego y con el paso del tiempo puedas aplicar el idioma, Saludos desde Argentina. ☺

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