May 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

I noticed that there were a few pretty bad bugs in the last build, so I’ve got another bug-fixing build to roll out! Scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by Affanita to see a list of everything that has been changed in the new build!

  • If the player puts Sakyu’s ring inside of Kokona’s book bag but does not report Kokona for theft, then Kokona will simply find Sakyu’s ring inside of her book bag and then return it to her after school, making it impossible to frame her for theft in the future.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to become unable to interact with any students after speaking to the guidance counselor.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to place a stolen phone in the Cooking Club before the player had actually stolen a phone.
  • Changed a line of dialogue to reference the fact that the player must hide cigarettes in Kokona’s bookbag, not in her desk.
  • Fixed issue with one of Yandere-chan’s new hairstyles that would cause it to not have a black cartoon outline.
  • Replaced the copyrighted music from the Cyborg Ninja easter egg with an original track by Damprog Music.
  • Corrected errors in the guidance counselor’s subtitles.
  • It is now possible to put facial hair on Senpai’s face.
  • Changed “Report Panties” to “Report Panty Shots”.
  • Added a new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.

I’d love to say that this build is absolutely free of game-stopping bugs, but there’s always a possibility that I somehow missed one or two. There might be another bug-fixing build tomorrow, as well. Time will tell!

30 thoughts on “May 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I wonder if this elimination method will some day have more difficulties, like other students calling you a snitch if you keep doing this (reputation penalty).
    This method kind of reminds me of midori.
    “Guidance Counselor, Guidance Counselor! Kokona has been Stealing things!”
    “Guidance Counselor, Guidance Counselor! Kokona has been doing drugs!”
    “Guidance Counselor, Guidance Counselor! Kokona has been doing lewd things!”

    “Changed “Report Panties” to “Report Panty Shots”.”

    And the best of them all: “Guidance Counselor, Guidance Counselor! Kokona has been wearing Panties!”

    • “I need to take a look on your legs. … …panties?! You have absolutely no excuse to be wearing something like this around!
      “Huh? I don’t wear panties! I don’t know why something like this was on my legs!
      “Your activities are absolutely unacceptable. You should not be conducting yourself in such a manner. This kind of behavior could cause a scandal! You could run the school’s reputation into the ground!”

  2. there is a bug that makes it so that you can’t frame Kokona for the panty shots on Thursday, bcs she doesn’t make food. You have to change the day. Thank you for working so hard on this AWESOME game!

  3. I like “Report Panties” though. Random lost panties needing to be reported sounds like the sort of thing that would lead to scandals. Missing or lost underwear hints at thieves or sexual shenanigans on campus. What’s worse than taking panty shots? Why, being a panty thief of course!

  4. There is a bug (or glitch) that sometimes during the call that Kokona makes, that right at the same time she starts to cry u teleport to the roof (maybe other teleports) causes her to freeze in that position. Only way to get her to move is to talk to her

  5. Please help 😦 I’m commenting here to see if someone can offer a solution.

    I can’t seem to download this version of Yandere Simulator. I tried downloading it three times already and I keep on getting the “Unexpected end of archive” error. This error occurred occasionally in the past, but only once. I don’t know what to do now.

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