May Preview #3 and Delay Explanation

I’ve found myself in an interesting situation that doesn’t normally occur. This situation is causing a delay in the next build, so I’m going to explain what’s happening.

The next elimination method involves a set of steps. I’m going to be super-vague about these steps so that I don’t “spoil” the surprise. The player must…

  1. Perform a task for a certain student.
  2. Have an important conversation with someone.
  3. Perform a task for a different student.
  4. Perform a kidnapping.
  5. Utilize a new gameplay mechanic in your basement.
  6. Have a text message conversation with someone.
  7. Watch an interactive cut-scene where the player is presented with an important choice.

6 of those 7 steps have already been implemented; a new character, two new tasks, and two conversations are already in the build. The only thing that remains is the interactive cut-scene.

This cut-scene is relatively simple in nature; it doesn’t involve much action. The primary purpose of this cut-scene is to present an opportunity to the player, and allow the player to chose the outcome of a situation (and thus decide the fate of a character). Because of the simple nature of this cut-scene, I thought that I could quickly animate it myself within the span of a day. I quickly realized several things:

  1. I severely underestimated how long it would take me to animate the cut-scene. I have animation experience, but if I tried to animate this scene myself, it would take me an unacceptably long amount of time.
  2. By adding up the voiced lines for this cut-scene, I can estimate how long the final scene will be…and it has turned out to be a whopping 3 minutes long!
  3. This cut-scene focuses on the emotions of the characters who are involved. If we’re going to be watching characters interact with one another for 3 minutes, I want to make sure that the characters’ body language and facial expressions are good enough to keep the audience interested and entertained for at least that long.
  4. Up until now, I’ve decided to completely ignore lip movement when characters are talking. However, 3 minutes long is way too long to stare at characters who are not moving their mouths, so this scene absolutely needs lip-sync.
  5. This is the first real cut-scene that is being added to the game, so if the quality of the cut-scene is low, it will leave a very bad impression on people, and cast doubt onto the rest of the production.

After considering all of the above factors, I realized that I can’t just quickly throw this cut-scene together myself; I should leave this task to a skilled animator.

Out of every volunteer I’ve worked with, there are only two who I would trust with a 3-minute emotionally-charged interactive cut-scene as important as this one. I’ve approached both of them about this scene. Both volunteers have informed me of the days they would be available to help out, and given me a time estimate for when the scene would be completed. In both cases, the cut-scene would be ready shortly before June 1st.

Deciding which volunteer to give the task to is a very difficult choice. I don’t have a magical crystal ball, so I can’t look into the future and learn which volunteer would do a better job, which volunteer would run into delays, or which volunteer would be unable to complete the task due to circumstances outside of their control. It would be nice to give the task to both volunteers simultaneously in order to feel like I have some kind of “insurance” that at least one of the volunteers will complete the task – but if both volunteers finish the task successfully, it will mean that one of them produced redundant work, and that would make me feel absolutely terrible!

For the time being, I’m going to let both volunteers animate the first 15 seconds of the cut-scene, and then I’ll reach a decision about how we should proceed.

So, what potential solutions exist for this scenario? In the past, whenever I was missing an animation for a cut-scene, I’d cut to a black screen with pink text. However, there’s absolutely no way I’m doing that this time around, especially for 3 minutes straight, and when there is interactivity during the cut-scene.

Another idea is to completely change the nature of the cut-scene; I could shorten it drastically, but I’d really, really prefer not to do that, since the events of the cut-scene are the player’s reward for following the steps leading up to the cut-scene, so shortening the scene would be robbing the player of gratification for their actions.

If I’m really determined to show a cut-scene, but don’t want to delay the build while a 3D animator creates the cut-scene, then I could try to find a much more simple way to present the cut-scene to the player. For example, I could display a storyboard; in other words, I could display a slideshow of images that tell a story as the voice actors speak in the background. For the sake of a demo / debug build, the artwork wouldn’t have to be super-polished illustrations that take entire days to create. Something like this would be perfect!

My final option is to decide “Wow, this cut-scene was a terrible idea,” scrap it, and do something much more simple. However, I would really hate to do that, because I think that this cut-scene will be worth the time and effort required to make it happen.

I don’t want to imply that this cut-scene is the most important aspect of the game, but it’s something that I want to happen as part of this elimination method. Yandere Simulator is a game about giving the player the choice to eliminate their rival any way they choose; with stealth, with violence, with kidnapping, with gossip, with expulsion…or even with emotion, as you’ll find out in the next build.

Of course, while I’m waiting for the volunteer to finish the cut-scene, I’m not just going to be sitting on my hands; this provides me with the opportunity to work on some of the game’s other features while I’m waiting on the volunteers. I can think of a bunch of things to add to the game that would take a day or less…

  1. Give teachers a daily routine / schedule.
  2. Allow the player to win a struggle against teachers.
  3. Update severely outdated sections of the game’s interface.
  4. Add the “Custom Soundtrack” feature to Yandere-chan’s phone.
  5. Add the “drop something heavy onto a girl from above” elimination method.
  6. Give Yandere-chan the ability to bury corpses in the Gardening Club’s garden.
  7. Replace some of the game’s less-impressive animations with superior animations that volunteers have already created for me.

In other words, when this build does come out, it’s going to be a Super Build that contains more content than the average build.

If there’s anything I learned over the course of 3 years working at a video game company and 2 years working on Yandere Simulator, it’s that game development is extremely unpredictable, and weird roadblocks unexpectedly pop up all the time. Honestly, it’s sort of a miracle that this type of situation hasn’t occurred more frequently over the course of this game’s development.

I promised to post a screenshot of an upcoming feature once a day until I finally upload a new build, so here’s today’s screenshot:

Oh, my! Whose house is that? And who are those two young ladies sitting down for a chat? Is it a friendly chat, or is it quite the opposite? Hopefully you won’t have to wait past June 1st to find out…

If this blog post looks way too long for you to read, and you just want a quick summary, here are the three main bullet points:

  • The next update is 99% ready, but that last 1% is something that I can’t do myself. I have to leave it up to someone else, and I have no control over how long it will take them, so I have no way to tell you when the next build will be ready.
  • While I’m waiting on a volunteer to give me the last thing I need, I’m going to work on implementing other features that I’ve been dying to implement for a really long time.
  • Just because you’re not seeing a new build, it doesn’t mean that development is proceeding at a slower pace than it previously was; the pace of development is the same as always, and I’m still adding new things to the game every day, but this build can’t come out until I have the “final puzzle piece” that I need.

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

379 thoughts on “May Preview #3 and Delay Explanation

    • In the cassettes tapes there is a journalist, he must quit the Japan because a girl want to kill him because he know the truth about her. And the wife of the man is dead, and he have one children. When Kokona and Saki talk, Kokona says that her mom died and her dad drink a lot, and in the cassettes tapes the dad drink a lot. So the girl who want to kill the dad of Kokona is the mother of Ayano and the dad is the father of Kokona. That explain why Kokona live alone, and I think, Ayano be friend with Kokona (the achievement be friend if you see what I want to say …) and she kill her in her house, and nobody will see what happened. No??

  1. Maybe Yandere-Chan is threatening Kokona-Chan. Think about it, this could be a conversation, a calm one, about staying away from Senpai or she will murder, torture, or make her school experience a Living Hell if she doesn’t stay away from Senpai?

  2. Keep going Dev, I am sure the next update will hit us all like a Truck. I am very patient, so it’s no problem for me to wait! (I hope everybody is that patient) This Game should be fantastic! It should be a hit, like the Gta series or Bo3 ! And something like that needs time if you dont have a budget and only are one man.

  3. for me you could finishe it next year cause i think : wich more cool is staying the game and the owner speack : it isnt done yet the people can say : wow so is it gonna have more fun , or hard ? i really like his work :3 XD

  4. Please someone say to me,
    1.Is there any easter eggs when the game is done?
    2.Can we talk to rival-chan when the game is done?
    3.Can we attractive with senpai when its done?
    4.Can we kill rival-chan when the game is done?
    5.How much will be when the game is done?
    6.If this 99%done.Then the 1% will be in ____?
    7.Are this game gonna done this year ;-;
    8.I hope that the cost isn’t expensive..
    10.I know that you like me too xDD
    11.Lets get a knifu and kill the computer

    • 1.yeah maybe idk
      2.yeah to befriend her of course that would be the end of the game because she would be dead but if its the bad ending well……thats for another story will take 10 weeks until u have list or won the game each week u would have to kill another rival
      6.idk im not yandere dev
      7.well yandere dev said that it would not be done this year but most likely 2019 or sooner
      8.we dont know cuz the games development can go either way so it depends on the scope of the game
      9.i cant either
      10. hell no

    • 1:) I believe that Yanderedev said that easter eggs will be available through a cheat code, but not as easy to obtain as it is in recent builds.
      2:) If you’re talking about the invincible girl, then yes, you can.
      3:) No, you can’t interact with Senpai. As Yanderedev said, the whole point of the game is to sabotage Senpai’s love life from the shadows. If you could talk to him in any way, that would basically ruin the whole point of the game.
      4:) There will be ten rivals, as you can read in the FAQ. Yanderedev has already implemented several elimination methods, so yes, when the game is over, you can eliminate the current rival.
      5:) I have no idea what this question means, to be honest.
      6:) In a past video, Yanderedev said that the game could be finished in 2019.
      7:) Please refer to the previous point.
      8:) I believe that it should cost about the same as the average videogame, somewhere around the 10$ mark.

      I hope this helped~! Next time, it would be a wise decesion to check the FAQ before asking questions~

    • 1.There are easter eggs now
      2 Rival-chan was just the original tsundere rival, but Yanderedev decided that she didn’t look like a tsundere enough, so he left her by the tree. Tsundere girl isn’t in the game.
      3. I assume you mean can we date senpai when the game if finished. Yes, we can, if you can defeat the rivals…
      4. Like I said earlier, no because she isn’t a actual rival. But if you mean the tsundere girl that is similar to her, yes.
      5. Go check out all of yanderedevs videos on youtube… he answers your the questions you might have with information in his videos.
      6. The update is 99% done. The one percent will be in whenever he finishes it.
      7. No. I think you asked if it’s going to be done this year, but you have poor grammar so… Anyway, this is an extremely early stage in it’s development, and it probably wont be ready for a while…. Like years from now.
      8. With all the work he has put into it, it might be expensive. The answer to this was in a video of his. (pretty much all of it is)
      9.Calm down,
      10. Most of the people your referring to don’t know you, so we can hardly like you.
      11. That seems irrational. You’ll have to go buy a new computer, and that isn’t fun.
      Just a suggestion, please touch up on your grammar. There are major errors EVERYWHERE you wrote. Bye.

  5. thought #1 : maybe they are talking about kokona’s domestic abuse, and kokona gets into more details and boom the gossiping and bullying start.

    thought #2 : maybe yandere chan invites kokona to her home so she can murder her easily

    thats all i got ^^

    • Homicide was the first elimination method implemented. Its where you kill someone with a weapon. And TBH i think it’s blackmail.

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  8. Am I the only one who zoomed in on Kokona’s face to see her facial expression? It didn’t look happy. Then again, it could be the pixels and everything just mixed up on her face

  9. 1i dont know
    2speak with kokona of her abuses
    3maybe tell it to saki
    4kidnapp saki
    5make a video while you are torturing her
    6speak with kokona (text message)
    7go to kokona house and kill her or spare her in change of repressing her feelings to Senpai
    Okay i dont thing it will be so

  10. i’m hoping it’s befriending because yanderedev said he’ll implement befriending before matchmaking and matchmaking is the one i’m really hype for (i plan to matchmake oka with someone becasue shes a cinnamon roll)

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  12. ok so it could be making two other students fall in love
    she could be having a conversation and lying about senpi then saying “You know, that boy____ is pretty cute. I think he likes you!” Or something on the lines of is what will hapen
    Perform a task for Kokona-Chan
    Have an important conversation with Her about crushes
    Perform a task for a her other crush
    Perform a kidnapping.of her crush
    Utilize a new gameplay mechanic in your basement/ record him there
    Have a text message conversation with kokona saying” This tape was in my locker today, It’s your crush
    Watch an interactive cut-scene where the player is presented with an important choice/choose to either let the boy out and maybe get found out or don’t let him out and have Kokona express her feelings.

    but lol idk, I have alot of ideas and this one doesn’t make sense.

  13. I understand that you don’t want to let people down or betray peoples confidence but if you need more time to develop something then I’m willing to wait, and if anyone pressures you so much that you think that’s not an option I think that really sucks.

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  15. OMG I know what the New Elimination method is gonna be. And you can replace Kokona with Rival’s name.

    1. Preform some task for Info-Chan
    2. Have a Important Conversation with Kokona (i.e.. the picture in the blog post)
    3. Preform some task for someone (idk yet)
    4. Kidnap Saki
    5. Utilize new gameplay mechanic (Video recording of Saki being tortured)
    6. Text conversation with Kokona, Sending video of Saki being tortured. –BLACKMAIL– Kokona into not Confessing to Senpai.
    7. Decide whether or not to kill Saki anyways.

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