May 7th Bug-Fixing Build

There are two things that I never seem to run out of: Pretty fan art, and bugs to fix!

With that said, scroll down past this illustration by Laced Mint to see a list of fixed bugs.

  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to stop reacting to Yandere-chan’s camera if they were distracted by another student while reacting to Yandere-chan’s camera.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona’s Wednesday lunchtime event subtitles to display if the player was standing near Sakyu Basu while the event was taking place.
  • Fixed bug that would cause fountain sound effects to play for a split second when loading the school environment. (I really fixed it this time! Honest!)
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to get stuck on chairs/tables when using the debug menu to teleport to the Light Music Clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to enter an incorrect state if the player pressed the Escape key while dismembering a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the a student to perform the “Distract” action on a student who was in the middle of an event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to become stuck if they heard maniacal laughter and walked over to investigate it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Sakyu Basu to freeze if the player stole her ring less than a second after she removed it.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to open the Debug Menu and the Easter Egg menu simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Sakyu Basu’s voiced line to not play and cause her to freeze in place.

At this point, I only have 7 days remaining to prepare something cool by May 15th, so it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll continue to release any more bug-fixing builds between now and the 15th. I hope. We’ll see!

108 thoughts on “May 7th Bug-Fixing Build

    • Ahem. First of all, his name is Yandere Dev. Secondly, he does not respond to comments on the blog. Thirdly, the game isn’t even finished yet, in the future you will be able to get the Flame Demon’s powers as well as become a Delinquent and kill them. However, as of now, the Pain Demon is the only one that triggers and easter egg, and it is impossible to join the Delinquents. They are also immortal.

  1. Fingers crossed aren’t enough to hope that there are no more bugs to be fixed for at least until the 15th! I’ll cross my fingers, my hands, my arms, my feet and my legs! 😉

  2. Poor Yandere Dev

    By this rate he won’t be able to work on the game till like May 15th meaning we will have to wait till idk June 15th for new update

  3. Please Pleaseeee stop the bugs fixing, I know you want it to be perfect, but you have only a week to end the next build update and I dont think you’re gonna make it if you’re so focused in the bugs, you can fix it later with the next build. I hope you’re not getting too much stress, Take Care YandereDev ❤

  4. Hopefully we won’t get more bugs. Fingers, neck, stomach, liver, heart, nerves, blood, hair, eyes, cheeks, chin, nostrils, eyebrows, eyelids, eyelashes, lips, palm, wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms, shoulders, thumbs, nails, knuckles, shin, calf, ankle, lungs, veins, brain, throat, kidney, skeleton, ribs, bones, skin, face, tongue, teeth, back, waist, chest, hips, thighs, hands, arms, feet, legs, toes, knees and muscles crossed!

  5. I feel like Yandere Dev should just keep making these bug fixing builds for the rest of the week. I mean with 7 days, you can’t get something big, so why not get some of these pesky bugs out of the way?

    • But hopefully there won’t be too many bugs. The faster bug fixing is done, the faster the development. I agree with you though. Although, in 7 days, you can get SOME progress done.

      • But HOW much progress exactly. I remember being so disappointed on May 1st when there weren’t any new stuff, just bug fixes.

    • Either there’s something wrong with your download, or you were using the previous build. It worked perfectly fine to me I suggest re-downloading the May 7th build. Hope this helps!

  6. I know this might be annoying to ask but will there be a story behind this whole game that will follow through not only the stalker(protagonist) and the people around her that influence her(like her crush and the victims) and causing your character to show her darker side more going through each kill and having a harder time in controlling her desire to kill those who are trying to take her beloved away and making her delusions more prominent and the only way to satisfy her delusions is to kill people or collect things from her crush (Ex. The target might have collected an item like a pencil or present from your loved one and on that specific day you can collect that item through multiple means like killing or from trading with a different item(with them or without them seeing) and these “special items” you can collect give you a small boost in making your achievement much more easier like misguiding the target to you or going missing or manipulating/blackmailing them even getting them to come to your house to get info on your enemy or to kill your enemy). Also I guess I was suggesting more like a backstory to the people you have to kill from the notifications from the “Info-Broker” and the consequences to their death as well as a difficulty to killing the chosen target and depending on if you kill them silently and neatly or brutally and messy! For example lets say your main target the info-broker gives you say its someone rich, popular, or sweet and you end up killing them brutally and messy this would make it seem suspicious for everyone if they die depending on the difficulty(if they are rich and have high protection but not popular and died mysteriously or if someone was sweet and popular and died it would make people wonder, for what I’m meaning I guess giving the targets cliques and traits could make it a turn of events) but they can’t find out who unless your reputation is really low and your being chosen as the killer you could try and frame someone else like someone you blackmailed or someone who witness the body(These could be your LIFELINES!). Your reputation could affect whether how good at manipulating you can be or two faced you can be or in my terms a double life aspect. If people see you as bad your most likely going to be framed for killing but having a higher chance in being manipulative and lots of patsies to frame and causing doubt. If you have a positive reputation then your less likely to be framed and an easier time in having people suspicious of you when holding sharp weapons I guess more like a clueless lamb to people but underneath is a ravaging lion ready to feast on its prey. Maybe a suspicion bar would be good too(like a cute face of the protagonist and when the suspicion gets to high then your chibi protagonist starts making a more panicked face! It can be an indicator.) as well as the info-broker giving out payment to you for other side quests from other students to make money and items and stat boosts heck maybe even info on people and maybe “Special Quests” from the info-broker and “secret” things you can do while doing these special quests to find out more about your lover or the info-broker.

    • I don’t Yandere Simulator as much as I watch it because it lags on my Mac laptop (I download the YandereMac version) but I’ll HAVE to try that. Also, this isn’t a bug according to the Dev’s criteria.

  7. nice build as usual.
    i have a little suggestion some of the people doesnt aggree if yandere chan is to OP on this. can you add add campaign mode when you play as a Police. the police objective is to investigate the scene and bring the murderer to justice. if yandere chan slaughter more than 1 or 2 victims the yander will got Capital punishment . It is applied in practice only for murder, and executions are carried out by hanging. The vast majority of death sentences are imposed in cases of multiple murders. and beside is legal. i mean i just hate a murderer can get away after all she’s done and doesnt fell sorry for it
    (sorry for bad grammar)

      • yup i hope so. and i hope there’s a change off hostage rescue mode now you play as Captain in Japanese Police SAT. Your mission is to rescue senpai or any other hostages from yandere before times runs out and she murder everyone even senpai. to be more interesting this mode only occure when yandere join occult or cyborg thingy club (to be more interesting add hipnotis inside ouccult club). when you become demon with floating hands SAT Forces mission will unlocked. there’s a 2 option in here
        – Play As SAT ( Coop,COM,Online) as a SAT dont let yandere chan escape from schooll kill her as fast as possible
        – Play As Yandere murder the before they sending and airstrike and catch senpai

    • Highly unlikely because this would be an entirely different game from the one that he’s creating right now and would only delay the release of Yandere Sim by another couple of years. Imagine if he had to accomplish all he’s done with this game so far, but with an entirely different game. It isn’t as simple as something like Yanvania where there are only a couple of mechanics and one small stage to move around in.

  8. Heya, mr Yandere dev, can y take some ideas form this videogame? Postal 2 and 3 for the kills, hatred for the execution.
    only two things i wanna see more on yandere game is :
    1 with the game a modality where y are the Senpai and have to control your yandere, be killed from her or cover her lapsus of jealosy homicide she did if see ya around with another too much time, i know thats a long modality but its fuckin stealthy and funny to help cover the body of another student for your love Yandere or be killed or run away or if y can be a Bad Senpai and let you has a Senpai ask your yandere to stay with y 😀 and next do bad things on her or him to let your yandere dislike y and kill y
    2 a Friend mode, when y are another student who have to become the boyfriend/girlfriend of yandere dev chan, using all types of a yandere
    so for now this is my suggestions, i hope i can help y with some another ideas yandere dev ;D

    • Midori-chan, the fact that he isn’t publishing post for bug fixes is good since he’s making the new feature and stuff. We could expect the next post when something happens or on the 15th. Good thing you didn’t send him an E-Mail on this. I’m… proud of you?

  9. For some reason, when I try to unpack the RAR file, it says that it is not the right format for unpacking it, although the May 4th and under versions work perfectly fine. Is there any reason for this? Thanks!

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