When’s the next build?

I always aim to update the game on the 1st and 15th days of every month. However, the game’s next feature is more complex than the average feature, so I need a few more days to prepare the next build. The next build will probably be ready sometime between now and May 20th.

For every 24 hours that pass without a new build, I’ll post a screenshot of something that is new in the next update. Here’s what you get to see this time:

Who’s that girl with tanned skin, loose socks, and a skirt way shorter than school regulations? I’m only going to tell you two things: First, she will be an important part of the next update. Second, her hair was modeled by the super-talented Druelbozo, who is accepting commissions, by the way!

Okay, back to work!

324 thoughts on “When’s the next build?

  1. “She will be an important part in the next update”
    In my words : She will be an important part in the next elimination method. And she is NOT Osana Najimi or any Testing Rival. Why? That’s easy : We still have Kokona as a Testing Rival. There’s no reason for a second Beta-Rival. And she’s not Osana, because Osana’s Model won’t change that much. She also can’t be a Testing Rival who interacts with Senpai, because YandereDev would program Osana, if he adds the first rival to the game.
    So, my point is : I think she is either the leader of the Photography Club (look at the silhouette of the photoclub-picture, you can see that the girl in the middle has a shorter skirt than the others.) or she is just a normal (exchange-)student. But now the question is : what purpose could the leader of the Photography Club or a new student have in the next elimination method? Its not that simple as we thought from the beginning, people. YandereDev sure thought deeper than we can now.

  2. hm I believe that the girl is a club leader or some one who be kokona’s friend or even a secret deliquent

  3. Am i the first to notice that (sorry if i am taking things out of control or perspective) this is the first black looking character and she dresses “inappropriately”. I know i might be taking this too far but if you look at it in a certain way… I also think if he is going to add in SHORT SKIRTS that some other rivals should have does too… kokona perhaps!

  4. I think it might be the cooking club leader. If you watch the september first build update, you can see the sort of outline of this rival in the video. She has the same hairstyle and colour, and her skirt IS slightly shorter, so there’s plenty of reasons that she might be the club leader. This is just a theory so plez nu hate.

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