May Preview #1

Yesterday, I promised that I’d share a preview of the next update for every day that the next update is late. The next update is still late, so here’s a preview image!

Oh, myyyyy! Why would Yandere-chan need a video camera in her basement? Just what does she intend to do with that thing, hmmmmm? Just what is she going to record, and for what purpose? You’re going to find out! Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I can show it off!

(By the way, the camera’s video screen actually shows an accurate display of what the camera looking at! I’m proud of that!)

165 thoughts on “May Preview #1

  1. Hm a camera? yandere chan prob gets victim naked pretend like there sending nudes but pretend they sended it to the wrong person and they will lose rep,,,

  2. Well, it wouldn’t be to show evidence of her torturing a victim, because if people found that they could turn it into the police. Maybe it’s for record of the time she spent with Senpai (*wink wink*), like the mystery tapes, but since this is a more modern time, she’s using a video camera.

  3. Maybe Yan-Chan can record a kidnapped girl doing something bad (and this could possibly be another way of having a “dark secret” to report to the counselor), and could possibly be another way to report the secret without having to take any panty shots. It’s a long shot but it’s a possibility.

  4. I have an crazy opunion(i think im spell it wrong .-.)
    Maybe its use for this:-
    Ayano need to kidnap someone and then when the night come she gonna go downstairs then record a video about her(the kidnap girl)And post it to facebook(in the computer).When the next morning,Everyone will laugh to her and say”She’s the girl!”.And senpai automatic will not love her.(the kidnap girl).And the girl(the kidnap girl)will HeartBroken and she will never say anything.And then she(the kidnap girl)will be evil too like Ayano.Then Ayano and her(the kidnap girl) will be team.(maybe not).And then Ayano will use her(the kidnap girl) to talk,gossip and kill senpai.Then Ayano will kill her(the kidnap girl)and Ayano happy forever..
    Sorry if its too long.

  5. You guys should talk nice whenever you guys are talking about something. Pornography is not the subject of this build. Don’t let YandereDev feel sad about what you guys said yet he tries his best to make the game. That’s all I have to say. Until then, BE NICE!

  6. I think she is recording her rivals best friend to show to her rival she would either come or her friend would be tortured till her sanity is lost and you know the rest

  7. If this is what I think it is, it’s probably more of why Yandere Simulator is banned from Twitch. Don’t let that discourage you from making the game, but in a game where you are torturing minors and sexually exploiting them, I can see why they dropped the hammer. Still, it would be nice to know what specifically you are getting in trouble for in case you want to make a stream-friendly version of the game.

    You know, something I think would be really messed up… taking panty shots of kidnapped victims. Even worse is if you mind break them then dress them up in your own panties in order to farm panty shots from Info-Chan.

  8. I think that there will be an option to kidnap senpai on a certain day (Like thursday or friday) and because there are cassette tapes of yandere-chans mom and her dad (AKA Melissa’s (<My head canon name for her for now) senpai) before yandere-chan was born, i think this option might allow the same thing with yandere-chan and senpai. Thats just my theory.

  9. Ohh I’m with the majority here and think that this elimination method is an extension for the kidnapping method. You’ll not only be able to kidnap Saki, but with Kokona being her best friend and your rival you’ll be able to blackmail Kokona in various ways through keeping Saki kidnapped (while torturing her), when Kokona finally has done everything you’ve told her you’ll finally bring Saki back to school only to have her kill Kokona in the end

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