May Preview #2

I’m going to cheat a little bit with today’s preview image. The following image isn’t actually content that will be appearing in the next build, but is content that will be appearing in a future build.

I could explain what’s going on in this image really easily, but I feel like it would be more fun to watch the people in the comment section speculate about it, instead…

565 thoughts on “May Preview #2

  1. Well obviously this is done to Ayano by one of her rivals. I believe Yandere Dev mention about other yanderes in the game. Perhaps a yandere rival or Info-chan?

  2. HOW CAN’T YOU ALL GUESS IT CORRECTLY?! It’s obviously yandere-chan being put into a mental asylum probably for acting crazy! yandere dev did mention he wanted to show cut-scenes or photos when text is written for a game over or when police come, this is clearly a picture of yandere-chan either being put in here by her mother, teacher or police. i may not be completely correct but this is how i imagin yandere dev is going with this…

  3. i hope this will appear in the coming build soon. i really think that there is a lack of details in the torturing part of the mindslave. maybe this could be one of the sadistic ways to create a mindslave

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