Crossover Announcement and Poll

Recently, I suggested that if Yandere Simulator were ever to have a hypothetical crossover event with another video game, it would be helpful to know which characters are the most popular ones, so that the fanbase approves of the characters who are chosen for the crossover event. I created a poll and asked people to rank 25 female characters from most-favorite to least-favorite.

Unfortunately, there were several problems with that poll! Namely:

  1. Asking people to rank 25 characters is asking too much. It’s a time-consuming and tedious task, so most people aren’t going to bother with it.
  2. There aren’t any pictures, so it’s difficult to actually participate in the poll unless you’ve memorized every character’s name.
  3. The results of the poll were more-or-less in the same order as the default order, which means that most people simply clicked “Vote” without bothering to organize the characters into a list of most-favorite to least-favorite.

As a result, the poll didn’t reach enough people, and the results of the poll don’t reflect which characters are actually the fan favorites. So, I have to try this again.

It’s time to drop the pretense that this is all just hypothetical, and tell you what’s actually going on: Yandere Simulator will be having a crossover event with a game called Project QT!

In case you’re not familiar with it, Project QT is an 18+ game that is available on the adult website That’s right – it’s a porn game!

You might be thinking, “Gasp! YandereDev! How could you do a crossover event with an adult game?!” However, I don’t think this should come as a surprise to you. I’m already aiming for an M-for-mature rating, Yandere Simulator was never intended for children, my audience is comprised mostly of adults, and Yandere-chan has already appeared in another game with adult content. So, a crossover event with an adult game strikes me as being completely natural for Yandere Sim.

You might be shocked to hear this, but there are actual multiple other crossover events and big surprises currently in the works. I haven’t publicly announced any of them yet, because I don’t like to announce things until I have cool video footage to show you. I’m making an exception for the Project QT crossover and announcing it several months in advance, because the developers would like me to poll my audience about the characters they’d prefer to see in it. (The other crossover events aren’t for adult games, by the way.)

For the reasons mentioned at the top of the blog post, my previous poll sucked, and the results are worthless. So, I asked my buddy at to set up a better poll for me. It’s got pictures, and you only have to click 5 buttons to complete it! Vastly superior to my previous poll!

So, please click this link and vote for the Yandere Sim characters that you want to see in Project QT:

(Keep in mind that the characters you select will be appearing in an erotic game; instead of voting for your “favorite” girls, you might want to vote for the girls who you think are the most sexy!)

126 thoughts on “Crossover Announcement and Poll

    • vdd eu achando que fosse algo lega U.u todo iludido pensei que ele fosse arrumar aquela gravidade bugada de mola que vara as paredes e o chão

      • Tanta coisa pra fazer no jogo e faz isso porquê diz que é um jogo adulto que merda mano muda o design dos personagens coloca um +18 no inicio do jogo e etc
        Eu achei que seria um crossover com yandere school seria muito daora.

    • Olá! Se você ainda não entendeu, Yandere Simulator, na verdade é um jogo que o desenvolvedor “YandereDev” quer que o jogo ganhe uma avaliação M para Adultos, e não para crianças, e no começo do jogo ele avisa “ESTE JOGO NÃO E PARA ADULTOS”.

      • Mas esse não é o caminho para ser e parecer um jogo adulto , ele deveria mudar o design dos estudantes para algo 2D meio 3D estilo anime , arrumar o bug do sangue que fica no ar e fazer cutscenes com impacto que dê a sensação de mudança de ambiente e clima , colocar a escola na visão do jogador muito escura onde não se pode ver nada direito é horrível porque tudo só fica esquisito e sem cor , os personagens ja deveriam ter expressões diferenciadas e vozes um pouco diferentes para cada coisa que o jogador for fazer ou quando por exemplo for visto matando , etc mas em uma expressão diferente. As vozes parecem muito articiais os personagens também porquê eles parecem sem vida , sem personalidade , sem carisma. As conselheiras são muito irritantes e atrapalham a experiência do jogador porquê você tá andando normal ela ja te olha você esbarra nela sem querer porquê ela aparece do nada e ela te empurra toda hora só por passar por você

    • reaaal
      eu não acreditando q é conteúdo nsfw, como ele quer que o jogo seja de respeito assim?
      tipo o argumento de que não é pra crianças nem paga isso, vacilo com a comunidade :/

  1. I don’t understand where the poll is? No links on the website and no polls load even after sitting on the site for 2+ min

  2. Wow! I’m extremely proud of you and this journey will lead to more spectacular opportunities for you. whenever you feel discouraged, please remember this moment and your progress throughout the years. Keep tightening up those graphics 😉

  3. I know you’ve stated in the past that the characters, despite being in highschool, are over 18… but are you not worried putting them in an erotic game is pushing it a little far? Horror is one thing, but I don’t know how I feel about this.

    I always thought the panty shot functions and sexual characters (the teacher and nurse rivals) of yansim where a satirical joke poking fun at fan-service in anime… but when you actually put these characters into a porn game its like “oh that’s not a joke anymore I’m a little creeped out”.

    • My thoughts too. Slapping a legal sticker means nothing. There is no way they are all above 18 and all still in high school and definitely not if it’s a “prestigious” school. Imagine being a terrific student that is 18 and still a freshman. It’s kind of sad to say that he wants teenagers in a hentai game and I understand why most of his fanbase doesn’t care, because most of them are probably teens and preteens. They probably don’t care to see characters their age being sexualized because that is probably how they feel with their piers. For example when you are 12 it feels normal to date 12 years old, that is obvious, but if you still feel the same way at 25 uhm you need help. Them “dating” their aged characters in a game is normal, but it’s not normal for an adult. Imagine the characters only being 14 as an extreme, those 16 to 17 year old players would now feel creeped about it but probably not 11 to 15 year old yansim players. If this is really a “mature” game then why can you date teens in a crossover.

      • There’s a simple solution. Age up the characters to look more like adults. Just because they will use characters from yansim doesn’t mean they are from the same time period the original game takes place in.

      • @Starmic, hopefully you see this comment because it’s not giving me the option to directly reply to you. Yeah that would be a good idea, but I kind of don’t he will do that. If he does, bravo! But what most likely what he will do is have the porn game give the girls the white sailor uniform which is I believe a middle school uniform after all. Yikes.

      • You know just because someone isn’t 18 years old doesn’t mean they aren’t ready for sex or aren’t mentally an adult.
        And just because I’m a teen doesn’t mean I’m not gon a find it very weird when an 17 year old hooms up with an 14 year old.
        You can’t generalize teens as if they’re all the same because they’re not and all of them are different.
        And no not all no, not all teens feel the same with their piers because again everyone is different.
        Me as an example doesn’t have any romantic or sexual interest as an example even though I’m a teen.
        Know I’m late to the conversation but just wanted to say this real quick.
        Good day or night

    • Whatever you may think, there are tons of visual novels, manga and anime with sexual contents involving high-schoolers (provided that High School in Japan starts when you’re 15, ending three years later). As a lawyer, I rely on laws because ethics are way too brittle and reliant on your country’s history, values and background: and in basically each and every civilised country, the aforementioned goods are legal. Personally speaking, I love visual novels, so I don’t dislike H scenes too: as long as they don’t involve children (pre-Japanese High School age range, so 14 yo and lower), of course. Possibile legal discriminants could be the fitness to plead (which is a codified and way more extensive concept in civil law systems, unlike common law ones) and the minimum age required for marriage (e.g., in many European countries a judge may allow, under special circumstances, a 16 or 17 yo individual to marry).

    • To clarify, I dont think this reflects Yandev’s character, I genuinely think he just didn’t think about it cause they’re anime characters and he just wanted to do a crossover with a game he likes…

      I’m just a little concerned as a fan of YanSim. Especially with Hanako being included in the poll… it’s a little… icky.

    • Totally agree. I find the “fan-service” in anime and stuff to be obnoxious and degrading, some of the game’s sexual themes make me a bit uncomfortable, but it feels more like a ridiculous play or joke on the common trope, especially since Ayano literally calls it disgusting and calls it out. Especially after saying he didn’t want to be compared to those banned twitch games, this feels very off….

      Even if you just try to claim theyre over 18 or make them look older in this other game, it still feels creepy and weird. Imagine doing that with other characters from other media that are younger than 18…its still weird and creepy. It’s like you already see them sexually when theyre younger, but you dont want to be called out so you just claim theyre older or whatever so people dont get mad. Doesn’t change the fact you’re still sexualizing young girls.

      • You are right. I’m sad to see that Midori, Oka and Info Chan are the top picks. Because those are some of my favorites and they’re not even legal. For example, on the wiki, Oka is 16, Info Chan is 17 and Midori is 15 – 16. This game will ruin these characters and there’s no way to stop it. It’s also quite clear that he just wants to make it OBVIOUS that Yandere Simulator isn’t for babies. And even though he says most of his audience is “adults,” with Youtubers like Ihascupquake, LaurenZside, Markiplier and some Minecraft Youtubers, it would be very easy for a child to become a fan of the game. I am living proof of that. I have been following Yandere Simulator ever since I was as young as 9 years old. I am 13 now but THAT’S how serious it can get. All those “adults” are most likely just children who got access to their parent’s google account. Or have just lied about their age. Anyway, this is not a very good direction for the game to be in. We just want to play the game and not see something like this because it’s disgusting and we’ll never be able to see our favorite characters the same way ever again.

      • Yeah, it’s really creepy if I’m honest. I don’t even think it’s an acceptable excuse to say he “just didn’t think about it”, because we’ve already gone through this over and over with things like the panty shot mechanic and suggestive fan art. It’s been adressed over and over and still what type of game does he pick for a crossover, offering only one character that is explicitly of age? A straight up and down porn game with the excuse “yansim isn’t for kids anyway!!” Even if Yansim is (supposed to be) rated M, it’s still a far cry from an anime porn game. Using highschool characters.

        But of course people overlook it because it’s anime with the “she’s in highschool but she’s older!” sticker slapped on, and somehow that blurs the line for people. Ugh the demo isn’t even finished and this happens.

        (Oh yeah and not to mention the “little sister” is in that poll. And she’s not even in highschool at the least. But she’s listed as the one you can pick as the “most sexy”. Great job yandev. Great. Job.)

      • Like I said in another post just because an character is under the age of 18 doesn’t mean they aren’t rea6sy for sex or mentally mature.
        People already have sex under 18 and that’s completely fine.
        Plus this collab won’t effect the game in any way so why should it even matter if they’re sexualized or not they’re anime character and aren’t real people.
        And no I’m not a pedo for saying that or whatever you’re thinking I’m not an one dimensional person.
        If you were not thinking that good!

      • @Genki actually no it’s kind of disgusting technically you aren’t mentally prepared even at 18 because you know you’re brain is still developing into your mid 20s. You’re in the minority that thinks it wouldn’t be weird for a 17 year old to have sex with a 14 year old. First they shouldn’t be having sex at that age (they should atleast get finished with high school). Just imagine being pregnant at 14 hmmm I wonder how that would work (oh it wouldn’t) looks like you either abort or keep the baby. Just because you say someone is mentally prepared for sex doesn’t mean it’s right, I mean someone also could be mentally prepared for killing someone so does that make it right?

    • The characters’ are children. Simply children. Their official ages range from either 14 or 15 to 18. And think about Senpai’s little sister. Her age is probably supposed to be around 13, and she will be a rival that you can murder, kidnap, torture, and do other horrible things to. YanDev is sick for this. Just extremely sick.

  4. Dude, just because you want to do an adult game DOESN’T MEAN IT HAS TO BE A PORN GAME. unless you get yandere chan and senpai’s cutseen

    • Hello! Like is explained in the blog, YandereDev says that he is going to do a crossover, not putting it on the game, will only maybe add some characters.

  5. I have a theory for Yandere simulator. I think that the Aishi family are a weapon for the Saikou family, they are used to kill people they need dead to maybe get back at other families. So when she met one boy that she felt emotions for they knew all the other girls liked them. Or Taro could also be a form of weapon that makes girls automatically attracted to him. But back to Ayano being a weapon she could malfunction and kill Megami or perhaps megami got under the influence of Taro and ayano killed her before they could help. My theory is probably wrong but I wanted to get thoughts on it.

  6. I think i would hidde it more not just say it so directly because i think that there will be people who make Hentais about their “favorite” Carackters (if there not already are some). @Howl Puns, @Ryu and other people already said everything at all but it kinda hit my heart 😅

    (Maybe I understand it wrong because I’m from Austria, and soory if you my English is horrible 😛 But I will still follow the development ♥️♥️🍫)
    Have fun at the project 😜

  7. Look yandere dev, I’ll be honest, I don’t think it’s a good idea! I’m a little scared, since I think like many people that Yandere Simulator is a horror game and it doesn’t mean that ys isn’t an adult game, but that doesn’t mean either That it has to be a porn game, the truth is that I do not feel that I can give a good image to the characters because in case Yandere Chan is VERY sexualized, and well we do not count Muja Kina, Genka Kunahito, mida rana etc. .
    that if they are people in themselves very EROTIC, and I think that if he gets into so many games he could be classified as a porn game, and many problems that could unite you would be harmed, I am somewhat worried about your decision, but you choose!
    Many kisses Yandere Dev, Happy New Year! ;3

  8. Sayende oyundan soğudum. Bok ettin oyunu da kendini de (sn zatn oöyleydn de neyse) . Sen kendini düşünden sadece daha popüler olmaya çalışan para meraklısından başka bişe değilsin sen bir cahilsin dostum lanet şey ölü bok

  9. just gonna say this, it’s a pretty bad idea to include high school characters in a porn game crossover. It’s incredibly creepy by itself, especially considering that you included someone’s little sister in the poll. There is absolutely no way that every single person attending a high school would be 18. Pandering to loli creeps is absolutely not a good form of publicity for the game.

    • I think that the game does say at the start that they’re all depicted as 18, if otherwise specified, something like that.

      • The sister is confirmed to be 2 years behins everyone, and is still on the poll. At the most, she is 16. We already went through the problems that came up with her before. And she’s still on the poll. For a porn game. Put in a line up where you should “vote for the most sexy” one.
        Just putting up “they’re all 18!” does nothing, and doesn’t even work when characters are canonically younger than others. The only character that is for sure of age on that vote is the mom.
        It’s just a sloppy disclaimer to avoud backlash, usually used by people who draw underaged shit. And usually people would get called out for that, but apparently some people can’t get past the crappy anime logic here.

  10. Look I get you intend for this to make it more mature, but that isn’t what a porn game does. A porn game is like a different category of mature, it’s a category that most adults or mature audiences aren’t comfortable with or take as seriously and if they know that parts of your game are in it, far less will take your whole game as seriously as you want the game to be.
    The game is mature thanks to gore and that’s fine, it’s a horror game. The panty shots are something that aren’t sexual enough for most people to care about, given underwear commercials are a normal thing. I get that when things get popular some fans will eventually sexual it, but that’s much more different than what you are doing.
    I get that’s it’s your decision, but it seems like this needs to be considered more. This game is reaching a stage where it’ll need fundraising, reputation is important to consider thoroughly.
    Sorry if this sounds like a flame, it isn’t. It’s just constructive criticism. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  11. For the record (on the first poll made), it was a tie between Ayano and Megami for top rank for me.
    Anyway, interesting that Yandere Dev has decided to aim for a M-rating game, because many months… or years… ago, he wasn’t sure whether to go for a T-rating, or M-rating at the time, correct? And to think about the game, the direction it’s going: what you’re capable of doing, what happens in the game, what the other characters are doing, and so on… it actually makes sense and I think rating it Mature is suitable.

  12. but during the whole thing with Twitch, it was constantly noted he didn’t want to be compared to dirty porn games etc. that were also on the banned list….yet literally puts them in a porn game? I’m usually all for his decisions or see why he does the things he’s does but this makes no sense to me really.

    Also, I agree with others, theres a difference between like a horror/thriller experience and this, especially when murder/gore is optional in the game. This is more or less going to force fans to see inappropriate images etc that they don’t want to see or are very sensitive to just because they like the game. Also, theyre high school students. I don’t care how many times you can try to claim “every character is over 18!!”, it makes no sense(especially with senpai’s sister) and the characters are still depicted as high school students. Very uncomfortable, creepy, and extremely sensitive for some people, especially girls who’ve experienced inappropriate sexualization, especially as high schoolers or younger.

    Happy someone reached out and wanted to collab, but this feels like a inappropriate and hypocritical move. Hopefully if it happens, fans don’t have to come by this content without their consent often or it isn’t obsessively shoved down our throats by other fans.

    • @Stupid Maysar
      wow yes !, it is something hypocritical, and CLEAR to this day the characters of ys are very BUT VERY sexualized and obviously that can cause the game to be taken as something pornographic ….

    • Honestly! Over and over we keep doing this stupid dance, pointing out how highschoolers shouldn’t be sexualized, how rated M doesn’t cover some scenes, how things can still go to far. Abd over and over he claims that’s not what kind of creator he wants to be, not the kind of game he wants it to be. When it comes to making money he’ll whine, promising Twitch and Youtube his game isn’t related to porn. But then he turns right around and implements something else gross, and asks his fanbase to vote which teen character is “the most sexy” for a porn game. And this isn’t even the first time this has happened, several other suggestive games have also included yandere chan without the promo. But this is an explicit collab. For a straight up porn game.

      Out of all the gane decisions this has to be the worst, and it doesn’t even relate to development. Ugh, gross.

      (And not to mention “my fanbase is mostly adults!”, and yet I’ve seen tons of people in this comment section alone that are apparently around 13. Wow!)

  13. That’s…that’s such a hypocritical move. Yandere Dev, I typically go along with any of your choices for the game but this is…just what? I honestly can’t believe you right now. I did the poll out of curiosity for who voted who to see if my choices lined up with favorites rather than “who’s sexier? Hmm?~” and now that I’ve thought about it, I feel like I’ve been let down by you.

    If you’re wondering why I said it’s a hypocritical move, it’s because of what you’ve always said about Yandere Simulator: It’s meant to be taken seriously. This semi-marketing move is so bad for both your image and the game’s image especially since you spent a good portion of your time complaining that Twitch lumped YS into the category of adult anime games despite you not wanting the game to be associated as or with such a game.
    You always say, “I want my audience to take this game seriously and not think of this game as your typical “simulator” game where things are meant for fun and laughs or inappropriateness and adult-themes.” That’s an amazing goal but it’s kinda hard to take a game seriously when its most notable crossover is with a porn game…which is something meant for pleasure and not meant to be taken seriously. It wasn’t a problem with Crush Crush because that game was more a tease-here-and-there game. Project QT is a, “You own a bunch of sexy anime girls and fornicate with them…oh and you can level them up and give them things” game.

    You want your current audience to have the mindset of, “Yandere Simulator is a thriller game! It’s action packed, gory, and has great lore to it!” and you want newcomers to be met with a girly cute anime game masking a sinister theme but then you come around and say, “GUYS LOOK! MY CHARACTERS ARE GONNA BE SEXY ANIME GIRLS YOU CAN LEVEL UP AND HAVE SEX WITH! COOL, RIGHT?”. So now I’m just confused on what goal you even want…
    Is your target audience people looking for gore or people who saw your characters in a porn game? Because having both will cause problems. Do you want Twitch to unban Yandere Simulator or not? Because being associated with Project QT will make Twitch keep a firm grip on that ban button. Is Yandere Simulator actually meant to be taken seriously or is everything just for jokes, laughs, and occasional adult themes? Because it’s near impossible for your audience to say both without making newcomers think the whole game is meant to be a sarcastically serious game. Despite that, keep up the good work on the game. You’re making a lot more progress than before and that’s truly amazing.

    • @chicachoo is the best answer anyone could have given, it is not sarcasm !, it shows that you are wise in your words and really know the subject, and I agree with you! I think Yandere Simulator should be a non-pornographic SUSPENSE game or anything like that …..

    • THANK YOU. I dont understand why anyone thinks it would be a good idea, you put what I was trying to say into words. Just the mere thought of this game being associated with a full-on porn game is fucking disgusting. Theres already a ton of them out there, this is just sad.

  14. Here’s an idea! Maybe instead of doing this disturbing crossover, you could actually FINISH THE GAME! The game doesn’t even have a rival YandereDev! Your fans have been waiting for several years. I understand that you need time to develop the game, but when the game/blog updates looks like THIS it pisses me off! Maybe this was a personal goal for yourself, because CLEARLY you aren’t doing this for your fans. **eyefreakingroll** This game was supposed to be for the MATURE not for the DISGUSTING!

  15. This is really gross and very disgusting. It’s completely fine to want a mature horror game, however putting these characters into pornographic games is not only sickening, but concerning. These may be ’18 year olds’, but they’re /not/ seen as such. They are in high school and are teenagers. Sure, you’ve slapped a legal sticker on there, but this is horrid coming from a grown man. Many fans are not bothered as most of them are teens or preteens, so they feel as if it is normal, but it isn’t. I’m repulsed. “They’re eighteen.” That’s said simply so things like this nature can happen. It wouldn’t be far to use the term pedophilic in this situation.

  16. I guess we must all take a moment to remind ourselves: Alex is the director of Yandere Simulator. His will is ultimate, no matter how much you like the game, or how much you’ve grown attached to some characters, it’s still his game. If you feel like you are going to be seen as a pervert for liking Yandere Simulator, don’t play QT or Crush Crush and don’t post anything about it online. You can still enjoy something while staying quiet about it. Yandere Dev does not care at all about the rep this crossover will have in the original game and he already thought about it way before making this blog post. If you are still concerned about the characters and pedophilia, remember that all characters are 18+ even if stated otherwise. Yandere Simulator is a fictional game, if YanDev says they’re 18, they’re 18 and that’s final. All character designs were requested by him, making him the owner of said characters, meaning he is able to do whatever he wishes with them.

  17. Let me say this as my personal opinion: we’re talking about fictional characters who literally exist in whatever form their creator wants them to. If YanDev says they are all 18, then they are. If he says they are all cyborgs from Chicago that only look like humans then they are. Chronologically, NONE of the characters are 18 because YanDev hasn’t been working on the game for that long even if it feels like it sometimes! 😉

    If the mere youthful appearance of a character is bothering anyone, then I have to say that’s a matter of personal taste and biology. Biologically, humans are “adults” when able to produce their own offspring and that can be VERY young. Expecting humans to completely ignore their own biological reproductive impulses, which are the primary drivers for sexual desires, is nonsensical. However, unlike animals, we humans actually do have concepts like CONSENT for real-life encounters.

    Fiction is fantasy and therefore can be literally about anything for any reason.

    These characters are murdered brutally on a regular basis. Being concerned about depicting them sexually when the violence hasn’t already made you walk away strikes me as little more than a relic of Puritanism or some other such psychological hang up about sex and nudity and such.

    I repeat myself: fiction is fantasy. We can enjoy a game that involves brutal murder by a yandere. We can also enjoy a game that involves getting into said yandere’s pantsu. It’s OKAY. It’s not REAL. Anyone that can’t make that distinction is a nut.

    Personally, as long as the art is clearly and easily distinguishable from images of real humans, then I don’t feel that there is any problem whatsoever in depicting any character, of any apparent age, in any way at all except what anyone, as an individual, enjoys seeing.

    I support YanDev in the crossover. Whether I end up playing the game or not is another question (honestly, never heard of it before now) but I support the creator in whatever creative choices he makes which do not offend me. If you are offended, then that’s your right. I see no problem with any of this and I say to anyone that does that you’re welcome to your opinions and tastes but please afford me the same rights.

    We should all be able to put fiction and fantasy into one box and reality into another. If we can’t, then we have a censorship problem and I find censorship far more offensive than anime teens doing naughty things.

    Just my personal views and I’m not trying to start any arguments. I’m just commenting as someone that has been lurking around here for ages.

  18. YandereDev, you probably won’t see this,but I think it’s a bad idea to do a crossover with a porn game,you said that you wanted that people take the game serious and didn’t want the game from being permanetely banned from Twitch,the newcomers may think if they play the crossover first and play yandere simulator after that YandereSimulator is just a porn game instead of being a serious game that involves social sabotage,stealh skills and more,Just think of it,but it’s your decision not my decision.

  19. I also think that Uekiya Engeika is too adorable and cute to be in a porn game,I know that many people didn’t vote her,but I can’t see her being a part of a porn game,she’s my favorite character of YandereSim,when the game is complete I want to befriend her and use her to eliminate the rivals.

  20. Hey YandereDev, I know that this isn’t where to contact you, but I don’t want to waste your time with an email, I got a popup ad on YouTube about playing Yandere Simulator on Windows, and I just want to ask, are you, at all, connected with this site? Or is it a virus waiting to happen if you click download?

    • I have seen the ad too and it’s very confusing as it doesn’t lead to YanDev’s blogpost where the normal link is. It leads to a site I have never heard of before

  21. rule 34 artists realizing their hard work is about to be negated by a game: 0.0

    the poll mentions that other factors will be considered when choosing characters for the game, so i’m wondering if they’re planning on bypassing all the drama by just including the canon adults. on that note, why isn’t mida rana winning? out of all the options listed, she’s the one who would actually want to be in a porn game.

  22. Hello guys I am Brazil and it’s already new year here and the time’s difference is about 5 hours so now it’s 1:23 a.m here but in there it’s 8:23 p.m so I’ll sleep and wait the time for being appropriate for YandereDev to post I hope the video

  23. Hmm, I dunno, YanDev is indeed free to do that since it’s his characters and his game. But i feel that something like this (and apparently the future porn game crossovers that are on the works) is gonna affect both his and the game’s reputation negatively.
    I haven’t seen Ayano the same way ever since I saw her tits in Crush Crush, now I’m trying to imagine how new/returning players will see important characters after watching them being ‘officially’ impaled with big dicks (lol).
    Either he has the game taken seriously like he has stated many times or he has official porn of his characters made, can’t have both.

  24. Okay, the crossover with Crush Crush was ALREADY pushing it. I wasn’t botheted too much because it wasn’t too obvious about having porn in it. Even though it does, you have to pay for it. This new game from my research is going to be free?! They overexaggerated ALL of the girls with big boobs snd slutty clothes. Its pretty obvious what the game is meant to be. If you honestly go through with this, I will not be supporting the game when the kickstarter arrives. Out of sll games to partner with, its a fucking porn game? How stereotypical. At least there are some grown men in the comments who have the sense to realize that this won’t be a good idea. Not trying to sound sexist, but the main demographic for the people who play these kimds of games are male.

  25. There’s sadly a difference between types of “mature”. I’m not sure being associated with a porn game on a larger scale is a good way for a game to be taken “seriously”, at least by a large portion of the type of people that Yandere Sim ended up appealing to in the first place.

    Of course,this isn’t actually the first cross over with a hentai game. That was Crush Crush. I can’t help but feel it might have been better to keep things on the downlow here anyways though (although I don’t recall how much the Crush Crush cross over was hyped)

  26. This is awful and disgusting, saying that high school girls are +18 doesn’t change how much this type of content helps pedophilia across the world, besides to not mention how this ruin the image of the characters in this game and transforms into something disgusting, if you wish to make a porn games or sexual explicit games then make it, but it’s a great lack of sense of you to put such thing in a game that happens in a HIGH SCHOOL after everything you built.

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