Crossover Announcement and Poll

Recently, I suggested that if Yandere Simulator were ever to have a hypothetical crossover event with another video game, it would be helpful to know which characters are the most popular ones, so that the fanbase approves of the characters who are chosen for the crossover event. I created a poll and asked people to rank 25 female characters from most-favorite to least-favorite.

Unfortunately, there were several problems with that poll! Namely:

  1. Asking people to rank 25 characters is asking too much. It’s a time-consuming and tedious task, so most people aren’t going to bother with it.
  2. There aren’t any pictures, so it’s difficult to actually participate in the poll unless you’ve memorized every character’s name.
  3. The results of the poll were more-or-less in the same order as the default order, which means that most people simply clicked “Vote” without bothering to organize the characters into a list of most-favorite to least-favorite.

As a result, the poll didn’t reach enough people, and the results of the poll don’t reflect which characters are actually the fan favorites. So, I have to try this again.

It’s time to drop the pretense that this is all just hypothetical, and tell you what’s actually going on: Yandere Simulator will be having a crossover event with a game called Project QT!

In case you’re not familiar with it, Project QT is an 18+ game that is available on the adult website That’s right – it’s a porn game!

You might be thinking, “Gasp! YandereDev! How could you do a crossover event with an adult game?!” However, I don’t think this should come as a surprise to you. I’m already aiming for an M-for-mature rating, Yandere Simulator was never intended for children, my audience is comprised mostly of adults, and Yandere-chan has already appeared in another game with adult content. So, a crossover event with an adult game strikes me as being completely natural for Yandere Sim.

You might be shocked to hear this, but there are actual multiple other crossover events and big surprises currently in the works. I haven’t publicly announced any of them yet, because I don’t like to announce things until I have cool video footage to show you. I’m making an exception for the Project QT crossover and announcing it several months in advance, because the developers would like me to poll my audience about the characters they’d prefer to see in it. (The other crossover events aren’t for adult games, by the way.)

For the reasons mentioned at the top of the blog post, my previous poll sucked, and the results are worthless. So, I asked my buddy at to set up a better poll for me. It’s got pictures, and you only have to click 5 buttons to complete it! Vastly superior to my previous poll!

So, please click this link and vote for the Yandere Sim characters that you want to see in Project QT:

(Keep in mind that the characters you select will be appearing in an erotic game; instead of voting for your “favorite” girls, you might want to vote for the girls who you think are the most sexy!)

126 thoughts on “Crossover Announcement and Poll

  1. I believe this is a good thing, as the game will have more association with other titles that are not meant for children. This should help anyone who does not know the game to be more prepared for content aimed more towards adults, specifically murder. I would also like to point out the difficulty of the game, as someone who does not often play stealth based games, I do find it difficult at times in the debug build, which is also a good thing as it is important to point out that children would not be able to progress in the game.

    • I have to disagree, yes he wants to prove its not a children’s game, but he doesn’t have to do it in a vulgar manner. Do you think adults only like murder and sex? No, it wouldn’t be hard for children to play it….

      • When you look at other adult games then it’s also easy to play them.
        And I mean he is an adult and I would assume he has an understanding of adulthood by now and would not think adults only like murder and sex.
        Also when did sexualization become vulgar of all things???

      • It’s generally easy to play games. I only came up with that conclusion, because of the topic. Sex is considered vulgar *lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined*. To be honest I’m not sure he knows what adulthood is lol (well that’s if you look at his work ethic). I’m sure he’s lovely guy and I was replying to the comment. I’m not sure why he’s collabing with an adult company.

    • The characters aren’t of age. Only a few of them are even in a grade that they could realistically also be 18

    • IKR! DDLC is in my opinion perfect for Yandere Simulator! But i dont understand why Yandere Dev HAD to put an adult porn game. Just because Yander Simulator is a adult game, doesnt mean that it HAS to collab with another game that has to do with porn!

  2. I’m gonna be the first to point this out.
    No, this isn’t pedophilla, all the students that are in Yandere sim are all 17-18 years old which is the legal age of consent for dating or having sex with people

  3. Really shocking how this is being defended. You can’t have highschool students whose obvious ages are 15-18 and pretend that just by saying “all characters are depicted as 18+”, makes it okay. Yandere Dev knows well that the characters in his game are underage. And the fact that he always says “yandere simulator isn’t for children!” is so funny to me, because it’s quite evident by just looking through his youtube comments that his fanbase is consists solely of preteens. Anyway, I’m getting off track. Yandere Dev can continue to censor people who call him out, but it doesn’t change the fact that him having his underage characters in a p!rn game is illegal, and extremely immoral and sickening.

    • ****FUN FACT TIME**** It is his game. He does whatever the hell he wants to do with it. If you have an issue, leave. The characters are 18+ and the game is meant to be for adults and adults only.

  4. Wow. Just realized you have senpai’s little sister in the poll. Shes supposed to be, what, 13? 12? you are a deeply disturbed individual.

  5. if you are doing the crossover can you at least make a setting in the debug menu to disable the sexualized stuff because lots of preteens play this. i know some preteens who plays yandere simulator. Like “disable sexuality” or, “censor all sexuality”

  6. You all need to shut up.
    1. The characters are interpreted to be over 18, the game is going for an M rating and if it gets AO then guess what, it’ll all be fixed because it can’t be on home consoles with AO, and major retail chains like Walmart, Target, or BestBuy, the most common places to buy games, only accept games that are below an Adults Only rating, so if he wants to sell the game at relevant stores, he has to have an M rating, which states a game is . (But guess how unlikely it is that it gets AO)
    2. As he has stated, children shouldn’t play the game. Its not YandereDev’s fault if parents don’t regulate the media their child views.
    3. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)’s page clearly states that the M rating is for audiences 17 and above, which is the rating that YandereDev is trying to get.
    4, And finally, the characters are his property, they belong to him. They are his. He can do whatever he wants with them. They are however old he says they are. If he wants to put them in a porn game, he can put them in a porn game. Leave him alone and let him do what he wants with his property.
    Now of course, children can play the game. They can go to the webside or wordpress and download the game. Is it YandereDev’s fault that they are downloading a game meant for adults and viewing content meant for adults? No. It is their parents. You cannot blame YandereDev for making a game when it is quite obviously the parent’s fault.

      • Damn, a whole load of issues. Very end, i meant to say “You cannot blame YandereDev for making a game when it is quite obviously the parent’s fault for not watching over their children.”.
        Make sure to re-read before you post, kids. Who don’t need to be on this page in the first place.

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