It’s The Most Murderous Time of the Year

Merry Christmas!

Thanks to the amazing Michaela Laws and dreamcharlie, I was able to maintain my yearly tradition of releasing a yandere-themed parody of a popular holiday song on Christmas! This one might be my new favorite; check it out!

Click “Continue Reading” to see some Christmas-themed fan art that I’d like to share!

First, here’s a grumpy Yandere-chan from okqwerq!

Next, here’s a Yandere Sim gingerbread cookie that a fan showed me!

Last year, Nipkango drew some Christmas-themed artwork that I meant to share, but forgot about. I kept it in a folder for 1 year, waiting for Christmas to roll around so I could post it again; and here it is!

There are two versions. A safe version…

…and a more gorey, disturbing version. I’ll let you decide if you want to click it!

I have one last image to share. I’ve had it since 2017, and sadly, I’ve lost the artist’s name. Their signature is written at the bottom-left corner, but I can’t quite read it. Although I’m unfortunately unable to name them or link to their other work, I’d like to share their beautiful illustration with you, anyway!

That’s all for now!

I’m aiming to release a video on January 1st about the current state of Osana. I hope you’ll look forward to it!

21 thoughts on “It’s The Most Murderous Time of the Year

  1. Happy Holidays Yandere Dev.
    I’ll be looking forward to the latest build.

    Also, Merry Christmas you Filthy Animal *gunshots* and a Happy New Year *gunshots*. Hope you understood the reference

  2. I have a few ideas for the next year’s song, thought they aren’t very good:
    Bodies around the Christmas tree (Rocking around the Christmas tree)
    All I want for Christmas is you (But more about the yandere aspect, such as killing girls just so they can be together during the holidays(
    Deck the halls with student’s bodies, Fah lalalalah, lalalala(Basically the Lovesick title screen)
    I hope you might consider these of you have any problem finding a title next year! Much love to you during the holidays and I hope you’ve had a good one.

  3. This post is just about a random realization I’ve had about something in Yandere Simulator, that is most likely meaningless and no one will care about. So everyone should just ignore me, because literally the only reason I’m posting this is because I can’t stop thinking about it now that I’ve thought it.

    It’s kind of weird that Akademi High still has bloomers (those itty-bitty athletic shorts) as part of the girls uniform, even though Yandere Dev has changed the delinquents character models from their original 80s style to the modern style, (because he thought the delinquents having the delinquent style from the 80s in a game set in modern day was weird).
    The reason it’s weird that Akademi High as bloomers as part of the uniform, is because Japanese schools phased bloomers out of the girls gym uniform back in the 90s, due to teen girls everywhere feeling very uncomfortable wearing them, and the fact that they often didn’t cover the girl’s actual underwear.

    So one of three things has happened here:
    The first option, is that he’s using the bloomers as the uniform, because the bloomers have been immortalized in anime and manga, even if they haven’t been used in actual schools in decades, and Yandere Sim is supposed to look like an anime style dating sim.
    The second, is that the idea of using a more modern version of a gym uniform has just not occurred to Yandere Dev, because just about all anime and manga uses bloomers as the girls gym uniform.
    While the third (and only in game universe reason), is that Akademi High and by extension the Saiko Corperation which controls the school, is a lot more perverted than we all initially thought.

      • Ayıp olan yan dev ‘in fanlarına verdigi sözleri tutmaması . oyunun ne halde olduğunun farkında değil misin hala ?

    • Öncelikle geç cevap için özür dilerim, ama 4 yıl uzun bir süre olsada Yan dev ona yardım eden hayranları ve bazen onunla birlikte çalışma yapan bazı şirketler dışında neredeyse tamamen yalnız bu kadar uzun sürmesinin nedeni bence bu ve bence gayet normal

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