Character Popularity Rankings

Are you familiar with “gacha” games? In a gacha game, the central mechanic is the ability to use virtual currency to obtain a random character. Collecting every character can be super fun!

Some gacha games exclusively feature female characters. Personally, I’m addicted to Azur Lane, a game about collecting girls that represent warships from WW2. It was the inspiration for the Shipgirl easter egg!

Sometimes, a gacha game will have a “crossover” event with another game, and you’ll be able to collect characters that come from a completely different franchise for a limited time. (For example, there was an event where the girls from Hyperdimension Neptunia were available in Azur Lane for a few weeks). It’s always super cool to see characters cross from one franchise into another!!

…why am I talking about this? Well…

As a purely hypothetical thought experiment, let’s imagine that, hypothetically, a popular gacha game would like to have a crossover event with Yandere Simulator. In this hypothetical event, six female characters from Yandere Sim will become available in the gacha game, and you can collect them and send them into battle!

Hypothetically, if this were to happen, the developer of the gacha game would want to know the six most popular female characters among the Yandere Sim fanbase.

…anyway, on a completely unrelated note, I’d like to ask you to rank some female characters from Yandere Simulator from most favorite to least favorite!

I know that ranking 30 characters in a specific order is a potentially time-consuming request, but if you could do this for me, it would help me out a lot!

I understand that it might be difficult to form a meaningful opinion about some of these characters, since they haven’t actually appeared in-game yet. So, if you’re having trouble ranking them, just imagine that, hypothetically, you’re deciding which ones would be the most fun to collect in a gacha game.

Okay, that’s all I wanted to say! Time for me to get back to work! Have a great day!

45 thoughts on “Character Popularity Rankings

  1. Top. 1. Ayano, 2. Info-chan, 3, Kokona, 4. Rocker-bae. ( oka somewhere in top). Bottom was def, Mida Rana, Muja, Hanako and osana, can’t stand them. Was a fun poll. Also interesting to see only one of the Basu sisters listed, I’m guessing there are plans for certain interactions.

  2. Yadere Dev, because all students have the same sizes, can you make them different sizes?
    And , why the all studentยดs have strange physics .Don’t get me wrong but, students have the physics as if it were a spring or are going through walls like Osana’s when you lower your head near some wall and stand in the air. This is MY opnion..
    And whatยดs happening to new models on Yandere Simulator that you said some time ago , I know these requests of mine are extremely difficult to make but that’s what I would like.

  3. Midori is definatly in my top! I hope to see Osana, Ayano(of course), and Oka! I hope all the hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge stuff at the possiblity of this actually happening is real! Will def play just for Yandete sim content ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. I feel like I’m the only one obsessed with Raibaru. Haha. Gotta love my girl’s Kokona, Kizana, Megami, and Midori some love too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I dont care as long as kokona and midori are there just because of their popularity.

    Also I would think that osana and Infochan and yanchan should be in it

  6. Let’s say that, HYPOTHETICALLY, it might be nearing the end of the near, in which case, someone might, HYPOTHETICALLY, wish you a good holiday season!

  7. Ayano,kashiko,Midori,mai waifu,osana, kokona ^o^ or if not miyuji I would like to see these characters are very striking especially kashiko and miyuji

  8. Had an idea.

    If hanako or nemisis are picked they ate the same person. In gacha games they have super moves. So maybe have hanako and her supernova be nemesis.

  9. “Iโ€™m addicted to Azur Lane”

    Congratulations Yan-Dev, you just lost a fan. Anyone who likes this pro Communist Kantai Collection rip-off shit gets no respect from me.

  10. Wow! This ranking could be somewhat useful to yandere Dev cause this ranking could give him more info on what rank he could pick by. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I can’t believe you forgot Inkyu Basu!! She’s one of my most favorite characters in this game!
    I mean, I know it doesn’t really matter if I’m the only one rating her that high…
    Besides that, good idea, it was fun doing this anyway

    • There’s A LOT characters missing after all.
      Inkyu Basu, Horuda Puresu, Saki Miyu, Mai Waifu, Kuu Dere, Kokoro Momoiro, Hana Daidaiyama, Hoshiko Mizudori, Kashiko Murasaki, Ajia Ashitomi, Beruma Dinkuri, Dafuni Bureiku, Beshi Takamine, Dora Tamamoto, Maka Tansei, Efude Nurimono, Gita Yamahato, Himari Fujita, Tsubaki Uesugi, Sakura Hagiwara, Sumire Suzuki, Homu Kurusu, Meka Nikaru, Kiba Kawaito, Kokuma Jutsu, Supana Churu, Mina Rai, Shima Shita and Tokuko Kitagawa.
      And what about Taeko Yamada, Fun Girl (if there’s also Magical Girl PM and Yamiko) or the Teachers/ Nurse (as one character to rank; if there’s also the gym teacher and the guidance counselor)? (The rainbow girls, bathroom ghost etc. not to mention)

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna complain about the ranking! I know that most of the listed girls might not be relevant in this case. I just wanna say if you’re trying to get an accurate overview about the favorite female characters of this game (also for this kind of stuff), you should list every character.

  12. As one of the player of Azur Lane i don’t approve this. This is such a pathetic attempt so that YandereDev can have have collab with Azur Lane, i doubt Azur Lane would want to collab with a cheap, messy, underdevelop games like Yandere Sim. Theres a reasons why TinyBluilds (an indie game developer) stop working with YandereDev. He couldn’t take an advice nor a critism, it would be a hell if Azur Lane Dev have to deal with a nuisance like him plus the collab will probably be postponed alot because YandereDev is a lazy shit and you can see it from the Osana update that never happened. So please for the love of god no just no.

  13. looking at that character list just reminded me of how absolutely terrible and horrendous all these character names are. you would save yourself a LOT of cringe if you changed literally every single one of the characters name prior to official release<3

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  16. I voted in your poll, but most of the characters don’t mean much to me either way. Most of them are just students in a school, no more and no less. Of course Yandere Chan is my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ Osana is my 2nd favorite only because she’s the first rival who has been your focus for the past year — that may change when you get more rivals implemented in the coming years. The “indestructible girl” is my 3rd favorite. I put Info Chan last simply because that’s unrealistic IMO for a student to have her own secret high-tech super-computer base inside a high school — I know she’s essential to the game, so I’m not suggesting you take her out — she’s just my least favorite for the reason stated. The guidance counselor doesn’t seem like very a sympathetic character either — maybe she’s not supposed to be, but in my experience (heh-heh) guidance counselors are more savvy than you give them credit for — they know who the “good” kids and the “bad” kids are — you set up a “good” kid for a crime she didn’t commit, the guidance counselor is gonna smell something fishy. That’s all.

  17. I don’t play gacha games, I play Gโ™‚Aโ™‚Cโ™‚Hโ™‚Iโ™‚Gโ™‚Aโ™‚Mโ™‚Eโ™‚S

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