May 9th Save/Load Bug Fixes

The Saving/Loading feature continues to improve! To see a list of everything that was fixed or added, scroll down past this adorable artwork of Horuda Puresu by Tooth Pasta!

Oh, did you think I was done sharing Tooth Pasta’s art? Think again!

One more!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If a Student Council member runs to the teachers to report a murder and discovers that all teachers are dead, they will realize what kind of danger they are in, and will run out of school and call the police.
  • Fixed bug that would cause delinquents to freeze in place if the player loaded a save and then defeated a delinquent in the combat minigame before the delinquent had walked through the school gate.
  • If you save the game while a student is carrying a dropped object back to its original location, the game should now accurately re-create those circumstances upon loading that save file.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent defeated delinquents from performing the right animations or sitting on the bench after loading a save where delinquents had been defeated.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from removing a delinquent weapon from the delinquent’s back if the player loaded a save where a delinquent had dropped a weapon.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from ever being able to place another note in a locker if one student rejected a note.
  • Students will no longer investigate loud music coming from a bathroom, the incinerator area, or the headmaster’s room.
  • The state of doors (whether they were open or closed when the game was saved) is now recorded when Saving/Loading.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from equipping a weapon onto Yandere-chan when reloading a save.
  • Fixed bug that would cause delinquent weapons to be in weird positions when reloading a save.

168 thoughts on “May 9th Save/Load Bug Fixes

  1. I have got idea for tasks bullies

    Kashiko Murasaki – I think Saky and Inkiu have some secrets … Please watch them and tell me what they’re up to.
    What?! That’s not true … Thanks a lot.

    You are boring ….

    Hoshiko Mizudori – I’m running out of hair color. Couldn’t you buy it for me in town?

    Finally!! It took you!

    YOU COW ONE !!

    Hana Daidaiyama – Jesus is embarrassing …. Wouldn’t you be afraid to get me a fake ID card? I need to buy some alcohol.

    Thanks !!!! I promise I’ll give you a drink !!!

    God, you’re like normal girls.

    Koroko Momoiro – Couldn’t you watch Delinquents? I want to know what they’re doing. I’m afraid of them, but one somehow attracts me ….

    OOoooooooookkk so now I’ll tell you who …… No I won’t say sorry.

    You know you could have known who it was

    • I have idea for gardening club tasks

      Uekiya Engeika – I don’t, uh … I lost my earrings when I planted carrots … Ehem … Couldn’t you find them?

      I already know why you’re as good as they say.

      Soo… Never mind. You tried.

      Himari Fujita- Please find scissors, please. I’ve been looking for them for hours. I’m so clumsy. I’m afraid if Uekiya finds out, she’ll kill me.

      You are divine !!! Thanks, thanks, thanks.

      Jejej. You’re as clumsy as I am.

      Sakura Hagiwara-I spilled water from a kettle. Will you fill it?

      Already??? That was fast.

      It is good. I’ll fill it myself

      Sumire Suzuki- My friend Uekiya is still looking for something. Please help her.

      She already told me. They say you’re very kind.

      You probably don’t care much about others.

      Tsubaki Uesugi-I can’t sleep … Can you get me sleeping pills?

      Yay!!! I’m excited.

      No. I will not sleep.

    • You should make more tasks! You’re creativity is unreal and amazing! I really hope your tasks get into the game, it would be so cool to try!

  2. I’ve recently downloaded yan sim and im a bit confused. Does this game not have a save yet? Every time I load in it resets. Also, why cant I press schemes on the phone? Sorry if I seem dumb or something I barely downloaded this game.

  3. YandereDev, would be possible where Ayano could only apologize once when it comes to blood/red paint(unless you’re in the art club) ???
    or not cause I think it would make a lot more sense when it comes to blood and one of the teachers/student council catches Ayano cause if the main character doesn’t dispose of a ‘mysterious’ knife or any other weapon. And the body is disposed, would it makes sense? also it would make a change of the game a slight bit but more challenging when the game is fully complete when there won’t be a ‘debug menu’ because the game is an upcoming stealth game right?

    • Yeah, he said that he will remove the debugs and easter eggs. You’re going to have to type some kind of code to get the debugs, while the easter eggs are actual easer eggs that you have to find.

  4. Wait i just realized something – if you plan to change the character models once you get to host the crowdfunding campaign, why spend all the time and effort making or waiting for people to make animations that will be changed in the future? Unless you aren’t going to change the models, cause then that makes sense.

    • He said in his video of updating the models that the skeleton would be the same for the models. (i dunno if thats changed or not)

  5. i cannot believe i left this update thinking it was the 7th may update! But still having the oppurtonity to check it ( even though i am super late ) still gives me some hope in life!

  6. Hello, when I start yandere simulator it tells me “failed to load mono” would someone be if we can solve this problem?

  7. I feel like we are getting near….. To osana! (Also YandereDev finishes osana and makes a video his voice monotone 😂)

  8. Hey YandereDev, I was playing yandere simulator and I stole Kokona’s phone. I saved the game and loaded it after a while. When I opened the stolen phone, it was Osana’s phone. I don’t know how this was possible. I put back the phone on Osana’s desk, I stole it again. When I decided to put it back, the option disappeared and Osana’s phone color changed. Could this be considered a bug?

  9. I think that improvements on the save/loading feature. Though I think that Osana will come out on 30th of June because in that day is Yandere Dev’s birthday!

  10. Hi folks! Since YandereDev stopped replying to gmail, I thought it would be great to drop by here. I think there’s a bug where while playing the maid minigame, the food on the plate disappears when Ayano carries it to a customer. Then again, this might be connected to the fact, that the code recognizes decimal points, but not commas.

  11. Hi so I was wondering… Will Ayano’s hair model change in a future update? I’d really love to see her new look!

    • Also, if you are obviously following a rival everywhere they go, shouldn’t they question what you’re doing? And will you be able to steal the art clubs paint so they don’t go to the Cherry Tree on Friday once Osanas out? God dang, so many questions…

      • Telling everyone to go away (delinquent way) would damage your reputation
        Telling everyone to go away (friendly way) would require you to do all the tasks before
        Killing the leader will disband the club, but maybe you need to join it to get an apron
        So I really hope we can steal the paint

    • I’m pretty sure the Indestructible Rival has already concluded; as said in the end of part 2 “To Be Concluded.”
      Hope that helps!

  12. does anybody else really want a feature where when u dismember your rival without the police coming to school, u can take her head home and keep it as a trophy in ur basement

    anybody? no? ok

  13. Why is everyone expecting an update today ? (not saying there won’t be) Is there a secret message or something ? When did Yan Dev say that there would be an update ? Is it because of the tradition ?

    • YandereDev releases a new build every 1st and 15th day of the month. Even 2 builds ago, he said he’s keeping that tradition. I’m surprised you didn’t know this.

      • Well I did, but after “Yandere Simulator’s update schedule” I thought he had abandoned the tradition. Yes, there was an update on May first when he said he honored the tradition, but I thought it was a one-time thing…
        And the last build was on the 9th, so the tradition isn’t exactly the 1st and 15th…
        But my point is, maybe there won’t be an update today if Yan Dev didn’t say so. Maybe sometimes he feels like “For the sake of tradition, I will release a build today !” but sometimes not.

  14. now if no do 90 of live the player being call name of no perfect, wow wtf you is boring after of troll

  15. Hey there…
    Well I’ve got some ideas. I really don’t remember if I got them from someone else or if I just got an idea…
    It’s about Nemesis, Kizana, the train station you were talking about in one of your videos and Ayano..

    Well I was thinking that Nemesis should have a reason for wanting Ayano dead..

    (Again I really don’t know if I saw this idea somewhere written or if I’m just imagining it..)
    I think it would (maybe) be a good idea to make Nemesis and Kizana childhood friends. Ayano should hear Kizana and Nemesis talking after school. Kizana and Nemesis could talk about meeting eachother the next day right after school in the train station. And once you add the train station Ayano could push Kizana right in front of Nemesis in the railroad tracks (with a mask and gloves from the Drama club so that Nemesis won’t be able to see her (Ayano) face well.). But Nemesis saw the back of Ayano as she was walking towards her and she remembered it. So she decided to take revenge of Ayano because Kizana was her longest childhood friend. (in Mission Mode).

    I really hope that you won’t ignore this idea. You said that you don’t want the player to only be able to eliminate the rivals in school.

    And I’m really sorry for bad grammar and so on…
    English is not my Native language.

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