May 9th Save/Load Bug Fixes

The Saving/Loading feature continues to improve! To see a list of everything that was fixed or added, scroll down past this adorable artwork of Horuda Puresu by Tooth Pasta!

Oh, did you think I was done sharing Tooth Pasta’s art? Think again!

One more!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If a Student Council member runs to the teachers to report a murder and discovers that all teachers are dead, they will realize what kind of danger they are in, and will run out of school and call the police.
  • Fixed bug that would cause delinquents to freeze in place if the player loaded a save and then defeated a delinquent in the combat minigame before the delinquent had walked through the school gate.
  • If you save the game while a student is carrying a dropped object back to its original location, the game should now accurately re-create those circumstances upon loading that save file.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent defeated delinquents from performing the right animations or sitting on the bench after loading a save where delinquents had been defeated.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from removing a delinquent weapon from the delinquent’s back if the player loaded a save where a delinquent had dropped a weapon.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from ever being able to place another note in a locker if one student rejected a note.
  • Students will no longer investigate loud music coming from a bathroom, the incinerator area, or the headmaster’s room.
  • The state of doors (whether they were open or closed when the game was saved) is now recorded when Saving/Loading.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from equipping a weapon onto Yandere-chan when reloading a save.
  • Fixed bug that would cause delinquent weapons to be in weird positions when reloading a save.

161 thoughts on “May 9th Save/Load Bug Fixes

  1. Making sure such an important feature like the save/loading is really essential, amazing job YandereDev!

    • It was one of the things on his list he wanted done and polished, thus he did. I wish i made a list of what needed to be done when i’m making a game, but normally i just set goals, like have a certain characters ai done or finish the whole games actual gameplay in 2 weeks. (I did it btw and still had so much time to enjoy myself)

    • i think u should remove it because if u load it everything is a buggy mess and it becomes unplayable u should only add this if it really works or only has a few small bugs

      • You do realize this is a testing build…he’s trying to get it to work. Of course it will be buggy at first. You can’t test it outside the game that you’re building it for. Learn more about game development before you try to tell a developer what to do with his sand box testing-debug build of WIP game.

    • there was a bug that said i killed multiple people,when i didn’t,when it did the end of day sequence thing, it just kept saying the police found multiple corpses on school grounds and didn’t move on to like ayano stalks senpai home and all .it was so confusing so i just had to reload the game.

    • I think you should remove it and after Osana is implanted add it back ready for the official demo

  2. I am really happy that you made these bug fixes and changes! You go yandere dev! Can’t wait for the demo! *all the ! though*

  3. Ugh… why now, it’s 10 at night and I’ve got a pounding headache.
    Why do I have to read!
    I know why, because I am determined to give you support fellow programmer!
    Good work!

  4. You’re really trying to improve the save and load feature. That is actually great. I am happy you are updating the game on a regular basis. I think you should add the ability to talk to a student about things like drama,memes,anime etc. You should also try fix the bug where the corpses get stuck to a wall,after killing someone close to a wall. They should follow the laws of physics.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Me : “Imma check the Yansim blog, I’m pretty sure that there won’t be an update today since the latest one was two days ago…”
    And then BAM ! Update !
    This is keeping me entertained and excited ! Also am I the only one who clapped at the first addition ? I mean I imagine the SC member like : “I have to tell a teacher ! This is horrific” and they discover that teachers are dead… This is amazing !

  6. Amazingly awesome!
    I’m quite impressed as always!
    I used to find it funny when the School Councillors used to go up to an invisible teacher to report a corpse but now it’s what it should be like!
    Keep up the great work YanDev – you’re always making things better each day!

  7. Nice! I haven’t even been downloaded the recent builds because theres been so many updates lol. This is so exciting 🙂

  8. Yandere Dev, I do have a question, but it’s not related to any bugs. So, I’ve noticed any character holding a book , like Horuda, are reading about Yandere Simulator game. Do you plan on implementing hidden clues inside the books or is the book about Yandere Sim just a cool way to make a shout out to your game?
    Thank you, Yandere Dev! I can’t wait to play this later today!

  9. I really like this game. I have almost been a fan for almost 2 years now and have not lost any interest in following your game’s development. Now may be hard times, and i am really proud of you for sticking with it. I really hope things are going to get better! ❤️

  10. Tooth Pasta made some really great artwork. I love her Art about Horuda Best.

    Are you going to start implementing more of the Lore into the Game from May 15?

    I really love the Lore of the Game

  11. Hey YandereDev, I just got an ad on YouTube claming to be Yandere Simulator that led to a virus link, and figured you should know.

  12. Hello Yandere Dev, I would like that the update that contains Osana not only contains Osana, it could contain many more things like more talk between students, modify their routines, add new functions (Like a new inventory) but that is my opinion, I don’t know it will contain the Osana update, but it would be a recommendation

  13. Hey! So- I haven’t been able to download any kind of launcher for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s my computer or if it’s the launcher itself, but I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem. When I open the file after downloading, it says it can’t open, it’s corrupted, or it’s invalid.

    • When I download from the official website it says the file is damaged, but Mediafire always works for me (although it takes ages to download) try it !

  14. Q: I played this game a year ago and am coming back to it now, but I’m stuttering when I’m rotating the camera that causes me to spin out of confusion and screen tearing that I can’t seem to get rid of. I didn’t notice any of these problems the last time I played. I didn’t see a v sync option in the settings so I turned it on in NVIDIA control panel, but it’s still there. I’m using a 60 hz monitor (either my computer or my external monitor) and 2018 laptop that came with 8 GB of RAM and an NVIDIA Geoforce FTX 1050 4 GB for graphics. I’ve tried both high and low graphics settings. Any suggestions would be welcome. P.S. Why are the top of Ayano’s panties clipping through the skirt?

    • When you start at the front of the school the camera can stutter a bit. After a few seconds everything goes back to normal.
      Hope that helps!

  15. Yandere dev, ever since we get the genocide ending.
    Some things is bugging me.
    We needed to kill everyone n make sure senpai didn’t saw a single blood of it
    But what about raibaru?
    She’s the indestructible rival n we couldn’t harm her or even land a single hit without getting caught unless it’s a bug or using easter egg.

    • If you’re talking about the current build, you don’t have to kill Raibaru since she’s not fully implemented. And if you’re talking about the demo/full game, while it will be hard, it won’t be impossible to kill Raibaru; YandereDev has already confirmed that it will be possible, but you’ll have to be a little more creative than just trying to attack her directly

  16. Yandere Dev,I think that the player should get a notification when a student find somebody’s cropse,a weapon,pool of blood etc. And to be specified the name of the character and the name of the weapon

  17. Dear Yanderedev,on your place i would uptade the textures of:blood,water etc. To make it more realistic

  18. Dear Yandere dev,i saw a few bugs.When you are caught and sent to the guidance counselor and yoi get out of trouble Osana is seperated from Raibaru.That’s a huuuuge bug that need to be fixed

  19. I see there is a +1 point for realism. “If a Student Council member runs to the teachers to report a murder and discovers that all teachers are dead, they will realize what kind of danger they are in, and will run out of school and call the police.” Fucking amazing! Keep it up

  20. If Ayano doesn’t join a club, shouldn’t she be at the front of the school like all of the other non club people? Like Senpai doesn’t have a club so he’s at the front. Also if Ayano joins a club, shouldn’t she start by the club she’s in at the beginning?

    • Also, if a student walks in blood, shouldn’t they leave bloody footprints like how Ayano does? It’ll make it harder for the player to clean up the blood too.

  21. Yandere dev! Can you remove or fill the entire area of grass with 3D grass? Because only at the entrance of the school does it look strange!

  22. I am more than happy with Yanderdev’s progress but I still do not understand why cannot invoke the demons as before. You follow the steps indicated by the demons and nothing happens, the demons do not lend you their power and the corpses remain there planted in the circle of Occult. And can not either ask anymore to Info, even if you get 1000 panties she keep telling that it’s not enough

  23. I have a problem where ever since I installed the latest build all females including Yandere Chan are just a glitchy mess, the male students are fine however the female students have only their hair and panties visible, I would like to know how to fix this

    • Ah right.
      This might be a code problem again where in a country instead of periods/ full stops; they use commas.
      I haven’t heard of many problems like this recently but I hope this fixes for you soon!

    • Female students use a different shader on their body than male students. Some old graphics cards are unable to handle this shader. So, if you’re seeing the female students disappear, this means that your graphics card is pretty old.

      We’ll try to address this in the future, but it’s limited to a very small number of people using very old graphics cards.

  24. Wait I got a question – this is a very small detail, and I don’t give a crap if it gets fixed in the future, but if you kidnap Osana, her hair sticks outside of the music box thing hi peeps Greg player puts her in.

    Thinking about this more, I remembered that in one of Razzbowski’s videos, when Osana was in the box thing, Ribaru would just stand outside the box.

    Anyways those are two things I’ve noticed that I’ve really thought about, but again they’re minor details that don’t really need to be fixed.

  25. IDK why, but latest versions of the game crush on start up. There is no error massages or something. Is there any people with the same issue?

  26. Question:

    Raibaru was defeated by Budo, right? So, he’s obviously stronger/better at martial arts compared to her. Why can we attack Budo from behind and kill him easily, but we can’t do the same for Raibaru?

    • Hm, good point. I think Raibaru has some really strong senses unlike Budo. Their strength may be similar – but their senses could be different.

  27. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to write about bugs here, but I don’t know where else to post them. I think I’ve discovered a bug: on Wednesday, I wrote a note for Kokona to meet me on the roof, in order to push her off and make it seem like a suicide. It worked, I put the note, the next day the headmaster holds the wake. I ended up saving my game at around 7:45 and reloaded that save at around 7:50. After I’ve loaded, it replays the wake cutscene, and then once it’s over, the game won’t load at all. I waited for 20 minutes and nothing happened

    • Some people sometimes write bugs here, sometimes Yandere Dev answers, but if you want to make sure someone sees your bug report, go to the contact page (you need to explain as clearly as possible and add video footage if you can)

    • Ah right. Quite unusual.
      But as Arisa said; you can write about this bug in the contact page on the official Yan-Sim website.
      Here’s the link:

  28. Please name All of the useless features that you’re talking about and no not the Easter eggs, Easter eggs don’t count.

    If you’re just here to be a dick, please leave.

  29. Why are you even here ? To tell lies ? You guys who think that the game will nver released are gonna be proved wrong. Wait a bit you impatient person. If you really don’t care about Yan Dev’s mental health, AT LEAST stop coming here to waste everyone’s time with hateful comments. The less haters there are, the faster the developpement will be. That’s only if you don’t care about Yan Dev’s health. If by chance you do, I’d suggest you stop believing what those videos say.

  30. Geez…another fricking one! You all don’t know what to say? You the haters know only to harass fans,to tell lies like this and to corupt others to hate YanDev and to not play the game! I know is quarantine but damn god! Do something else. Admit it we’re not gonna change our minds your words are useless for us. I don’t care about your hate opinion. Just go away and do something else! If your brain know only lies I don’t know what to do. I saw quarantine didn’t teach you anything! And YanSim demo will be released! And you will see that and you will be very angry ‘cuz you said that “YANDEV IS NEVER GOING TO FINISH THE GAME LMAO. YOU’RE A FOOL IF YOU BELIEVE THAT YANDEV IS GONNA RELEASE THE DEMO”. Those are the words of the people who don’t know what to do with their lives in quarantine! I’m just sick of those people! If you hate the developer,the game or the fans ignore it! Don’t cause “drama” because you like it! We are all humans and we all have feelings! You don’t care about YanDev’s health?

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