May 15th Bug-Fixing Build

This update isn’t too special; I just wanted to upload a new build to reassure you that I’m still actively working on the game and making steady progress every day.

But, depending on how things go, the next build could be a lot more interesting!

  • There were always meant to be 10 Headmaster cassette tapes, but putting lore tapes into the game hasn’t been a high priority for a long time, so I neglected that feature for the past several years. Recently, I had a power outage for a few hours, during which I wasn’t able to get any work done on the game. So, I used that time to write the last remaining Headmaster tapes! The Headmaster’s voice actor has recorded the tapes, and I’m almost ready to put them into the game; I’m just waiting for an audio engineer volunteer to apply an “old-timey cassette tape” effect onto the recordings.
  • The “Yandere-chan and Info-chan meet for the first time” text message conversation was written back in 2015, and is some of the oldest content in the game. I feel like the writing was pretty rough, and that I could have worded things much better. I also feel like there is some important gameplay information that needs to be imparted to the player (panty shots aren’t the only way to earn favors from Info-chan). With these things in mind, I decided to re-write that conversation. The voice actresses finished recording it recently, so the next update will most likely contain an updated Yandere/Info conversation!
  • Ever since I first implemented the Student Council girls, I’ve wanted each of them to have voice acting…but it was difficult to locate the ideal voice actresses for the job. Recently, I decided on the actresses who I believe would be perfect for the Student Council girls, and the plan is for them to record very soon! Depending on their availability, the next build may finally contain voiced lines for the Student Council girls!
  • For the past 5 years, Yandere Simulator’s school hallways have been empty and devoid of props and decorations. It was never meant to be that way; the hallways were always meant to have props, but there were always higher priorities than aesthetics and decorations. At this point in time, though, we’ve finally reached the stage of development where there is practically nothing left to be done, and I have recently received a ton of appropriate props for the hallways, so it’s possible that the next update will finally contain fully-decorated hallways!
  • There is only one more “lore” tidbit that I want to be included in the Osana demo. After it goes into the game, there will be no remaining “lore” items taking any of my time away from Osana. I have the necessary models and voice acting for it, so it’s possible that you may see it in the next update!

By the time I release the next update, it’s likely that I will have finished all Osana-centric tasks. After I hit that milestone, the last remaining task will be to give the game a fresh coat of paint (new UI, new HUD, new title screen) before releasing Osana. I want the new graphics to be a complete surprise, which means that once I begin working on the new graphics, I won’t be releasing any more builds until Osana is complete.

In short, what I’m saying is that, after the next update, there may not be any further updates until Osana is finished. It’s not a 100% guarantee, but there’s a strong possibility that this will be the case. (If critical bugs are discovered, I may need to release bug-fixing updates or something.)

Anyway! To see a list of everything that was fixed/changed in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork of Prealle!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • When I upgraded to Unity 2019, Unity defaulted to producing 64-bit executables, meaning that the game stopped being compatible with 32-bit systems. I recently tried to produce a build that would be playable on 32-bit systems, but when I tested it, I encountered a bunch of crash bugs, so I had to revert back 64-bit. Unfortunately, Yandere Simulator may be restricted to 64-bit systems for the forseeable future.
  • If a teacher (or student council member) sends Yandere-chan to the guidance counselor for carrying a weapon, the weapon will be taken away and put inside of a box in the faculty room. As of now, if Yandere-chan is spotted carrying a fire extinguisher, the fire extinguisher will now be returned to its original position instead of the box in the faculty room. For now, fire extinguishers are (deliberately) the only exception.
  • Prior to this build, if the player joined a club, the game would remember what club the player joined, even if the player reset the day, got a game over, or loaded an earlier save immediately after joining the club. As of now, the game will not carry the player’s club status forward to subsequent days unless the player successfully makes it to the end of the day.
  • Removed exploit that would allow the player to get an easy panty shot by getting so close to a student that they were clipping inside of the student’s body, then pulling out their camera, inserting it inside the student’s torso, and aiming the camera straight downwards at their panties.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “follower countdown timer” to remain above the head of a student who was previously following Yandere-chan, if the player attempted to splash them with water twice within one day.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to use the “Find Student Locker” feature if the player had placed a note into a student’s locker earlier in the day, and then killed that student.
  • Prior to this build, a bloody weapon would not be considered “suspicious” if the weapon itself was a non-suspicious object (such as a screwdriver). This oversight has been corrected.
  • Prior to this build, the act of using a handheld blowtorch to cauterize a corpse’s wounds was not considered to be suspicious behavior. This oversight has now been corrected.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to take a shower while standing outside of a shower stall if she activated the shower prompt while standing in just the right spot.
  • It is no longer possible to sit on the bench where Sakyu / Inkyu have their daily conversations, during the point in time when they are meant to have a conversation there.
  • If a Teacher’s Pet runs to the faculty room to report a murder to a teacher and discovers that all 6 teachers are dead, they will run out of school instead.
  • Obtaining the “Genocide Ending” will now result in dark, creepy music playing during the game’s credits, instead of the normal credits music.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the laughing feature to become broken if the player was mashing the laugh button while loading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a phoneless’ student’s phone to magically re-appear in their hand if they heard Yandere-chan giggle.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the map to perpetually move if the player was holding down a movement key while summoning the map.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from being able to notice Yandere-chan if she was aiming her camera while crawling.
  • Wielding the drama club props will no longer be considered suspicious if Yandere-chan is a member of the drama club.
  • The grass in front of the school will no longer fail to change colors properly when lighting/atmosphere changes.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Midori to perform a “texting on phone” animation while searching for her lost phone.
  • Saving/Loading will now properly track how many blood pools were at school, and where they were located.
  • Saving/Loading will now properly track the locations of all buckets/mops/bleach containers at school.
  • Saving/Loading will now properly track the contents of all buckets containers at school.
  • Saving/Loading will now properly track how much blood a corpse has spilled.
  • Various code optimizations to make progress towards improving framerate. (Previously, I was at 47~52 FPS, but now I’m at 52~57 FPS!)

279 thoughts on “May 15th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I know Yandere dev might not read this but, watching all of his videos again I am really excited and can’t wait for an update on the yakuza. When the idea was first mentioned I had a few doubts in mind such as how would it even work and would he still look the same when the delinquents looks we’re changed, but watching and listening to the story on what could happen and how him and info chan are different it got me excited and wondering how the ending would be overall I am all for the idea and can’t wait for an update video on him maybe even more than I’m excited for Osana.

  2. Hey! I just wanna say don’t listen to the hate, I’ll for sure buy the game when it comes out and it already is amazing so im super excited! Good luck working

  3. This is a small question but while you’ve been working on the game and Osana have you been working on events and interactions for the later rivals like Oka Ruto and Muja Kina or has your focus only been on the game now and Osana? Sorry for the inconvenience 😅

    • If Muja kina’s week has any Kubz Scouts references, I’ll just die laughing.

      If there’s any week I’d pay to watch, it would be Jay trying to eliminate Muja Kina while he’s mentioning that NurseBooty

  4. yandere dev for some odd reason i think everyone should have there own voice. i know i will take a long time.

    • he said that once the demo is out and crowdfunding campain is complete, everyone will have their own unique tasks. This will take a long time so now everyone just has a placeholder task 🙂

    • por alguna extraña razón descubrí un nuevo bug el cual es cuando pasan la acción de la policía hay una parte de la que no se puede pasar y se queda pegado a alguien mas le paso? y no c si es nuevo o no pero el menú de easter eggs no funciona, es decir , ya no sale. a alguien mas le paso?

  5. omg I’m so freaking excitedddd \(^o^)/

    yanderedev, since you’re doing and planning so much progress, try to not overwork yourself okay? If you are going to want a break, just do it, I think that the majority of us would understand it

  6. Yay! I’m so excited! Thank you for working so hard and still carrying on with everything even though there are so many people hating. Don’t forget there are still so many people that support you yanderedev! As other people are saying too, don’t overwork yourself! We will be patient! 🙂 We all love you yandev! ❤

    • Yeah you have to give the man credit, right now the whole world seems against him it would be pretty hard to work, I hope he keeps going

  7. \(°¤°)/
    alex you are awesome, whats awesome about you is your extreme hard working-ness i doubt you would give up on the game but your “power” is also your weakness, try to take brakes every now and then it’s nice if your a hard worker but try not to over do it ok? If you have a problom talk to sombody and sort your problems out i wish you the best of luck don’t give up but don’t over do it too when your down and have nobody to talk to just remember more than a thousand pepole support you heck even 100 is alot they all support you, follow your dreams (don’t over do it!)

  8. Yandere dev, Yandere dev!

    Here’s an idea. Maybe some day in the distant future, you could hire a comic book artist to make a manga style comic book that explains secrets and details about the story of Yandere simulator that were not explained or The player might have missEd in the game. It could be called “Lovesick: A Yandere’s story.”

  9. Hi, this is just an idea I had that I thought would be fun.

    What if there was a “caring” personality? So, if they saw someone being bullied they would step in and confront the bullies. They would have a negative reaction to gossip. (Ex. Ayano, you shouldn’t say things like that! They didn’t do anything to you. …did they?) They would perform the heroic reaction to seeing you kill someone. And, (my personal favorite) if they saw you carrying a bloody weapon that was stabby, (scissors, screwdriver, knife, etc.) they would rush over and check your wrists, or leave a note in your locker, thinking you were harming yourself. This is obviously a bit complicated, so it might fit a rival, maybe Amai because she is shown to be kind and sweet in the cutscenes post-osana. I think this could open some cool elimination techniques for any character with it, a be a fun addition.

    (Also I wasn’t sure if we’re supposed to leave suggestions in the comments or somewhere else, sorry!)

    • This is an awesome idea! I was also thinking of a personality and I’d like to tell you more about it

      Personality: Thinker
      I think this would fit Toga Daku and Yaku but I don’t know
      If a thinker sees you commit murder they’d panic and think what they just witnessed *a timer would appear on how much time they need to think what they will do* when the timers down they’ll choose what they will do for example the thinker might go tell a teacher or go home and call the police maybe even use the fragile personality

      oof too many words twt

    • I really love this idea !!! Besides, maybe the caring student would ACTUALLY react to Yan Chan being beaten up by a delinquent, but instead of gossiping negatively, they would tell the delinquent to stop. And maybe they’d force you to go to the nurse’s office if you’re bruised ! This is an amazing idea !

      • Exactly! Them responding to that might mean that they report the delinquents which (not sure what) could effect something. I really think this would make some cool scenarios, even though it’d be hard to implement.

    • Everyone replying to you thinks it’s a good idea, and I do, too! But what would the student think when there weren’t cuts? Other than that, it would be an amazing addition to the game! I think YandereDev should add it 🙂

      • I would like to See Amai have such a Persona but then I wonder would that interfere with the “Osana skeleton” That Yandere Dev will use to replicate the other Rivals?

        Osana having the lovestruck Persona makes sense that she’d go to her Childhood Friend and Yes, I’d love to see your idea being used on Amai but would that mean having to create a completely new Persona from scratch or just a variation of the lovestruck Persona?

      • (This is to Baron Samedi because I couldn’t figure out how to respond to him directly, sorry) You’re right, I didn’t think of that! It would probably have to be a variation of the love struck personality. Maybe if they saw the murder they would be overtaken by strength like the heroic type, but if they found a corpse they would, run to check for a pulse, find none, cover their mouth and cry, (maybe one sob) and then run for Senpai. Of course, this would require a LOT of animations, so maybe just the sob or collapsing on their knees and crying would get the point across? I’m not sure, he still has a ton of work to do just for Osana, but this could be a good idea for later.

    • Still would very like to characters with such a character pay attention for example, when bullies beat Ayano. Like, they see a battered Ayano and approach her with the question “what happened? are you OK?”, and the reaction of the other characters to the behavior of bullies is interesting. And such characters could support guys with a bad reputation and sometimes spend time with them. It’s probably difficult, but it would be interesting to see.

  10. Yandere dev, Yandere dev!

    Ever considered having someone make you an anime style short film based off of Yandere Simulator? I feel like it would be a great way to promote your game.

  11. yanderedev i am so excited for this build and for the next one, i have been waiting for this moment for 5 years, it hasn’t arrived yet, but given your goodwill it will come soon. I don’t know when you will try to fill this patch, but obviously as everyone knows that the feminine version of senpai “Taeko Yamada” is missing

    • Wow. You’re such an old fan of the game…It is so awesome!!! Though I think that the female version of Senpai will come out only after all the rivals are in the game.

  12. Wait… when Osana and Ribaru are out, how will we get the genocide ending if we can’t kill Ribaru?

    • Oh and for the record, I found a hate video for Yandere Simulator but the guy who made it literally admitted that he made it only for views. Like bruh lol (he was so super annoying that I reported him twice, one for misleading people and two, for abusing Yan Dev with all of his hard work he’s done, AND disliked the video).

      Keep up the good work Yandere Dev!

      • What’s his name? Cause I want to report it along with some friends😅
        But I still hate that many people make hate videos about the mistakes Yandere Dev made in the past like every other human being. Ugh…Anyway,at least Yandere Dev has thousands of people who understands his point of view

      • Was his Name Nux Taku by any chance?
        If Yes, report on Him without Me.
        He’s a friend of a friend of Bijuu Mike.

      • Oh my God, That clown? That Guy does nothing with his YouTube channel but make “Yandere Dev is stupid” videos. A Golden member of the Yandere Dev Hate mob.
        Who dedicates their entire channel just to ridicule One person? Seriously, he needs to get a Life.

    • there will be scripted events and other events to kill Ribaru, but we can’t kill her directly. I think it would of been cool that to defeat her with a straight up attack we would have to join the martial arts club and maximum strength just to balance it out a bit so we actually can defeat her with a straight up attack, (but when attacking she has the hardest heroic persona 😉 ) since she’s kinda overpowered

      • That’s right; it will be possible to get rid of Raibaru, but it will be hard. Maybe one way will include the gasoline and fire trick? That might be a little hard since she always walks behind Osana, but it might work? I dunno

    • i was thinking the exact thing last week. like what would happen to their events if their club is shut down?

      • oops i just realized i posted the same thing twice since my computer froze xD feel like a Baka now xD

    • I’m guessing that if you shut down a club for a rival, their routines will completely change and it would be a massive disadvantage to the player. For example, if on Kizana’s week you shut down the drama club, there wouldn’t be a play at the end of the week and you would miss out on multiple ways to eliminate her. And Amai, she might have a scripted event where you can blow up the oven but without the club that wouldn’t happen. I’m guessing they will be very complex since they will have to have a routine if they dont and if they do have a club.

    • I believe if you only kill 1 club member and then the rival comes to school the club would re-opne or something (since there need to be at least 5 members in the club) but if you kill more the routines will change but idk :/

  13. I just realized something.

    In Japanese schools, the uniforms that the students where represent what grade they’re in. It turns out that the uniforms being used for Yandere Simulator are supposed to be for Middle schoolers, while other uniforms, like the ones in DDLC or Persona are for high schoolers. And if you think I’m wrong because Sailor Moon has similar uniforms for her school, she actually became a sailor scout in 7th grade. So, with all of these conditions, will the new character models have different uniforms, such as the ones in Mission Mode?

    • He has been informed that the sailor suit is for middle schoolers. You can choose from other uniforms but the seira fuku is the default, for now.

    • He’s mentioned this in an early post when he talked to a Japanese teacher I believe :>
      Though some anime that feature highschool students do still use gakuran and seifuku, like Hyouka and Nichijou so it isn’t unheard of for highschool students in anime to still use them
      He is planning on changing the main uniform in the future anyways ^o^

  14. Dear YandereDev, see the progress that you have made in the development of YandereSim makes me feel really proud and optimistic. For that reason i want to ask you something. How long the crowdfunding campain will last ? Is going to be possible play the official demos before this year ends ??

      • Time passes by so fast, I could understand with something as elaborate as coding, polishing, rendering, and etc. it could seem like you’re getting a lot done but then you look at the time and hours have passed since you’ve first started in the day. As a writer, I understand that feeling very well but often enough I’m just working on one chapter of one book. You have so many responsibilities and pressures added on to that as this is your career at this point. The fact that you got so much done consistently and the aspects of the game being released to us on these specific deadlines already so engaging before the demo is even released, before the game was finely tuned and polished; being able to keep an entire community of people engaged for over half a decade is remarkable unironically.

        People underestimate you, criticism and opinions are nothing more than that. They’re not facts, it can only hurt you if you allow it. Even with facts, you’re allowed to build something exceptional from that to come out on top even greater. It’s like a stereotype, so Asian men have small dicks, you’re going to satisfy your partner in ways that’ll make that fact – if you fit into that stereotype – irrelevant. Life doesn’t stop at a standstill because someone else says it does for you. You’re in charge, you’re in control…you’re the one who knows that no matter what, one’s own actions affects none other than oneself the most, which is all the more reason why you deserve to live your best life, living how you need to live it and how especially you want to live it.

        You’re doing amazing, sweetie!

  15. Hi Yanderedev,i have a question for you.
    Could it be possible to kidnap any student and save the slave to eliminate next rival in the final game, or Ayano will kill all slaves at the end of the week?????

  16. Hi. I have got tasks for sports club members.
    There are:

    Itachi Zametora- Please tell the Basu sisters not to get in our way. The guys are nervous about it.

    I noticed. Now he’s bypassing the runway.

    Well, I definitely won’t talk to those two names.

    Unagi Denkashiza- I need to bring a barbell. I have to practice. Itachi says I’m the weakest on the team and will probably trade me.

    Well, thank God. Finally, I’m not afraid he’ll fire me.

    Let them look for a new member.

    Iruka Dorufino- Will you take a picture of one of the Bullies in swimsuit? They are so sexy.

    Thanks a lot. I hope you don’t think I’m a pervert or something.

    Does not matter.

    Hojiro Zameshiro- Follow Budo Masuta and tell him we’ll leverage class 2-1

    I’ll show him how good I am.

    I’m better anyway, it doesn’t matter.

    Mantaro Sashimasu- I want to upset the boys in something … I got it !! Give me a kiss in front of my whole club.

    I’m looking forward to it.

    Thank you very much!! (irony)

      • There are a lot of students in this game who do not have, ie have, but are the same, tasks. I try to come up with assignments for students who have these assignments.

  17. Yandere dev does it himself, but you can join in and look for bugs, and then fix them or add something else.

  18. Yandere dev, can we send you ideas for student assignments, or do you want to come up with it yourself? I’m not sure if you mind or you don’t care.

  19. I can’t wait for new update!))) Thank you for your amazing work YandereDev<3
    P.S. Greetings from Russia

  20. There should be a cutscene at the end of snap mode where its Ayano’s funeral and her mom is crying but the dad is standing there motionless (you can’t see his face because of the camera angle though

  21. YandereDev, I have a question. In the final game will it be possible to gossip about other rivals during another rivals week? Like if during Osana week we gossip about Amai till her reputation is the suicide then Amais week wouldn’t make sense. Would it be possible that students would negatively react by saying, “I’m sorry I don’t believe you she’s not even at school.” Or we just won’t be able to gossip about any rival till their week?

    • To bully someone you need to take a picture of them, so if you want to bully Amai in Osana’s Week it won’t be possible since there was no point in the week ehre you could take a picture of Amai.

    • Putting aside specific mechanical requirements for bullying…the rivals aren’t at school until their week begins. Bullying isn’t very effective if the target doesn’t receive it, and Akademi High’s bullies don’t seem keen on cyberbullying.

  22. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev !
    We can no longer frame a delinquent ! They carry non-concealable weapons, and to make them different from concealable ones, you decided that they wouldn’t get bloody or leave the player bloody. This was very convenient but since they think that getting a box cutter out of a box is suspicious, it’s impossible to make a weapon with their fingerprints on it bloody. I don’t think that was intentionnal, since you mentionned yourself that the delinquents’ fingerprints are on their weapons. So are you going to make the long weapons bloody again ? Or find another way to frame them ?

    • I think that, to get the weapons bloody you have to attack them from the front…………i dont actually know though…

      • Before, the build I mentionned, yes. But now even if you attack them from the front, they won’t get bloody

  23. Prior to this build, a bloody weapon would not be considered “suspicious” if the weapon itself was a non-suspicious object (such as a screwdriver). This oversight has been corrected.
    “Is Ayano carrying a bloody screwdriver?”
    “Of course not. Why would there be blood on a screwdriver? That’s probably just ketchup.”
    “…Why would there be ketchup on a screwdriver?”

    Fixed bug that would cause Midori to perform a “texting on phone” animation while searching for her lost phone.
    Poor Midori. She wanted to ask for help finding her phone, but she can’t contact any of her friends.

  24. The only bad thing is that now when you get the number of photos of panties neccesary to get the headache poison. The case is that you restart the day after getting the photos when you restart the day because it turns out that it is the same like if you didn’t have it they make you disappear and you cannot ask for the info’s services. But you can keep those photos until the next day, but this way the kidnap or break mission cannot be completed. But also this small error is not important

  25. Wow. Sounds like a cool game. I’m definitely excited to see the end result. Even though I may not play the game, I’m excited to watch other people play it.

    • Bruh you do know that you can’t just tell them ‘add all the rivals’ and expect the next build to have all the rivals -_-
      You should know that they’re working and programming isn’t a piece of cake especially that YanSim is a SOLO project.
      Also what do u mean fix the launcher? homie rin could help

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