July 13th Bug-Fixing Build

For the past year, Yandere Simulator has been running on Unity 5. But Unity 5 is actually old and outdated; the most recent version of the game engine is Unity 2018! Upgrading the game engine would have several benefits, but it would also cause some features to break. For example, some of the shaders compatible with Unity 5 aren’t compatible with Unity 2018; this wouldn’t be a permanent problem, but you wouldn’t get any new builds of the game until the compatibility issues were resolved.

After judging every available version of Unity, it was decided that upgrading to Unity 2017 would result in the least compatibility issues. So, while I was at Anime Expo, a programming volunteer upgraded Yandere Simulator to Unity 2017, and also fixed a pathfinding bug that was causing me to lose a lot of time whenever I wanted to re-compile the game’s code! In short: There are now fewer inconvenient obstacles for me to wrestle with while I’m working on the game, and it’s now much easier for me to make progress!

A lot of things piled up while I was at Anime Expo – new assets from volunteers, bug reports, issues that needed to be addressed, and so forth. It took a few days, but I’ve finally finished chewing through the backlog of everything that piled up while I was at Anime Expo, and now I can finally resume working on the game!

I know you’d love to see a big, exciting new feature, or some new characters…but today, I just have a simple bug-fixing build for you. The primary purpose of this update is to put a Unity 2017 build into your hands so that you can report any new problems that arose between the previous build and the new one. Theoretically, all compatibility issues should be resolved, but you might find something that slipped past me and the programming volunteer!

To read a list of everything that is new or different between this build and the previous one, please scroll down past these phenomenal cosplayers!

Shiromi and Oka were cosplayed by Angry Crow! She’s also cosplayed as Yandere-chan in the past! Megami was cosplayed by Aorin!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause student council members to pepper spray Yandere-chan even if she had just lost a fight with a delinquent, or attempt to intervene with a fight after the fight had already ended.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to dispose of a murder weapon if the weapon had not been used for anything other than a single murder during the struggle minigame.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to walk in place if the player aimed a camera at them while they were reacting to the sound of a nearby scream.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to slide around while talking to a student, if she spoke to that student after pickpocketing them.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Akane to get stuck trying to enter the Art Club’s locked door, if the Art Club had been shut down.
  • Fixed bug that would cause characters to retain props in their hands (sketchbooks, pencils, etc) when witnessing murder.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan fall downwards at a ridiculous speed whenever she stopped off of a ledge.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to simultaneously wear two pairs of panties during the DDLC easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a female character’s scalp to poke through her hair model.
  • Decorated the bullies’ bags with stickers and pins.
  • Updated Kaga’s hair model and portrait.

What’s next?

Since 2015, there’s a video I’ve wanted to make. Yesterday, I finally received the materials that I would need to produce it! I am SUPER eager to work on this video that I’ve been planning for 3 years…but I feel like it’s more important to make game development progress, instead. It’s really tough to choose between the epic video or development progress…I suppose, within a few days, you’ll find out what I chose to prioritize!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

244 thoughts on “July 13th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. YandereDev, i have a lot of questions, but i will start slowly, one by one. So my 1st question is :
    In the final game, if the rivals don’t have to be implemented until their week, why is Oka there then ???!

  2. Hi YanDev
    Been a big fan of yours since 2013 and following you ever since checking your blog, YouTube, Reddit and Twitter for updates and plot elements.
    I understand the backlash you are getting lately can be a bit depressing but as the comments above me can tell you still have a bunch of fan that will stick with you thought thick and thin.

    You are the most social indie gamedev to date so of course there will be disadvantage to laying yourself out to the world to see.
    I want you to know that you are loved and there are a bunch of people that will stick with you to the very end.

    I just wanted you to know that and even if the game ends up coming out in 2030 i will know that you put your heart and soul into making it perfect and what you imagined in the end.

    A Loyal Fan till the end

  3. Yandere dev, I usually have a question

    1. Does matchmaking only work on your rivals?

    2. Will every student have a task on the final build?

    3. Will Ayano’s mom will be in the final game or not?
    Thats just it.. Thanks for replying

  4. YandereDev, I have questions about Easters Eggs:
    1. You are planning to put a Delete Mode (Doki Doki Literature Club Easter Egg, which you can delete students whitout get bloody)
    2. You are planning to put a Sailor Scout Easter Egg (which Yandere-Chan transforms into a Sailor Scout and uses her magical wand to kill students and the Laugh Button turns into a Super Sailor Scout Mode and again the button to restore into a Sailor Scout again)

    • 1) I’ve considered it, but I can’t really justify taking the time to work on easter eggs right now.

      2) I’ve considered the idea of a “magical girl” easter egg, but right now I feel like working on gameplay-related stuff, instead.

      • If it makes sense to YandereDev you shouldn’t have a problem. They seem normal to me. Everyone is different.

  5. Hi Yandev,I just wanted to say thank you for spending so mcuh time on this game.I know this will probably be left unnoticed in the sea of comments,but I really do love playing Yansim and I look forward to every update. So,THANK YOU,YANDEV!

    • I think it’s already possible to frame delinquents for murder by picking up their weapons and committing murder with them.

      Right now, I have not committed to the idea of including a feature where other students fall in love with Yandere-chan. I consider it sometimes, but it’s not a decision I can make right now.

  6. Yanderedev, can you please let the player choose the camera sensitivity? My ingame sensitivity is way too high and the only way to fix this is by changing my mouse’s dpi.

  7. Yanere dev, i have a question.
    1. what would the new cooking club members be like
    2. what would the sports club members be like
    3. what would the music club members be like

  8. Yanderedev I have a series of questions and suggestions for the girls of the garden club and the club

    _The other members of the club know about Sakura’s disease
    _The hairstyles of the girls of the club will be improved
    Why did you decide to use those flowers to name them
    _Add more objects to the gardening club such as: (A mangera, pruning shears, gardener gloves, rakes, sprinklers, a caretilla, gardener bag etc.
    _Also you have in mind to add a door to the gardening club
    _Add more animations such as cut plant, add fertilizer among others


    I thought about giving this club a benefit for a long time

    _ How to give the player the possibility of carrying more odjecto as or weapons through a bag of gardener as well as weapons and unique items of the club such as: (gloves of gardener, pruning shears among others)

    An example: The player joins the gardening club the leader gives him a gardener bag which also contains some tools on the outside. The player can hide more than four (short) weapons in his bag without looking suspicious giving more priority to this club

    • 1) They don’t know.

      2) I think the hairstyles are fine.

      3) Because they’re the Gardening Club.

      4) Maybe, eventually. I can consider it.

      5) I’ve considered it. Maybe.

      6) Maybe, but right now, other animations are higher in priority.

      • 2) I say this because their models do not call much attention and their hairstyles are too basic and little worked is to say the only thing that was done for these members is to change the color of hair and add a pigtail to one of the members and was much elaboration

  9. Hello again Yan Dev. I think you stated before that you won’t implement other rooms of Yandere Chan’s home since they wouldn’t be able to add any important gameplay features to the game.

    I have put some thought about that. I think a bathroom could be used for changing Yandere-chan/kun’s appearance before school begins. I mean, in the demo, it shouldn’t be able to press a magical button in school to change hairstyles or accessories, right? Plus this would also be a nice opportunity to let the game retain information of Yan chain’s appearance throughout the week.

    You could have Yan Chan sitting in front of a mirror while the player chooses her appearance.

    I think something like this could do (in daytime, of course):

    Do you agree?

  10. It’s totally fine that there aren’t any cool new features or characters today, I’m just glad that the game is improving in some way! I have watched your videos when I couldn’t even play the game! I absolutely HAD to transfer to windows so I could play!

  11. Yandere Dev Yandere Dev!

    1. Will animals be in the game?

    2. If Megami is the final rival will yandere-chan break everything that says saiko on it?

    That’s all thank you!!

  12. Some more questions (sorry to be annoying):
    1. Will The guidance counsler be implemented after or before Osana?
    2. There’s a theory that Osana was once in the karate club or something? But I think it’s the mystery obstacle who was once in there. Am I right?
    3. I know you made a video last year about character models, but I am curious what you think the style of the character models might be now(you might of changed your mind) do you want them to be realistic or cartoony?
    4. This has been more of a theory that I heard: does oka wear gloves because she does self harm?
    That’s all, I also have to say I am a fan of the project and I hope the drama has decreased. And remember to take a break sometime!

    • 1) Before Osana.

      2) You’ll see.

      3) It’s not really a matter of “realistic” or “cartoony”. It’s a matter of getting character models with better proportions, which are easier to edit / customize.

      4) Nope.

  13. Hi, Yandere Dev! I found out about Yandere Simulator a few months ago, and I absolutely love it—I, uh, have a quick (not really)few questions!

    1) do you/have you considered to have Kokona and Riku as a couple in the final game as Kokona won’t be a rival?

    2) As you’ve mentioned in a Osana Process video, you’ve said that Senpai would have a invisible sanity meter. If senpai is at his lowest sanity when Yan-chan confesses, and Senpai has no idea that Yan-chan has done her crimes, how could senpai react ??

    • Also, a question for fun—
      What would you do and how would you react if someone on paetron decided to donate to you a gigantic amount of money per month (5,000-10,000$)?

  14. I have a suggestion. You may have gotten this suggestion maanny times before, So you dont have to reply if this has already been ask.

    Maybe have a depressed character that self-harms. That may always wear a jacket, or gloves, or a long sleeves under shirt. Something to hide their forearms from her scars. Maybe she could possibly do suicide if We (Yan-chan) Get enough things into her head like being worthless or something. Or we save her by befriending her, and getting rid of the hurtful thoughts that she may have. But of course since depression takes a long time to over-come (If its even possible), She may get bullied again, but maybe we (Yan-chan) Can stop it? And by the way she would do suicide she would go up to the roof and just jump off, where I think when the normal students are bullied i think they hang themselfs. (Idk..) But yeah! That was my suggestion. Its okay if you dont want to add the girl. Just a random suggestion. It would also be a cool game Michanic if we can help a suicidal person. Anyways. Bye ♥

    • It could be Bullied-chan, but why will Yandere help her? Yandere-chan would use her to attack someone. Yandere doesn’t care about others. “Yandere-chan is monster” -Yandere Dev. (Love u) But it would be fun to watch a conversation of help between two students, maybe the occult club or smth. Like the red haired guy ande the yellow haired guy who talk about anime. It would keep it more alive and real!

  15. Hi YandereDev, I don’t know if you already said something about this, but how do I change the camera mode to Invert when I play with the Xbox 360 controller?? I want the camera to go up when I move the joystick down, and vice versa…

  16. Seeing that there are a LOT of questions above me I’m trying to gather my thoughts in only 2 questions.
    1) About the intro of the game you mentioned, when will you implement it? Before or after Osana?
    2) also, in another video, you said that you are planning to change the game’s artstyle before Osana, are you still considering that??
    So so so sorry for asking. Thank you so much YandereDev for you hard work! Please don’t get too depressed 🙂 There are still so many people supporting you including me ^^.

  17. Hi YandereDev! can u answer me?

    1. Will you add more objects to the gardening club?
    2. Will you add more objects to the science club?
    3. Students will eat their lunch at the tables on the roof?

  18. Hi YandereDev! I just wanted to say that I don’t care about what happened to your past. Everyone commits mistakes, but it’s not something to focus on. We should stay in the present, not in the past. However, keep doing your best, YandereDev. Greetings from Italy!

  19. Yandere Dev:
    There has been so much drama about you…Just ignore them. I just really need to tell you that we all (the fans who will actually play the game, who are not here to insult or create drama) love you and we really appreciate your job. Do not get upset for just stupid things we all have done once in our live, or some things that are completly comprensible. ¡Yandere Dev! ¡Yandere Dev! ¡Cheer up!
    We all fans support you.

    I have followed you since 2014, checking you blog, twitter and youtube. This is the first time I have the need of talking to you. Don’t let people let you down. I maybe don’t understand how frustrating it can be. People need to hear that words once in a while: You are a great developer; you are making a great game; you are a human who can have feelings; you are fine as you are; we, fans, love you.

    Take your time. Make it perfect. Make it fun. Make your wish. It is your game. And we all love your ideas and imagination.

    -With lots of support and love:
    -Catherine. A Fan

    • Hey YandereDev before I say what I’m about to say I want to say thank you for taking questions and suggestions and stuff iv had this suggestion in my head forever but obviously I wasent able to say it and now I can

      So basically iv had an idea involving the evil personality for awhile I know the evil personality isn’t there no more but if you were ever gonna add it back I was thinking there evil right and they like seeing somone get killed so what if Yandere chan befriended them and they helped her do things like that I’m bout sure how you could convince them to help you commit a crime and obviously it can’t be easy but the point is if you ever bring back evil personality I think you should make it where you can ask them to help you commet somthing like mabye they will hide a body for you or clean up bloods for you or if your pickpocketing somone they can distract them for you stuff like that idk what do you think?

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