July 18th Bug-Fixing Build

To my relief, upgrading to Unity 2017 only caused one or two minor issues! This new build fixes a small handful of bugs that stemmed from the Unity 2017 upgrade. This build also contains a few “quality of life” improvements – minor things that will make your gameplay experience a bit more convenient, based on feedback from players.

To read a list of everything that is new/fixed/different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this lovely photograph that somebody shared with me!

It warms my heart to know that somebody was thinking of Yandere Simulator during a trip to the beach, and felt like drawing the game’s title into the sand! I can’t explain why, but it just puts a biiiiig smile on my face, and makes me feel all fuzzy inside!

Quality-Of-Life Improvements

  • In order to prevent the player from accidentally resetting the day when they didn’t mean to, the “Reset Day” debug command now requires the player to hold down the “~” key for 1 second, instead of tapping it.
  • If you press the “L” key at the Settings menu, all settings will drop to the lowest level. This will improve the framerate. (If you press “L” and then turn on anti-aliasing, it actually looks pretty okay!)
  • When the player is spotted in Mission Mode, a text box will now inform the player of exactly which student spotted them.
  • The Settings menu now allows the player to change the sensitivity of the camera.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to freely walk around after getting a game over, if she was stripping gloves off of her arms when she was apprehended / spotted / pepper-sprayed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Art Club Leader to do his “holding paintbrush” pose when the player was speaking to him, even when he wasn’t holding a paintbrush.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause Yandere-chan to remain upstairs when the player was trying to make her move downstairs to the basement.
  • Fixed bug that caused camera speed to be dependent on the game’s framerate, instead of being constant no matter what the framerate was.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to freeze permanently when failing the pickpocket minigame under very specific conditions.
  • Fixed Yanvania bug that would cause the game to freeze as soon as Yanmont-chan reached Dracula-chan’s throne room.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing students from teleporting to their seats when the player attended class.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the delinquents’ radio to play music in the presence of a dead delinquent.
  • Added one new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.

What’s next?

I’ve been working on a lot more stuff than what’s listed above; the other stuff that I’ve been working on simply isn’t ready to be added to the game yet. Hopefully, you’ll see it soon!

Recently, I acquired the assets necessary to add a new club to the game; I’m very excited about them! Adding them will be my next priority. Implementing this club will require me to change the layout of the school, so the next time you see Akademi High, you’ll notice that some buildings have moved around! Hopefully it’ll give the school a “new and improved” feeling! I hope you look forward to it!

340 thoughts on “July 18th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. think of killing osana by changing the shower water to bleach, and that u cant make it stop falling if u turndt it on. so wen she goes in the shower it will come bleach out, she cant turn it of and u locked the shower door shut. that would be a cool new update!

  2. Hey, Yandere Dev, I have a suggestion: Should all the different persona has its own way to realized quickly without taking the picture. For example:
    – Loner: Normal walking animations
    – Teacher’s Pet: Wear glasses
    – Social Butterfly (Chill walking animations for male and Girly walking animation for female)
    – Heroic (Confident walking animations)
    – Coward (Shy walking animations)


    I have already seen some people in the school with this (Mei, Ryusei, Daku wear glasses; Uekiya use the girly walking animation,…). So what do you think about this???

    Thanks for answering my question

    • Eventually, I want all characters to show a lot more personality with their animations / accessories, but right now, it doesn’t feel like the highest priority.

      • YandereDev, I have a question for you?
        In the final game, you will have the ability to customize Ayano (like putting custom textures in the Steaming Assets Folder or something else)?

    Please don’t delete the rainbow six.
    I will give you two reasons why you shouldn’t:
    1)They were the first students ever added in the game (after senpai).
    2)With who will you replace them? With random students? That doesn’t make sense at all -.-

    I’m sorry if I sound like a rudeass,but I really really really want them to stay.

    • He would replace them with:

      – Club Members,
      – the 10 Rival Slots!
      – Suitors,
      – Obstacles.

      Remember that every Rival has its own ID too!
      Suitors and generally Obstacles also need their ID’s.

      Rainbow 6 offers no benefit in the Gameplay aspect.

      The Plaza already is populated by Senpai who will give you a instant game over.
      Every Rainbow student will not go to the cooking club since they are not real members.
      They’d basically go to 2 Spots and that’s their Routine.

      They are plain and should either get completely removed or simply reworked entirely from Apereance to their Gameplay aspect.

  4. do you even rest enough? Im just a little worried because you work so much on the game and have enough outside air. idk if your working on the game sometimes in your free time but if you work tonight its good to have an good sleepnight. lol im just a little worried i want you to be healthy. ok i will leave now 🙂

  5. Yandere Dev I have some question
    -Will all the teacher’s walk around the classroom while teaching instead of standing
    -The Facebook of Yan-chan, will there be more use to the rivals or chatting students for some request, etc
    -Will you put some anime show at Yan-chans tv
    -Will there be a student that has a crush on Yan-chan?
    -If you got your skills full on the 1st week will it restart on the 2nd week?

    • 1) I think this would be good. I just don’t have the animations for it.

      2) It would be time-consuming to add depth to this feature, so I’m not really considering it.

      3) I think it would be cool, but depending on how elaborate you expect it to me, it might be too expensive / time-consuming to add to the game.

      4) It’s too early for me to decide.

      5) No.

  6. YandereDev! When I try and open Yandere Simulator, it doesn’t work! I really wanna play these updates! (Note: I haven’t been able to since Student council and Medusa Mode were added) (ANOTHER NOTE: I have reinstalled it multiple times, same problem)

  7. Hi YanDev I wanted to ask you some questions so please answer me!

    1) In the final game are we still going to be able to use the turtle god? (Eg forgive our sins, call a victim, lower sanity, etc.)?

    2) When you add drama club will it be composed of men and women or just one genre (including kizana)?

    3) The sports, drama and culinary club all have a rival. When you add these clubs the rivals are already going to stay there direct or you will make equal to muja kina (nurse) and will not change the original nurse but for those gray student club leaders to stay in their shoes and then you would officially add them?

  8. Yandere Dev Yandere Dev!

    I was thinking of adding new sanity levels into the game!

    lf you accept it but can’t do it now due to the high level of issues you have been working on in the game (including osana), Thats Okay!

    I just thought this was a really cool idea to add into the game!

    An Extra Low Sanity would be cool!

    Just imagine all the thoughts of Yandere-Chan putting a little pepper into the animation.

    Such as grabbing the victims hair and cutting it in half with a circular saw! (although, that would cause major lag problems(I think) because that would be a basically a new “item” in the game, you’ve already added seperate body parts.)

    And making Yan Chan stab the victim the same way a Saki Mindslave did to their victim! (without the suicide part)

    Or making the katana stab right into the victims eye all the way, and doing it with the heart as well!

    and or adding an easter egg animation by putting a circular saw next to a victim, killing the victim with another weapon. Then Yan Chan and grab the circular saw and finish them off in another way.

    I don’t really care lf you add this to the game or not! I really REALLY love your game! All I want for you is to reply ! :3

  9. Yandere Dev I have some questions
    1. in the video about the student consular and the delinquents its says that if she doesn’t change their ways that she will loose her job so will that feature be available in the game to make her loose her job?
    2. Do you plan on adding a elimination during cleaning time? Like if one of your rivals go to the incinerator to throw garbage away and they open it can you sneak behind them and push them in causing them to burn alive or putting soap on the floor and causing them to slip and hit their head on something?
    3. In the future do you plan on adding a feature were the player has to do homework or class work?
    4. Will you make a cuts scene were it shows your rival or ayano getting scolded by the teacher or consular?
    5. Will ayano or a student be able to get kicked out of a club?
    6. Other than being lovesick for senpai or having rage for her rivals, will ayano develop new emotions over the course of the weeks?

    • 1) You’ll see. I don’t want to spoil too much info.

      2) It’s too early for me to say “yes” or “no”.

      3) No.

      4) Yes.

      5) It’s already possible for Ayano to get kicked out of a club. Getting a student kicked out of a club serves no purpose to the player, so it’s not a planned feature right now.

      6) You’ll have to wait and see.

  10. Hi, Yandere dev! I have a quick question.

    Will kokona and Riku be in the final game? If so, will they be a couple?

    Thank you for all the time and dedication you put in Yandere Simulator! I’ve come to really like the game, so good luck! Make sure that you also take some breaks; I don’t want you to get sick because you’ve worked on Yandere Simulator too much!!

    • I want Kokona and Riku to remain in the final game. I think it would be cool if the player was able to matchmake them into a couple.

      Thanks for your kind words, too!

  11. hi Yandere Dev !

    I have a question, will you or will not change the Ayano haircut (always the ponytail but with a better model) ? without wanting to sound insistent yandere dev , also take care of yourself , and ” Bonne Chance “

  12. If you’re removing the Rainbow 6, will their hairstyles, stockings, and accessories stay in the game?

    I heard somewhere that you want to remove Coward because it’s overpowered? Idk if you’ll take this into consideration, and I’m terribly sorry if I’m annoying you. But, can Coward stay? But… Maybe give you a penalty, after they seen you commit murder? Perhaps they’ll bring pepper spray to school?(I’m not sure if schools allow this, but if they do…)and pepper spray you if you close to them(works exactly like the student council, if you walk up behind them, they’ll hear your footsteps, and turn around, if they see you, they’ll scream, and look scared) However, them being cowardly, they would not just pepper spray you at the start of the day, only if you approach them. Like, 2 meter’s within them.
    However, they are cowardly students, so they’ll only use it in self-defense, so if you murder someone if front of them, while they have the pepper spray, they’ll just… Beg for mercy. And only spray you if you get close.

  13. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev!
    Will you be putting some lgbtq+ people in the game? I know it isn’t something that would change the game or have a huge impact on anything (other than homophobic fans), but it’d be a whole other way of making students unique, it sounded better in my head 😅😞. Well I obviously know you wouldn’t do that but it was just a thought 😁

    Please answer! It’s fine if you don’t! 😅

  14. YandereDev, there is a big (I think) bug in the game.
    When you kill someone of the Gardening Club, the club has no longer enough members and disbands so at the next day you can’t go inside the garden club because the door is closed. When Shiromi Torayoshi goes to the garden to check it up, she gets bugged in the garden door. By that time that she is bugged in there you can kill all the delinquents or everyone quietly.

  15. 1. Will there be a video about how all of the rivals talk or think about/to senpai?
    2. In the final game, will there be more minigames like the one for pick-pocketing or fighting?
    3.Will taking pantyshots be the only reason to have the ability to crawl? OR Will crawling be the only option to take pantyshots?
    4. Will it be possible to make someone leave the club without killing? OR Will it be possible to disband a club without killing anyone?
    5. Will senpai join a club if one of Yan-Chans rivals asks him to?
    6. Will the labyrinth be the only option to accomplish Osanas quest (finding the kitty charm)?
    Thank Jill!

  16. YANDERE DEV! YANDERE DEV! I have some questions!
    1) Should there be a safety goggles in the Science Club or the Science Lab, so that the student council members can’t pepper spray her without removing the goggles. (because killing them is harder than killing the teachers)
    2) In the final game, will there be a coversation between a student and the guy Sukubi Dubidu in the Photography club and why is he wearing a collar, to make the game more lively (I know that Sukubi’s name and appearance are all a reference to the character Scooby Doo from “Scooby Doo”.)
    3) Will the green house in the gardening clubs have any meaning of gameplay benefit?
    4) Do you think that the act of lowering the reputation of a student or your rivals so that they’ll be bullied and go the rooftop and sit there alone, then we can kill them and dump the corpse down the rooftop?
    5) Can we use the expel elimination method with rivals like Mida Rana and Muja Kina
    6) What would happen with Senpai if we use the befriend eliminationn method with every rivals ?

  17. YandereDev, what will the new school look like?
    If (almost) half of the rivals are club leaders, will they have a replacement? If we kill an rival, will the club close?

    If the work on Osana Najami is over, who are you going to make progress over? Amai or Kizana ????

    I’m wondering why all the rivals appear for a certain week? Maybe add all the rivals (Except Muja and Mida) ,but they will be active rivals only in their week. How do you like this idea?

    (Sorry for my English)

    And yes, change the sensitivity of the camera. The top and bottom turn with a fast speed, correct, please: 3

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