Anime Expo Announcements (and a new build!)

EDIT #1: On July 3rd, I uploaded a new bug-fixing build.
EDIT #2: On July 4th, I snuck in one final bug-fixing build before leaving for Anime Expo! Scroll down to the very bottom of the blog post to read about it!

I’ll be attending Anime Expo 2018! Just like last year, I’m planning to be there for all 4 days of the convention.

In 2016 and 2017, there were Yandere Sim fan meetups at Anime Expo! These meetups are my happiest memories of the time I’ve spent working on Yandere Sim, so I’d like to meet up with fans again this year!

Just like last year, the plan is:

  • July 5th – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM at Site 4
  • July 8th – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM at Site 4

I think I waited way too long to announce this. Most Yandere Sim fans probably won’t check my blog between now and the expo, so a lot of people aren’t going to see this announcement. As a result, it might be a small gathering this year, but if even if only one person shows up, I’ll still be absolutely delighted!

There are three other things I want to discuss in this blog post: What I’ll be wearing at the expo, some good news regarding the game’s code and framerate, and also a new bug-fixing build that is being released today! Click “Continue Reading” to read more!

To make it easy for you to spot me at Anime Expo, I’m planning to wear Yandere Sim shirts, like these:

You also might see me wearing this shirt, too:

Where did this amazing artwork come from, you ask? It’s artwork that was created for a poster that is being sold at the booth!

Check it out, it’s holographic and shiny:

You can get this poster at Booth #4131. If you remember things better when a cheeky anime girl mascot is involved, this graphic should help:

If you can’t attend Anime Expo this year, you can still buy that poster at the website.

Programmer Assistance

If you’ve been checking this blog for a long time, you might remember a post I made almost exactly 1 year ago, about converting the game from JS to C# and upgrading from Unity 4 to Unity 5, and all of the improvements that came with it. This kind of upgrade could not have been made while I was working on the game; it could only happen during a point in time when I was not making any changes/additions to the project. For this reason, the C# conversion and Unity 5 upgrade took place while I was at Anime Expo, since it was a period of 4~5 days when I wasn’t able to actually touch the game.

This year, something similar is going to happen. For a few months now, I’ve been working together with a programmer who has been identifying and fixing problems with Yandere Simulator’s code. One of the primary causes of the game’s low framerate is a physics bug that exists in Unity 5, but was fixed in Unity 2017. While I’m at Anime Expo, this programmer is going to upgrade Yandere Sim from Unity 5 to Unity 2017! But that’s not all:

Last year, I explained that I had to wait 60 seconds for the code to compile every time I wanted to make a change to the game, because I was making the game in JavaScript. This was fixed by converting to C#. Presently, I’m facing a similar problem; whenever I compile the game’s code, the game’s pathfinding plugin breaks, which causes students to walk in place. This means that if I want to test anything that involves students, I have to reload the school scene, which takes 60 seconds. That pathfinding bug is forcing me to wait 60 seconds every time I want to make a minor change to the game – just like JavaScript did last year! However, the programmer I mentioned above has found the cause of this bug, and is going to implement the solution while he’s upgrading the game to Unity 2017!

In short, when I get back from Anime Expo, the game will be running on a better engine, the framerate will be improved, AND I won’t have to wait 60 seconds to test changes anymore! The programmer will also be taking care of some other stuff, as well, but I don’t want to overload this blog post with a bunch of technical jargon. The short version is that I’m finally getting a lot of the assistance that I’ve desperately needed!

By the way, I’m also releasing a new bug-fixing build today. You can read about the fixes/changes below:

July 2nd Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • The player can now activate a club leader’s club-related dialogue options by speaking to them whenever they are within 10 meters of their club routine area, instead of having to speak to them when they are standing still inside of their club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a bucket to fill up with gasoline if the player attempted to fill the bucket with water, after the bucket had previously been filled with gasoline earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause student council members to use the “holding grudge for murder” reaction to Yandere-chan if speaking to her after breaking up a fight with a delinquent.
  • Fixed bug that caused a bunch of club accessories to appear on Yandere-chan’s head during the cutscene in her living room. (It looked pretty goofy.)
  • The club characters will now stop holding props in their hands when the player has aimed a camera at their faces.
  • If a delinquent sees Yandere-chan holding a bully’s corpse, they will now react with the “Evil Persona” reaction.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Akane to permanently walk into a closed door if the Art Club was shut down.
  • Removed the nameplates that were mistakenly placed inside of the gym’s storage rooms.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Nemesis to hold a science club prop and a watering can.
  • Restored missing geometry on the exterior of the school gym.
  • Adjusted a few characters’ personas.

July 3rd Fixes and Changes

  • To make sure that his profile description (“a man of few words”) matches his behavior, Geiju now speaks exclusively in extremely short, apathetic, one-word or two-word sentences when interacting with Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would cause one of the Gardening Club students to water “the air” instead of watering flowers, when on the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the combat minigame’s sound effects to continue playing even after a council member had stopped the fight.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the 15 new students from having outlines around their hair when viewed in Yandere Vision.
  • Fixed bug that would make the camera behave strangely when Yandere-chan was holding or dropping a folded apron.
  • Adjusted the Student Information box so that text can’t be right up against the borders of the box.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to freeze in place after taking off a bloody labcoat.
  • Updated Geiju’s portrait to accurately reflect the color of his glasses.
  • Removed some expensive debug calls that were lowering the framerate.
  • Fixed typos in student profiles.

July 4th Fixes

  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to change Yandere-chan’s hair after switching to the Minecraft-inspired hair style.
  • Fixed bug that prevented outlines from appearing on some student’s profile pictures.
  • Students should no longer be able to get stuck on open doors on the school’s rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Geiju from being able to say his “club leader” lines.
  • Geiju will now say a shorter sentence when reacting to Yandere-chan’s misbehavior.

280 thoughts on “Anime Expo Announcements (and a new build!)

  1. YanDev a few questions:

    1) Once all clubs are implemented are u going to focus on the possibility to join the council and the delinquents? if not what is it?

    2) Since you named the Photography Club members with Scooby Doo references, will you name the Cooking Club members after world class famous chefs (e.g. Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain) and the Drama club after Hollywood celebrities?

    3) I personally prefer Akane with Green eyes. She looks better with eyes that are contrast to her colors. Can u change them back to green? plsss but btw lol not forcing u

    BTW Enjoy the Expo and Have a Nice Day!

  2. YANDEREDEV YANDEREDEV! Which club do you most wanna work on? Also, which clubs will be, as you stated, “simple”, and which will “take extra time”? And how was the Expo?

    • Right now, I’m most interested in implementing the Sports Club.

      The Cooking Club / Drama Club will be really simple. The Light Music Club and Sports Club will be more elaborate.

      The Expo was great!

      • hey i love whatching youtubers play it and i really cant wiat for the full game to be out i wish you lucky and hope you make big leaps in all the thing you need to do : D .PS: you should make so on centen day or random you should have rain or even storms to make it feel more real and fog should maybe have a effect on character cone of veiw or aka c.o.v ( high fog density couse low character cov, low fog density couse a little less then normal cov)

  3. I have more questions sorry

    1. When will you work on the counsiler

    2. When will you add the new uniform and the new pony tail hair for yan-chan

    3.will yan-chan’s parents be in the game

    4. When will you add rain in the game


  4. I’m not sure if this has already been asked, but when the game is finished will people still be able to mod the game? (I really like modding my OC into the game. XD)

  5. YANDEREDEV YANDEREDEV! When will we get new info on the game? (Ex: new build, new video, sneak peek, etc.)

  6. You might have seen these messages but will you add students from doki doki literature club but change their name like you did for the photography club like change their name like yurei,nasutki,moinika and seyori or something like that if not its ok by the way one of the art club members name is so funny borupen i laugh everytime.

  7. Question: Will you make it that if you open the shed while a member of the gardening club is around that they will notice you, because it’s kind of immersion breaking that they do nothing. This could also add some more difficulty when accessing the shed.

    • Hmm. Yeah, for a while, I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of reactions would be appropriate for Yandere-chan trespassing / stealing from a club. For certain situations, it would make sense for a club leader / club member to physically take back a stolen item or follow Yandere-chan around, pestering her until she stops doing what she is doing. But adding another state for students to be in (taking an item away, or following the player and telling them to stop doing something) would probably create a lot of new situations (and thus new bugs) so I’m hesitant to implement it, unless I can figure out the most simple and straightforward way to do it.

      • Maybe yan-chan would just lost few rep points and get her key confiscated? And they stealing the keys again would be harder… like less time to hit the letters

        That’s the laziest and bugless solution :b

    • The next build will probably just be a simple bug-fixing build…no new clubs.

      At this point in time, I am not planning for the Sports Club to have a new Persona.

  8. Yandere dev yandere dev, can you please make it so that the student that is in the art club joins the occult club once the art club leader dies??

  9. YandereDev, how much work is left to be done in order to implement the Mysterious Obstacle? And when are you going to work on her?


    1) Why did you change Osana’s appearance a little? Her hair is a lighter color

    2) Since you wanna add 90 students before anything else, will we finally be seeing the mysterious obstacle soon?

  11. Quick question, when the cooking club is implented, will Kokona still have the event where she makes octodogs? Keep up the great work!

  12. I have an idea for Sakura Hagiwara, she currently suffers from a heart disease, when she discovers a corpse or discovers that the player is killing someone can cause a cardiac arrest that makes her die, the next day the garden club will be closed and the option burying your garden and shredding will no longer be possible (sorry for my bad English)

  13. I only made this account to talk about something that I feel could impact or improve most students in the game to make it difficult for the player to eliminate their target or hide them. YandereDev, Whenever you add the function to look through windows in the class room maybe during a lesson if the player chooses to dispose a body in the incinerator, There’s always students who get tired or bored of a lesson that they look out at a window or not pay attention which can cause a student to have a sudden outburst when noticing the player drag or carry a dead body that can cause the teacher to be informed and call the police immediately. That can work during most times during the school since some students like in persona 5 game stays in their classrooms once a lesson is over to talk, study, or basically hang out instead of having every student in one area, of course many students could be walking side by side at the hallways as well talking. Either way the widows being fully visible to the students and teachers could change the way the player goes to do something outside, even be caught skipping class which can cut out time in the game. Just a thought, but I don’t know if it was thought out before, if so I apologize deeply and hope to see more from the game. I know suggestions aren’t what you want or need, but it’s just a thought that I’ve been having for a while.

    • This is something that I want to avoid; it would change the level design drastically, add a level of difficulty that could be annoying rather than challenging, and could lower the framerate due to all the extra transparency. I don’t really think I want to go down this road, unless I encounter a game design flaw that can only be resolved by adding transparent windows.

  14. Hey, I think there should be a feature where if Yandere-Chan sets her rival on fire during cleaning time while someone with a bucket of water is passing by, that person should splash water on the rival to put out the fire.

  15. I have 2 questions YandereDev
    1)Will you delete rainbow 12 from the game ?
    2)Will Megami’s bodyguards salso have profile,persona,strength etc

  16. Are you going to still implement the gardener of the academy? He could walk outside and keep everything tidy and help with some tasks that the faculty and students would not do.

  17. Last question and one request yandere dev
    Question:About shiromi the student council I thought she will the one making a fight and just investigate a rumor
    Request: Next build can you make chairs or table,etc.. unwalkable?

  18. YandereDev, Yanderedev! Shoudnt all characters (that have a crush on senpai) have a synthetic connection to senpai wich make fall absolutely in love with him? Sorry for this question but this has really been bothering me for a couple of months, and I haven’t gotten around to asking.

    • You’re saying each character that has a crush on him should have a good reason be so in love with him? Read the bio for the 10 rivals. Some already do, some don’t, and will most probably be revealed in the game. Osana’s reason is clear. Kokona doesn’t really have a reason because she’s not part of the 10 rivals. She’s just a rival in these debug builds.

  19. Yandere-dev! I know this is a question out of the blue but how will rivals work in Mission Mode in the final game? Will they be all present at school? Or there will be no rival characters at all in that mode? (If you did not understand I, mean will rivals even be in Mission Mode?)

  20. Oh, and ONE more question, and i’ll stop bothering u.

    I’ve been following the development of yandere sim for 2 years (or more, forgive me, i can’t remember), and u mentioned that Yandere-Chan’s laugh was the oldest asset of the game, and u were changing it.

    What’s gonna be the replacement of the laugh, r u actually gonna replace it?

  21. Hey Dev!, I have one question, if Osana gets added into a build Kokona will stop saying at Wedsneday, Oh Senpai… How will you notice how i feel about you?. or it will be the same?

    Is there a future for the two male students located in the library (Study~Kun A and Study~Kun B) or will they soon be removed?

  23. YandereDev, haven’t you ever had someone you were deeply in love with and you had a reason for it? Like Yandere~Chan, but the other girls just love him and we don’t know the backstory. Maybe Osoro has another side to her were she liked quiet and boys who prefer books over boobs, or maybe senpai helped Osana as a child and she fell in love with him because he helped her. You know what I mean??

  24. YANDEREDEV YANDEREDEV! In one of your videos ( I think it was about the matchmaking elimination method), you said that you made 16 elimination methods, and that you had implemented 14. Now you are saying that you made 15. Which one did you remove? And why?

  25. Yandere-dev! Is it possible in the current version to poison someone’s lunch, drown, electrocute someone? Also keep up the good work, can’t wait till the new characters come out.

  26. Some more questions xp:
    (1) With the teleportation features I think you should be able to teleport, not only to the incinerator, but also to the bathhouse. I often play and can’t dump the actual body unless it is class, or I bring the people there. Or, I want to wash up without reputation loss. (ik it’s meant to be like that but but it would make things easier for me :p)

    (2) I think at one point, you mentioned that you could bury a student and put a cat on top of it to fool the police… but idk if that feature is in the game already, or just an idea… because I can dig a hole but it’s basically pointless.

    (3) when you defeat a rival without murder will they still show up in the next weeks? Not the teachers, of course but it would be a bit weird for them to just transfer schools, or completely go missing because they get rejected.

    sorry for all of my questions lol

  27. Yandere Dev Yandere Dev! i Have Questions
    1. Will We Get a New Build Today?
    2. When will a huge update take place?
    3. when will u start focussing on the town
    4. Will New Characters Be Added ?
    6. And Last, When Will Be The Gaming Club Be Added?

    • 1) It’s hard to say. Obstacles keep getting in my way.

      2) It’s impossible to predict at this point in time.

      3) Perhaps never, but if it does happen, it’ll be after Osana.

      4) Soon.

      5) Soon.

  28. YandereDev i have a question:

    1) When the club leader of a certain club is a rival, are there going to be 5 members?

    2) Will a club disband when there are only 4 members but the rival club leader is still absent? because it still counts as 5 members

  29. Hello YandereDev, i have a question about Muja’s personality…(Even though shes not in the game yet, i still am very curious about her) Is she a shy type of person or is she something else? To me, she seems flirty, but in a more shy way.
    P.s: Hope you had a great time at Anime Expo and good luck on the game!

  30. YandereDev, 2 questions

    What is going to happen if, for example, the cooking club disbands before Amai’s week (same with Kizana, Oka and Asu)?

    Is there going to be other characters than just Yandere-chan for the merch?

    • If a club disbands, its characters change their daily routines. Instead of performing club-related activities (like cooking inside of the Cooking Club) they will gather outside of the locked clubroom and chat with one another. This turns them into a different type of obstacle; basically a big solid wall standing outside of that clubroom.

      I’ll consider greater variety in the characters that are on the merch, but it’s really difficult to justify thinking about merch right now when there is so much development progress that still needs to be made.

  31. I have an idea for a persona that cooking club,drama club and sports club should have!
    • Cooking Club Members Needs To Have The Sweet And Gentle Personality just like amai
    • Drama Club will have The Arrogant or Ellegant persona
    • Sports Club Will Have the energetic persona

    Is This Ok?
    Yandere Dev Yandere Dev!!
    I Have Some questions :
    1.) will the final game be paid or free
    2.) Is it possible to mod mission mode?
    3.) After Defeating Osana on friday, will you have a chance to go to the town on sunday or saturday?
    4.) Will Osana’s Obstacle Will Be Just Blacked Textured Or Have A Custom texture
    5.) Will you still planning to add more buildings to the school?

    • 1) I can’t work on something for 5+ years and then give it away for free.

      2) It’s probably possible, but I didn’t go out of my way to make it possible.

      3) Possibly, but it’s something I’m not considering working on right now.

      4) Osana’s obstacle will eventually have a proper appearance.

      5) A male locker room, at minimum.

  32. So do you make Yandere Sim Updates videos during the 1st day of the month and the 15th day of the month? Or does it depend on your work schedule when your free to do a video about Yandere Sim

  33. Yandere dav, I have questions:
    1) What happened to the mini game of making money in coffee? (When Yandere-chan it is necessary to work as a waitress.)
    2) Will there be a cut scene of the parents’ district in the game?
    3) When you take the ring of one of the twins, Sakura says: “This ring …”. Is this something to do with the plot of the game or is it a joke?
    4) Kokona will be in the theatrical circle? You said that she would make the game learning.
    5) Why in the phone Yandere-chan application “music”.
    It just makes the sound “pi”.
    6) Why does not someone react to bare Yandere-chan?
    Thank you

  34. Two more questions:
    1) Will the Yandere simulator be on disks?
    2) Will there be a possibility of changing the sex of Senpai and Yandere-chan in the finished version of the game? I think this idea should be removed, or make a separate mod. It will take a lot of time and money … And little people will play this version.

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