First Unity 5 build now available!

In my previous blog post, I mentioned several reasons why the game’s development has slowed down so much. The two biggest problems were caused by JavaScript (slow compile times) and Unity 4 (limited to 4 GB of RAM). For the past couple of months, tinyBuild has been working on converting the game from JavaScript to C# and porting the game from Unity 4 to Unity 5. I’ve got great news! While I was at Anime Expo, tinyBuild finished the JS ~ C# conversion and the Unity 4 ~ 5 conversion!

Because Unity 5 has a lot of differences from Unity 4, I expected the game’s lighting/shading/physics to completely change, and produce countless problems…but, thankfully, the conversion did not result in changes to the game’s appearance or performance! The game looks good, and runs good! In fact, I’m even noticing an improved framerate!

Previously, it took 30 seconds to compile the code, 30 seconds to load into the school scene, and 30 seconds to reload the editor whenever it crashed for using too much RAM. Now that all scripts are C#, it takes 5 seconds to compile the code! Now that the editor is a 64-bit program, it’s no longer limited to 4GB of RAM, so the crashes are no longer happening! On a side note, it now takes 25 seconds to load into the school level! This means that it now takes a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds to test a change, instead of taking a minimum of 60 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds!

I can’t overstate how much of a big deal this is! Allow me to express how I previously felt, and how I currently feel, using a pair of images:



Because of the differences between Unity 4 and 5, some new bugs were created. I spent the past 3 days fixing those bugs, and now the Unity 5 version of the game is a 100% match with the Unity 4 version of the game! …or, at least, it should be! There might still be a few lingering bugs that slipped past me…and that’s where you come in!

I’m releasing a new build of the game today – Yandere Simulator’s first Unity 5 build – so that you can look through it and search for any bugs that I might have missed. There is no new content in this build, and there are no new features in this build! I’m releasing this build purely so that you can inform me if there are any brand-new bugs that didn’t exist in any previous builds of the game. If you want to see new content and new features, you’ll have to wait until July 15th, which is when the next build is scheduled to be released.

When I was at Anime Expo, I met with numerous fans who wanted to thank me for the time that I’ve put into Yandere Simulator, and wish me luck with the future of the game’s development. The kind words of countless fans, combined with the huge improvements granted by C# and Unity 5, have given me a ton of newfound motivation to work on Yandere Sim harder than ever before! It’s been years since I felt this excited to develop the game! I’m super eager to see what kind of progress I’ll be able to make now that I’m no longer being held back by the downsides of JavaScript and Unity 4!

As always, thank you very much for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

58 thoughts on “First Unity 5 build now available!

  1. Aww yeah Yan-Dev!
    Now you’ve got the game running better than ever I can’t wait to see the progress to come

    Unfortunately, not all of us can reap the benefits xD
    4gb ram potato pc will continue to plague me with all the lag

      • I looked at your PC and it seems you may have a bottleneck between CPU and GPU, always make sure its either low-end plus low-end, mid-range plus mid-range, or high-end plus high-end.

      • I’m aware it’s gone. “Not like I’m here since 2015 and already know this.”

        What’s the point of making assumptions when you can’t read a comment properly?

        No town. No reason to keep the option in the ui.
        Oh there is room to critize. Why it’s 2 years and this game still runs so bad?
        Or even minor issues like this?

        Since there’s no interest from the community in improving the game and pointing out issues is only responded with ignore or playing it down, at worst hatred. Then I’ll leave it as it is. I don’t feel like contributing into such a toxic environment.

        For the other guy it’s obvious he has no idea what he’s talking about. If he or she knows one thing, my setup is a well balanced entry level system. Other games run fine on high/medium mix. And that’s AAA, for what it is yan sim should have better framerates. When you can’t see that issue, that’s fine. Or don’t want to see it because the usual ignore, ok. But can’t help to allow myself a laugh with such response that was just rubbish.

      • My performance CPU I7-quad core, System ram DDR3 maybe I might jump to DDR4 or DDR5, Graphic Card Radeon RX 740 8G and system is Windows 7 Ultimate. πŸ˜€

  2. That’s awesome news, Devpai. We’re super glad that previous problems are now alleviated, and hopefully that’ll allow development to continue at a smooth pace. Know that your fans always have your back every step of the way – we’re anticipating the finished product with bated breath!

  3. I’m so happy to see you up and running again, with more motivation than ever before. I’ve been here on this blog since July 2014, and let me tell you…it has been one crazy ride.

    We love you, YandereDev, and we cannot wait to see what you bring to the table!

    Oh, and for the record, I am buying this game As soon as it’s released. The very same minute.. I’ve waited too long to not throw my life savings away on it. Best make it a great one, eh? πŸ˜‰

  4. Congrats YanDev! I’m so glad that everything is going so well! I supose this is a huge step before Osana and kickstarter (i’m sayin like that because i don’t understand much about programming), I hope that everything goes smoothly and fine for you

  5. Hey, Devpai! πŸ™‚ I just clicked the links to view the before and after photo’s and well you messed up! :S XD There is a picture from a old blog of you heaving to walk while a ball and chain is attached to your foot and the other one is some superhero guy running!

    Get some sleep! Were all rooting for ya!

  6. I didnt expect such a pair of pictures as differences……but its great xD
    Im really happy how excited yanderedev now is, Im still looking forward to yandere simulators developement everyday and its really fun for me to read and makes me happy

    • Not like I’m here since 2015 and already know this. Though I change my google accounts more often.

      A button that doesn’t work shouldn’t be in menu. This is broken hence a bug.

      • ‘Snap’ has been in the menu for years. It’s a placeholder. Why should he have to change the menu when it’s still subject to change time and time again? This is still a debug build. Reporting loose ends like broken buttons as if they were bugs, even though they were intentionally left there, is just a waste of YanDev’s time.

  7. you can just feel the enthusiasm pouring out of your words, glad to see you in high spirits. while i wasn’t one that was worried about how long the game would take to come out, i hope with the new improvements you’ll be able to speed through some of the things that you’ve wanted to do for awhile now.

  8. I can’t stop smiling! It’s great to know that you’re in such high spirits, and that things are going smoothly over where you are. Hopefully this new change will get the people nagging you about Osana’s progress off your back.
    Best of wishes to you, Yanderedev!

  9. I’m glad to see you so excited about this Yanderedev! I may not understand it completely but the fact you are so happy about it makes me happy! ^__^

  10. I would very much like to download this game. But I am unaware how well my Computer would take it(It’s not what you would call new) is their a way I can find the ‘Stats’ for the current build so that I may know if my Computer can run the game or not?

  11. Can’t wait until this game is done! You have done such a beautiful job already and although the content is unique and “mature” I still love the concept. Thanks for this game and I hope you are doing well!


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