January 4th Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! There were a couple of significant problems in the previous build. I prepared a new one for you as quickly as I could! There was also a problem that was preventing the launcher from giving people the latest build of the game; I’ve fixed that problem, too. You can scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build.

This is the part of the blog post where I usually share some remarkable fan art that I discovered online. But, today, I want to give the spotlight to a very different type of fan-made content. A Russian gentleman has produced a series of videos where he superimposes himself into Yandere Simulator’s school, and interacts with Yandere-chan and the other students. I think that’s sooooo cool!

When I first started working on Yandere Simulator, I never would have imagined that it would eventually inspire people to create videos like this! It’s a very silly video, but I still think it’s awesome, and I simply HAVE to share it with you. Even if you don’t speak Russian, you’ll probably be able to follow the plot anyway:

Okay! Now, on to the changelog:

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that was causing the game to load all student portraits every time the Student Info menu was opened – instead of only loading them once – which had the side-effect of causing the game to run out of memory and crash for some users.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to strip off bloody club clothing (such as the martial arts gi or the painter’s frock).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the fountain to be brightly lit at all times of day, regardless of the current amount of sunlight.
  • Fixed bug that would cause female randomly-generated students to spawn in a completely broken state.
  • Changed the brightness level of some textures so that they are not blindingly white at noontime.
  • The Cyborg Ninja easter egg now makes Yandere-chan immune to Senpai and teachers.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause Kuu Dere to spin in circles on the school rooftop.
  • Adjusted door animation speed so that doors do not instantly snap open and closed.
  • Strengthened “the first line of defense” and “the second line of defense.”
  • Fixed bug that caused Yui Rio to spawn with Yandere-chan’s hairstyle.

134 thoughts on “January 4th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. So I’ve noticed a few things going wrong in this build so far:

    – Police can still find blood on Yandere-chan after it’s been removed via the turtle forgiving her sins.

    – Carrying a weapon near the delinquents has them repeat their lines (“You think you’re tough, huh?!” etc.) at any and all distances, at the same volume no matter how far Yandere-chan is from them, until she drops her weapon.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Also YandereDev, I can’t open the services menu. So I cannot expel Kokona

    (I use the December 20th build)

    Does anyone have the recent build with NO password to download? :*(

  3. The struggle mini-game needs to be tweaked. Right now the first button can literally change as your thumb is pressing it. If that happens, you simply don’t have time to recover, at least against teachers. Bear in mind this is with a maxed physical education stat. It’s completely random. If I can manage to hit the button even once before it changes the first time, I can usually win. But if it does change that quickly, there’s no coming back from it. It shouldn’t be unwinnable based on chance with maximized physical education stats.

  4. I know this is your game and all but I just wanted to mention that usually in Japanese schools the doors slide to one side, the don’t both slide to each side of the wall. I also thought that the window on the door could be see through instead of opaque so spying on students could be easier than opening the door while they’re in class. That’s all good development so far. Remember the little things count.

  5. YandereDev! YandereDev!
    There’s something, that has been bothering me.
    You still have LOADS Of things to implement.

    For example:
    1) Guidance Counselor’s Functionality
    2) Improved Framerate
    3) Psychology functionality
    4) Make Empty rooms useful. (Example: Calligraphy room, English Classroom, etc.)
    5) SNAP Option
    6) Club Leaders
    7) Other Elimination Methods.
    8) Delinquents, who the Protagonist will be able to Communicate with.
    9) Other students, whose routine will be designed according to the Rival’s.
    10) Save/Load option
    11) The Town
    12) Enlightenment function
    And Others..

    I think you should spend time on those and THEN let the Osana take her place in the game.

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