January Osana Progress Report – Part 2

The second half of my January Osana Progress Report is finally ready! Please check it out below!

As promised, a new build of the game is now available. Here’s a full list of everything that is new or different in the latest build:

Gardening Club

  • There are now “fake Gardening Club members” walking around in the Gardening Club. They don’t react to any of Yandere-chan’s behavior, except for pick-pocketing.
  • The Gardening Club shed is now locked, unless the player pickpockets the Gardening Club Leader or joins the Gardening Club.
  • It is possible to pickpocket the leader of the gardening Club to get a key that unlocks the shed.
  • The textures / objects in the Gardening Club have been changed slightly.
  • There is now rat poison in the Gardening Club’s shed.
  • The hair of the “fake Gardening Club members” was modeled by Qvajangel! Thanks, Qva!


  • The nurse now walks around the infirmary, but doesn’t react to any of Yandere-chan’s behavior, except for pickpocketing.
  • There is now a bottle of emetic medicine in a locked cabinet in the infirmary.
  • It is possible to pickpocket the nurse to get a key that unlocks the cabinet.


  • Added a control panel to the metal detectors so that it’s easier for the player to tell where to use the screwdriver.
  • Fixed bug that would cause low-detail students to remain low-detail even when the camera was very close to them.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a blank text message to appear when sending Info-chan a picture of Nemesis’ panties.
  • Added the ability to censor panties in Mission Mode by tapping the key that normally summons the Debug Menu.
  • Added some polish to the Mission Mode game over screen (new sounds, more legible text, fixed typos, etc).
  • Added sound effects for the security cameras and for shutting down the metal detectors in Mission Mode.
  • Replaced the grass texture. The new texture is a placeholder. A better grass texture is coming soon.
  • Adjusted the size of the square-shaped selection highlight in the Student Info screen.
  • Changed the appearance of the visual effects for all fountains in the school.
  • The player can now order “Lethal Poison” or “Emetic Poison” from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Info-chan’s “Services” menu from opening.
  • Moved Inkyu and Sakyu to a new location during lunchtime.
  • Added a sound effect for the security camera.
  • Added a sound effect for the metal detector.
  • Changed the dates in the Calendar screen.

What’s next?

I’ve been heavily considering making a follow-up video to “Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future” where I discuss more about the origins of the game, what I am prioritizing, and what I predict I’ll be able to accomplish in 2017.

In 2015, I brought up the subject of adding a small town to the game…and then never addressed the topic again. In 2016, I brought up the subject of re-naming the game…and then never addressed the topic again. There were also several other subjects that were never given closure. I’d really like to make a video that addresses the lingering loose ends of 2015 and 2016.

In January of last year, Yandere Simulator was banned from Twitch.tv. On the anniversary of Yandere Simulator’s ban, I plan to release a follow-up video explaining what I’ve done to investigate the issue, why I believe the game was banned, and whether or not the game has any chance of getting unbanned.

Making any of these videos would take up a day or two that could otherwise have been spent on Osana. But, if Osana is two months away, then it doesn’t really seem like a big deal to spend a few days making videos that address important subjects. I do feel guilty whenever I do anything that isn’t directly related to Osana, though. Hmm…it’s a tough call to make.

I wonder – if there was a poll about this subject, which option would you vote for?


124 thoughts on “January Osana Progress Report – Part 2

  1. Yanderedev, I think you should spend more time on Osana. I think that as soon as you complete one rival. you can do the next one easier, or maybe just have a better idea of what type of personality the rival has to customize the interactions. By the way, is Senpai’s voice actor new? I don’t think I’ve heard it before?

      • He never said he copied Nemesis from that pic, just that it pretty much inspired him to have the Ultimate Enemy look that way. And, as people have pointed out, the guy’s drawing is not that original of a character design. If it was, I’d understand the artist’s dislike of association better, but as it is… it’s a darkhaired girl with red eyes. That’s not very original in terms of design.

  2. Honestly it doesn’t matter to me how long Osana takes. The fact that he’s got so much work to do just lets me know how great the game will be. Don’t forget that he’s just one guy on a budget, and he managed to do all of this great stuff already. Yandere Simulator has made leaps and bounds even just in the past year, and I’m excited to see his vision coming to life no matter how long it takes him to get it there.

  3. Yandere Dev, If you want to speak with adults and fewer 12-year-old otaku children, especially for help with the game and serious questions, go to your Patreon page. I’m also on Patreon but have no patrons. I’m Majime on there, and I support you. I can help you if you need professional-level artwork, voice acting (can’t do the cutesy voice like Midori) and I’m actually learning how to code, and noticed some code you had floating around in a video. “if” statements make the game very inefficient. Instead of taking time off to do easter eggs, condense and optimize your code. You can even keep a separate file somewhere to test your changes. Keep up the good work!

    • If you’re trying to volunteer, contact him via email. Also, he doesn’t need extra programmers or voice actors; check his spreadsheet on the “Volunteer” page to see what he does need done. Your comment is kind of hypocritical because you comment that he doesn’t need 12-year-old otaku children speaking with him, yet many of those 12 yr olds actually read the blog and listen to him while a grown adult like you doesn’t bother to.

  4. About Senpai’s sanity.

    Good mechanic. Just a thing. Some of the madness should deal PERMANENT damage to Senpai’s sanity.

    Something like: X does 5 points of recoverable damage to sanity. Y does 10 points of recoverable and 5 points of permanent damage to sanity,

    Somethings can’t be just cheaply fixed with gifts and presents. People are not dolls or toys.

    Hey, you can even give a special name to that, akin to D&D vile damage. Something like “trauma”, “evil” or “madness” damage.

  5. no matter what you choose to do, the game is not finished yet. So it doesn’t matter if you choose to make the video’s, because the game will come eventually. And I’m pretty sure that almost everyone who is following the development of Yandere Simulator has patience and knows that you are giving your best.
    Please do not over work yourself, but keep up the great work you have been delivering 😉

  6. This new mechanic with senpai’s sanity and the different endings has pretty much made the game for me. It adds a really fun strategy aspect and encourages you to mix and match methods…I’m really happy it’ll be in the game.

  7. I look forward to seeing how the Sempai Sanity system turns out. One thing I’d probably want to try in the finished version is mind-breaking Osana and having her kill Sempai’s sister, because…I don’t know, that seems like it would be optimal for maximum Sempai madness.

    • I wonder if that is possible… I mean, if you decide to get rid of your rivals non-lethally, but also in a way that doesn’t remove them from school property, I guess they would still stick around? Except for Mida, who is labelled to be a sub who will be leaving, regardless at the end of her term, I guess.

      • I was imagining something more along the lines of kidnapping Osana and making her into a mind-broken assassin.

      • They will be if you stick one in your basement for a while.
        I assume that kidnapping rivals is a thing you can do.

  8. Yikes. I thought Fun girl looked a little like Gaster, but what she says when you change the files is a little too close to Undertale themes to be considered inspiration. Hopefully it won’t be like this in the actual game. So many of your ideas are original and great; don’t spoil the game by risking its reputation.

  9. Everything you’ve talked about in these videos seems really great, but it seems as you’re adding in each feature, you discover 20 other features that need to be added to make the first one work out. Beware feature creep, and try not to drown yourself in work. It already seems like you might be in over your head a bit, it might be time to hire some full-time help.

  10. I’m incapable of doing the poll – not in terms of it not working, but I can’t pick an option. If you want to focus on just Osana to get her out, that’s fine. Doing videos on something else or so, that’s fine, too. I mean, you are the game creator and, ultimately, the decision lies with you. It’s great that you keep the audience’s opinions in mind, but… well, frankly put, what would we do to you, if you decided to ‘keep us waiting’ for Osana? In the end, nothing.

    So… you know, whatever you think is more important (or fun) to focus on right now, go for that.

  11. Yandere dev, I know we’re all excited about smaller features and extra things like a town, but please don’t forget to focus on the main parts of the game! Osana has taken significantly longer than you thought, partly because of these extra things. Like starkpaw said, don’t get in over your head.

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