January Osana Progress Report – Part 1

It’s very rare for me to break a video into two parts, but that’s what I decided to do with my latest video. When I realized that second half of the video was going to be drastically different in tone and subject matter than the first half, it seemed like a good idea to split it in two. So, instead of one 20-minute video, it’ll be two 10-minute videos.

Without further ado, here’s my progress report! (Or, the first half of it, at least!)

On Jan 2nd or Jan 3rd, I’ll release Part 2, along with a new build of the game. I hope I can take care of it as quickly as possible!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

127 thoughts on “January Osana Progress Report – Part 1

  1. İt is already 3rd of January (18:00 ) here . İ dont know where Alex (Yandere dev )lives l guess in America, So it is still 2nd of January there right? Oh, l have to wait 1 more day for the video then… Opss.

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