January Osana Progress Report – Part 2

The second half of my January Osana Progress Report is finally ready! Please check it out below!

As promised, a new build of the game is now available. Here’s a full list of everything that is new or different in the latest build:

Gardening Club

  • There are now “fake Gardening Club members” walking around in the Gardening Club. They don’t react to any of Yandere-chan’s behavior, except for pick-pocketing.
  • The Gardening Club shed is now locked, unless the player pickpockets the Gardening Club Leader or joins the Gardening Club.
  • It is possible to pickpocket the leader of the gardening Club to get a key that unlocks the shed.
  • The textures / objects in the Gardening Club have been changed slightly.
  • There is now rat poison in the Gardening Club’s shed.
  • The hair of the “fake Gardening Club members” was modeled by Qvajangel! Thanks, Qva!


  • The nurse now walks around the infirmary, but doesn’t react to any of Yandere-chan’s behavior, except for pickpocketing.
  • There is now a bottle of emetic medicine in a locked cabinet in the infirmary.
  • It is possible to pickpocket the nurse to get a key that unlocks the cabinet.


  • Added a control panel to the metal detectors so that it’s easier for the player to tell where to use the screwdriver.
  • Fixed bug that would cause low-detail students to remain low-detail even when the camera was very close to them.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a blank text message to appear when sending Info-chan a picture of Nemesis’ panties.
  • Added the ability to censor panties in Mission Mode by tapping the key that normally summons the Debug Menu.
  • Added some polish to the Mission Mode game over screen (new sounds, more legible text, fixed typos, etc).
  • Added sound effects for the security cameras and for shutting down the metal detectors in Mission Mode.
  • Replaced the grass texture. The new texture is a placeholder. A better grass texture is coming soon.
  • Adjusted the size of the square-shaped selection highlight in the Student Info screen.
  • Changed the appearance of the visual effects for all fountains in the school.
  • The player can now order “Lethal Poison” or “Emetic Poison” from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Info-chan’s “Services” menu from opening.
  • Moved Inkyu and Sakyu to a new location during lunchtime.
  • Added a sound effect for the security camera.
  • Added a sound effect for the metal detector.
  • Changed the dates in the Calendar screen.

What’s next?

I’ve been heavily considering making a follow-up video to “Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future” where I discuss more about the origins of the game, what I am prioritizing, and what I predict I’ll be able to accomplish in 2017.

In 2015, I brought up the subject of adding a small town to the game…and then never addressed the topic again. In 2016, I brought up the subject of re-naming the game…and then never addressed the topic again. There were also several other subjects that were never given closure. I’d really like to make a video that addresses the lingering loose ends of 2015 and 2016.

In January of last year, Yandere Simulator was banned from Twitch.tv. On the anniversary of Yandere Simulator’s ban, I plan to release a follow-up video explaining what I’ve done to investigate the issue, why I believe the game was banned, and whether or not the game has any chance of getting unbanned.

Making any of these videos would take up a day or two that could otherwise have been spent on Osana. But, if Osana is two months away, then it doesn’t really seem like a big deal to spend a few days making videos that address important subjects. I do feel guilty whenever I do anything that isn’t directly related to Osana, though. Hmm…it’s a tough call to make.

I wonder – if there was a poll about this subject, which option would you vote for?


124 thoughts on “January Osana Progress Report – Part 2

  1. I would love to see the rest of the videos, especially as there doesn’t appear to be many more updates of some sort until Osana is completed. I am personally v interested in the Past, Present, Future video for 2017 because I really wonder what will happen post-Osana and its great to address some past videos. In short, please do!

  2. I always imagined that Yandere Simulator would have different endings depending on how you eliminate your rivals, considering that making friends with all your rivals and killing all your rivals are two very different actions. I’m glad that you are including that and I think it’s very clever how it’s based around Senpai’s sanity. Great work Yandere Dev! I look forward to seeing the final product!

  3. Yandere Dev Yandere Dev!

    When you killed Midori, you looked and felt EXACTLY like Trevor Phillips when he killed that one chick (forgot her name.)

    Also, I like the idea of repairing Senpai’s sanity, it does kinda add depth to Ayano’s character. That and it would be great to see something going, not so violently all the time.

  4. I am so happy! Senpai is starting to get a personality! I just thought he was the less interesting character of them all. He was so simple! So hearing that he will be a lot more complex makes me feel a lot better about the future of this game. And I think that it’s ok that YandereDev creates videos concerning other aspects of the game,it will show us how the game is going and what is important for its future. Good work YandereDev!!

  5. I like the idea of repairing Senpai’s sanity with gifts and notes, It would be like he had a secret admirer in the shadows watching over him though he troubled times. Even though its a same person causing those times.

  6. I love the idea of giving gifts and leaving notes for Taro!! It gives the game so much more depth!! I found the question of ‘what-would-he-do-if-he-you’d-done-IT’ very interesting. I love how Senpai’s character/personality is finally being fleshed out. And it’s very much helping me with my theories….

    This game is fantastic!!!!! I can’t wait for the next update!!!!

  7. ok so part 2 upload here is what I was talking to you about that I conceptualized before part 1 (advanced sorry YandereDev for the long post)

    The Student Council club the most prestigious club you can be at since you control other clubs and other student events so how does real life applied to yandere simulator? I will break it down to its functions
    1) The perks of the student council club is mainly persuasion, since you are a technically a high ranking student, you can ask things that other students can’t such as asking a club leader to hand out his/her club key for a surprise inspection. In real life you can ask them to give you things that are normally prohibited by a non-member such as club keys and club specific items
    How does it work as a mechanic?
    When you join the club you are able to simply approach the club leader and ask her to burrow the clubs key for a surprise inspection, that way it won’t be consider suspicious since to them you are only doing your job as a member of the student council. For balancing purposes you may only request one club leader at a time to lend her club keys that way you can’t get access to every clubs prohibited possessions. If you want to get something to the other club you must return the club key you borrowed before the day ends. Failing to return the key could cause you your reputation and get kicked out of the student council club
    2) You are able to ask the delinquents to move out of the way, there is nothing more opposite poles then the delinquents and the student council but if you use your club perks correctly you can convinced them to do things that they won’t do.

    How does it work as a mechanic?

    It’s a complicated process that involves you having a lot of reputation, a lot of friends and able to convince your follow club members to follow you on a routine. As you may know asking them to leave their spot alone won’t be enough as they can just smack you and accept the consequences of hurting you, but if you have a lot of friends and other club members at your back when doing so it becomes a very different situation. They can’t risk disobeying you since you have are a high ranking student and if they decide to hurt you the entire school would respond that they cannot simply transfer to another school in their life, this is why Japanese student council members are highly respected. They can perform minor disciplinary actions without getting the school staff involved. For balancing purposes you may only ask the delinquents ones a week as they will be so angry at you for telling them what to do that they will attack you even when you have your friends behind you.

    3) You are able to control the schools club budget to gain another club favors, that way you can unlock special task that no other clubs can give such as asking someone to throw out a bag of trash into the incinerator or bring you a suspicions item that to others is perfectly normal since they are in that club that allows it to be normal like the baseball bat.
    This is a bit complicated and long so bear with me here. As a student council member you are often at times be approached by other club members to befriend you and ask you favors for their club. Such as favoring that club to grant them a bigger budget then the other clubs. Of course you have to do it moderately or else other members of the club will think that you are a corrupt person and be kicked out of the club
    Another situation where other clubs are doing the best they can to grant them favors is by simply doing task for you, such as asking someone private information from a target without going through a lot of Stalking, they will do it for you in exchange for again granting them a bigger budget for that club then others. As you see Japanese school clubs are constantly in completion with each other, so they will do what they can to get an upper hand on other clubs even if it means befriending a student council and do things they won’t normally do just to give them your satisfaction even if it’s to ask senpai to momentarily move out of the way so you can be alone with your rival.
    So how does this work as a mechanic?
    At every club meeting you can decide how much money you put into a club similar on how you rise up your stats but don’t let other members notice what you’re doing by giving most of the money to one club or else they will not approve it and find out you’re a corrupt member. Since you are a student council member you can convince your fellow members that it’s fair to give this club a bit more than others because they simply have bigger activates to find then others or they require better materials which cost a bit more etc.. The point is you can do it without raising suspicions. Another thing is you are able to ask other club members to clean up certain crimes for you such as disposing a bloody weapon, or body by putting it into a bag and leaving it in a certain trashcan then simply asking that student to incinerate that garbage bag. This throws away a mechanic where you dispose of a body while you are cleaning yourself or busy with something else

    I’m sorry YandereDev if you find this wall of text a nuisance to your blog, I will never do a post like this ever again

  8. Honestly, I don’t mind if it’s gonna take you another month to make Osana, or hell even if it takes you until summer, especially if implementing the rival is giving a bunch of new ideas for the game:3 On another note, I had seen from your twitter that the game would have multiple endings, but I hadn’t expected the amount of variables, and I can imagine that the game will have a lot of endings, which is something I really like in video games. I also ADORE the idea of Yandere-chan improving Senpai’s psyche by leaving him presents and notes, mostly because it gives Yandere-chan a more active role in her pursuit for Senpai’s affections

  9. Aaaah please do add the little gifts and notes! I’d love it even if they had no effect, it’s such a cute feature!

    But Yandere Dev, don’t feel guilty about doing things that aren’t related to Osana! There will always be impatient and rude people, but I feel that people like me, who have been following this game for more than a year, really don’t mind seeing you doing things unrelated to Osana!

    … That also brings something to my mind – that indestructible old-Osana underneath the tree… Can she still be in the finished game? Pleeeease? Even if just as an easter egg, she’s been in the game for so long I’d hate to see her leave!

  10. I wonder what would happen if Senpai became a yandere for yandere-chan in one of the endings. Like giving presents and notes to him after the love rivals fall in love with other guys making it seem that she is the only one for him. I look forward to more yandere simulator.

  11. all these ending effects, so I was right. this game has a part of undertale in it. there is a passifist run in this game … I think.

    ok … theory time : what are these 5 last points of the ending effects?
    In my mind, I was already wondering if yandere dev would make a different side story for every rivale with alway new characters. at first, I saw 4 characters which could liks some rivals : the rochaku’s , the succubus , Ryoba Ayshi and Saykou.
    after a little calcul, 5 stories could be more apropriate to make in sort each plot affects 2 rivals. but now I’m hesiting of who could be the 5th. is this the fun girl peraps it’s infochan or maybe Nemesis if she has a role in the story.
    If we look at the 5 first points, we see 5 clue but I don’t know if each one consern only one story or if everything is liked, except for the tapes.
    … wait! the tapes of the journallist. do you mean CEO or the head master is the journalist?

  12. I forgot to say, Really good job yandere-dev. I already knew 2 month would be a little short for a complet rival, but you always find a way to keep us waiting. continue that way 😉

  13. I have been following the development for over a year now, and while I find the concept soo interesting and brilliant, I was always very spiffy about actually playing the game. I’m not very good at strategic and tactic games, but on the other hand I really liked the gameplay of Yandere Simulator. This video has totally blown away my doubts: the concept of senpais sanity and how it will affect the ending, is absolutely brilliant. I think it makes this game way more interesting and complicated, more detailed, and now it actually feels like your choice of elimination method means something. I really want to praise you more, but I would just be repeating myself. Fantastic work, great idea, love it. Will definitely be playing when finished.

  14. *watching Osana dying of poison* Senpai, are you attempting to perform CPR on someone CHOKING? That doesn’t work. Okay, I doubt the average, Japanese highschool student knows what to do for various types of medical emergencies, but… “Do you need any help?” You, Senpai, are a MORON. I understand emotional panic, but that is a dumb question to ask in any type of situation, where the person is CLEARLY needing help.

    I think I recall reading about Senpai having a mental state mechanic in this game for quite some time – it might have been Twitter-only.

    The idea is awesome; absolutely loved it and it definitely adds replay value into the game. Getting different varieties of a potential relationship with Senpai, based on what you’ve done, so to speak. Though this does mildly discourage Full-Method runs, I suppose. Because, whatever method you choose to use for everyone, it will suck for Senpai – and ultimately the player, probably. It doesn’t say you HAVE to use various methods to win, it just seems like a mild discouragement. (Though I’m sure players will still say, Eh, screw Senpai’s sanity, I’ll do what I want)

    Though something about the idea of Senpai snapping and stabbing Yandere-chan strikes me as odd… maybe it’s just me, but I think if he were to find out she was the reason behind things, he would more go berserk and tackle her to the ground, choking her to death.

    The idea of gifts or notes seems off to me…
    The thing about Yandere-chan is that she can’t do anything for Senpai’s affection, until she is sure all rivals are gone, right? She doesn’t come across as someone who would be able to even pull off the leaving-sweet-gifts-for-Senpai things. Oka strikes me more as that – though she’d probably leave spiderlegs or crystal balls as gifts.
    Course, it’s an idea to help players to lessen any sanity damage; I know.

    Remember, YanDev. Taking longer to get Osana in is not bad. Better later, as long as she works decently. (I’m sure some bugs will appear upon her implementation and need to be fixed)

    PS: If anyone honestly whines over the lack of a lock, they need to meet Yandere-chan in a dark alley.

  15. I’m trying to do some math here: We got 10 weeks/rivals, 16 elimination methods (rival-specific included), 25 game factors and the result of SNAP Mode… so, how many possible endings can we get with those numbers?

  16. You know, I think the idea of a Senpai sanity meter and the way it can influence the ening is really clever. I’d definitely be interested to see what might happen if Senpai were to become as murderous as Yandere-chan, and want to kill along side her. Now that would be an ending!

  17. Omfg
    Yui has another hairstyle
    the basu sisters are now in one class
    and in senpais class they have a new sitting order?!?

  18. (sees new video)
    Yay! Part 2 means new build!
    (can’t add osana anymore)
    BOO! Worst build yet, 1/10. And it’s all because of stupid Fun Girl. Someone make a mod and kick her out of the game

  19. You can add Osana by changing a random, reserved student to have all of her features. However, she is incredibly buggy and does not work whatsoever, so it’s a waste of time to even do it. She stops at her locker and just spins forever. We’ll have to wait. :)

  20. I’ve been following YanSim’s dev’t ever since I watched one of KubzScouts’ videos. Senpai’s sanity, and YanChan possibly giving gifts to repair Senpai’s sanity are two interesting concepts. I hope you will implement the latter, YanDev. Thanks for the update ^^

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