January 4th Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! There were a couple of significant problems in the previous build. I prepared a new one for you as quickly as I could! There was also a problem that was preventing the launcher from giving people the latest build of the game; I’ve fixed that problem, too. You can scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build.

This is the part of the blog post where I usually share some remarkable fan art that I discovered online. But, today, I want to give the spotlight to a very different type of fan-made content. A Russian gentleman has produced a series of videos where he superimposes himself into Yandere Simulator’s school, and interacts with Yandere-chan and the other students. I think that’s sooooo cool!

When I first started working on Yandere Simulator, I never would have imagined that it would eventually inspire people to create videos like this! It’s a very silly video, but I still think it’s awesome, and I simply HAVE to share it with you. Even if you don’t speak Russian, you’ll probably be able to follow the plot anyway:

Okay! Now, on to the changelog:

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that was causing the game to load all student portraits every time the Student Info menu was opened – instead of only loading them once – which had the side-effect of causing the game to run out of memory and crash for some users.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to strip off bloody club clothing (such as the martial arts gi or the painter’s frock).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the fountain to be brightly lit at all times of day, regardless of the current amount of sunlight.
  • Fixed bug that would cause female randomly-generated students to spawn in a completely broken state.
  • Changed the brightness level of some textures so that they are not blindingly white at noontime.
  • The Cyborg Ninja easter egg now makes Yandere-chan immune to Senpai and teachers.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause Kuu Dere to spin in circles on the school rooftop.
  • Adjusted door animation speed so that doors do not instantly snap open and closed.
  • Strengthened “the first line of defense” and “the second line of defense.”
  • Fixed bug that caused Yui Rio to spawn with Yandere-chan’s hairstyle.

134 thoughts on “January 4th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. OMG I love the video. So creative.
    I don’t speak Russian… maybe any Russian could explain in comments what the video says.


    or we could not do anything. that’s also an option.

    • I don’t think he changed the effect of the two defences. I think he changes the way to break them. like you maybe saw in the last post, some hackers made a patch to break the defence (I don’t know if it was really effective, I hate being spoiled).
      I think yanderedev made a simple boolean (true or false) somewhere in the code where if the number of the student 33 whre different of “reserved”, then fun girl security = true (that meens the fun girl security is activated).

      I hope that’s not chinese for you

      • Well, I play a mod someone gave me on the fanon wiki, and Yandere Dev apparently isn’t against mods. Apparently the file that causes Fun Girl to chastise you is callled BunnyScript. Really, Dev? Really? XD

      • i personally managed to get past her when i found her script. but i didn’t, i just broke her pathfinding so she would stop following me so i was able to take pictures with her :)))

      • BunnyScript is kind of a funny story actually:
        When he first made the anti-sizemod script, he called it “KittenScript”
        Then when he added a kitten, he renamed it “PuppyScript” (“KittenScript” controls the kitten now)
        Then when he added Osana, he put the second line of defense into “PuppyScript” (And removing anti-sizemod from it)
        And then, in Jan4th he renamed it to BunnyScript, as well as rename the method that spawns Fun girl to “BakeCookies()” (I assume to make it harder to find)

  3. I’ve seen what the first defense is, but does anyone know what the second is?

    And if the first defense is nothing more than a simple check for student 33 in the JSON file, how is it possible to strengthen that? I’m wondering if there’s more to it than that…

    • for the second defence:

      start the game with the normal JSON file (student 33’s name = “reserved”) and wait to be on the main manu
      when you’re on the main menu of the game, change the JSON to add Osana in the game.
      play the game.

      I just want to warn you, this secound defence is creepy. Not too much, but if you’re not prepared (like me the first time), you could be really surprised.

    • for the second defence:

      start the game with the normal JSON file (student 33’s name = “reserved”) and wait to be on the main manu
      when you’re on the main menu of the game, change the JSON to add Osana in the game.
      play the game.

      I just want to warn you, this secound defence is creepy. Not too much, but if you’re not prepared (like me the first time), you could be really surprised.

  4. I feel a little bad that Yandere dev has to reinforce the security because of these patches.
    knowing that some people really want to see Osana is totaly understandable. I really want to see her too.
    but knowing that some people are readdy to do the impossible to get Osana before she’s readdy … I don’t want to be rude that kind of people remind me my cousin when he tried to open his presents before christmas … and he was only 8 year old.
    your not kids are you?
    So let Osana alone until she’s ready and don’t force yandere dev to waste his time on a better security system !

    sorry for this blow of mouth.

      • Doesn’t affect you what other people do on their free time, mind your own business. You should probably shut up in general you aren’t special… I don’t see anything what entitles you over people. Security system. This game isn’t a paid version, what’s there to secure. A feature already known to not work. Wow worth, doesn’t matter.

        He’s wasting his time on videos explaining he again didn’t got it done. Again and again blah blah how is this news. Gonna recheck on the game in 5 months or so, won’t be much in between. Tell ya that, it’s taking too long and I’m bored with it. Hype slideing off before release, got other games to play then waiting for this slow coasting project.

      • 471 ba:
        I see what you meen: you want to see Osana because she takes to long. (with 2 more month, that’s true it’s a little undersandable) and you don’t see how it can affect me if you and only you see the secret work … well you’re right. that’s none of my business and even if you do it, neither me nor yanderedev would know you did it and I’ll be honnest, I don’t care.
        maybe I went to sharp with my last comment. sorry about that. there was a miss understood

        I don’t have any problem with people who only try to get through the fun girl to see the contain for themself.
        If you want to spoil yourself, do it! that’s your problem.

        The problem is when people spoil others. that’s what delayed the rival introduction and I understand if yandev was a little bored with this.
        I think that trying to pass throw the fun girl and get Osana early wouldn’t really ruin things that Yandere-dev put in the game that we shouldn’t see.
        but when a youtuber (hello azz man) disclose these secrets (like Osana’s quest), I’m more frustrated because it’s the kind of things I’dd like to discover by mythelf. That’s what I’m against with.

        in other word, If you want to see Osana earlier and spoil yourself, do it! that’s your problem. but please, if you success, keep it for yourself and don’t spoil!

        sorry for having been too sharp.

      • Spoil? But her appearance is public information. Reference:

        I don’t intent to unlock her mechanics as they are broken/ its pointless for now. Thats why I dont use her actual id slot. Dont want to spoil myself to the other stuff too. Yupp i posted a json file the other day, then again her looks are a public feature this doesnt unlock anything not meant to be seen, or already known for 3 months. No harm intended. Request and demand, always takes 2 to cheat a system. No big “download now or you’ll die/step on a lego”

        Those youtubers and their child hords. Ugh major reason why this fanase is a joke. Features being scraped for people that arent in the target audience.

    • ffs “There is no way to “un-implement” a feature. I cannot delete all scripts and objects related to Osana, make a build, and then restore all scripts and objects related to Osana. It doesn’t work that way.

      Yandere Simulator is developed using the Unity3D game engine. There are several different tools available that allow people to decompile Unity games, see all of the code, change any of the code, and then recompile the game. Because it is possible for people to decompile the game, there is no way to completely prevent people from enabling/disabling whatever they want. It will never be possible to completely hide something from modders.

      I implemented the “countermeasures” knowing full well that I couldn’t stop anyone from being able to spawn Osana. I just wanted to see how YouTubers would react. I got exactly what I wanted. It was all just for fun.”

      Heh. “Just for fun.” – Yanderedev 2017

  5. What should YandereDev do?
    Produce a few videos that address important subjects. It’s okay to spend time on things that are not Osana.
    8379 votes (78%)
    Focus all attention exclusively on Osana. Don’t make any unnecessary videos.
    2364 votes (22%)

    (wtf 2364 people)

    • dang son i did that because the more Yanderedev does other videos the longer it will take and it will just make people angry and be rude to him and will send emails but if he keeps working on her she will be done sooner and everyone will leave him alone so stop making comments on peoples votes its THERE choice after all

      • I know but this is important to yandere dev and i dont want him to think that people only care about osana i want him to know that we care for more then osan like how important videos that he want to share. And pluse if he is working on the other video the animator person has more time to work on the rivals animation so it can come out perfect insead of horrible. Pluse the animator could also finish osana and work on other rivals such as cooking club presdent. PLuse who cares on osana she will be in the game soon i think but still be wating Alex will put her in soon and who cares if she comes in on 2018 or 2020 he getting it done so who cares.
        From: inf0chan

  6. I am a translator who makes Russian subtitles for my friend Kaccel`s YT channel for more than a year already.
    I think of making just the opposite thing and translate this Russian video for you onto English for him to render his well-known in Russian community subtitles 🙂
    Will it be useful for you? If the video with English subtitles goes live in ~2-3 days (sorry for my full-time employment), will you, YandereDev, replace the link with it or give it as a “Subtitled version” link?
    I hope it will be interesting for someone. For me it`s just right thing to do — to make a translation FOR Dev, not FROM him:)

  7. Hi I know that this is a bad idea to say it right now, considering this is kind of a suggestion but.. Yandere Dev should add the little things that are special, I was thinking Yandere-chan should have pink outdoor shoes too instead of having it white. And when she changes her shoes..I think she should have the animation the same as other students instead of click! I changed my shoes! Yandere Dev also needs volunteers for other voice acting, like sanity based attacks, they all have the same lines for screaming. And with the sanity, they have more screaming lines.
    Example: The stealth attack should make the victim gasp, but without anyone hearing. The high sanity should sound like a fast scream, while being more dramatic. Medium sanity should result for the student screaming, as they and Yandere-chan struggle. The victim should shout for help but screaming. And low sanity…well, obviously that is torture so when Yandere-chan pushes them down, they scream. And they scream multiple times as Yandere-chan stabs them repeatedly.
    I also thought of this a while ago, I also remember Yandere Dev talking about it too. The students, when there is a “social” command on them, it can result in which you (the player) can hear little voices chattering, kind of like Midori!
    But, thats a suggestion. And I know Yandere Dev doesn’t like that but, I’m very eager to help but I don’t have the equipment to do, voice acting, I have a very old computer (not old though) My computer cannot hold all those files. SO yeah….

    • well … that’s really intresting ^^
      however (and I think you know it), the priority is Osana right now and little thing like this will make the game more realistic when they ‘ll be in the game … but that’s really not the priority.
      like yandere-dev said in his complaining video, most of suggestions of this type are alreaddy planned but or the assets he needs aren’t ready yet, or that’s really not the priority.

      you’re ideas are really good … but, like you said, it’s not the time to talk about. Sorry 😦

  8. just a random thought (that probably won’t be noticed…) but what if, after seeing one rival choke to death in front of him, Senpai learned the Heimlich Maneuver? It might not be a good idea, or will be too difficult to implement, but just thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

  9. Im not able to download the new build, every time I open the launcher to update, it would say its a outdated version and a need to get a new one. As soon as a go to get the new one it never works. Please fix this bug or please help me so I know what to do, I love this game and would be really disappointed that I can’t play…

  10. That first line of defense actually looked extremely entertaining!
    I’m happy to wait patiently until Osana is out, and I’m glad you get to enjoy yourself by adding things like that (practical AND fun, and I can’t believe you didn’t have some fun with that).

    • Ugh! I know! I’m deadly curious about the lines of defense but I guess nobody on YouTube has tried messing with it or doesn’t want to be scolded by the fanbase. I guess no modders are willing to put the effort in, either.

      • Update: I don’t know if this is a bug, but by changing student 33, and messing with the fun/Fun values, I got all of the students to spawn normally, but fun girl still came. However, once she catches you, she just hovers for a good 5 seconds, which then caused the game to crash. Once it was booted up again, the only thing that appeared was a black screen, and “…”. So perhaps we need a specific fun/Fun value to be entered. Or maybe we have to delete the Fun altogether?
        I’ll update once things change…

    • heu … these idee are nice … but why do you make a pool about this here?
      I mean, if you did on a forum of games like uncharted, I’dd understand … but this is not really the place to make a pool about a new game.
      anyway … the 6th looks good. But please next time place this somewhere more appropriate.

  11. I wont email to yandere dev because I could imagine him facepalming at a “suggestion”

    I think that the teachers/police should have there own reputation-ish thing with yandere chan.
    (First of all the police nor the staff would tell the students anything, preserving the schools prestigous reputation}

    If you leave a bloody foot print then the police know that the killer is a female student (based off of the shoes that come with the uniform)
    If a student claims to have seen you commit murder but the police can’t find any evidence against you then they will assume they saw another black haired student who they thought was yandere chan. Then the suspect pool will become vastly smaller.

    If the “suspicion” meter is at it’s lowest then the police will have to investigate the entire school and every stuent/staff, making it easier to get away with murder.
    If the “suspicion” meter is at it’s highest then the police will KNOW for a fact you are the killer but will not be able to prove it. The investigation will no longer be about finding the killer, but about proving Yandere chan is guilty. Making it very difficult to get away with murder.


    If the “suspicion” meter is at it’s lowest the teachers will act normally
    or if you are helpfull/nice to the teachers they may hard time believing you are a murderer. and would only act differently once the suspect pool is lower than 10.

    If the “suspicion” meter is at it’s highest (only one suspect, YOU) Then the teachers would make excuses to get you to come in early to class and stay late, as well as searching the school, if you don’t comply. they also would take it upon themselves to carry around radios and would have one of the staff patrol the school protecting students and notifying the other staff if they find evidence of a murder. If they do find evidence you have only seconds before the teachers swarm the scene of the crime and protect all the evidence.
    It would be wise to kill the patrolling teacher before committing any crimes… But then you have to get rid of 2 bodies

    Having a high suspicion meter is BAD
    Having a low school atmosphere is BAD

    If you have both, then the SLEUTHS’S that yandere dev proposed to fill the photography club and the teachers would join forces with the police forming a near-unstoppable trio.
    The sleuths would stand guard with 1 teacher to protect the evedence while the rest of the faculty frantically searched for you.

    By the time the police get to the school, you have EXTREMELY slim chances of getting away with murder.

    and the tougherst part of all… You can only prevent your suspicion from going up. But there is no way to bring it back down unlike reputation or school atmosphere.

    In my opinion this would give me much greater motivation to clean up that one last foot print than “slightly lower school atmosphere.”
    it would also be fun to have an achievement on getting away with murder under the worst possible conditions.

    • I do too. But there is one thing… You can’t talk to teachers without Cyborg Mode on… so how would you, for example, give a teacher an apple? Throw it at them?

    • One problem I see, the fact if you can’t lessen suspicion, the game would eventually become a living hell trying to avoid all of them, 5-6 students 6-7 teachers, plus around 100 students all at once, remeber that the rivals will almost always be in a line of sight of a student.

  12. I know it’s a suggestion, but I think there should at some point, be a feild trip. Maybe there could be a specific rival that could ONLY be killed on a feild trip. (I.E., statue falling and killing them, framing them for stealing, or semi-commedicaly “tripping” and having a large dinosaur collapse on them)

    Idk it just seemed like a good idea ‘~’

    • I don’t think you understand the difficulty for an amateur developer to add a completely new area and make sure to code all the students to appear and respond to different routines.

      • Well, for starters, he created the school environment in less then a month, so he’s more than capable. Second, maybe it could be a class trip, so instead of 60 students going, only 12 would go, so only 12 simple routines would have to be programmed. Third, maybe events, (such as something colapsing) could be a cutcene, simplifying it further. And finally, Yan Dev is nowhere CLOSE to even being considered an amateur.

  13. The only thing I find truly strange about the game is that if a student gets murdered and the police can’t find the culprit they just go “oh well, guess there’s nothing we can do” and leave. I would think if a murder happened and the culprit wasn’t caught, they may have officers standing guard or patrolling the school looking for suspicious activity

    • that’s normal, it’s explain on the journalist tapes that the police is a bunch of lazy fools who usualy make their job the fastest the can and not the better. that’s also why it’s easy to frame another student for murderer, a weapon, a finger print, that’s good it’s her and no matter if she used it for something else.
      these people aren’t the expert. they are loafers.

    • & closing down the school entirely due to an event like this would provide a learning cripple to everyone else. It’s best to get on with it and investigate outside of the school.

  14. Hey, Yandere Dev there is two bugs I would like to tell. The Gardening Club leader has square titties and when I splash Kokona with gasoline and she gets undressed some of her face would turn purple.

  15. YandereDev, i downloaded and tried a couple of times the launcher, but it doesn’t download or update the game. It just says that it couldn’t connect to the update server. I already looked if its because bitdefender, but it doesn’t block the launcher. So it would be nice if you can try to fix this 🙂 by the way, i really love Yandere Simulator, sometimes i’m nearly like ayano-chan and then its really fun to play the game :3

  16. YandereDev, I’ve downloaded the yandere simulators launcher and it doesn’t update anything, I’ve tried downloading it again and again, but it doesn’t updates anything… I looked if it was the bitdefender or the anti-virus but is none of them. what could be happening?

  17. “the second line of defense.” – after seeing the videos of “HER”, I wish that it could stay as a easter egg feature ❤

  18. Nice and thank you for the bug fixes, hope your throat feels better. You didn’t sound well on the first 2 January videos

  19. This game is so popular because of how good and fun it is to watch it grow. It’s not boring nor is it plain. You work your butt off trying to implement Osana as quick as you can. While that’s happening you also work on many other things to make sure we stay interested. (And trying to keep your cool while Midori is in your ear.) But even if it takes more than two months just Yandere Simulator improving makes me happy.

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