Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Just like last year, and the year before that, it’s time for another…

 Yandere Sim Spooktacular!

Last year, I celebrated Halloween by releasing a yandere-themed tribute to Castlevania. This year, I paid tribute to a different game!

You might have more fun if you experience it for yourself instead of watching it on YouTube, so here are the download links:

Official Website: yanderesimulator.com/Yanderetale.zip

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z5do4iq3x4e9qif/Yanderetale.zip

Remember to read the “README.txt” file!

If there’s any reason you’d rather watch it than play it yourself, here’s the video!

It’s been over a year, but I still have very fond memories of Undertale, and I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to it somehow. Ever since I beat the game, I’ve yearned to create my own Undertale-style boss battle. I really wanted to do something extra-special for Halloween, so I chose to take this opportunity to make an Undertale-style minigame featuring Oka!

In the beginning, I had much bigger plans in mind – I wanted to have Check / Item / Mercy options, just like in Undertale. I wanted to have a “get dunked on” moment when trying to spare Oka halfway through the battle. I wanted the final attack to be much more elaborate and difficult to survive. However, I ran out of time. I didn’t want this Halloween minigame to take up too much of my time, so I imposed a time limit on myself; I gave myself only 7 days to create this minigame. (Even then, I split my time 50% between Osana and the minigame; progress was still being made on Osana the entire time.) Now that this minigame is finished, I’ll go back to focusing on Osana 100%.

Who helped you put this together?

Will “Yanderetale” become a full game?

It has as much chance of becoming a full game as Yanvania does…but it would have to wait until after Yandere Simulator is finished.

When is the next Yandere Simulator update?

I’ll be releasing a new build within the next few days. I can’t promise exactly when it will be available, but I feel almost certain that it’ll be ready in less than a week.


There were some bugs in the Yanderetale minigame. I’ve fixed the bugs and uploaded a new build!


The official Yandere Simulator website now has a Wallpapers page! Please check it out!


I’ve been seeing a lot of memorable Halloween artwork today! Here are some examples:

MulberryArt drew Osana as a witch! I love the design of her outfit!

Angi drew Sakyu Basu and Ikyu Basu trick-or-treating! Oka’s reaction is quite adorable!

Noaj drew a truly beautiful illustration that is romantic and morbid at the same time!

Hyanna-Natsu drew this absolutely gorgeous art of Yandere-chan in a spooky graveyard!

113 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I had an ending idea requiring no killing. I thought what if Yandere-chan befriends a good number of people and her friends wish her major support when she finally confesses her feeling for Senpai. Yandere-chan spills her guts but Senpai rejects her. Senpai walks away and after standing there for awhile in shock Yandere-chan falls to her knees crying miserably but her friend are quick to cheer her up. They tell her “It’s ok Yan-chan, you liked this boy because he was nice to you. He was the first boy who showed you kindness, you didn’t love him but the idea of someone loving you. Look at how far you have come. It was only months ago that you were emotionless with no friends or understanding of the world but now you HAVE friends, you UNDERSTAND people and you CAN be happy. You don’t need Senpai to be happy, you just need to embrace your emotions and open your heart to your friends…” Yandere-chan’s face lights up and they all have a great time shopping (maybe at the Akiba) and while they look at manga or something a boy walks up to her and says (awkwardly) “Oh…heyyy Y-Yan-chan, I think you’re a really sweet girl… wanna go have a soda with me?” The last shot shows a close up shot of Yandere-chan’s face again, lit up to a lovely pink backdrop and a heart floating up the screen. I feel this kind of ending would be great for a no killing friendly run as rather than giving Yandere-chan what she wanted to be a happy, ordinary girl it would give her what she truely needed. what do you guys think of this?

    • This is honestly one of the worse ideas I’ve heard. In case you don’t know much about this game,this isn’t a game about romancing Senpai or other boys/girls. This is a game about manipulating his love live in the shadows. Please read information about the game and then tell me if your opinion has changed. In case you feel offended,I really didn’t mean to. I just gave my sincere opinion ^_^

    • Well, there’s tons of games out there about romance and happy endings and friendliness and all that jazz. This is not one of them. It’s a cool idea, though!

  2. Happy Halloween too [😊]

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    yanderedev posted: “Happy Halloween! Just like last year, and the year before that, it’s time for another… Yandere Sim Spooktacular! Last year, I celebrated Halloween by releasing a yandere-themed tribute to Castlevania. This year, I paid tribute to a different game! “

  3. Hmmm… This just now occurred to me, but is the hand demon based off of the Dead Hand boss from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? They’re very similar.

  4. I need an answer for this. I can’t seem to get past the part where Oka says “I usually don’t pay much attention to the weather.”, because when I press Z, it doesn’t do anything. I tried pressing ENTER, X, and E, but they don’t work.

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