Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Just like last year, and the year before that, it’s time for another…

 Yandere Sim Spooktacular!

Last year, I celebrated Halloween by releasing a yandere-themed tribute to Castlevania. This year, I paid tribute to a different game!

You might have more fun if you experience it for yourself instead of watching it on YouTube, so here are the download links:

Official Website: yanderesimulator.com/Yanderetale.zip

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z5do4iq3x4e9qif/Yanderetale.zip

Remember to read the “README.txt” file!

If there’s any reason you’d rather watch it than play it yourself, here’s the video!

It’s been over a year, but I still have very fond memories of Undertale, and I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to it somehow. Ever since I beat the game, I’ve yearned to create my own Undertale-style boss battle. I really wanted to do something extra-special for Halloween, so I chose to take this opportunity to make an Undertale-style minigame featuring Oka!

In the beginning, I had much bigger plans in mind – I wanted to have Check / Item / Mercy options, just like in Undertale. I wanted to have a “get dunked on” moment when trying to spare Oka halfway through the battle. I wanted the final attack to be much more elaborate and difficult to survive. However, I ran out of time. I didn’t want this Halloween minigame to take up too much of my time, so I imposed a time limit on myself; I gave myself only 7 days to create this minigame. (Even then, I split my time 50% between Osana and the minigame; progress was still being made on Osana the entire time.) Now that this minigame is finished, I’ll go back to focusing on Osana 100%.

Who helped you put this together?

Will “Yanderetale” become a full game?

It has as much chance of becoming a full game as Yanvania does…but it would have to wait until after Yandere Simulator is finished.

When is the next Yandere Simulator update?

I’ll be releasing a new build within the next few days. I can’t promise exactly when it will be available, but I feel almost certain that it’ll be ready in less than a week.


There were some bugs in the Yanderetale minigame. I’ve fixed the bugs and uploaded a new build!


The official Yandere Simulator website now has a Wallpapers page! Please check it out!


I’ve been seeing a lot of memorable Halloween artwork today! Here are some examples:

MulberryArt drew Osana as a witch! I love the design of her outfit!

Angi drew Sakyu Basu and Ikyu Basu trick-or-treating! Oka’s reaction is quite adorable!

Noaj drew a truly beautiful illustration that is romantic and morbid at the same time!

Hyanna-Natsu drew this absolutely gorgeous art of Yandere-chan in a spooky graveyard!

111 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. To be honest, I’d never considered the rivals to be true boss characters. Being able to go into a full blown battle sequence like this (in Yandere Sim style) would be quite epic though.

  2. Hmmm… I wonder how long it’ll take for someone to make a unitale version of this so it’ll have act, item, and spare working properly… But other than that, this was amazing!

  3. > You might have more fun if you experience it for yourself instead of watching it on YouTube

    well it’s a bit late now, but you didn’t put a link to download the game in the youtube description, so I think most people would watch the video instead of assuming it’s a playable game and playing it :S.



  5. I really want to see what can happen when Oka is the target rival in the final game now. I was thinking of going for a fake suicide as her shy, loner girl persona would make this more simple and believable however… I MAY just want to experiment further…

  6. yooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    that was an amazing fight ! what a bad time with Oka, my favorite caracter of the game;)

    now, I’m realy wondering if Love Sick (yandere simulator final version) will also have a passifist and a genocide ending.

    For passifist, we can elliminate our rivals by passive method: befriend, match making, expel, reject and maybe the special methode.
    That mean we could beat the game with out taking any life and even help people who needs help.
    Ok, I know that yan chan is suppose to be a yandere and you’re supposed to kill people. But Oka said something intresting: “maybe all you need is friends. a normal life”.
    Ayano is a yandere because she looks friendly, but she can’t feel any emotion … or maybe she didn’t have the occasion to feel it before meeting Senpai.
    Maybe Rioba doesn’t care about her daughter peraps it’s about a boyfriend.
    Maybe Ayano was suffering all this time without knowing it.
    And Maybe … thanx to Senpai and some students … she will realy learn to be human (and possibly make in sort that Ryoba is arrested by the police)

    For genocide, well … I already knew the athmosfere update would be useless if we kill only one person per week.
    To make in sort it is realy handicapping, we have to kill many students in a short time.
    And why could we kill so many students? … To kill everybody.

    That’s my theory of two possibly end. tell me what you think about it

    • He is already thinking about different endings besides a pacifist and a genocide ending deppending on Senpai’s sanity (if you kill Osana and/or Hanako) and other requisites.

      • I think endings will depend of many facts. here are 6 of them:
        -number of deads.
        -who died.
        -how you stopped rivals (murder, hidden (like mind slave or accidents), passive or friendly)
        -your reputation.
        -number of friends you have.
        -number of heart brokken (rejected rivals or one lover/familly member dead, the other alive)

        but the two extrem endings i talk should be the hardest to have (if they exist) because:

        For the Passifist run, you’dd have to help every body in trouble and stop rivals without harming anybody (that maybe means using only specific eliminetion method).

        For the Empty School run, you’dd have to kill people without making the athmosphere dropp under 0% (or school will close and you’ll never see your Senpai again) and probebly people will try to stop you. we know that the photographie club will try to see some one suspissious and take a photo of them. bu what about other clubs? science club could have camera’s, martial art club could learn self defence to other students, even occult club could try using spirits of dead students to find the murderer. (I don’t know for other clubs)

        don’t forget! this is a theory. so there is a great chance it won’t be in the game. however I wonder what you guys think about it.

      • probably … if people know they are dead.
        The difficulties in that run are making in sort nobody see you killing some one but also making in sort nobody find the corpse by burning them, hidding murders with accidents, … making in sort people don’t suspect a sereal killer in the school.

        And if kops are really fools … probably they won’t take the problem seriously.

        however … I have to agree with you for one point.
        If at the end of the year, there still only 3 students at school (Senpai, Yan-chan, and Info-chan) … Maybe the school won’t be able to run anymore and will have to close.

      • Actually, if you killed a student but no one saw you, you cleaned all the evidence and etc., the students would still freak out, of course that student won’t go home, that student won’t come to school, so that student will be marked as a missing person, a missing person that is studying at Akademi High could damage the reputation of the school down,

  7. I really wanna play this battle but sadly my sisters decided to uninstall my winzip thing on the laptop we all share so sadly I wont be able to play the oka battle unless it becomes available in a future build or as it’s own Cx I know I shouldn’t be complaining here cuz now I feel like midori with her emails ~_~;; I hope the oka battle becomes a feature\ Easter egg in the final game or a future build if possible C3

  8. Genocide run is the best! Pacifist run was kinda boring but challenging (the dialogue of them trying to make you feel somethinghit deep……. but not deep enough for me >:D) . Tell me Yandere sim , am I still human? Did anyone else enjoy the Genocide run? Is it okay to like the genocide run?!?!?

    • I have to disagree. The Pacifist route is the funnest one, as each battle is a puzzle, trying to solve how to spare each and every monster you encounter. Whereas Genocide is just a grindfest with really only two bosses that actually fight back, and you just boringly hit them until they’re dead, nothing more. Now, that isn’t to say those battles aren’t fun, but, there’s only two that aren’t killed with just one attack, and defeating them isn’t a puzzle that gets your mind churning. The Genocide route was supposed to be that way, so you don’t have fun, and make you regret it. As Sans says, you’re supposed to have a “bad time”. The true route is the Pacifist one, and to call that “boring” is a disservice to the game, and yourself.

  9. Why I like this:
    1. Use of my favourite character
    2. Undertale!!
    3.Awesome second phase battle music
    4.Happy Halloween Yandere Fans!

    Does any know where to find the second phase song? Without background sounds

  10. Undertale? …can’t you have gone for a different, older horror franchise? Like, Fatal Frame? Or Silent Hill. (Speaking of, I have to make that picture of Yandere-chan dressed as a Silent Hill 2 nurse… hey, if Sempai potentially has a thing for nurses, Yandere will appease his fetish)

  11. This. Is. MAGNIFICENT. Oka’s voice is so adorable, the things she says are perfect, I’ve died about a dozen times already, I love it. It’s really taking me back.

    I always wanted to fight Sans but I’m too much a softie to go the No Mercy way, so this is just the thing I needed.

    Well done YandereDev!!

  12. Something like this should be part of the game. Obviously it will need more it’s own theme to it rather than being a pure Undertale parody.

    Either way it would be kind of awesome if Oka’s unique elimination method involved an occult battle.

    It would also make you doing the ritual to gain the demon arms even more epic since it would be like obtaining a boss power.

  13. I really hope the backstory talk in this is actually part of the game. The idea of Oka feeling a bond with Ayano is perfect. Also, does anyone else think Oka’s VA sounds like Cinder Fall from RWBY? (Intended as a compliment, I love Cinder’s voice).

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