Things You Should Not Email YandereDev About

Maybe nobody reads this blog post because it’s too long. I’ll try to write a shorter version.

  • Don’t ask me questions.
  • Don’t send me crash logs.
  • Don’t send me suggestions.
  • Don’t offer to translate the game.
  • Don’t tell me that the game won’t run on your computer.

If you contact me about any of those things, I’m just going to link you to the “Stop Sending Stupid E-mails!” blog post.

In short, don’t ever contact me unless:

  • You’re volunteering.
  • You’re reporting a bug.
  • You represent a company or a publication.
  • You’re reporting someone who is impersonating me.
  • You’re sharing fan art or cosplay.

And, only report bugs if you’re willing to follow the instructions written on this page.

This should be obvious, but every minute I spend reading your e-mail is a minute I am NOT developing the game. You don’t want to delay the game, do you? Then, only send me an e-mail me if you have something very important to say, or if your e-mail does not require a reply.

(I’m sorry to sound curt in this blog post, but I have to keep it as short as possible, or else people won’t read it.)

168 thoughts on “Things You Should Not Email YandereDev About

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    • I can’t wait!! Damn it! I’m still enjoying the latest update! It’s awesome!! I wish I can email Yandere Devto enjoy life, not to spend hours cuz life is Damn good! I don’t know if Yandere Dev knows some people are still enjoying the latest update, it’s freaking awesome!! Damn it’s the best game ever!! ❤️ I wish life goes better for YandereDev. God bless him, and his work. His work is successful as him. I’ll go nuts if a new feature says we could kill Osana, I hate her. I’ve been waiting for this shit!! Ficking shit I love this game ever, damn this game I would die for killing Osana. She’s a Baka.

    • i do not understand why people says it is bad because i think it is good why? because if yandere dev take more time the update will be better and will bring more things and It will be worth the wait.
      (i am doing best i can i am mexican)

      No entiendo por qué la gente dice que es malo porque creo que es bueno ¿por qué? porque si yandere Dev tomar más tiempo que la actualización será mejor y traerá más cosas y Valdrá la pena la espera.

    • Voglio giocare ora ! Sono italiano 🙂 chiedo solo che …. il 1 ° gennaio 5 dicembre può essere? Voglio sapere per favore Yandere Dev ! Spero che tu sappia italiano perché non molto inglese :C

    • Voglio giocare ora ! Sono italiano 🙂 chiedo solo che …. il 1 ° gennaio 5 dicembre può essere? Voglio sapere per favore Yandere Dev ! Spero che tu sappia italiano perché non molto inglese D: Si prega ?

  2. Don’t you think it’s insulting? Some people are just divulgating their own bugs that they’re having and seeking for advice to fix it and you’re calling it stupid?

    • Generally, it’s more insulting to bug the developer when he’s asked repeatedly to not be contacted about crash logs and CTD issues. He’s the one making a game for us, free to play with so far, and we should show him some respect.

      After all, there’s nothing preventing from posting about it anywhere else on the Internet where it matters/will get answered.

    • If you would have read the last part, you would understand why he’s being so curt. That’s what annoys him: Not reading what he says in order to save his time to develop the game. That’s why those are stupid questions: because they don’t even read all the conditions.

    • Seriously. You should be a little nicer to your fans. 1.they play your game and enjoy it and 2. Well that’s it LOL. But still I understand it can be annoying I truly do. But be a little nicer plz. P.s. love yandere simulator so much and you. You are the man.

    • These are questions you can go to Yahoo or google for. If I was a developer I would rather hear those things all the way at the end instead of the middle of the development. There is nothing to fix because it’s still developing. If it was after development I would get more.

    • He didn’t say sending e-mail reports of bugs are stupid. He said that sending reports of CRASHES are stupid since he can’t do anything about it whilst the game is still in development. Read it properly mate

  3. I love the job that he do, I’m very interested in the world of videogames. I want to make a videogame of murders and mistery. I want to be like him someday. (if my english is bad, sorry. I’m latinoamerican.)

    • alguém portugues! FINALMENTE!!!! ah, e o YanDev não quer que traduzam nem sugestões agora, que se traduzirem, logo logo ficará fora de data, assim como a intro super-antiga do Yan-Sim. ele so quer uma tradução assim que o “Script English” esteja completo (assim como dito no FAQ.). E se ele quiser sugestões, ele vai postar um blog com linguagem educada para ter sugestões ou via email ou via comment. Espero que esse comentário em Portugues do brasil ajude vc!

  4. I know you said don’t tell you suggestions, but I’ll this new way to kill, like you know yandere had a bike, how about you can also use the bike in the school to kill people, k 🙂

    • That seems completely pointless as a feature to add. For one, what use would it have? It would be far simpler just to get a knife and stab someone. For two, its impractical, and im pretty sure senpai would notice a girl on a bike going on a psychopathic rampage throughout the school. For three, why would the teachers allow a girl to ride her bike in the middle of school/class? It would mostly just be a complete waste of time to add.

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    • well, if you have experience with whatever it is you’re volunteering for, then you should email him, but make sure you also send an example of your previous work lol

  6. Hi sir if you don’t want any stupid email why can’t you make a new email and only give your email address for those who wants to volunteer, reporting a bug, represent a company or a publication. Just use the old email as a fodder. Find the good fans and add them to the new email then make a deal with them to make sure that the new email’s cover will not be blown. Use the new email to ease the development and finish any updates with no time. sorry for this suggestion but this comment have only 2 path, ignored or accepted. So its all up to you sir and THANKS FOR THE GAME ANYWAY.

  7. Hellow.My name is Chaewon Lee.I’m Korean.
    Mr.Yandere Dev,what about drill in the umbrella?
    Frist,Yandere chan hide drill tip of umbrella.
    Second,she unfold it in the classroom.
    Third,Yandere chan’s rival pass around it.
    Fourth,Yandere chan step on rival’s foot!She diving the drill of umbrella and pierce neck.
    It so important timing.But We only make well drill of umbrella,so it is naturally used way?
    I think about Japan’s animation,’Another’.
    I’m so sorry to my English grammar.But I really loved Yandere Simulator.
    Thank you.

  8. Leave alone to yandere-dev!!!! He is working hard to satisfy us, AND YOU KEEP SENDING HIM STUPID MAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that suck guys! If you want to play soon, DON´T SEND HIM STUPID MAILS.
    I think I’ve said it enough clear….

  9. If you guys want to see more of the game then stop sending him stupid things about the game you see he trying to make a great game for everyone but if you keep on sending him things about the game then yandere dev won’t have any time to finish the game so please don’t send him stupid questions

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  12. I’ve read an interview you did a about the twitch ban and you stated that you work all day every second until you sleep. you should take a day off man nobody will be angry, also constant work on a dream/project will be your downfall. a day off should be mandatory in a work schedule. i’m in no place to be worried because i don’t personally know you, but i kinda am.

  13. The more people continue to ask stupid questions…
    -The more money Keemstar makes
    -The closer the heat death of the universe becomes
    -The more money Anita Sarkeesian makes
    -The more bad memes are made
    -The more Yandere Dev has to stifle any other good suggestions
    -The more time we’ll have to wait for Yandere Simulator

    Please don’t be a Midori.

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