Yandere Sim 2015 Annual Report

2015 is almost over! Let’s review some data about the blog!

  • In 2014, this blog was viewed 184,000 times.
  • In 2015, this blog was viewed 30,000,000 times!
  • In 2014, the busiest day of the year was July 2nd, with 10,441 views.
  • In 2015, The busiest day of the year was August 22nd with 216,504 views!

(That’s probably because of a very popular video that Markiplier uploaded on August 21st!)

My longest “posting streak” was during the first 5 days of December, when I updated the blog 5 days in a row. In fact, I’ve probably made more blog posts this month than any other month!

The most-viewed blog posts were “Please Stop Sending Me Stupid E-mails!” “E-mail Problems and Download Problems” and “Things You Should Not E-mail YandereDev About“. Wow! I really did try my hardest to push that message, didn’t I?

The next most-viewed blog post was the School Atmosphere Update post. Before that, the most-viewed blog post was the Sanity In Yandere Sim post, waaaaay back in January!

Here’s where most of the blog’s traffic comes from.

Wow! More traffic comes from YouTube than all other sources combined. Yandere Simulator’s popularity can be directly attributed to Let’s Players. I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who plays this game on YouTube!

This blog received a lot of traffic from AlphaBetaGamer. I think that’s because, for a very long time, this post on AlphaBetaGamer was the top Google search result for “Yandere Simulator Download”.

A lot of this blog’s traffic comes from Facebook. Why are you telling your friends and family that you bully schoolgirls and take panty shots?

There’s also a lot of traffic coming from VK, which is basically the Russian equivalent of Facebook. Wow! It looks like there’s a very active Yandere Simulator community in Russia!

I wonder why there is so much traffic coming from a Brazilian site called Baixaki? Probably because someone is hosting a really old build of the game there. But that build is from June! How embarrassing!

People from 223 different countries have viewed this blog! Here are the top 10:

Mexico, Brazil, France, Argentina, Spain, Chile, Thailand…wow! There are a lot of non-English speakers that enjoy Yandere Simulator! I’m looking forward to the day when I finalize the English script so that I can begin to provide the option to change the language that the game is displayed in.

Hmm…so, what are the countries that have viewed this blog the lowest number of times? Let’s take a look.

There is ONE dude in Samoa who knows what Yandere Simulator is. Who is it? Is it this guy?

Wait a second! This blog has been viewed 25 times in North Korea. But, Internet access in North Korea is limited to government usage only. Does this mean that someone in the North Korean government is a fan of Yandere Simulator? Could it be…Glorious Leader Himself?!

In 2015, the people who made the most comments on this blog were:

  • Glb Jlznv, with 462 comments.
  • Irosuhana, with 359 comments.
  • poofymushroom, with 312 comments.

Wow! Thank you for taking such an interest in Yandere Simulator! But…I wonder…what have they been commenting about? I hope they weren’t just spamming “YandereDev is a loser!” the whole time…

Over the course of the past year, the latest debug build of the game has been hosted on several different websites: Mediafire, Mega, yanderesimulator.com, Google Docs, and yanderegame.com. So, how many times has the game been downloaded?

  • Downloads from Mediafire: 3,722,039
  • Downloads from Mega: 865,744
  • Downloads from YandereSimulator.com: 242,564
  • Downloads from Google Docs: 97,681
  • Downloads from Yanderegame.com: 63,290

If we add up all of those numbers, then we can conclude that…

WOW! I’ve created a game that has been downloaded almost 5 million times! That’s pretty awesome!

(….most game developers probably would have started charging for the game by this point…)

Just imagine: What if I had received $1 for each download? The entire game would definitely have been funded by now!

So, what did I write at the end of last year’s Annual Report?

“Iโ€™m hoping to release a playable demo by March 1st, and launch a Kickstarter by April 2nd.”

…well, that sure didn’t happen. I’d love to finish implementing all core gameplay mechanics by March 1st of this year, and launch a Kickstarter by April 2nd of this year, but I definitely don’t want to make any promises. (After all, it didn’t work the last time…)

The only thing I CAN promise is that there will be a new build of the game uploaded on January 1st!

Here is the last time you’ll hear me say this in 2015: Thank you very much for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

350 thoughts on “Yandere Sim 2015 Annual Report

  1. Ohayou Gozaimasu Dev Senpai(and peasants :3)

    Everybody, calm the frick down. Dev Senpai is trying his hardest. A matter of fact, he may be sleeping! Just wait. It’s rude to bug him constantly when he’s been working his butt off. He may not install it until the afternoon, so please wait.

    Show Dev Senpai patience, pleaase? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I don’t have the game because the laptops we have are only for my parents’ work, so I can’t play the game when this update is released. But I do go over to my friends house and play it with her, and I also watch Youtubers play it. So good night guys. I’ll come back tomorrow.

  3. Hey YandereDev! Baixaki is a a brazilian website were people dowload programs in it; Is a pun with “Baixe” + “aki”. “baixe” is a slang term for dowload (despite the word literal meaning being low, in the verb use like when you say to someone “lower this painting in the wall” in portuguese would be: “baixe esse quadro na parede”) and “aki” is a slang. it is a grammatically wrong way to write “aqui” that translates to here. That means the site name is “dowload here” in english. This website sometimes has a lot of virus and is terrible late in the programs sometimes but is a very known site for dowloading games and such, i bet most of the brazilian traffic comes from there.

    Wow, a lot of people donยดt speak english, but they play the game.

  5. Hey, why there are not a number for Indonesian viewers? I live in Indonesia and use this country’s internet ;-; I always follow the updates and download the recent build ;-;

    Well, I’m just kidding lel . I think that’s okay xD Besides maybe I’m the only one.. Maybe? .-.

  6. Why Italy is not listed? I’m italian, I check the blog once a week (approssimately) and downloaded every version of the game ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  7. Well, YandereDev isn’t my senpai, but he noticed, not only me, but all the brazilians who follow yandere simulator development! Here in Brazil, it’s kinda the same mechanic: a youtuber post a let’s play of YS, we see and laugh, and some people (like me) search about others way to get rid of a rival (because almost every video is like: bear panties, katana, kill everyone) and find your tutorials :3

  8. Yes! knew it :3 Chile is in the list, all my friends installed Yandere Sim through the year ^^ Here in Chile, normally people don’t know how to talk in english :c But at least, there are tutorials in spanish :3 Thank you YandereDev for all the hard work you put in this game, and thank all the people that helped you along the year ^^ 9th place isn’t so bad ;3

  9. Hello yanderedev i am from Bolivia and i hope you finish yandere simulator im definetly Follow you on this journey ๐Ÿ™‚

    won’t that be cool?
    ok…. i guess not….
    but still!

  11. ?
    I check all updates and the Netherlands doesnt show up? I live in a boring land……๐Ÿ™ˆ
    I am learning code right now, I might not be able to help you but then il support you all I can!
    ( it’s not like it’s gonna help you if I try to help you with code you see, I am 13๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜“ )
    But il support you anyway! I didn’t write a e-mail๐Ÿ˜‡

  12. hello , I really like his game but I can not speak English ‘m from Brazil and I hope you put that option to people from another country playing his game can put in their language , from what I understood was what you told the readers

  13. Hi! I’m a fan from South Korea. I’m kind of surprised about the North Korea one (…?) But hopefully I’ll make more Korean users!
    luv your game ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. from syria ๐Ÿ™‚ i have to use pisphone to open the blog -_- i will not be able to play the final game -_- it will take the game 500 years to get here -_- no way to buy anything on the net here -_- no thing work here -_-

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