December 15th Progress Update

Aw, shucks! I was a few minutes too late to meet the “before midnight” deadline (in my timezone).

As usual, the latest YouTube video is the best way to learn about the latest progress:

Yes, you heard that right; there’s no new build available, and I cannot provide an estimate for when the next build will be available. Game development is too unpredictable. I keep running into unexpected hurdles that take lots of time to overcome. It’s probably time to drop the “every 2 weeks” update schedule.

I’d love to have a new build available within the next few days, but I can’t provide any guarantees. However, I feel very certain that there will be a new build by January 1st.

The only thing I can guarantee is that if I receive less e-mails, I’ll have more time to work on the game. Have I said that enough lately? Maybe I haven’t said it enough. Maybe I should write a few dozen blog posts about how much I hate receiving stupid e-mails. Hey, guess what? I hate stupid e-mails. Please stop sending me stupid e-mails.

368 thoughts on “December 15th Progress Update

  1. Well hey, the more time you take making the game, the more things will be available when you do post an update. Honestly i think I would rather have updates every 6 months and a shit ton of content as opposed to two week updates and bits n’ pieces. In any case, Keep up the good work YandereDev!!

    • yeah, waiting longer for a huuuuuuuge amount of content always feels so satisfying. it’s always interesting seeing what’s gonna come out next, though!

    • I have to disagree with you, I like that he posts quite a lot of updates. But then again I would prefer some bigger updates, so maybe he can change it to like, an update per month or month and a half.

  2. YandereDev should have his “don’t send me stupid e-mails” petition written INSIDE the game’s test build. He does not seem to realize most of those mails come from people who do not read anything in here; people who just visit the site to download the newest build and then jump straight into the game.

    He will incessantly get “stupid e-mails” as long as there is no inside warning about it.

    • Precisely. If he could replace one of the non-functional options at the selection screen with a more obvious bug reporting/e-mail button, he could make a whole screen with this very disclaimer about what to email him and what not to email him. It would reach a lot more people, and will force people to think twice before emailing him useless emails (although I think it’d be best if he didn’t mention the words ‘stupid’ in his disclaimer if he did this. No need to look unprofessional when you don’t need to!)

    • Some people are just absolute idiots and there’s no way to stop them. That idea might work, but I can guarantee half of the people that see that are going to be even more eager to waste yanderedev’s time

      • He can apply the Marge Simpson method then. Just repeat the words “Don’t send me stupid e-mails!” over and over on all places possible where it does not disrupt gameplay until people cannot ignore it even if they try. Monkeys can learn like that; people sending stupid e-mails can, too.

  3. Yandere dev take as long as you need to create the new update. take a break on Xmas eve/day and new years! You need this! For working hard ever day on this project and no break in 2 and a half months! Take the time off and enjoy your self! You are awesome!
    Thanks again merry Xmas! ♥♥♥


    • You think you’re a yandere fan? You obviously haven’t read any of devs blog posts.

      Things You Should Not Email YandereDev About
      Posted on December 8, 2015 by yanderedev
      Maybe nobody reads this blog post because it’s too long. I’ll try to write a shorter version.

      Don’t ask me questions.
      Don’t send me crash logs.
      Don’t send me suggestions. <<<<<<<<<< There you have it.
      Don’t offer to translate the game.
      Don’t tell me that the game won’t run on your computer.
      If you contact me about any of those things, I’m just going to link you to the “Stop Sending Stupid E-mails!” blog post.

      In short, don’t ever contact me unless:

      You’re volunteering.
      You’re reporting a bug.
      You represent a company or a publication.
      You’re reporting someone who is impersonating me.
      You’re sharing fan art or cosplay.
      And, only report bugs if you’re willing to follow the instructions written on this page.

      This should be obvious, but every minute I spend reading your e-mail is a minute I am NOT developing the game. You don’t want to delay the game, do you? Then, only send me an e-mail me if you have something very important to say, or if your e-mail does not require a reply.

      helping YandereDev. STOP THE STUPID EMAILS!

      Please save yourself time and read devs blog posts. It will do us all a favour. Dev is likely aware of the three police at the gate and probably put them there as a teaser. He clearly already knows what he is going to do with the police. <He revealed this in july

      He already said the following:
      I'm opposed to the idea of adding cops who patrol around the school… But I want to add police to the "end of day" cut-scenes.
      If game's open world: They will patrol. If not: They will only appear in the "end-of-day results" sequence at the end of days
      Whether or not security guards will get added to the game depends on character model volunteers & animator volunteers, or budget.

      I hope this is useful

  5. I know it’s up to you what you do with your game’s characters, and what you add, but I thought it’d be cool to get a “chuunibyou” type character in the game, they could probably do something like the drama club, although you probably already got plans for that.

  6. 😦
    i understand you very much, but…. it’s sad to wait another 2 weeks for this update(((( ’cause it’s so exiting
    can’t wait((((

  7. Think about the wait like this, people – the longer you wait, the more he’ll get done.

    You’ll get way more features if a new build was released one per month, rather than every 2 weeks – and he’s already added a crazy amount of content into every build so far – just imagine how much content a monthly update would have! More time = more content. People would be satisfied for longer, and he’ll have some deserved time for himself. It’s a win-win.

    As well as this, YandereDev mentioned that he’s already finished adding all the features that took him 2 weeks to code, so monthly updates would have more complicated ones. To some people this may translate as “more coding = fewer content”, but this is completely untrue. More coding also equals more complex content: complex elimination methods that aren’t as easy as 1 2 3; deeper backstory; more characters; optimisation, resulting in less bugs etc. etc… So, once again, people’ll be satisfied for longer.

    Some individuals on here should really consider thinking about longer waiting time this way. YandereDev would have the pressure of impatient brats taken off him, that’s for sure.

  8. Why can’t YanDev just ignore the stupid emails and reply to the important ones? It’s not like he has to reply to every single email he gets. This isn’t saying just scroll past them and pick out which ones he thinks are important, cause obviously he’ll miss some important ones. Just read them, but don’t reply to the dumb ones. And if people complain about no reply… YanDev should clarify somewhere in his next post that if your email was dumb as shit then you won’t get a reply. The amount of time he’ll spend going through his emails will be cut down, so its a super simple solution compared to what he’s doing right now. Honestly how hard is it for people to understand this FFS

    • I understand, I spend like 10 minutes going through promotions and ads and deleting them. I’m sure if you ARE a Yandere Fan and see this email, and want the update to be updated quicker, then please stop sending YandereDev stupid emails. He said that a dozen times already. Also he can relax a bit. So basically, everyone is happy in the end. If you see this comment, please help by NOT sending the developer any emails. Instead send it onto wikis or a place where you can ask questions and they’ll try and help you.

    • Yandere-Dev doesn’t reply to ANY emails. He doesn’t have the time to even reply to the important ones because he gets so many. I’ve sent him a couple bug reports and didn’t get replied to. Yet in a later update he fixed the bugs that I reported. I’m pretty sure that in an older blog post he mentioned that he had to stop replying to emails because of the sheer number of emails he got in a day.

    • He already doesn’t reply to stupid emails. He said so in his video about emails on his channel. Also, I made a previous comment about this very issue. Someone had claimed that figuring out something was spam or unimportant would take about 10 seconds and thus shouldn’t waste a lot of Yandere Dev’s time, so I did some calculations and showed that even assuming that that was true, stupid emails still waste a ton of his time. I used the amount of subscribers Yandere Dev had to estimate the amount of unhelpful emails he gets, so this is just a repeat of my previous post with the numbers adjusted to fit the current subscriber count, which has increased from 313,819 to 334,653.

      Yandere Dev has 334,653 subscribers when I post this comment. According to him, 99% of his interactions with fans are pleasant, and 1% is annoying. Let’s say that after the latest update, 10% of his subscribers sent him an email that day, and that 1% of those emails are annoying/spam. That’s about 335 pointless emails in one day. If finding out something isn’t helpful takes about 10 seconds, then useless emails wasted 3350 seconds, or about 56 minutes.

      Figuring out something is spam is faster than finding out that a bug report is unhelpful because Yandere Dev would have to read half to all of an unhelpful email to realize it was unhelpful, whether it’s about a bug from an outdated build, the instructions to find the bug are confusing/not descriptive enough, or it’s reporting a bug that someone else already reported and the website hasn’t been updated yet. I’ll ignore repeats because that can’t be helped, assume that 5% of all emails are unhelpful but not spam, and figure that it takes 20 seconds on average to realize an email is unhelpful. That’s 1,673 unhelpful emails that in total waste 33,465 seconds, or about 9 hours and 18 minutes.

      In total, spam emails and unhelpful emails would waste about 10 hours and 14 minutes total the day after a new build by my calculations. After that first day there would be less emails coming in that are useless. After that let’s say that in the following 14 days, Yandere Dev gets emails from 1% of his subscribers each day. Spam would be 33 emails per day, 330 seconds, or 5.5 minutes per day. Unhelpful emails would be 167 per day, 3,340 seconds or 56 minutes. In total that’s 1 hour and 1.5 minutes per day.

      So, emails waste in total between builds 24 hours and 30 minutes of Yandere Dev’s time. I didn’t calculate the amount of time wasted looking for game development crucial emails from volunteers amidst the clutter of emails in his inbox. My percents are also probably off, so this is a very rough estimate of the actual time that’s wasted. I wanted to show that even if individual emails don’t waste much time, those wasted seconds will add up.

  9. The new build will be awesome, I am already exited! The new weapons imvolve new animations… maybe? I think that it is a new animation for this ones. It’s always cool to see the game updated with new features, and It is an indescribable feeling to see the game getting more and more complete. It’s like a puzzle given to us, players, who are supporting the developper, and the pieces come, one by one, and the’re gathered together to make a great puzzle. Yandere Simulator is one of my favorite game of all time, and for a game being made by someone and volunteers, and not a professional team, it is amazing. Keep doing the good work YandereDev!

  10. The update sure can be delayed because of useless e-mails, and I think YandereDev is not saying a word wrong about that. However I think some of the people who send these emails wouldn’t want to see the post because it said ‘stupid’. Of course, these mails are stupid mails, but some people might take that quite unpleasant. This isn’t saying that the people who send these are right. Keep up the good work, YandereDev!

  11. I’ll take my guess on who the computer girl is while waiting for the new update…

    I think it could be most likely the current principal’s daughter,judging by the animation preview posted by Yandereani.The girl there says something like “My father might have tolerated you but I won’t,I know who you are,I know what you are.” (Forgot how it went exactly… -_- )

    So,in one of the school tapes,the journalist states that principal knows about murders and bribes the police about it so that school could maintain it’s reputation.
    The girl also outward mentioned that she isn’t allowed to go to school,meaning that her parents are aware that she’s in danger.So she could be related to 80s principal in two possible ways:

    1.First,knowing the fact that the previous yandere (Ryoba) was going to Akademi during the 80s,it’s might be possible that school still has the same principal who’s daughter is the same age as Yan-chan.Since the women from Aishi family give birth to their children relatively young (around 18?),it could mean that the principal was young and is now at least in his mid forties with a daughter.

    2.Second,if Akademi was a private school then there might be a family line that has been working in there (like,once one guy retires,his son is the next principal or something).So if this is correct,there’s a possibility that the current principal’s father was principal back in the 80’s.And since it’s a family business,everyone’s aware of existence of a serial killer in their school,including the computer girl.

    Well,that’s my guess,can’t wait for January the 1st! >ㅅ<

    • From that evidence, I think she might be the Journalist’s daughter. His daughter would be in danger because Ryoba is still after him, and the Journalist has done nothing about Yandere-chan – he either doesn’t know or care that she’s doing the same as Ryoba did, or he is too scared to do anything about her.

      Everything YandereDev has said so far indicates the current Headmaster is the same one who was there during the 1980s. If computer girl is the Headmaster’s daughter, it’s possible the message is meant for Info-chan. Info-chan enjoys certain protections from the school: the school has granted her “club” status all by herself and exempted that club from school rules, so she can basically get away with anything she wants. And as long as Yandere-chan doesn’t get caught, no one should know what she’s up to; while a lot of people know about what Info-chan has been doing (which includes blackmail, breaking the law, selling panty shots, etc.) Watching that message might be a way for Yandere-chan to find out more about Info-chan, since you can’t look up information about her in the student index.

      • I considered that she might be journalist’s daughter as well,but it’s a bit uncertain cause the journalist didn’t take too much care for the daughter while computer girl’s parents didn’t allow her to go to school and the journalist tried to prevent Ryoba from getting away with crime…

        …Or she could be a completely new character that isn’t related to current ones at all…

        Only Devpai seems to know for now 🙂

    • Ok, for one, he is trying. If people would stop sending him stupid emails, we might have a new update right now.
      For two, he only gets four hours of sleep to work on this game. He hasn’t played video games or watched anime in about a year. Hell, he won’t even take a vacation! YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL!
      Imagine this is your life.
      Sleep for 4 hours.
      Try to do something really hard for 20 hours with baraly no food and sleep.
      Sleep for 4 hours.
      This is the Dev’s life, and I would appreciate if you didn’t comment stuff like this. Yes, we are all mad at the Midori Gurin’s sending the Dev stupid emails. Yes, we are all disappointed that we didn’t get a new update. Yes, we are all dieing from suspense of the next one.
      But guess what?
      The only difference between you and me is that I actually give a fuck. Good luck in life with this negative attitude.

  12. Hello, emmm I wonder if someday it may kill and conquer osana Najimi sempai ! ….. Read a lot and says depronto another year but I want out now for the January 1 please ask and I will want which arrives this time ….. ah ! I almost forget that you can also interctuar with sempai but still remains the same and so painful bone ……. I hope I have listened with love

    Attn: Michelle Acosta

  13. Wow !, the idea of ​​the garden and the martial arts club I love this amazing wonder which deaths can be done with the tools …. Each time yandere going from good to better!

    I love yandere – chan !!

  14. I’ve made a character namequiz for the December 1st build with an extra 12 characters and updated appearences/ names that have now been revealed. Test yourself on or learn the characters names.

  15. Since yanderedev makes such a point of asking (begging) users to stop sending pointless e-mails, why doesn’t he just write a script (or ask someone to write it for him) for his e-mail to search for flagged keywords and automatically delete them, as well as problematic e-mail addresses?

    That, or he could hire someone to screen the e-mails for him, I’m sure…

    • Making such a thing would waste time for better purposes, and isn’t helpful anyway. Many ‘flagged keywords’ are used in useful and sometimes very important e-mails. As well as this, e-mail addresses that may have once sent a so-called stupid e-mail may send him another one to clarify what they have said, or may make an appropriate e-mail in the future. These two reasons alone is why he’s still making such a point about it.

      And for the last time, he’s already discussed that having ‘someone to screen the e-mails for him’, aka a SECRETARY, is a lousy idea. (

  16. Having seen YandereAni’s animation of the computer girl, I agree with the poster above who thinks that she could be the Headmaster’s daughter. But I think her message may be meant for Info-chan rather than Yandere-chan. Here’s why:

    “My father won’t allow me to attend school while you are active” – Info-chan is obviously dangerous. She’s extremely manipulative, involved in many illegal activities, and is protected by the school. It absolutely makes sense that the headmaster wouldn’t put his daughter in the same school as this person.

    “He has a reason for tolerating your presence at this school” – First of all, it will be possible to complete the game without doing anything “wrong” (e.g. by matchmaking or otherwise peacefully eliminating every rival). And although the headmaster covered up Ryoba Aishi’s crimes, he doesn’t (or shouldn’t) know about Yandere-chan … if she’s careful. However, the school does protect Info-chan by granting her the status of a “club” exempt from school rules. And pretty much everyone knows what she gets up to.

    “You’re a vulgar creature” – Info-chan is known for many underhanded and perverted things including selling panty shots to boys

    “Only allowed to exist because you serve a purpose” – Again, there’s got to be a reason why the school actively protects Info-chan and allows her to “operate” outside the rules. Yandere-chan, on the other hand, is liable to be arrested or expelled if she gets caught so evidently no one is that invested in keeping her around.

    “Every last one of you would be exterminated.” – Maybe the girl knows that Info-chan is working with others (including the Headmaster, other school officials, and Yandere-chan)

    It appears the message is the girl speaking live via a webcam (“it’s you”, “do you know who I am?”) so maybe Yandere-chan somehow accesses Info-chan’s computer and sees this, with the girl (having never seen Info-chan in the flesh before) thinking it must be her? This would be a good way to find out more about Info-chan since you can’t look up a student profile for her. It might also explain why this is going to appear in the near future: because clubs are being implemented, and Info-chan is the sole member of one of the clubs at the school, which probably has a club room. That might be where Yandere-chan is when she is watching the message.

  17. You could probably change the header banner of this blog to “Don’t you dare send me stupid emails” and people still wouldn’t pay attention. I hope this changes for you soon. 😦 Keep up the amazing work, it’s already turning out to be a great game! 😀

    *takes a deep breath*
    I see you about to click that ‘send email’ button!
    DON’T DO IT!
    …please stop sending him stupid emails.
    Just. Stop.

    • So far, YandereDev has said that he only plans to make Yandere Simulator a PC game. He has considered making it compatible with consoles, but he has stated that it is complicated to do so.

      Currently he is making Yandere Simulator for WindowsOS, but there is a website (YandereMac) which converts recent builds into a MacOS-playable game.

    • yes but not know we wait untill he reaveals her true tsundere design and her model she is not evan in the game yet rival chan is ( rival chan was originally going to be osana but yandere dev changed his mind

  19. Guy: don’t talk to me. I know you killed someone. I’m going to let the whole school know you kills somebody.

    Me: great way to talk to a person who can murder you anytime, genius.

  20. Devpai~ Take you time, you don’t even need to read this comment 😀

    If you are a commenter, about to post that Hate comment. Don’t
    Its just gonna,
    1. Make Devpai rush
    2. Give us bad content in a build
    3. Make us all RAGE because you made him give us a rubbish build
    4. We will hunt you down
    5. You will be HATED

  21. I found out a good daily schedule for Yandere Dev:

    Eat: Breakfast
    Eat: Lunch
    Free Time/Nap/???
    Eat: Dinner

  22. Oh man, I’m so excited for the update! I remember when I was playing one time, I was wondering if we’d be able to join clubs at one point and now we’re going to be able to! ^_^

  23. Yandere Dev, you should have an extra accessory added to Yandere-Chan depending on which club you’re in (ex: Headband in martial art club). It doesn’t have to go for ALL of the clubs, but it would be great!

  24. Hi, am sorry to cause you to lose time, but not is because you send me an e-mail telling me that do not send questions stupid if I never ask anything, do not understand why this is addressed to my.

  25. Errrmm… I’m new here, but I’ve been following Yandere dev. I know he says not to email him anything, but he does allow fanart. I have some I want to send him, but I don’t know his email. Could someone help?

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