December 15th Progress Update

Aw, shucks! I was a few minutes too late to meet the “before midnight” deadline (in my timezone).

As usual, the latest YouTube video is the best way to learn about the latest progress:

Yes, you heard that right; there’s no new build available, and I cannot provide an estimate for when the next build will be available. Game development is too unpredictable. I keep running into unexpected hurdles that take lots of time to overcome. It’s probably time to drop the “every 2 weeks” update schedule.

I’d love to have a new build available within the next few days, but I can’t provide any guarantees. However, I feel very certain that there will be a new build by January 1st.

The only thing I can guarantee is that if I receive less e-mails, I’ll have more time to work on the game. Have I said that enough lately? Maybe I haven’t said it enough. Maybe I should write a few dozen blog posts about how much I hate receiving stupid e-mails. Hey, guess what? I hate stupid e-mails. Please stop sending me stupid e-mails.

368 thoughts on “December 15th Progress Update

    • He can insert better voice actors if he either: Has enough time , Have hardworking volunteers , and people who are butthurt about his work, like you. So just be patient.

      • Sheesh she was just giving some constructive criticism. It’s not like she was saying if anything was bad or anything. I think he said that voice acting is not permanent. The only voices I don’t really like in the game is Yandere Chan’s voice and that Budo Masuto guy. They just sound a little old to me. and how Yandere chan’s laugh doesn’t really link with her voice. but thats just my opinion, please don’t take it personally.

  1. Did YandereDev actually ever consider that the ones sending annoying emails to him are actually generally not the same ones that read the blog?
    We here mostly *did* understand all of that from his first post about it on. No need to repeat it every day to *us* here on the blog.

      • I write stories and I have people ask all the time specific details when it could be easily answered in the chapters that you have to scroll past to ask a question. People don’t read.

    • I’m guessing it would be either that or 2 months. I know from experience that programming is extremely hard. I always fail on Scratch. And that’s a site where the lines of code are done for you. The issue is putting the code in the right place. YandereDev is the one writing the code itself, like when to play this sound or when will this sprite perform this animation, and like if this button is pressed, this will happen. And on top of all of that, he has to rush, and the code gets messed up, like put in the wrong position or typed incorrectly, and he has to go back through ALL of that code and fix it. So it’s very likely that now that he’s done with the little things, it will take him at least twice as long to code all the big features, like the nonfunctional Snap button.

      P.S. I wonder what WILL Snap do?

      I bet you’re a cereal killer. *ba dum crash*

      • I think Snap will either be:
        1) Kidnap Senpai and become a fugitive running from the law. The game ends when he/she falls in love with you Stockholm Syndrome style.
        2) If you can’t have Senpai, then no one can, and you go on a killing spree until Senpai is dead.

  2. That’s great, just please, update the town, people hate riding the bicycle there, you can’t never get out of it.

    Also, the falcon punch was great, but the song should be changed to this theme:

    It will be great, Yandere Dev.

    • There is a way to exit the town, you just need to go to the school. Also he’s focusing on putting other things in that are more important.

  3. Can anyone recommend a game for me to play?
    I’m looking for something like Yandere Simulator, only more likely to be completed before the end of time.

      • Hey – thats actually a good idea!
        Could I get some donators to pay my bills for me? I promise to work…uh…23 hours a day! And you’ll believe it even if I only produce a tiny feature every two months, okay?
        But seriously, anyone know of a game similar to Yandere Simulator, only actually going to get finished in our lifetime?

    • Tiny feature…? You’re kidding right…?
      Game development is HARD. It requires coding, bug checks, animation, new assets to be made, etc.
      The game is supposed to be big…so be PATIENT and wait.
      And an answer to ur question: I believe people describe this game as an Anime Hitman game…might want to look into the about portion of this website because it describes what this game is inspired by

    • Oh and forgot to mention…but he’s been updating this game every 2 weeks for the LOOOONGEST time. So, you’re wrong on that front.

    • If you like naughty stuff you can try out Artificial Academy 2.
      The yandere material in it is little but there are other personalities to mess with. Quite enjoyable.

      Other than that doujins are your best friend.

    • the fact that you call it a “tiny feature”, straight up tells me you’ve never tried your hand at any sort of game development. even /RPG maker/, a development tool well known for it’s simplicity, can take years to create a game in. and that thing basically has it all done for you, coding is only necessary if you want to get super fancy with your games, and even then, almost anything you can think of is already coded for you, and available online via scripts.

      but no, yandere dev isn’t doing something that easy. he’s developing a game in unity, assisted only by free volunteers that could back out at any moment. it ain’t easy, sport.

  4. •I think Budo Masuta’s voice should be bit higher because his voice sounds like an adult instead of a teenager.

    •Why can’t you just ignore the unimportant emails instead of replying “stop sending me stupid emails” all the time?

    • Erm… Did you consider the fact that to find the important emails he has to go through ALL of them? In order to figure out if an email was or was not important, he would have to read at least some of it. I’m real sorry, but this is probably the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard. Try to think it over before suggesting.

    • he probably deletes the stupid emails instead of responding to them, but in order to figure out if it’s a stupid email he still has to read at least part of it, thus it slows him down. although i honestly think the ones sending him said emails are trolls getting a kick out of his reaction. my advice? block those that send stupid emails, if they just send stupid things they aren’t about to be useful members of the community anyways.

  5. I am really excited about how Yandere Simulator will turn out. I think it would be amazing for it to be an open world game and you will be able to enter shops and maybe buy stuff for Senpai? Lol idk but I can’t wait to see how it turns out I think it’s a great so far and he works really hard so please be patient

    • The game isn’t about interacting and romancing Senpai. It’s about sabotaging his love life. I doubt you’ll be buying him gifts.

    • He said he MIGHT, emphasis on might, make a male protagonist. But he’ll have to wait and see if he has enough money and assets to do such a thing. I’d personally LOVE a male yandere, but I kind of understand why he wouldn’t, storywise at least. If the fans really want it, he might implement in later in development.

      • If a male protagonist ever gets implemented, I’d be oh so happy~ ❤ (i'll keep my fingers crossed on that 'might')

  6. The every 2 week update was nice but if you need to take longer its okay dude. As long as you make the game as awesome as possible. And if you need more time to accomplish that its okay.

  7. I always thought yandere was technically a gender neutral term. I am now beginning to understand the new breed of shitstorm that would be unleashed if you added in an optional role reversal. In fact if you finished this game and never touched it again and some random anon modded in a role reversal and put it one youtube that unholy nightmare could still happen. Thus, I now have have a whole new respect for everything you do YanDev. Know my support for you will never waver.

    • It’s not often you see male yanderes for the reason. But lots of people love seeing male yanderes in media, just as they like seeing female yanderes. So…if enough people want it, he said he might implement it. I’m not sure if that would cause such a problem, since people seem to be fine with a female yandere player…so who knows?

    • I know right? Everyone says Yandere is a gender neutral term
      It’s like YandereDev said on Twitter
      ” If you think “male stalker” or “male serial killer”, you imagine a dude that looks like Trevor from GTA4….
      If you think “female stalker” or “female serial killer”, you imagine a cute girl! ❤ "

      • Not sure that’s necessarily true ie. Aileen Wuornos or Myra Hindley weren’t cute. Kathy Bates’s character in “Misery” wasn’t cute!

  8. See those places of ground near the garden entrance? I think they will be used to dig some corpses in future updates, also the occult club members are shown; I wonder if the occult room will be ready if they are implemented?

  9. Hee hee. Reading these comments is plenty entertaining while I wait for the next build. :3 *sits on big fluffy bright pink plush beanbag chair with popcorn and sprite*

  10. Watching Yandere Dev’s development of the game just gives me great ideas on how to get my Senpai. ❤ ❤

    Anyways, Yandere Dev if you ever read this, I just want you to know how awesome you are. Whenever you make videos that say an update will not be completed yet, you don't have to say sorry. We all know how hard your working on the game's development. Great progress. ^˛^

  11. God, some people on here are such whiners.
    Yeah, a new update would have been nice, but do you guys have ANY idea how difficult it is to program a game?
    For gods sake, this isn’t even the actual game, its just a test so YandereDev can iron out any bugs, we’re lucky to be playing this at all!
    A lot of video games go through YEARS of development before we even get a glimpse of them, and that’s when they have whole teams of people working on them. You think Bethesda is just sitting on their hands after making Fallout 4? No! They’re planning new games constantly, and any that make it past the planning stage will take years to create.
    You know what happens when you rush a game? You get ET for the Atari or Sonic 06.

    • There is going to be a canteen (which is why there are now tables next to the vending machine outside Yandere-chan’s classroom) but YandereDev said that he doesn’t have the animations for students sitting down and eating yet. He has also said that there will be a Disciplinary Council which is basically an equivalent of prefects

    • YandereDev has already shown us the design for Senpai’s Sister though and she doesn’t look like that (she is young and “cute” with ponytails …) She is also described as being clingy, childish and demanding – not tough and threatening

  12. I dont get why everyone is saying they want better voice actors but i like them? the overacting reminds me of actual anime and i think it works really well.

  13. I would like to use a circular saw that you had shown at the beginning of the video
    And about voices, I think that voice for anime-teenager should be higher, current voices sounds funny with this appearance, especially Budo Masuta’s voice

  14. To be honest, now is a better time than ever for an update to be delayed. Since its only a few days til Christmas, I and probably LOTS of other people will be preoccupied with other stuff over the holidays. So while we’re enjoying presents and our favorite TV programs, we won’t be concerned much with missing the game or a new build. And it gives you plenty of time to finish the update. Therefore, its a win-win scenario for both the followers of the game and yourself Dev 🙂 However, it annoys me that there’s always that one person that will find the time to write a stupid e-mail or demand the new update. They don’t understand that when you’re following a game made by one man and a small team, patience is KEY.

  15. So Yandere Dev has decided to release updates less often. And according to his fans, we should be happy about it.
    How do you manage to convince people to be excited about less progress? Teach me your ways, Dev-sempai.

    • lol m8 it’s still the same amount of progress, you just see less updates on the game. You can’t be very smart if you believe what you wrote

    • Because, believe it or not, writing code is goddamn difficult. And, a lot of us, (unlike you) realize that Dev is not a machine. Keep in mind he is ONE man. Not a TEAM of men like Bethesda, Valve, Bioware, etc. So he can only get so much progress in so much time. Also, if he continues to go like he’s been, he’s going to burn out. Now if only people like you could get this through your thick skulls, the world could be a happier place. Go read a book, attend your kindergarten classes, or something.

  16. Why doesnt Yandere Dev just not look at the emails for a while and give his volunteers a seperater email just for them, so he doesnt have to worry about the people who send an email that say “When waliking into the girls bathroom, the game crashes” and just leave it at that, then he could spend more time working on the game, and fix the bugs later(Awesome game BTW, LOVE IT)

    • It would take more time to maintain two email addresses and if a single volunteer messaged the wrong one, progress would be delayed rather than streamlined.

      Plus, he also gets emails from people wishing to volunteer as well which could streamline the game progress more.

      Ignoring emails would also allow them to build up like that one time where it took him seven days to go through all his emails.

  17. Oh wait! I dont know if this will work, YandereDev but maybe you should have someone in charge of your emails and let them filter for you and send you the un-stupid ones. Looks promising just an idea

    • That would be a secretary. He has already said he does not want such a person because:

      1) They would need to learn what is and what isn’t important so he would have to look over their shoulder until he is sure they can be left to their own devices.

      2) They could potentially spoil parts of the game on social media.

      3) There is a risk they would be inefficient and lazy and that he would have to go through several.

      Reasons 1 & 3 would take time away from game development, quite possibly more time than the emails themselves would over time, while reason 2 could spoil all the surprises he still has up his sleeves for us in the future.

  18. This update gave me a weird dream where I was Yanderedev chan and I had to protect my Senpai in this shed, the enemy just walked through the gate and I had to hide him in the shed- kill the enemy, and the police came so I had to kill them too and it was all like “wtf am I doing this looks like the shed from that update” and I revised it was a dream while in the dream and woke up. xD

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