Things You Should Not Email YandereDev About

Maybe nobody reads this blog post because it’s too long. I’ll try to write a shorter version.

  • Don’t ask me questions.
  • Don’t send me crash logs.
  • Don’t send me suggestions.
  • Don’t offer to translate the game.
  • Don’t tell me that the game won’t run on your computer.

If you contact me about any of those things, I’m just going to link you to the “Stop Sending Stupid E-mails!” blog post.

In short, don’t ever contact me unless:

  • You’re volunteering.
  • You’re reporting a bug.
  • You represent a company or a publication.
  • You’re reporting someone who is impersonating me.
  • You’re sharing fan art or cosplay.

And, only report bugs if you’re willing to follow the instructions written on this page.

This should be obvious, but every minute I spend reading your e-mail is a minute I am NOT developing the game. You don’t want to delay the game, do you? Then, only send me an e-mail me if you have something very important to say, or if your e-mail does not require a reply.

(I’m sorry to sound curt in this blog post, but I have to keep it as short as possible, or else people won’t read it.)

168 thoughts on “Things You Should Not Email YandereDev About

  1. You don’t have to answer through it’d obviously make me happy (alleged midori alert)

    I saw your don’t send any mails video 2-parters so I know you probably know this one already. So saying why it’s a bad idea is fine too.

    Why didn’t you keep your email semi secret in that way you’d have to answer an amount of questions to be allowed to post?

    Like this.

    Contact me->”What do you want to write about? (no option available aside from approved occasions like fan-art)->”Did you check the FAQ/volunteer list?”->”Really, even these one?” (suggestions from the FAQ/volunteer list perhaps the top 10 common things)->Text field for emails

    • @Z

      That would take a long time for other people. And plus YanDev would have to update the website and stop the game’s development.

      • Karia99 The update part is true. Regarding the former it’s a matter of whose time is most precious YandereDev or us as currently YandereDev spends lots of time reading such questions. Perhaps we don’t deserve an uncomplicated way to contact him thanks to Midori-Chan?

  2. Hi YandereDev-sama,
    why do you keep writing those important posts knowing they’ll be forgotten as soon as you post new ones ?
    Can’t you do a sort of pinned topic for those things with WordPress ?

    PS: (out of scope) I’ve almost finished the Castlevania Textures, I used this comment to diminish your time spent reading emails ^^

    • I don’t understand your question.

      I do not believe that important posts are “forgotten” as soon as new ones are posted. If that’s the premise of your question, then I disagree with your premise.

      Besides, when I make new posts, I usually include a link to older, important posts if they contain important enough information, so it’s impossible for the most important blog posts to be “forgotten”.

      Anyway, I’m not going to argue about that. I have something more important to tell you.

      I very rarely read comments on blog posts. It’s very unlikely that I’ll see any comment you make on a blog post. Please don’t use comments on blog posts to give me an update on your progress.

      • I know, it seems this time I got lucky ^^
        I was just curious about your reactivity on post’s comments, and you pass the test, well done 🙂
        Now let’s cut the joke, I won’t annoy you any longer 😀

  3. I actually wanted to know. Is it alright if I send you a link to a fanfiction/story I am thinking of making, or send you the thing in full? I love the game, and I have so many ideas for fanfictions. I wanted to know ahead of time, if it was ok to send stories.

      • Oh, well thank you very much for taking time to answer my question. I appreciate it. It never hurts to ask.

      • Whenever i kill Midori and hide her somewhere so she is not seen. if i teleport. Midori’s Body Teleports back to the roof and then other students like Oka Ruto See her and they call the police. which makes an Game over. I dont know if thats a bug but i feel like i cant do anything to one student which is Midori without her body being seen..

  4. Sorry to ask YanderDev, But I don’t know your Email address and I was thinking of making fanart and the fact that I don’t have it makes it slightly difficult ;-;

  5. If you can outline basic rules like this AND it’s such a problem that you have to keep posting them over and over, then it seems time to swallow your pride and get someone to manage your contact account. I’ve seen the video with your justifications against it, but they’re all points that can be solved with less headache than this. Teaching a person to manage an email box is easier than teaching a fanbase not to be stupid.

  6. I’m actually surprised that you’re still getting an obscene amount of stupid questions. Does no one read the material provided by our YandereDev senpai?

    I’d ignore it at this point. Just do the AbracaDaniel way:

  7. It’s almost stupid how many bad emails you’re getting.
    I feel like having 2 emails accounts, one for Bugs and Questions and one for fan art and stuff would work, but I think you said something about not wanting to manage 2 emails.

  8. Ayy, YanDev! We feel you! We know you hate shitty midori-sans sending you emails.
    I might send some fanart soon, and, like, yes, I know that it’s allowed, but i just honestly don’t want to waste your time with my shitty art so I’m kind of torn whether to send it or not. D:

  9. Sometimes I think life is wonderful and then hear ‘Yanderedev! Yanderedev! *insert stupid question that already has been answered*’

  10. Hi YandereDev! 😀
    Thanks for this reminder, I was actually worried if I was already annoying you (sending 2 emails, one with pictures of bugs and another for videos via Google Drive).
    Anyway, I apologize for that. I’ll make sure to provide both pics and videos in one email next time. 🙂

  11. Poor YondereDev!!! Feeling really bad that you have to sound stern. Thank you for the game, though my boyfriend is scared of me for sure ;)))))

  12. I’m still waiting to see the rival designs. If I don’t, I’m gonna stab you! Just kidding. The new theme of this page is very cool and hopefully this post will get through some dense skulls.

    • You can send it to him via email, since he has stated that he loves being sent it.

      Alternatively, you can tweet it to him on Twitter. This is a better option, since it stops him wasting time looking through emails.

    • She wasn’t meant to download it on media fire te links are on this blog! She must have downloaded a virus from someone who isn’t YandereDev

  13. Um, hey…I hope I’m not stalling the game development, but my brother came up with a great idea for the game! What if when you kill to many students, and it’s just you and senpai left in the school, he starts to get suspicious of you. He hasn’t died yet, you haven’t died yet, it would sound sketchy to anyone! I hope you at least see this comment and maybe even consider implementing it into later builds! I hope you have a great day, and I wish you good luck with your game!

    • Oh my gosh. I am so so sorry. I feel like a total idiot. I sent the last comment without reading the top of the blog post because it wasn’t loading. I apologize thoroughly for waisting your time. Bye…

      • God, this is disheartening. It’s not my thing to make comments in Yandev’s blog, but I just felt compelled to. You simply made a mistake. Nobody has the right to make you feel like a stupid just for that. It’s true that people should read the FAQ before commenting or sending e-mails. It’s true that most most questions were already answered, that most suggestions were already listened to. Still, we must not forget that Midori-chans are just misinformed people trying to show their admiration to the game. They don’t deserve to be treated as faggots. The aggresiveness of some fans here in the comments really frightens me.

    • YandereDev has stated beforehand that if too many students die, the school will close.

      Which actually makes a lot of sense – if students kept on going missing from one particular school, especially with a mere 100 students in (the amount YandereDev plans to have), the school’ll have to be closed for their safety.

  14. I check this blog every couple weeks and it seems like every time I do it’s about how you are pissed off with your fans….I wish you the best of luck on this en-devour but if your attitude doesn’t change they will eventually pull their support, I know I am personally done supporting you with my patreon donation, I don’t know how else to express my concerns besides pulling my monetary support since sadly since we can’t email you.

    • He said he can only promise development of the game. There is no guarantee of being nice all the time.

      Further, you have to understand that this is a real problem not only for YanDev but for the rest of us aswell due to people NOT reading and further delaying the game.

      Honestly there needs to be a captcha or popup dialog box to filter out the lazy.

      • I totally understand that development of the game comes first and foremost, I have watched all his videos and read every update. He is a busy person and is focusing on the game. If the game is getting big to the point that he can’t respond to fans then he needs to bring on volunteers (paid or unpaid, and yes I know the update where he said he does not like people reading the emails, I am sorry but you are getting a large fan base, you need to expand a bit ). The point I am making is his tone to the fans that makes it seems that we, the people that are supporting him, do not matter. I love the idea and he is doing a fantastic job but my god….do you not realize he is annoyed by your questions and your actions! I personally do not like feeling like a burden, so thus I will not support this dev any longer

    • “do you not realize he is annoyed by your questions and your actions!”

      There is a reason why he is making these posts. He’s laying out the rules. If you are incapable of respecting the rules and hinder progress, you are not being a good fan.

      Basically if you have something to offer within the guidelines and follow the procedures laid out by YanDev then you have nothing to worry about. If you choose to ignore said guidelines and procedures only then is it annoying. Is that not fair?

      Having a large fanbase does not mean to expand a team. At least not yet. The foundation is just one guy, a vision, and so far several volunteers with a limited budget to work with. I don’t think you understand what he’s dealing with. I do. That’s why I support this game but unless i have something to offer within the rules, i dont bother him.

      This isn’t really a reply to you but for anyone else reading.

  15. What if I sen you bug report, but you dont reply any, and I just got an asumption that you hate my email, so umm 😦 , I stop sending you the next time I found bug because I scared that you will hate it, so maybe Yanderechan-neesama would you kindly to say thank, or okay to any email that are not counted as stupid email :)))

    Oh yeah, lets add some MBTI info feature for each chara than just writing loner or heroic or pervert or molester, it’ll be great :)))

  16. Awww ;w; It must be harsh!
    You should take a long break sometimes ;w; sometimes i have problems in the game too, but i just either download it again or wait for the next update, instead of bothering you ^^
    And i might cosplayer Yandere-chan in the future~! *^*

  17. Hello YandereDev.

    I’m sorry to asking this question but,
    “what program do you use for make this yandere simulator? in addition to Maya, anything else?”

    I’m sorry about my bad english, but i appreciate if you answer my question, but if anyone know what program and answer my question, i appreciate too, thank you for your time reading my question.

    • Indirirken değilse :
      – Diğer tarayıcı deneyin
      – Güvenlik duvarı ayarlarını kontrol
      – Diğer web sitesinden indirmek
      – Emin Yanlış klasöre kaydedilir alamadım yapmak
      – Bilgisayarınızdaki dosyanın arama fonksiyonunu kullanarak arama

      Bütün bunlardan başarısız olursa hemen yanında güncelleştirme için bekleyin. 🙂

      I’m sorry if that does not make sense. I do not speak Turkish, so I use translator. ^^

  18. If we want to volunteer for design/concept art, do we have to send digital examples? I know he wanted them to be professional quality and neat, but does it necessarily have to be digital? I’m more skilled with traditional (Copics, pencil crayons, etc.), so I’m wondering if it’d be acceptable to just scan a (nice and tidy) traditional drawing. 🙂
    I know Dev probably won’t get to see this, but if anyone could give me advice, I’d appreciate it. ^^
    I can do digital, but I am much more quick/comfy with good, old fashioned pencil and paper.

  19. Mr. Dev, i really understand how you’re upset with the inconveniences being done, but i really think you should tone down on voicing out your opinions. someone here has already voiced out his/her unease from your negative posts and claimed to pull away from Patroning. after that i started getting concerned so i watched over your Patroning and true enough, more people have been pulling out Drastically :/

    Just a little marketing tip…. Customers -do not care- about your personal life, they came for business and to get the goods they are expecting, which they will willingly pay for if it’s of good quality and if it is delivered properly.

    • That’s sort of the main problem that’s going on. They come for business and to get the goods but some (or most) of them are causing said goods to be delayed. I mean, yes, it’s important to keep the customers going but if most of the fans are causing a delay in the game development, wouldn’t that still cause problems with his customers? Making everyone happy isn’t a viable choice here. He HAS to be harsh especially considering the fact that he’s voiced this sort of thing before. Several times in fact and yet majority if the fanbase still doesn’t manage to actually get a clue. Pity the dude. It’s like he’s burning out already. He’s human too.

    • Until recently, Patreon was displaying the total amount of money that people were pledging.

      A few days ago, Patreon began to display the amount of money that I actually receive after Patreon/PayPal/Credit Cards have taken a cut.

      That’s the reason why the number on my Patreon has shrunken.

      No reasonable person would pull their support from the game because I’m writing blog posts telling people to stop wasting my time with useless correspondence. Any reasonable person would understand that blog posts like these are an absolute necessity. If someone does pull their support for a ridiculous reason like that…well, I can’t stop the fact that there are unreasonable people in the world.

      • The fact that this is an issue in the first place means you have no place to be talking about whats ‘reasonable’

    • mr. Dev mentioned before that customizing your character to be male is gonna be too hard for him to code 🙂 i’m not sure though if his perspective on that has changed yet.

  20. Hey 🙂 I don’t know if you will read this but I just thought I would say keep up the good work! I am so excited for your game 😀 don’t let these people get you down, you do what you have to do ❤

  21. Yanderedev!! You haven’t been posting on the blog lately?? What has happened ∑(゚Д゚) I shall continue to check daily… I know you have the game to work on too obviously, can’t wait for the next update *\(^o^)/*!!!

  22. Hi YandereDev! I’ve been supporting you on Patreon. Congrats for reaching your goal btw.
    I love the game so far but I was wondering if the title will continue to stay as “Yandere Simulator” or will there be an official title, leaving Yandere Simulator as just a working title. Thanks for all your hard work.

  23. What’s YandereDev’s email address anyway? I want to email him fanart, but I can’t seem to find his email address anywhere on this site.

    Could someone tell me? Maybe I’m just somehow overlooking it, but I really want to know.
    Thanks in advance.

  24. Hi, I have a serious issue with the download that you should be aware of. My anti-virus says that there are serious spywares and adware’s that will harm my computer, I turned off my protection and got a very serious adware that took me days to get rid of. I’m not sure if you let these people do this or if you were hacked, but my kids REALLY want this game. If you could email me the game or recommend me to a secure website that would be great. Thank you.

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