Yandere Simulator’s 8th Anniversary

Yandere Simulator’s development began on March 31st, 2014. That means that today is the 8th anniversary of Yandere Sim’s development! Whoa!

Do I have anything to say about it? Sure, a few things. If you’re interested in my thoughts on this occasion, scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous artwork by Jest!

8 Years

I already expressed most of my thoughts about Yandere Simulator’s development in this blog post from last year and this video from last year. In summary: I don’t see Yandere Simulator as a game that “isn’t finished.” I see Yandere Simulator as the type of game that gets regularly updated with new content.

Here, look, I’ll describe a video game. Try to figure out which game I’m talking about:

  1. It’s free.
  2. It’s not possible to complete the main story yet.
  3. It is regularly updated with new characters, events, and features.

What game am I describing? No, it’s not Yandere Simulator…it’s Genshin Impact, one of the most popular and successful games of the past 2 years. If you said, “The Genshin Impact developers suck! It’s been years and the game still isn’t done yet!” you’d sound like an idiot. That’s because everyone recognizes and acknowledges what type of game Genshin Impact is; it’s simply the type of game that is regularly updated with new content, not the type of game where the highest priority is releasing a finished main storyline ASAP.

In fact, since 2017, this type of game has been formally recognized as a category at the Game Awards: it’s called an “Ongoing Game.”

There are many different types of game projects in the world. Some game projects are finished, released for $60, and then abandoned. And some game projects are made available for free and then updated for many years. That’s simply the type of game that Yandere Simulator became; an “Ongoing Game.” It began existence as a Hitman clone, and then gradually transitioned into being the type of game that is regularly updated with new content. It’s also incredibly easy to explain why this change occurred:

Releasing a build of the game that contains 10 rivals – but doesn’t contain any fun eliminations to use on them – would be a stupid idea. It wouldn’t be a fun game. I didn’t want to release a game containing 10 rivals without any fun eliminations to perform. So, I decided to put all of the elimination methods into the game first, and put all of the rivals into the game last.

During this process, it became apparent that regularly updating the game with new features was resulting in a fun game that people enjoyed downloading and playing. It became evident that I was providing something of value that people appreciated and wanted more of. So, I put a lot of emphasis on regularly adding new content to the game. Putting the first rival into the game was still a priority to me, but sometimes, I simply couldn’t work on her. Why? I’ll explain:

What makes a character a “rival”? Cutscenes, events, voice acting, unique animations, etc. All of these things require help from voice actors and animators. To obtain those things, I rely on volunteer contributions. If the volunteers are busy, I sometimes have to wait weeks or even months for the assets I need. Whenever I was waiting, I added new gameplay modes and “just-for-fun features” into the game. I don’t really consider this to be a mistake, and I think it’s really dishonest to describe this as “choosing to work on unnecessary features instead of the rivals.” (It’s also dishonest to describe this as “blaming the volunteers” because that’s not what I’m doing here, either.)

Even after Yandere Simulator had firmly established itself as an “Ongoing Game,” a lot of people still only cared about one thing: the number of rivals in the game, rather than the number of fun features in the game. To appease these people, I created a gameplay mode featuring 10 rivals and a complete story with a proper beginning/middle/end: 1980s Mode. It only took 3 months, proving that I have the capacity to implement 10 rivals into the game in a timely fashion.

There is also another reason why I implemented 1980s Mode: To send a message. “Yes, I can quickly slap 10 rivals into the game if you want me to, but if they don’t have cutscenes, voice acting, and unique events, they will all feel like the same girl wearing a different wig.” I hope that 1980s Mode communicated this fact with the force of a sledgehammer. I hope you realize that, if I implemented a bunch of rivals without cutscenes/voices/events, the final game would only disappoint you. After playing 1980s Mode, I hope you understand why I’m not implementing the rivals from Amai to Megami until after I have the budget required to pay voice actors and animators for the assets I need.

I’m sure that you’ve heard this quote a million times: “A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is bad forever.” I want to say something similar:

It’s more important for a game to be fun than to be finished.

What’s the point of releasing a finished game, if the game sucks? It’s more important to make your game fun than to rush straight to the end of development just so you can say, “Look at me, I finished a game!” Making your game fun should come first; making your game finished should come last.

I’d rather play a game that is fun and unfinished than a game which is finished but not fun.

I’ve played plenty of finished games that were not fun at all. I’m sure you have, too. And I’ve also played plenty of unfinished games that were incredibly fun. Mercenary Kings, The Forest, Minecraft – I played these games when they were “Early Access” with no proper ending, and I had an absolute blast. I’d much rather play any of those games in an unfinished state than play a finished product that absolutely sucks.

Do I want to implement 10 rivals, release a finished Yandere Simulator, and move on with my life? Yes, I do. Oh, hell yes, I do. But making the game fun is a higher priority than making it complete, so the rivals will have to wait a bit longer. They will wait until after I’ve finished improving the things that suck, fixing the things that are broken, redesigning the things that can be exploited, and bringing the game up to the standards of quality of a discerning video game enthusiast living in the year 2022.

Okay…so. How do I feel about Yandere Simulator at this exact moment in time? Pretty good, actually:

  • Redemption Chapter 2 has finally been released, and has been translated into 13 different languages in less than 2 weeks, proving that Yandere Simulator still has an active global fanbase.
  • A programmer is currently assisting me in implementing a feature that I’ve wanted Yandere Simulator to have for years, which will allow you to play the game in a completely new way, potentially breathing fresh life into the game.
  • A crossover game between Yandere Simulator and another indie title is currently in development, and might get released later this year.
  • I recently collaborated with a Vtuber, and although the video hasn’t been uploaded yet, I am hoping that I can use the collab as an example to represent the ways I’d like to collaborate with other creators in the near future.
  • One of Yandere Simulator’s most skilled volunteers recently returned to the project after years of absence, and is planning to assist in the creation of new character models which will drastically improve the look-and-feel of the game.

With all of that in mind, it feels like things are looking up! I’m looking forward to improving the game in various ways over the next few weeks/months, and being able to show you everything that I’m currently working on!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

67 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator’s 8th Anniversary

  1. congrats dev u dont have to stress about the rivals and take your time people who truly likes yandere sim will understand and be patient those who doesn’t just sucks for them congrats again

  2. I’m gonna be honest, I personally found the 1980s rivals wayy more interesting than Osana. It’s probably mostly because of Raibaru and info chan but 202X mode is super boring for me, even the Amai Challenge. Even though the 1980s characters all look the same and have all the same senpai events I feel like Chigusa Busujima and Ai Doruyashi’s weeks were super memorable just for the little things like the concert and the boys following Chigusa everywhere. The only character I got genuinely frustrated with was the sporty girl because her canon elimination was a pain in the ass.

    If you’re going for a kind of game where you’re constantly updating releasing 1980s style rivals and then patching them later on to be more unique might be a way to go? idk, just random thoughts.

  3. Funny how you described Genshin impact and I failed to recognize it while playing the game.

    Question, you once said each club will have its own mini game one day.

    Are you going to make a cooking mini game for the cooking club like in Genshin Impact? It would be hilarious if there was an Ayato type character in the game who made suspicious dishes. No no, not implement a new character. Just give that trait to a pre existing character is what I meant

    • *looks at Hu Tao’s suspicious dish* hMmMm

      In all seriousness, I think that trait would have to be converted to them not being very good at cooking or forgetful/easily confused, since that entire club is designed to be very sweet and wholesome.

      -Perhaps one of them keeps trying to give Ayano tips/ingredients that aren’t always helpful, but some of them you need.
      – For instance, they try to give you, let’s say, salt when you need sugar without meaning to and you have to politely refuse them if/when you catch their slip up.
      -Or maybe they nearly set the cooking timer to be too long/too short and you have to correct their mistake.
      -Ah, but what if they turned the oven on too high? Ayano would have to catch that and then gently tell them off(or maybe there will be an option to tell them off nicely, neutrally, or harshly, and it affects your performance for that mini-game).

  4. I am happy things are looking up for you. I love this game and the friends I have made playing it. It’s such a fun game.

    I was also thinking, maybe, Ayano could try to also learn what Taro finds attractive in a girl? Kinda like Ryoba tried to seem perfect for Jokichi. She would’ve been successful if the Journalist hadn’t ruined it for her but Ayano doesn’t have that problem.

    So I was wondering if that would be something available in the future?? I understand completely if it’s not. It’s your game. Anyway happy 8th anniversary everyone!!

    • I agree with the “it’s better to play a game unfinished but fun” That’s totally true and that is what Yandere Simulator is. A fun and cool game.

  5. Happy Anniversary Yandere Simulator, for years your my favourite game.
    And Yandere Dev, Please sometimes have some rest.
    You don’t need to rush.

  6. Feliz Cumpleaños, Yandere Simulator.
    Now that you’ve blown your eight candles on your Yandere Simulator cake. Let’s get down to business. This was a very detailed and self-explanatory post. During the first few years of indie game development, you had a deadline, a goal to reach the game’s completion within a certain year. Over time, the game has become bigger with multiple features that fans can enjoy as they wait. There are many video games in existence that have had a long development time and reasons why they were delayed.
    What people don’t understand is that indie games can suffer and so can triple AAA games. Building a game that meets your expectations can be tedious and require a lot of work, for games such as Breath of the Wild, which is a big open world; it’s practically impossible to detect and fix all glitches and bugs. So they focused on priorities. Releasing dates costs money and possibly negative feedback, so it’s best to think of this with a different outlook.
    I’ve played the beta and full release of The Forest and while there were multiple issues at first, they’ve continued at their own pace and released a cool video game. The same can be said for Cyberpunk and they’re doing pretty well now. Some developers are bigger, with a larger team. They can push out more content in their production cycle. Some developers take years to finish their games and some take even less. That’s not the point, though.
    The point is that we “The gamer” do not get to dictate what a good timeframe for a game’s release should be, nor complain, because, unlike those AAA games, you’ve been pushing out free content, polishing the game’s mechanics, fixing bugs, communicating with fans since 2014. There have been setbacks, and I’m sure there are times when you wanted to throw in the towel and call it a day. You have accomplished so much and you SHOULD be proud of yourself. You have over 10 million people downloading YOUR game. People from different backgrounds, etc. You’re doing collaborations with others; you get to view people drawing fanart and cosplay your characters; people are inspired by your writing capabilities and make theories based on your lore. How awesome is that?
    You keep on doing you because you’re that incredible and it’s been a pleasure to be with a wonderful community and know a dedicated developer who doesn’t give up no matter what. Someone who I consider a friend and very goal-oriented, so HELL YA, Blow those candles and beat to the sound of your own drum.

  7. Looking back there were sooo many times where the game managed to capture my interest with it’s new feature and got me playing for hours.I’m talking new eliminations, mission mode, delinquents, Osana, amai challenge, 80s mode.
    Very few games gave me this experience. Being a constant source of entertainment for years cause the game is always improving, always bringing something new.

    Thank Yandere dev.

    (Just a side note, you typed redemption chapter 2 was released instead of retribution.)

  8. Wow… Han pasado tantos años y aún así, miro “Yandere Simulator” con los mismos ojos. Con tanto amor y admiración. Lo que hace Yandere Dev en el juego me encanta. Espero que siga para largo. ❤

  9. By: “A crossover game between Yandere Simulator and another indie title is currently in development, and might get released later this year.” Do you mean Monsters & Mortals Dark Deception or yet a completely different game that didn’t announce the crossover?

  10. wow! 8 years! happy anniversary to an amazing game with an incredibly fun concept and a hardworking dev! I do have one question regarding the game though! in the Basu sisters first conversation, Sakyu mentions that the Headmaster permitted the Occult club as a part of the effort to “save face” after the events of 1980s mode caused the student population to drop. in that case, it wouldn’t really make sense for the Occult club to exist in 1980s mode, right? I saw this really cool video with an idea of what club to replace them with! https://youtu.be/eCUI346_Y2w (all credit to ReubenThePig080 btw). I think the concept is really cool! of course, it could be tweaked a bit as you see fit, but I think it would be a more logical club for the 1980s. anyways, thanks for all your hard work YanDev!

    • The headmaster permitted the Occult Club to exist at two points in the school’s history:

      1988~1989 when he was trying to be a “cool” Headmaster who gives his students a lot of freedom

      202X when he is desperately trying to restore the school’s reputation to be recognized as place where people have freedom

  11. Vraiment pour moi c’est un de mes premier jeux
    Sur ordi et pour moi je trouve que même pendant 2 ans que je n’ais plus vues le développement et donc que j’ai repris du recul et je ne savais plus rien DU TOUT! Et vous avez réussi à que se soit toujours aussi amusant et rigolo.
    Alors merci beaucoup 🥰

  12. Happy Anniversary! Thank you so much for the game, Yandere Dev. You really managed to create a game that doesn’t get boring. I’ve been playing Yandere Simulator since 2015, and still haven’t lost interest. I am sure that an even greater future awaits the game!

  13. Hey Yanderedev! Congratulations!!! …Yandere Simulator is a game that I have treasured since I have been following its development since I was eight years old… And I wanted to tell you that I have a lot of ideas for the game…I know you are busy with game stuff but these are ideas that would give a little more difficulty or diversity to the game..!!! I hope I’m not bothering, thanks for giving us the best game in the world!!!!

  14. Happy Anniversary, l agree completely, a fun game is much better than a finished game, and Yansim is a fun game! Looking forward to another year of yansim 🎉

  15. Technically you really only started 2 years later when you finally got your Patreon situation settled but still, 6 years of memories. What can I say but thank you Yandere Dev. Even if you’ll never meet most of us know that whether today or in the future Yandere Sim is finished you’ve helped us more than you realize

  16. The terrifying thing of life and death no I will just pass all I need is my PC to buy yandry simulator end happy 8h Anniversary I hope you have a great day💓💗💖💘💝❤️‍🔥❣️💕💞💜🖤🤍🤎❤️🧡🧡💛💚💙

  17. I’ll say that the only flaw I see in the game currently is one of the tasks from the Martial Arts club. To be exact, Juku Ren. There’s some minor flaws such as the ability to give him the dumbbell. Whilst yes you transport it in a bucket to keep it discreet. The flaw is how you give him such. Many seem to not know how to do so, and I think that should be included in the description of the task.

  18. Happy anniversary dev! Love to see the game grow and super excited for everything planned!
    I am really interested though in which modeler is going to work on the game again. The first one that came to mind is druelbozo, I remember he made tons of important models like the occult clubs hair, and I also think all the rivals original hairs! Ofc if it’s not him I’m still super excited to see some volunteers return!

  19. i hope there will be a spectial end when we ‘befriend and matchmake’ our rival. maybe let osana hold her cat and chat with her suitor on the main menu?

  20. I think some people would Argue that Genshin Impact is a totally different game because it has a development roadmap and has only been out for a couple of years whereas Yandere sim has been out for 8 and sometimes deadlines aren’t certain.
    But, Hoyoverse, the company that made Genshin, has an entire team of people who are skilled in various areas and so it’s easier for them to have an ongoing game that knows when it will be finished, and you’re just one guy.
    Honestly, I’m kind of glad the game isn’t finished yet.
    Been following update progress since late 2019 and always thought it was really cool how one dude made a game, even if it was unfinished, that had functionality and an appealing story.
    You’re right about the quality of the game being better than how fast it gets finished because rushed games turn out to be crap.
    Even if you’re still working on the game by Yandere Sim’s 16th Anniversary, I’ll be happy because it means you’ve put a lot of effort into how the game is going to look and feel.
    I’d offer to help, but I unfortunately don’t really have any skills that would be useful. 😅
    Anyway, Good luck on the game YanDev and no rush.
    Take a break if you need one and just sit back and appreciate your work. ;D

  21. For players who have gameplay in the first place, disadvantages in the form of a lack of voice acting and unique cutscenes are not so obvious. That’s probably why some people didn’t understand why 10 rivals weren’t added to the game for so long. Whatever it was, you chose the right strategy, the final goal of the game should not be achievable until it is finished. As the main plot in an openworld game, which is needed more as a reason to stay in the game than the goal itself. Happy 8th anniversary, YandereDev!

  22. an idiot compares his game and genshin, in which the content is for OVER999 hours, while yansim is for a couple of hours. Are you not funny yourself? in genshin new content is a bunch of events, character, quests… and you? fucking cooler and battery? you’re garbage people, admit it … you can’t even add amai and kizana! What did you release for 8 years of the game? NOTHING! fucking troll version of the game for April 1st. Shut your mouth and don’t show off comparing a game like genshin and yansim. They did more in 2 years than you did in 8. give me ban like you can,baby yandev

    • Wow Oliver Afton.. seriously bruh?? Ur such a crybaby loser who’s hiding in Afton names… Sweetie,before you bash Yanderedev’s programming ability,try making an indie game for yourself.. or perhaps.. try to learn “Ethics and Right conduct” because you clearly lack some..

      If you want Rival,then why not making your own?? You clearly compare Genshin made by company to Yanderedev?? Ur life must be horrible.. but no question asked for.. At least,both of them deliver great things.. the only one who need to shut up here is the troll like you.

    • I mean yeah Hoyoverse is an entire team of people lol.
      Game developing is hard work.
      I spent a few hours fooling around with the Ren’Py Engine (Which is for Visual Novel Making) and didn’t come close to anything that was worthy of a title
      Obviously the argument that visual novels are different from videogames stands here, but that’s kinda my point. A visual novel is no more difficult than a point and click adventure and if you couldn’t get one of those finished 100% in 8 years (By yourself) then who are you to criticize YanDev?
      He’s only one guy so it’s going to take longer, especially since he relies on people who volunteer to help him with the game because he’s not at the stage where he could make money off it and pay professionals.
      By the way, he released a prototype of 1980s mode with 10 rivals (Despite the lack of features that make them unique) and even managed to implement at least one into the main storyline. He could put in 10 rivals right now if he wanted to but they would all feel the same.
      He’s been slowly making progress.
      No need to be impatient.
      You can always play Genshin while you’re waiting 🙂

  23. you can’t compare two years in development with many, MANY story elements already implemented, better graphics, bigger world, and full voice acting to EIGHT years and has not even added the second rival of 10. Its fine to take your time and do things right, but dont compare two different things as your excuse. I can make the same exact format as you to argue against it by saying “scott cawthon”

  24. This is what those haters need to read like several damn times to get it through their thick and stubborn skulls

  25. To be honest, I’m not embarrassed by the absence of 9 rivals, but the following: 1) In the game, almost all students have the same task. Almost everyone has absolutely the same reaction to corpses, blood, murder, pouring water on them, notes in lockers, suspicious actions, body parts. 2) There are no working saves in the game, joining the student council, a normal declaration of a rival in love with a fan. 3) I also wanted you to add such a mechanic that if an opponent sees a player in blood, with a weapon, taking pictures of his underpants, etc., then she will tell Senpai about it if she is not eliminated. The game as a whole is very cool, I wish her success in the future.

    • Hm, fair enough.

      I’ve been hesitant to give characters Tasks, because I felt obligated to make sure that they all had voice acting. However, I recently added 4 new Tasks to the game, and all lack voice acting. So, I might add many more Tasks to the game in the near future.

      I could discuss the other points, as well, but it comes down to the same answer: “Yeah, that’s a fair point, I agree with you, but I don’t have the resources to create new animations/voice acting right now.”

  26. Happy Anniversary! Yandere dev, I wanted to say that it will be difficult for a beginner to eliminate the first rival as Ryoba wants.

    • I’m talking about the 1980 Mode, by the way, change the training in this mode so that a beginner would be taught in it: 1) Distract students with chuckles and radio 2) Wash uniforms 3) Wash blood off weapons 4) Throw a corpse off the roof.

      • Dude, the player must be taught how to wash bloody linen by a hairdresser in the city. And throwing a corpse off the roof, well, it’s not so important to teach this to the player in the first place.

      • Kaguya can discuss interactions with Senpai with the Rainbow Six, hinting to the eavesdropping player on how to sabotage them.

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