Yandere Simulator’s 7-year Anniversary

…whoa! As of today, it’s been 7 years since I started developing Yandere Simulator! To be honest, I have very mixed feelings about that. I’ll elaborate below, but first, I want to share an incredible video with you:

For years now, ReubenThePig80 has been making truly extraordinary Yandere Simulator videos, and this year, he knocked it out of the park yet again! To commemorate the game’s anniversary, he used Pose Mode to arrange over 100 Yandere Simulator characters for an epic group photo! The sheer amount of time, effort, and patience required to pose all of those characters is absolutely superhuman! It warms my heart immensely to know that there are people out there who enjoy Yandere Simulator enough to spend their time building such impressive creations!

Actually, the existence of this video kinda supports a point that I’d like to make about the game. Click “Continue Reading” if you’re curious to hear this year’s anniversary thoughts.

After 7 years, it can be difficult to find something to say that I haven’t already said on a previous occasion. I’ve already shared a list of my most favorite fan-made Yandere Sim creations. I’ve already expressed how working on one project for a long period of time to can lead to a feeling of being “imprisoned” by the project. I’ve already explained why putting so much emphasis on Osana in my videos from 2016 to 2017 was a huge mistake. I’ve already discussed the factors that have been slowing down the game’s development. I’ve already summarized the events of 2020. So, on this day, the 7th anniversary of the game’s development, what else is there to say?

Well, actually, I have so much to say that I plan to make a whole video about it. I don’t want to type out all of my thoughts in this blog post, because then you’d have to hear me repeat myself verbatim in my upcoming video – but I’ll explain the main point that I’m going to be making in the video.

Yandere Simulator is not a traditional game project. It’s more of a “platform” than a “game.”

Take another look at that video up above. What does the existence of that video represent? It represents the fact that someone used Yandere Simulator as a tool to build something creative. Instead of looking at Yandere Simulator and judging it by the number of rivals that are not implemented yet, someone looked at the features that do exist in the game, and had fun with those features. Instead of looking at Yandere Simulator and seeing “a project that is not finished yet”, someone looked at Yandere Simulator and saw something that they could have fun with, regardless of how complete or incomplete it may be.

That is the audience that I have dedicated myself to serving. People who are already having fun with Yandere Simulator, but could have even more fun if I simply added certain types of features/modes to the game.

In a traditional game project, the developer sets a goal and moves towards that goal until he reaches the finish line and completes the project. I definitely started this project with that mindset, but over time, my priorities shifted. Instead of moving towards a singular goal, I periodically looked at what the userbase was doing for fun (creating mods to pose the characters, killing students in alphabetical order, etc.), turned those activities into official features (Pose Mode, Alphabet Killer Challenge, etc.) and regularly added new content into the game based on whatever people seemed to enjoy the most (easter eggs, minigames, lore, etc).

Instead of setting a specific goal and moving toward it, I have been constantly broadening the number of experiences that the player can have with the game. In other words, I have been focusing on turning Yandere Simulator into a “platform” that offers a wide variety of fun activities. A platform for people to be creative with Pose Mode. A platform for people to make cool mods. A platform for people to attempt challenges. A platform for speedrunners to compete for the best time. A platform for YouTubers to make funny videos. A platform for myself, to pay homage to my favorite games with easter eggs.

There was not a specific moment in time when I decided, “Screw the rivals, I’d rather focus on literally every other aspect of the game!” Rather, it’s something that happened gradually, over time. My priorities slowly shifted over the years, away from “I will set a goal and complete it” to “I will look at what is making players happy/frustrated, and I will put new content into the game to facilitate fun experiences and remove flaws.”

So, why did my priorities shift like that? I suppose the answer would be that, in life, I always gravitate towards whatever activity feels the most meaningful to me. And, over time, “give the player all kinds of fun activities and cool experiences” became much more meaningful than “put 10 girls into the game.”

Back to that video at the top of the blog post. The fact that someone posed 100 characters means something; it means that they have a personal attachment to the characters, it means that they have fun using the pose mechanic in creative ways, and it means that they care enough about the game to create a tribute to it. Watching this video makes me feel that I’ve put something meaningful into the world. Giving players the ability to have this type of experience feels far more meaningful than, for example, putting Osana into the game.

So, what’s the bottom line here? What’s the point, what’s the takeaway? If I had to summarize it, I would put it like this: Over time, Yandere Simulator gradually developed into something far different than what I initially promised to make. Arguably, it developed into something far better than what I initially promised. Instead of being disappointed about what has not been added to the game yet, you could instead be enjoying the overwhelming mountain of content that is in the game.

If you look at Yandere Simulator and perceive it exclusively as a game where an anime girl stabs other anime girls in a school, you’re not seeing the big picture. That would be like playing Minecraft to fight monsters, and ignoring every other feature or experience that the game offers. Most people who enjoy Minecraft are not playing it for the monsters; they are building creative things, trying out mods, performing challenges, doing speedruns, theorizing about the lore, making funny videos, etc. – and that’s exactly what fans of Yandere Sim do! (Plot twist: at this point in time, it’s more accurate to compare Yandere Simulator to Minecraft, rather than Hitman!)

If I had focused on putting 10 rivals into the game ASAP, then, yeah, Yandere Sim would have 10 rivals by now, but it would be a shallow game. Instead of digging a shallow grave and kicking 10 girls inside, I chose to spend 7 years digging a massive crater and filling it with an overwhelming number of features, characters, cut-scenes, minigames, gameplay modes, bonus content, and hidden secrets. The Yandere Sim that exists today is a better game than the one you would have gotten if I had simply crammed 10 rivals in.

…there is a problem, though, and the problem is 100% my fault.

For 7 years straight, across dozens of videos, I have been depicting Yandere Simulator as a “traditional” game project – a “set a goal and move towards it” type of project, rather than what it actually is: a platform for having a wide variety of fun experiences that periodically receives additional features and gameplay modes. And at absolutely every opportunity, I portrayed myself as a developer who is working single-mindedly towards a specific goal, instead of what I actually am: a developer who enjoys making people smile by broadening the number of fun experiences that the game offers.

The primary reason for this is that my priorities shifted so slowly, so gradually, over such a long period of time, that I didn’t even realize where my priorities actually were, until earlier this year. If you go back and watch my videos from 2014 to 2016, you’ll see a game developer who really does just move from milestone to milestone, making steady progress down a checklist of goals. From 2017 to 2021, my priorities clearly shifted, but my statements always remained the same: “I’m working toward my next goal, and I’ll have progress to show you soon!” My words were inconsistent with my actions, and for that, I am the only person to blame.

Instead of saying “I will make a game about killing 10 girls!” and then developing a game about killing 10 girls, I said “I will make a game about killing 10 girls!” and then developed a game with only 1 rival girl…who is accompanied by a mountain of bonus content. The end result is that I made a game that a lot of people really enjoy playing for various reasons, but I also opened myself up to being attacked for not doing what I initially said I was going to do.

Most indie games don’t take 7 years to complete. That’s because most indie games are small, short, and simple, and Yandere Simulator is the opposite of those things. However, because my words were not consistent with my actions, and because my priorities gradually shifted away from my original goals, it became very easy for people to craft a narrative that I was “deliberately” stretching out the development of the game. This false narrative – among others – caused me to receive a massive amount of harassment and abuse, and caused support for Yandere Simulator to drop significantly, which has jeopardized the future of the project.

Imagine an alternate timeline where, in 2015, I had announced, “Hey, guys. For the next few years, I’m just going to focus on making a silly sandbox game where you can goof around as an anime girl. I’ll eventually put some story stuff into the game later on towards the end of development, but that’s not going to be my main priority for a while. Don’t support the Patreon if you’re not okay with that.” If I had simply done that, then perhaps 90% of the problems I’ve dealt with over the past 7 years would never have happened. I severely regret not coming to this realization sooner.

So, what does all this mean? Am I saying, “I don’t care about putting rivals into the game! I’m just going to expand the number of features in the game indefinitely! Yandere Simulator is not the type of project that ends, it’s the type of project that continues to get periodic updates forever, like Minecraft!”

No, definitely not.

Let me remind you of what I said near the beginning of this blog post: working on one project for a long period of time to can lead to a feeling of being “imprisoned” by the project. 7 years is way longer than I ever expected to work on Yandere Simulator, and I would really, really love to work on other projects. However, there is a very obvious reason why that’s not an option: backlash.

If I took a break from Yandere Simulator for any reason, people would say “He abandoned the project!”, treat me even worse than they already do, and withdraw even more support than they’ve already withdrawn. So, I have no choice but to keep working on Yandere Simulator until it’s finished. Only then can I have my freedom back, and be able to work on anything I want. Also, the longer it takes to finish the project, the more harassment and abuse I will receive. So, I am the one human on earth who is most incentivized to hurry up and finish this project as soon as possible. Every aspect of my life only gets worse the longer that the game is in development. (This is why the “deliberately stretching out the game’s development” narrative has always been extremely stupid.)

I feel like Yandere Simulator is enough of a “platform” already. I would like to exit the game’s “periodically add new content to make it a better platform for fun experiences” stage of development, and enter the game’s “focus exclusively on the rivals and finish the game” stage of development. However, there is one huge obstacle: In order to put the remaining rivals in the game, I need animations and voiced lines. To pay animators and voice actors, I’ll need a huge amount of money. To get that money, I’ll need a successful crowdfunding campaign. And the campaign can’t succeed if everyone has been tricked into believing that I am “deliberately stretching out the game’s development” and other stuff like that. I don’t really want to spend my time making videos to debunk false narratives and disprove untrue accusations, but if the game can’t get the support it needs as long as a storm of propaganda is swirling around the game, then I don’t really have a choice in the matter.

The alternative is to pretend the false narratives don’t even exist, and focus exclusively on releasing really cool content that will re-ignite hype for the game and restore peoples’ faith in the game’s development. You might be wondering “What type of content could possibly do that?” Well, I’d love to tell you, but I’d like to keep it a secret for now, so that it can be a big surprise when it’s finally revealed. The good news is that most of the work is already done, and it’s shaping up very, very nicely. I want to keep all the details under wraps for now, but I’ll say one thing: For some people, it will satisfy the criteria of making Yandere Simulator a “finished game.”

I’d like to end this on a positive note, so I’ll leave you with a video that, like the one at the top of this blog post, represents the fact that Yandere Simulator inspires many people to be creative and to make beautiful things.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

61 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator’s 7-year Anniversary

  1. Congrats Yandev, I’ve been here since 2016. I’ve gone through high school and college with this game. I’m so sorry you feel imprisoned by this, you really have made something cool, something that has made a huge chunk of my life so far better. I’ll be here until the end, as will a lot of others, I’m sure. Just know that, whatever other people think of you, you’ve made something here that I’ve had fun with for years. Can’t wait to see what’s next for the game and for your career. 🙂

  2. Keep up the great work, Yandere Dev! I would wait 7 years for a completely functional, non-buggy build with rivals that are programmed correctly! Good job! ❤

  3. I been here for 4 years i think 2018 2019 2020 2021 really 3 years if im not wrong not that long tho i think

  4. hi yanderedev! what are the complicated parts of the game? no offense, but i can even make the reactions and student manipulation in scratch xD

    • Don’t know your background, but there’s a lot more to making a game than just some of the superficial aspects of modeling and animating. Even the student manipulation is simply *one* part of the gameplay loop. That’s why even most small to medium size development companies either have to farm out work to other firms or hire a dozen or more people to make them work. Maybe you could make it in a scratch, but as Yandere Dev is mainly a one man show, I’ve gotta say I’m impressed and I don’t say that often. I’m also qualified to say that as I have a BS in Computer Science and Engineering (6-3) from MIT and an MS from Johns Hopkins in Computer Science Engineering (Software Engineering track). I’ve worked for Nvidia as an AI researcher, Bethesda as a junior software engineer and IBM as an AI software developer.

  5. Hope you’re doing great right now, life can get hard sometimes and even when you feel imprisoned to do these things. People don’t deserve you as much as you deserve yourself. Hope you’ll succeed and feel happy that finished an amazing game, also if you’re making any other games I’d love to see them in the future. 😊 Oh! And before I forget asking, its kinda a small little thing you could do for the game you don’t have to do it its mainly up to you. Wouldn’t matter if I didn’t see it in the game anyways my idea for making the game difficult to eliminate rivals and other people, would be that every student should at least have to go to the bathroom making the game hard for the person to kill them in a bathroom. It would be a small mechanic and it would help the bathrooms be a small problem, because whoever is in the bathroom doing whatever is a witness to a crime you committed. Just a random thought and idea I still hope you’re doing great and ATLEAST boosting your Happiness I wouldn’t want to see my favorite person in a bad mood.

  6. I have been here since Ayano had blue hair and remember fondly the days where the intro cutscene had her running to school with bread in her mouth.

    But hey! Suggestion, purely based off of things I have seen, maybe just a little bit of a student saying things aloud (text), about different club functions. Like sometimes people don’t know to go pickpocket the nurse or the Gardening Club Leader. They always just ignore the Info-chan pop up. So maybe you could walk by a certain couple of people and they briefly mention it.

    Or when you briefly pass by the teacher’s lounge you can “hear” (see text) about how an incident Musume stealing pills led the current Nurse to always keeping the medicine cabinet key on her at all times.

    Or how the school is bright and cheerful now, what about making certain symbols (the socializing subjects) appear above their heads? Green if it’s positive and red if it’s negative. That way if you are able to effectively “eavesdrop” on conversation that is beneficial to you.

    But I understand how hard you work, so I will just continue cheering you on! Congrats on 7 years!! 🥳🎈🎉🎊

  7. Happy Birthday to this wonderful game!

    I rarely speak but this blogpost sums up exactly my philosophy for the game. I started to follow it thanks to a YouTuber who loved the game to a point I rarely see others reach, which really got me into it. I never cared about how long you took to complete whatever feature you’ve worked on because of the fun I was having with the game. As you mentioned though, as time went by a lot of YouTubers (and people more generally) withdrew from the project which made following its development less fun not to mention all of the drama that went with it. It’s actually really shocking to went from having such an amazing time with the game to dealing with people shitposting on it on a daily basis. Even I, a simple fan, got a bit heartbroken from this situation so I cannot imagine how it must be for you. The fact you’re still working on it despite everything else is outstanding, any sane person should be able to at least aknowledge this.

    By the way, I also planned on doing a pose mode similar to Reuben’s but got really late in the textures, I will probably post it on Reddit in the next few days though.

    Anyway, this game means so much to me that I can’t possibly go over everything in details, thus I always find the fact you’re the one to thank us a little bit unfair. So at least for today, let me thank *you* for creating such an amazing “platform” which has really brought me incredible memories among a lot of other things, too. On that note, have a nice anniversary day and take care of yourself!

  8. Honestly. I feel like the game has so much more to offer now. I love all the things you added like dryer, sewer, garbage bags and pool sign to name a few so there are more options. Continuing to just add rivals with not as exciting concepts would not have been optimal. I’m so excited to keep playing. 😊

  9. Congratulations Yandere-dev. I know yandere simulator since 2015 and I couldn’t play it until 3 weeks ago. During these 6 years I have followed the development of yandere sim and I only want to tank you for the fun and joy that I have been able to have with something that my classmates call “an incomplete game”. I always have fun with it, and yes, I know that Yandere sim is technically incomplete but a very small number of things are what I enjoy at the same level that I enjoy watching something about yandere sim or playing yandere sim. I can understand that these 7 years weren’t full of good things, bad and even cruel things happened, other things were frustrating and etc. I think that I’m not the only one who understands that you want to finish this project and start another. But at the same time, I know that there were things that you have enjoyed as much as we. I don’t have anything more to say just, Thank you Yandere-dev! Thank you for create Yandere Simulator and for the fun that all of us have felt and shared!

    Postscript: I hope I have not made a mistake writing the truth is my English is not very good.

  10. I played the game since 2015, and I like how these videos look! But even if you drop 10 rivals instantly, people will hate it. And now, even when you are adding cool new stuff, people will still create false narratives. Just don’t care what people say, and continue working on this neat game!

  11. Wow! 7 yrs! I’ve been here since the start and this is mindblowing! I feel pathos for you yandere dev 😦 just keep on working and making the game the way you like it!

  12. I prefer the alternative option, re-ignite the hype instead of continuing to touch the subject; forget about it, and prove them all wrong by making significant developments into the game. Most fans that are supporting you are just for the game, not for the drama. The feedbacks lately have been very positive and supportive, so don’t be pessimistic about the crowd-funding campaign.

  13. Happy 7th Year Anniversary to Yandere Simulator!

    Thank you, Dev, for everything you’ve done for us!

  14. 7 years, it’s incredible! YanSim is the only game that I’ve been following for years that hasn’t just been “released”, that we finished and then forgot. It’s a bit of an immortal game. Since it’s not finished it’s like a giant sandbox where you can do whatever you want. And that’s totally what attracted me to the game as well, I don’t like games where my hand is forced, I like games where I feel free and creative. In addition, to follow the updates, to see it evolve as we evolve too, without ever letting it stop, without ever losing the pleasure of seeing the game grow, it’s incredible. I can’t wait to see what will follow, and know that I will be there until the end. Thanks for making this game, YanDev !

  15. Don’t worry, you’re not the first one to develop a game and it took longer than expected, Square Enix went through the same thing with Kingdom Hearts III. Not including the spin-off games made to fill the gaps of the big complex story of the series, the time gap between Kingdom Hearts II which originally came out on the PS2 and Kingdom Hearts III which that originally came out on the PS4 and Xbox One, literately one console generation apart is 13 years. Yeah, people had to wait THAT long to get the third instalment and Kingdom Hearts III even got delayed a few times, originally meant to come out in towards the end of 2018, got delayed to the beginning of 2019. The game even went through a few obstacles along the way like the game once used a different engine, and then they switched to using Unreal Engine 4, the company getting a deal with Pixar to include their beloved films into this third game since they did state that the third game needed to feature Pixar films because otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to have a third game (Thankfully, Pixar kindly sent Square Enix the models they’ve used for their films to be used in the game), people complained about certain graphic details which they fixed up for the final game, certain things got cut along the way and a lot more and to fans, it felt like it was taking forever for the game to be finished. So, don’t feel bad about making the people wait a long time for Yandere Simulator to be finished since Square Enix went through that same struggle with Kingdom Hearts III and kept the fans waiting too and I’m sure other companies and developers went through this as well.

  16. Happy 7th Year Anniversary to Yandere Simulator!

    Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this game, I hope you can get it finished it soon!

  17. I’ve most likely been in High School when this thing first started development, even now as an adult working full time, it still feels like not much time has passed since then.
    Still, these people complaining are most likely children that don’t know what goes into making a full game from the ground up. They’re like my uncle who can’t wait one extra minute for anything, yet would complain that I didn’t take any time to clean up while getting him something, but that’s just me venting.

  18. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎊🥳🎊🎈🎈🥳🥳🎉🎈🎊🎈🎉🎈🎈🎈🎉🥳

  19. Look man, im not saying this as a hater so listen up. I think if working on this feels like you are “imprisoned”, just quit. As you already said, there’s people who already enjoy the game as it is, so just close it up as a “one week rival” game, and move on. You could even just give it the two modes, the story mode with Osana, and the sandbox mode with no rival, and that’s it. You can even make Osana extra harder just to make up for that. Tbh its better if you just let it go than keep going indefinitley and keep harming your psyche and receiving harrassment, i believe the fans you still have will understand.

  20. I insist that you should not be the one who should be deffending you against the lies people are saying about you, but people in your community. The truth is out there and the proofs are easy to get, I’m pretty sure your community has some people with some kind of influence, if they only put some effort on defending you, that’ll help.
    It’s not a war if it is a army vs a single man…

  21. If you really have to make a video defending yourself, you have to do it in a way that makes the viewer extremely guilty.

    Once in my Public Speaking class, a girl had a speech about helping dogs in slaughterhouses. She showed 4 pictures of hurt dogs. Then she said
    ‘The dogs that you’re looking at are most likely dead’. You could hear an atom drop I’m not even joking.

    Tell your viewers, You did not do anything wrong. Tell them that even if they dont believe you’re innocent, make them know what they’re doing. Make them know that you’re being hurt.
    Say things that make them guilty.
    Even if they don’t like you, make them aware of what theyre doing. They’re harrassing an innocent man. For what reason?? Ask them. Why even partake in gossip and harrassment? Don’t you know you’re directly affecting the person? You’re saying things that aren’t true, which are destroying this person’s life. This person did nothing wrong, but people think he did. Imagine if you were recieving so much hate that this person recieves. How would you feel? Instead of making this person feel worthless, make them feel appreciated. Think about how you’re acting. You’re supporting the harrasment of this man until his death? Why are you harrassing him if you know he’s so upset about it. Why are you harrassing this innocent man when he’s done nothing wrong? Why are you believing false accusations, and not care about what the true background is? Why do you feel the need to do this. Why are you being so cruel.

    I could go on and on, but this situation fuels me up with immense rage. I hate all those people so much words cna’t describe it. I dont know the words to describe the rage I feel towards these low lives who think they can harrass an innocent person to death. Look at what they did. How could they do this. I need to calm down.

    • Then they’ll just accuse him of “manipulation” when they’re just enraged that someone called them out for being vile. You literally can’t win with these folks.

  22. Cheers to all the 7 hard & awesome years of work that you put into of yandere simulator! 🎉 thank you for all your hard work over the years! 💪😎

  23. Happy 7th anniversary for the Yandere Simulator game. However, I have been following you since mid-January 2018 when I was 18 and I realized at that moment that this game has hidden potential in the Yandere Simulator game. Don’t worry Yandere Dev I will follow you until the end of this game. I trust you. All Yandere Simulator players trust you too. One thing I have to tell you I really like Anime games. My like much Yandere Simulator

  24. Hey YandereDev, happy 7th anniversary! This game.. I can’t really give much words for it, it’s amazing. I’ve followed your progress over the years and the way the game has transformed into such a story-filled and heartfelt game really surprised me. At first I thought of it as a simple “mess-around-and-kill-people” sandbox type game many many years ago, but as the game has slowly updated it’s really become a deep story and a memorable adventure of it’s own. I’m really proud of the progress that you’ve made on this game and I really get annoyed when all people do is complain about a game to the developer and never appreciate it. They didn’t listen when their mom told them, “If you ain’t got nothing good to say, don’t say it.” Advice on a game should be straightforward, polite, and respectful, rather than just saying “gIVe Us MoRE sTuFf!!1!”. Also, I really like these developer updates and blogs. They’re very nice to read and provide great info about your own health and the progress of the game. Anyway, if you’re reading this, hopefully you are feeling well and you have a great day, and a great journey on the refinement of your beautiful creation 😉

  25. Happy seventh anniversary of yandere simulator, I have been following you and your game for a long time and I really like this game, now this game is my favorite and I love it so much😍

  26. Even though I like the free “sandboxy feeling” of yansim. I’ve always imagined it like a romantic game where the story matters. The bonus stuf is good, but I think should be made after the main mechanics and story completion.

    • Probably because when it comes to merchandise based on a small independent game relying on nothing but small individuals and volunteers and not from a big company able to get help from big manufactures, even their more requested merchandise can’t be made as many as the plushies based on popular franchises run by big names. It’s just how things is.

  27. 7 years well spent if you ask me. If anything it will be a bittersweet day when I stop checking this blog since I’ve enjoyed the journey. Well, whenever it ends know that you have left something meaningful. Both to me and to us who are still here. Heck you’ve even turned a unity store asset into an icon! A symbol! Most people never get the chace and among the few who do fewer still achieve it and you have! That’s an achievement by any stretch of the imagination. What you made for us will stay for the rest of our lives so on that feature you’ve fully delivered and with no bugs too!

    Hapy anniversary Yanderesim, Yandere Dev, and Yandere-chan. Keep up th good work and please continue to keep Yandere-chan from stabbing us

  28. “”Instead of being disappointed about what has not been added to the game yet, you could instead be enjoying the overwhelming mountain of content that is in the game.””
    This, this is what I keep saying! I remember when I first learned of this game, there was a small group of boys, a small group of girls, senpai by a tree, and Raiburu opposite. The school was empty and no-one really moved except for ‘class.’ So so SO much progress has been made since that day. Yeah I was always excited for Osana, but there was so much content in the game that kept me occupied while I was waiting!

  29. yandere dev i recommend you visit the hospital we really care about your health doesnt matter your game to your health bro

  30. Congratulations! Don’t worry about the time of developement, I’m really happy whenever I see a new progress report! I really LOVE these new updates, when I was playing the new update yesterday I nearly exploded!
    (Btw I sent you a bug report to email, pleasepleaseplease take a look :3 )

  31. Happy birthday number seven to Yandere Simulator
    I have played it since it came out, since it was small… I am excited about every update and am always attentive. Very recently I dared to comment on these blogs.
    My dream is to give voice to a character in Yandere Simulator or become the best player in this game, so I will still be anxious waiting for the game to be finished to know how to contribute!

  32. Hey Best wishes although one day late, when I read your comment for your seventh year, I got excited although I’m not sure that’s the right statement, I’m an Italian girl who doesn’t know much about the world of yandere Simulator but since I started seeing those videos on YouTube… But I don’t know what I saw. It’s really sad to know that someone has anything to say about this game… Wonderful experience, you too are human with feelings, Humans very often make mistakes, but you can’t blame yourself. You didn’t implement the characters, ok it’s not a problem we’ll wait because YOU’re trying to put something more, because it’s something I always say creating games is not easy, especially one like that… spectacular. You quiet, I really admire your strength because seven years is not a few… I hope you can be happy because this game doesn’t have to be a burden to you,.. I love you, more Good Wishes🥺💕

    (forgive my bad English, I could have written more but I prefer not to make bad figures 😅) Don’t give up💖

  33. Congrats on 7 years! As Shigeru Miyamoto once said, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” I hope this helps! Love your work.

  34. Happy seventh anniversary of yandere simulator, Yandere Dev, I have a guess as to what the new feature could be, in my opinion a new method of elimination (drive ti Murder). I hope you guessed it.

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