March 30th Bug-Fixing Build

Oops! I recently learned that there were a couple of pretty serious bugs in the game, so I decided to release another bug-fixing build ASAP. Here it is!

For a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this super-cute artwork by Seafoam Ace!

Fixes and Changes

  • The Science Club’s blood-cleaning robot can now be picked up and carried even after it has been activated, so that you can easily transport it to the location of your next murder instead of just waiting for it to arrive after blood has been spilled.
  • Fixed bug that made Osana stand up when she was supposed to be sleeping, if the player spoke to Raibaru while Osana was napping during her Thursday lunchtime event.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to obnoxiously stand next to Osana while Osana was waiting for her suitor to arrive at the matchmaking spot.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the fire extinguisher from being rotated correctly when placed in a trash can or a weapon bag.
  • Fixed bug that caused the text in Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki to shrink super small on certain window resolutions.
  • Fixed bug that caused Osana’s Friday lunchtime rooftop event to end immediately after it started.
  • Fixed bug that caused Kuroko to get stuck when attempting to patrol through the Home Ec room.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the acid vat in the Science Club from working properly.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to talk to Amai during the Amai Challenge.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Geiju’s beret from spawning on his head.

55 thoughts on “March 30th Bug-Fixing Build

    • no he shouldnt hes been working on the game for 7 years with barely any progress, a break wouldnt be a smart choic

      • Excuse me,Alena.I’d like to say that 7 years of work is very much,when the game was first created and published it was very different from how the game is right now. The first build was not that good as how the build is right now,So if I was you,I would actually agree on the ideea of the creator to take a break.

  1. Wow! I don’t know how, but I managed to start downloading the new version before YanDev released an article with fixed bugs. Sorry for mistakes! I am Russian. Wrote through a translator.

  2. hello!
    when is the new school coming out?
    or is this the final build?
    im very curious!
    also there is a bug when osana has her phone call!
    she gets stuckin the lockers! and satys there until classtime!

  3. hey yandere dev when i try to kill osana i try to electrocuted Raibaru but when i turn off the switch raibaru is still alive and she go down trough walls and spying osana while she is taking her phone call so i kill osana and raibaru just walking while spying and she said “Huh osana where did she go” but osana was infront of her and shes sit under the cherry tree and when i dispose the body raibaru’s body was found please fix it And thank you yandere dev for fixing

  4. Hey, there’s a little issue with Osana’s burn elimination, if Raibaru sees an object lying on the ground (e.g. dumbell) and goes to the gym to keep it back, Osana still avoids the gasoline trap, and you can hear Raibaru’s lines ( “That’s strange, I smell gasoline”).



    • I’ve been trying to get the genocide ending for a month now and can’t seem to beat it- you’re a legend

  6. Hi Yandere Dev, I sent you an email about this already but I don’t know whether you have seen it or not. The issue I found was that after solving Kokona’s problem and the text conversation between Kokona and Ayano happens, the cutscene for the ‘Befriend/Betray’ elimination method will occur. However, this is not the Osana version and is in fact the version with Kokona in from when she was a rival. After this cutscene finishes, the game will register that you have either befriended or betrayed Osana even when you clearly haven’t.

  7. can you please fix the beg where at cleaning time the students who clean the toilets get stuck on the first stall and they rotate in rings and its really hard to make them stop and actually clean. thank u

  8. YandereDev have you considered allowing the player to have access to debug commands and Easter Eggs as a reward for completing the demo checklist?

  9. I just have a question and a bug report. In previous builds, Raibaru went to the spot that Osana and her were hanging out before if she was at Budo’s task thing, since you had said that it was weird of Raibaru to know where Osana is exactly. But now if you send Raibaru to distract someone or tell her to go away and find or bring Osana to a non-populated spot that Raibaru doesn’t know she is in (e.g the back of the gardening club) Raibaru just magically know where Osana died. Did you change that or is it a bug in the game or something? Also if Raibaru finds Osana’s body and the player has left then she won’t call the police unless you go back to the “crime scene” and see her there. Overall, I think the game has took a turn to being awesome keep up the good work 😀

  10. Hey yanderedev, I have a suggestion. there should be a new club, the forensics club. the benefit is that you would have access to gloves, like in the drama club, but it would also be easier to frame people and avoid getting caught once the police come. plus, if the player has dna from a student on a box cutter, you can study it to get a bonus in your biology stat.

  11. ehenever I try to do certain elimination meatiness like crush or burn or electrocute Osaka it doesn’t show up as completed on the demo checklist. I think this is a bug.

  12. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important. Can I give you these tips will it be possible to steal custody of offenders? Can you put the bags for all the students? Because Yandere Chan can just steal the bags and even use them. And you can take off the custody of the delinquents in the game because it seems strange to me to find the custody of the delinquents in my nearby locker where I change my shoes, you can create an “umbrella in the game” it serves as a weapon and you can also “create” an umbrella stand because I have to find this weapon

  13. YandereDev, there is a bug that always happens to me when I try to use the suicide elimination method: every time Osana stops going to school due to bullying and I try to gossip more about her, the game hangs and doesn’t come back at all. This happens with all updates.

  14. Hey yandere dev i have a small game design flaw to report, i killed osana on monday and then skipped to friday, and when i listened to the basu sisters conversation they said that the murder happened ‘yesterday’ even though it was friday and the murder happened on monday.
    (sry if there are any mistakes, english isnt my mother language)

  15. Yandere chan has a smartphone that can contact info-chan, take pictures, and communicate with her rivals, but not other students. Wouldn’t it make more sense that if yandere chan befriended a student, she would save their phone number? Maybe she could ask students for favors without having to run across the school to find them. This could be used for other reasons too like getting away with murder. Here’s an example: You’ve eliminated Amai in the lockeroom, but now you need to get her corpse into the vat of acid. After befriending all of the science club members, you could text each of them to go distract another student, and sneak into the science club with a corpse or while wearing bloody clothing.
    I know you can do something similar by spending info points to send a student home for the day, but this way would provide more use to befriending a student.

  16. I have discovered a few bugs:
    When you’re carrying a weapon in your weapon bag and that you walk on the vegetable garden in the gardening club, your weapon will glitch out of the bag and be like floating in the air, outside of the vegetable garden, while the prompt “you can’t drop that there” will be repetitively sent on your screen. I didn’t test it with every weapon, but it seems like it only works for the weapons you can find in the gardening club itself.

    When I retrieve an item (the two items that this bug occurs with are the jerry can and the mop) I had put into the handbag, sometimes the bag is being sent flying high in the air before landing a few meters away. It happens the handbag is lying on its largest side.

    Finally, the funniest one, when I splash with water a bully using a bucket trap, then steal her phone in the locker room, then put it on her desk, and let her find it back, just after she has recovered it, she will run to the bathroom where she usually hides during cleaning time (on the third floor, on the west side). She will perform her “write on the bullied student’s desk” in the air, then she will run to the place where her routine requires her to be and start following her routine normally. Then, if I go to Musume’s desk (third floor, east classroom), I can see the comment the bully wrote in the bathroom, on Musume’s desk. Whether the bully I splashed is Musume or not. Oh, and the telephone of the bully will still be present on their own desk, despite them having them in their hands after returning to their normal routines. I’ve only tested that in the morning, before class.

    Keep going with the development of the game, I believe in you, yanderedev.

  17. YanDev, please hear this :

    Think of this :

    Making the BookBag posible to hide weapons in it besides the radio is useful, and if it’s a bloody weapon, you can wash the weapon in the bathroom and the BookBag (since it would be bloody) in the Home-Economics room :3

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