March 29th Bug-Fixing Build

I watched some new players experience the game for the first time, and made a few adjustments to the game to fix some common gripes!

To see a list of everything I changed, scroll down past this stunning artwork by Sor☆!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Yandere-chan can now find a bookbag, place an item inside of it, wear the bookbag over her shoulder, and use the bookbag to transport the item. This frees up her hands to carry another item. This means that you can easily transport two objects (like radio + remote control) without having two make two trips. The bookbag can be found hanging on the wall next to Yandere-chan’s locker (enter the school building from the right-most door.)
  • The “Weapon Bag” from the ABC Challenge (allows you to transport any type of weapon without arousing suspicion) is now an aspect of normal gameplay. You can find it right next to the bookbag. You can wear the weapon bag and bookbag simultaneously; this means that you can transport a concealed weapon and concealed item at the same time!
  • Added something to the rooftop. It doesn’t have any functionality yet, but it will in the near future! Hmm…what do you think it might be used for? Have fun speculating!
  • It is no longer possible to report a corpse to a teacher if you are currently bloody/insane, or if a student has just taken a photograph of you committing murder.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Social Butterflies from reacting positively to a note in their lockers attempting to arrange a meeting about “Your Friends”.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to stand at the location of Osana’s death and talk to the air, if Osana was killed while she wasn’t present.
  • Fixed bug that caused Osana to float up in the air if her phone was stolen on Thursday and it wasn’t given back to her until after 4:00 PM.
  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong string of text to appear when using the “How to gain Info Points” command from Info-chan’s screen.
  • Added some props to the Home Economics room! It’s not finished yet, but it’s a lot better now than it was before!
  • Fixed bug that could make Raibaru get stuck on a glass door while attempting to walk into the school building.
  • The “students’ dead bodies clip through walls when they are killed” bug should finally be fixed now!
  • Raibaru now runs when she is going to a water fountain for a drink, instead of slowly walking.
  • Raibaru now runs when she is investigating a radio, instead of slowly walking.
  • Updated Geiju’s hair texture.
  • Some players were encountering a bug where certain students would die in one save file and then stay permanently dead across all other save files, even if the player deleted all their save data and started a new game. (…whoa…that’s…kinda spooky, actually…) To provide a potential solution for this bug, I have added some “hidden debug functionality” to the Demo Checklist screen. If you press the “R” key at the Demo Checklist screen, you will reach a window that allows you to completely delete all Yandere Simulator registry entries from your computer. This will wipe of your save data and reset your game to a completely blank state, potentially solving the “permanently dead students” bug.

62 thoughts on “March 29th Bug-Fixing Build

    • Well maybe some animations are running late? He does have more to improve upon than just the dummy. So it would be irresponsible to put everything on hold for just one little thing. Since he has to get the game ready for the Kickstarter Campaign.

      But to theorize about the dummy. I suspect it would teach us more moves. Like maybe a Judo throw? Or teach us knock out points on the human body? Like the classic anime neck chop move! But this is just my own personal theory…. Or ooh! Ooh! What about using it as a fake body for some reason. I couldn’t think of the reason yet but it could be used for more than one thing…. As long as our dark minds get creative 😏🖤

      • I wouldn’t go that far, I’m sure there are plenty out there more worthy of that title than I, but theory crafting is one of my favorite hobbies. So thanks! ☺️ I’m sure you’re a genius too!!

      • I thought it may be used to throw off the roof. I mean, people would know it’s a dummy, but will they know from a distance? To create a small distraction.

  1. Good job Dev!
    Now that you’ve revamped Raibaru, what do u plan to do next beside fixing bugs and general improvements?

    • I think YandereDev is planning to get the game out of the “Refining the Demo” stage so he can focus on the next step for Yandere Simulator’s development. For now, just expect regular updates that fix bugs and add improvements as usual! YandereDev will post about anything game changing to the project.

  2. A wooden training dummy is now present in the martial arts club. Why? You’ll probably learn why in the next build!

    -February 27th


  3. Can’t wait to see what the “something” on the rooftop is ! Thank you for working that hard YandereDev, every new build makes my day better

  4. Some club like drama club, occult club ecc… have the Windows covered by walls. Shoudn’t you remove those windows?

    • Well no, If you think about it from a real world perspective, yes they could build room specifically for (The rooms you said etc.) but they never planned what furniture would be in them, so in the occult club for example there could have been a table at the window (Inside the room not out) instead of a bookshelf, then there is no reason to remove the window then, is there? Also it would look stupid, Some rooms having windows and some not?

  5. the thing on the rooftop is a ventilation system wich you can use to poison people, It’s also present in every hitman level

  6. I think you can add something to the thing on the rooftop, then nobody will be able to see anymore and you can kill easily.

  7. Permanently dead students across save files? Ohohoho, I smell potentially new creepy lore in the game for this October.

    It reminds me of the “grey ghost” in the bathroom glitch back in the day. I hope this becomes part of the lore too

    • I think it has to be for ventilation. As it’s connected to the wall and the only thing up there are seats, flowers, and AC Units. Part of me is curious if we could ever possibly sneak into certain areas using vents. Like the supposed secret areas in the school used for maintenance. Or maybe to eavesdrop on the Principle or something? Maybe even a new disposal method. Hiding bodies in the vents.

  8. Awesome update! Can we find out what that dummy doll is suppose to do in the martial arts club yet? Because what is it used for anyway? 🤔

  9. YandereDev ! Kuroko Kamenaga is buggy in the new home economics room, the new props seems to block her. She turns on herself and even if she pushes Ayano or suspects her, she stays stuck…

  10. Yandere Dev, I can literally put anything that’s not a weapon in the book bag. I literally put a mop and a bucket inside of it.

  11. Yandere Dev are all the rivals going to have obvious suiters, like Amai with Shoku or Shin with Oka, if so isn’t that going to be a little bland, wouldn’t you want people to find clues about who likes who, instead of them being In front of there faces.

    • I could see that maybe happening down the line, but if you think about it it’s going to become not so fun later on. Like how people get ticked off if a movie villain comes outta nowhere with no context or clues. Especially when the movie hyped up someone else to be a villain.

      Sometimes it’s good to be straight with people. But isn’t that realistic? Sometimes the best person for the main character is right by their side but they’re too busy looking everywhere else. So it is realistic in a way.

  12. Have you come up with a new art style for the character models yet, or are you going to let the player base pick?

  13. hey yandere dev i have some bugs:

    -when you put the paint uniform in the washing machine it turns into a normal school uniform (the same goes for the other club uniforms)

    -I don’t know if it’s a bug or intentional but when you are hurt by the delinquents you can still carry bodies

    -when you are stealing the exams the physical education teacher doesn’t see you through the window?

  14. it’s just an idea, but in the home enocomy room, in the laundry area, it wouldn’t be good place for a bucket and the cleaning product, it seems like it makes sense, it’s just a small detail

  15. Hi Yan Dev I have a 2 changes I’d like to recommend
    1. The player shouldn’t be able to purchase Osana’s dark secrets until her 3:30 conversation with Raibaru, since that’s when the player would logically find out about it
    2. Osana wouldn’t even think about taking a nap at the pool unless she ate a lunch that was poisoned with a sedative
    Love the great work 🙂

  16. Yandere Dev, you could add a wheelbarrow in the Yandere Simulator, first: I think a wheelbarrow is all about a garden club, and second: it can help transport bodies with at least two bodies, and if you add a wheelbarrow, as he already has a garbage bag to put the bodies in, the player could put the bodies in the garbage bags and transport them inside the garden club’s wheelbarrow, and the player could have the cart inside or outside the garden club, and that it would be suspicious to carry the wheelbarrow if the player was not from the garden club, I hope you see this comment!

  17. I’m already looking forward to YouTube videos about the changes from people like Akwa 😊
    Good work, YandereDev 👍

  18. Maybe the bookbag and weapon bag could be taken from Yan-chan’s locker? In addition to the prompt to change your shoes, you’d also have the option to take the bookbag or weapon bag out of your locker. I just thought the spot they’re in now looked a bit awkward.

  19. I have a question: This is not really important, but I was wondering if there is/will be an alternative way to take a picture? My device does not allow me to click the left and right buttons at the same time in order to take a picture of Taro for the speed boost(or of anyone’s face for that matter). Like I said, not that important, but i wanted to see if there’s another way through this.

  20. Dear Yandev I hav this quick Idea which is kinda a bug since it dosent make much sense so I did the Osana befriend side quest and spared her and asked her to follow me the next day and said she didnt trust me What are your thoughts?

  21. Hi Yandev! Just a wonder, in pose mode the ”true” blood does not work on female charactes, and also an idea, could we have posed characters in pose mode to have an option to hold a weapon, thank you!

    – Regards, Chloe

  22. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important. Can I give you these tips will it be possible to steal custody of offenders? Can you put the bags for all the students? Because Yandere Chan can just steal the bags and even use them. And you can take off the delinquent custody in the game because it seems strange to me to find the delinquent custody in my nearby locker where I change my shoes, you can make an umbrella in the game I need it as a weapon and you can also make an umbrella holder because I have to find this weapon

  23. Yandere Dev, you could add a wheelbarrow in the Yandere Simulator, first: I think a wheelbarrow is all about a garden club, and second: it can help transport bodies with at least two bodies, and if you add a wheelbarrow, as he already has a garbage bag to put the bodies in, the player could put the bodies in the garbage bags and transport them inside the garden club’s wheelbarrow, and the player could have the cart inside or outside the garden club, and that it would be suspicious to carry the wheelbarrow if the player was not from the garden club, I hope you see this comment!

  24. Yanderedev Yanderedev! Will we get new yandere chan character model in the demo itself or is it a perk for purchasing the final game?

  25. hey, i cant figure out how to take things out of the item bag (not weapon bag) ? there seems to not be a way to take it off or take anything out..

  26. I think it’s an air conditioner. I think it will serve for the elimination of Osana on the roof (that of the fans)

  27. Even though I have completed the Amai competition, I cannot get past the week, I cannot find a solution for this. 😦

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